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Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« on: February 04, 2009, 02:18:48 AM »
A fuckfight with a stranger....
I am a 43 year old married woman my husband and I have always had a thing for the night life as we are sexual by nature. I am bi and have always loved other women,however I enjoy rough encounters and have never been into soft love making. My enjoyment derives from a more competitive nature I like to be in control and take much pride in dominating and humiliating other potentialy competitive women. My husband and I are proud of the fact that I have never been beaten in a competitive sexual encounter with another woman of any type this includes sexfighting ,comparinsons (comparing bodies,tits or other parts etc.) or just overall sexuality
I stand 5'5" and weigh about 130 to 135lbs my breasts are a firm 36C and my cxnt is covered in blonde hair. My husband Mark and I have always been proud of my body and particuarly my thick blonde bush. You see it's my hairy pussy that has never been beaten in a bush to bush comparison. I have been growing my champion cxnt for years and have been in more than a few contests with other women in our social group, always winning the hairiest cxnt hands down. My husband often said I was the queen of the bush even though I am a blonde.
Our freinds all agree to this little fact. I should also mention that I have been in several sexfights mostly while our husbands watched I have never lost and couldn't imagine such a feeling as losing.
We were in a local bar on a Tuesday night as we had nothing else to do when my husband started playing his little comparison game that he loved to play. Mark would often compare me to other mature women in the room saying stuff like " Look at her Nancy...I bet her tits are bigger than yours" Or "Do you think she is as hairy as you" and even " I bet she could last in a dirty fuckfight with you" I would always talk shit and tell him that I am better sexually and more attractive than whoever he had picked out. It rarely went anywhere from a chance encounter we would use it as an innocent game to get us hot and worked up when there was no real competition..
On this particular night there was a woman around my age an inch or so taller that he kept looking at and commenting about. She was sexy and appeared to have slightly larger breasts than my own she wore a short skirt showing off her legs which appeared silky tan and very toned. Her top was made of a low cut silk, and was light tan as it showed off her large and firm breasts. She had dark brown hair just past her shoulders and I noticed that she was alone and continued to return his stare. Threatened I replied that she was probably wearing a push up bra and shaved her pussy bare as I laughed. I made the comment "if you want I will show her what a real woman is about" and offered a confident devilish smile. After all we have a few hours to kill I thought to myself.
Eventually she stood up staring at Mark as she slowly sashayed over to us her breasts bouncing under the confinement of her silk blouse she made a display of her approach. She used a seductive voice as she introduced herself as Maura and asked if we were together. I understood her asking, Mark is a handsome man and he didn't exactly look as if he were hiding his stares at her.
I replied that yes we were married but offered for her to sit with us anyway, which she did. The way she displayed her sexual appeal had gotten under my skin and I wanted to have some fun on her behalf. She had picked the wrong man to show off for I thought. I stood and gave Mark a wink as I went for more drinks pushing him to go further. I thought what the hell im sure nothing will come of it but if it gets us hotter tonight than what we allready were I'm up for it.
Besides I love to be next to other women my age it makes me feel better about myself watching other women appear less confident in my presence. Maura was a hot one though, but I have been compared to sexy women in the past and I'm sure tonight would be no different....I would emberass her and we would soon be on our way home hot and bothered by it. I almost felt sorry for her as I daydreamed of what was to come how she like so many other women who challenged me on any level would succumb to a humiliating defeat even if it was just sitting with me and having a conversation she would fail to hold the attention...it would all be mine.
As I returned with the drinks she and Mark seemed to be getting along great a little too great if you asked me...it's one thing to have fun together but they seemed to be hitting it off without me.... I sat down and decided to go with it, the drinks kept coming and we were getting more and more tipsy when the conversation got a bit more sexual. I began to really despise Maura as she was flaunting her tits and legs at Mark and seemingly at me as well, the alcohol seemed to have made me a little bitchy toward her and her big tits swaying in my and Mark's face didn't help the situation any.
During our conversation Mark had made the comment that I was one hot mature lady and we as a couple liked to have fun together. Maura replied "well I feel as if im pretty hot myself" but I'm all alone right now. Mark quickly agreed with her and began to tell her how we sometimes play our little comparison game with other women "Nancy's age" he said. Maura replied that her and her ex used to do that alot comparing legs,tits,asses then she surprisingly made the comment that she as a mature women still had hair on her pussy and that is something you don't see too often these days..I could tell she had played this game before. I could allready see Mark's wheels turning as he asked her how much hair she had on her pussy  Maura answered that she was probably hairier than any other woman around and she was proud of her bush.
I couldn't take it and had to act out..I laughed out loud as Mark explained to her that my pussy was the hairiest pussy he has seen personally. And that we have compared my cxnt to several other womens and I always came out on top. Maura looked me right in the eye as she replied.."well you haven't seen my cxnt ...yet Mark"...as she looked back at him "these tits are just the beginning" she replied.
That comment put me on defense ...finally a little competition...I couldn't stand it anymore I wanted to humiliate this bitch right then and there but I knew Mark would be against a public outburst so I instead eased my leg across to her side of the table and brushed my silky calf against her own. When she didn't pull away but rather pushed her own leg forward I knew it was on. I hooked my leg around hers and dug my other heel into the floor for leverage.I then used my calf to pull at her leg...as I thought to myself how funny it would be to tell Mark when we left that I had already beaten Maura's legs during our time at the bar and he wasn't even aware anything went on.
Maura tightened her calf and resisted my pull...I was very surprised to find that no matter how hard I tugged I couldn't move her leg at all. My confidence was fading but my denial that Maura had stronger legs prevailed as I told myself it was the positioning of our seating. Maura just sat ther with a smug look on her face as if to say "see bitch my legs are better than yours" she even took a drink as our legs continued to battle under the table. I decided two can play at that game as I offered my own smile and look as if to say "well your legs can't move mine either bitch" as I went to take a drink Maura pulled my leg or rather dragged it with her own to her side so hard and effective that I spilled my drink down the front of my blouse. My thoughts were fast as I tried to deny to myself that she had succedeed at proving she had superior legs. Mark looked at me and said " Nancy are you drunk..Can't you hold your liquor" as he laughed still unaware that we had a leg battle going on under the table. I pulled myself together and laughed it off as I carefully retreated my leg back to the floor.
I had recomposed myself, but I was off in la la land as I thought twice about telling Mark afterwords about our leg battle. I was in shock at having been beaten so easily....I again told myself that it was the seating.The whole thing had really pissed me off ...who was this bitch and why are her legs so strong I thought.....no.... why did I challenge her at a table where she had the advantage due to the seating.....damnit it if it weren't for the damn table.
Mark stood up and excused himself to the restroom as he left I looked Maura right in the eye..."you might have strong legs bitch...but you were able to do what you did because of the table and seating. Maura just laughed and said "honey my legs are stronger and sexier than yours and aint no seating arrangement going to change that" I thought of my best offense....(my hairy cxnt) and replied back that Mark was right about my hairy pussy ..have a look for yourself" As I opened my legs further Maura lowered her head to have a look under the table as I pulled my panties to the side I was beaming with pride as I knew that things had turned back in my favor. Using my hand and fingers I teased and pulled my blonde pussy hair to it's maximum length giving Maura a sure and intimidating look at my Queen bush as my husband often referred to it.
Maura returned her head from under the table and said "ahh is the baby girl going to be upset when she sees that her pussy is no longer the Queen bush" .."what the fuck do you mean" I spat out knowing she must be lying as my bush has never been upstaged. Maura replied "if you want to see a real mature cxnt have a look under the table at mine" I thought for a moment and actually experienced nervousness for the first time in a bush comparison...could she actually be telling the truth I asked myself. Should I look or should I just leave with my dignity (not being able to handle it if I lost) to her...and not sure if I would be looked at the same by my husband if he found out. My title as he called it may not be anything real, but for some reason I cherished it as if it were a championship belt or a trophy of some sort....I caught myself for the first time not wanting Mark to witness one of my contests and secretly wondered why.
I slowly and hesitantly lowered my head as Maura spread her legs...she made a spectacle of removing her panties giving me a good look at her hairy cxnt...as she dropped them past her heels...she was hairy....very hairy her bush was black and wirey with long hair, I could see her enormous clit and pussy lips protruding from all of her hair I noted that her bush was so wide that her panties could contain it... still I wasn't ready to give up the title to her....it was dark with the poor lighting in the bar and I just couldn't be sure.....or I didn't want to be it's hard to tell when a woman's pride is on the line I thought to myself...no my cxnt is hairier I concluded.
Mark was approaching from the restroom he wasn't watching when Maura lifted her panties and quickly put them in my purse that was sitting on the table.....I didn't offer to stop her...in fact I wanted them for some reason...I even felt my pussy moisten as she dropped them in my little black purse it took me by surprise I never expected to be in contact with another woman's panties but the thought of it was erotic for some reason that I could not explain at the time.
As Mark returned to our table I told him we better get going...it was getting late and we need to get up early I added....I could hear Maura give a little laugh as I spoke the words. Mark reluctantly agreed but whispered for me to give Maura our contact information....OMG what am I going to do now I thought....If I refuse he will wonder why...but on the other hand I would love to outfuck her and humiliate her for what she has done tonight. She gave Mark a hug as I was nervously writing out our address on a peice of paperl. I could hear her whispering something in Mark's ear during their embrace.... and I had to hurry before too much was said I thought.  As we were leaving something caught my eye, Maura silently mouthed..."YOU LOST BITCH" she mad it slow and obvious what she was saying....I asked myself why I would leave this situation...but I was tired and needed rest I told myself.
As soon as it was clear I asked Mark what she whispered...he said I will tell you in the car leaving me in suspense. Once in the car I immediatley asked again as we were driving and he said.....Maura claimed that you two had a leg tussle under the table and that she beat you....she also said that you two compared your cxnts and hers was hairier....I didn't know what to say....Mark we had a little footsie going on under the table but it was hardly a leg fight we couldn't position ourselves well at the table and the seating was too far away and nobody won...we just stopped is all I replied.
We did compare our pussies but it was too dark to decide anything....I mean she is hairy but I couldn't tell if she was on my level. To that Mark replied "I know Nancy I don't know why she would say that I allready know your the Queen bush baby" but she said you would say that...so she's coming over Friday to prove she wasn't lying" My heart started beating fast thinking of her coming over...I began to get wet thinking of it, but at the same time I was strangley nervous too.
When we got home Mark beat me to bed and was fast asleep or rather passed out but it gave me time to reflect on what happened with Maura...I had been thinking about her placing her panties in my purse since we left and I was dying to remove them,  it made me so wet and horny knowing they were there. I took my purse and went into the restroom I pulled her underwear out and felt the cold material with my hands...what was I doing I asked...but I was wet...soaked even, from the thought of it all.
They were sheer and black ..and I couldn't help myself ...I began to rub her wet panties on my face as I used my free hand to rub my pussy through my own panties...I was getting wet...they smelled so sweet....I wondered if my own would smell as good as I began to masturbate my cxnt harder. I even tried them on sliding them up my legs...my cxnt began to tingle as my enemies panties made contact...I could feel her now cold wetness pressing into my cxnt and cupping my large clit. Looking in the mirror it seemed clear that her underwear covered more of my bush than they did hers at the bar but it was so dark.
The thought of her cxnt being that hairy and the feeling as well as the appearance of her panties on my pussy, made me soaked and I began to rub and occasionally slap my cxnt till I came with a gushing orgasm into her panties. I quickly got dressed for bed and hid her underwear in my own panty drawer making no mention to Mark at any time that I had them....I think I know now why she gave them to me...that bitch!
Friday night was here and I was dressed to perfection my make up applied just the way Mark likes it. I decided to wear a low cut white blouse that showed off my perky breasts I wore no bra and my large nipples could barely be seen poking at the sheer material. I also wore a short black skirt that showed off my strong tan legs. Underneath I was wearing my white see through thong which was overwhelmed by my thick blonde  pussy hair. Adding to my slutty look was a pair of 4" black high heels meant to complete my fuck me look intended to intimidate Maura.
There was a knock at the door and I had Mark answer it as we agreed . I wanted to make a sudden appearance to shock Maura and show her what a real mature and sexy woman looked like so I remained hidden in the restroom adding some finishing touches  While I was still  in the restroom I heard a gasp come from Mark and I suddenly got nervous wondering what it was about...did she dress even sexier than me LOL...of course not ..suddenly I got butterflies...where was this nervousness coming from I asked myself.
I decided to suck it up and make my appearance wanting all eyes to be on me was the plan all along. When I turned the corner from the hall way I was suddenly frozen looking at the sight of her did she....I know she didn't....OMG....that fucking cxnt. Standing back looking at her, her top was sheer red with an extremely low cut proving she wasn't wearing a bra  most of her breasts were showing outside of the sheer material and her nipples could be seen through it. Her black skirt was made of a stretchy material and her strong legs were on display featuring her large calf muscles. I wondered if Maura was wearing panties...of course she is I thought she likes slutty underwear as much as I do.
I entered and greeted her as if nothing was out of the ordinary . Oh  Maura you look....so damn sexy I heard Mark say. I stared a dagger at her and Mark and she returned the evil stare at me ...."Hi Nancy say do you like my outfit" she asked. Tired of playing our little game I snapped back with  "Shut up bitch... we both know why you wore it, your trying to look hotter than me " really and you werent trying to outdress me bitch" she replied as she approached me...slowly and deliberatley while staring me right in the eye...she was standing chest to chest with me before I knew it....our breasts were facing each others as if they wanted to fight all by themselves...yet they were being held back by our thin sheer blouses.
As we looked each other up and down I was becoming more and more aware that she wore her blouse even better than I did....her large breasts were pushing and stretching the material of her blouse more than my chest was doing to my own. Her ass looked more full and her legs just seemed to go on forever....I started breathing hard and my pussy was getting wet for her....I only hoped that I had the same effect on her as we continued face to face waiting for the next move....suddenly I pushed my covered tits into hers but was surprised to find she was firm...firmer than me as I felt my breasts being quickly flattened it didn't take long as with some of my contests to tell who was superior in this department...and yet it was I who was on the losing end for the first time. Her breasts had pushed my tits out of my blouse and my now free tits were shaking back and forth as Maura smacked them...it must have appeared as if my tits were being punished for doing something wrong as she easliy proved to the three of us that she was out of my class in the chest department I was at a loss for what I was to do next....I had never been in this situation before.
Suddenly Mark came over to seperate us "let's have a drink first" he said....it was a good thing as I was nearly ready to fuck her right then and there and it gave me an out from our little one sided titfight and a moment to think of a stragety.
She took her drink from Mark and had a seat directly across from me and Mark. I decided I would try to redeem myself in any way I could so I flashed her my panty covered cxnt and told her to get ready to be humiliated.
(Over the last few days I reassured myself that I still have a thicker bush it was my main weapon and now was a good time to shift the contest I thought)
I was watching her to get a look of her face, as she seen that my cxnt was obviously hairier than hers I looked on waiting on her to give me that intimidated look. I was so used to seeing other women have, after seeing my bushy pussy....instead Maura just smiled and appeared confident.
She then spread her legs open giving Mark and I a show of our own...I sat staring at her dark hairy cxnt and inside I knew it was over and so did Mark. ( I wonder at that time if I had the intimidated look on my own face) ..I couldn't grasp it, my cxnt had lost a bush comparison for the first time. I without thought closed my legs as if to somehow hide the obvious All the while Maura was displaying her hairy Queen to both me and my husband she even petted it as if she were congratulating it on dethroning mine.  Her sheer white panties were very similar to my own but her cxnt was covered in a way that mine was not. I was humiliated and emberassed...Mark could clearly see that there was obviously a new Queen bush...there would be no denying it now even through our transparent underwear it was obvious Maura was what I used to be..... a champion while I was now 2nd best at something for the first time in my adult life.
Her black heels seemed to dig into the hardwood floor as she pushed her cxnt to it's maximum revealing status.....I couldn't take it anymore Mark asked me to go sit next to her so he could judge our pussies next to each other..... I couldn't turn down his request as I didn't want to go out that way so I reluctantly sat next to her and we both opened our legs to their maximum spread....Mark said it was pretty clear but needed to to our cxnts closer to be sure. I jumped up pulled off my skirt as she did the same. We both lay back on the couch on our backs and slowly moved our pantied cxnts closer together. I looked down still in dis-beleif at how hairy my competition was and I got a sick feeling in my stomach...I suddenly felt enraged and slammed my cxnt into hers making the loud unmistakeable sound that could only be 2 cxnts colliding....who was Mark kidding anyway...the winner was obvious I thought so I might as well abuse her pussy for it's victory.
And just like that our cxnt fight was on I smacked her pussy with my own as hard as I was capable, and hoped it would make her think twice about bringing her pussy around mine when suddenly she smacked my cxnt back  so hard I let out a scream from the contact and I'm sure a surprised look on my face. We began to grind our cxnts into each others as our panties grew wetter they began to stick to each other.
The feeling was electrifying our heated cxnt fight was getting more and more intense...I could feel her large clit on my own and before I knew it my panties were being pushed into my cxnt...I fought the feeling but Maura had a technique that caught me by surprise...she would slam her cxnt into mine and use her hands to hold onto my heels and grind our cxnts together as she would pull her pussy back and start all over again. I seemed to be out of rythem and she would catch my pussy with her own at just the right time. I can never remember a time which my cxnt proved better than my opponets as quick as hers was proving to be better than mine...the feeling of orgasm was allready close for me and I had no confidence left...how could it be true...how could she be so fucking good.
Mark awas yelling encouragments to me.."Nacny...don't let this bitch come into your house and fuck you"..."Fuck her back Nancy...Fuck her" The grinding and smacking of our cxnts was so hott that I began to feel myself go off...I panicked...I couldn't beleive it was happening...and in my own home right in front of my husband.....OOOOOHHHH....MARK......MARK....SHE'S.....SHE'S....FUCKING ME GOOD HONEY.....SHE'S....GONNA......SHE'S GONNA......OOOOHHHH....WHEW.....WHEW.....I....CAN'T....I...CAN'T....
...FUCKING....CUM.....OOOOHHHH...I began to gush and squirt my orgasm into my panties I could see a wet spot forming on our couch and my face reflected my emberassment of having lost so quickly....I didn't know what to say....I was so emberassed I reached for any exscuse I could " our panties interfered with our clits and cxntfight.  I would have won had we went cxnt to cxnt without them"  Maura not even out of breath laughed and replied "fine...let's take them off then bitch.
Maura was up off the couch first and slowly and seductivley removed her wet underwear, I remained in my position on the couch and lowered my own and just left them on the couch as I waited for her to bring her "super cxnt" back for a final fight. We lined up our hairy cxnts and Maura asked Mark to judge who had the bigger clit and cxntlips as well. Mark looked closely and so did I..." your clit and lips are bigger than Nancy's as well" Mark replied in a sad voice. I felt ashamed but could not deny I was dethroned at virtually everything I ever felt good about with my body.
With both of us on our backs supported by our elbows we began our 2nd cxntfight this time with no interference. I set the pace initially with a smack and a hard grind but Maura quickly outpaced me and used her large clit to pummel my poor pussy. I was on the brink of a 2nd orgasm as I looked down I couldn't see where my hair left off and hers began but it was obvious she was about to win not only the hairy pussy title from me...but the fuckfight as well as more and more of my clit dissappeared inside of my beaten cxnt just the thought at being beaten in front of my husband and especially in my own home was too much. I knew I would soon squirt for a 2nd time my losing orgasm, all over her obvious superior pussy as we continued smacking and grinding our pussies together....and then it happened..... I began to scream like I was being fucked by a 12" cock
AGAIN.....OOOHHHH....WHHHHEEEWWWWW....as I began to cum and squirt my juices everywhere Maura grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face forward as she spit in my face and told me to tell Mark that she was the better woman...I couldn't respond to her at that moment as I was having the orgasm of my life...as my moment of extasy ended I laid deeper into the couch...I was breathing heavy and my legs were shaking...I couldn't move or even care at that moment how degraded I looked in front of Mark.
Maura then stood up...grabbed me by my hair put her sheer panties completley over my face and grabbed me by my blonde hair...she pulled it so hard I could feel my head burning I had no choice but to go with her as she walked me like a dog over to my husband.....TELL HIM....TELL HIM THAT I AM THE BETTER WOMAN BITCH....I had no choice....I looked my husband in the eye through her sheer white panties still on my face and said "Mark...Maura is a better woman than I am...she has a better pussy and can fuck better than me"...oooohhh baby...I'm sorry....I'm not your Queen anymore. ( I can tell you that there is no more humiliating experience that a woman can have than to have to tell her husband that another woman is better than herself, and being forced to say it by that same woman)
Mark looked on in dissapointment and dis-beleif as his once proud wife was outfucked and beaten at the hands of an unknown woman and being forced to say these humiliating things.
Maura then laid me on my back and fucked my beaten cxnt with the bottom of her high heel shoe. After I came several more times, each orgasm more humiliating than the last Maura stood me up removed my panties from the couch she looked up at Mark and asked "any more questions about who is the better woman" Mark replied..You have done enough no need to go on humiliating Nancy...you can leave now.
Maure then took my panties from the couch and made a spectacle of putting them on and began to dress. Before leaving she reached down and violently ripped half of my pussy hair out in one solid yank. I screamed from the pain as Mark looked on in shock Maura then grabbed me by my neck and slowly extended her hair filled hand to my mouth as she forced me to eat my own bush. I was left with a less than impressive patch on my pussy to say the least and my title of Queen bush a distant memory. I choked on my own cxnt hair as my face was still hidden in her white sheer panties. Maura then left my home as I cried like a humiliated bitch.
Mark and I don't do so much public comparing anymore but very soon im sure Maura and I will have a rematch and I will give her all she is worth. I avoided that bar for a long time but we recently have returned there for drinks...who knows maybe I will get my chance to fight her again soon.
But I now know that if you challenge another female you must allways be prepared to lose as well...you should never assume that you can't be beat.

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Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« on: February 04, 2009, 02:18:48 AM »


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Re: Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2009, 10:29:07 PM »
Whoa Nellie, What a fantastic story. Maura really taught the blond bitch Nancy a real lesson. I loved the way Nancy was humiliated in front of her husband. It was a great finale, with Nancys hair being ripped out and forced on her mouth. That was appropiate and she had it coming. Great writing and looking forward to a rematch. The war of the BUSH was terrific.

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Re: Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2009, 11:13:29 PM »
Very exciting story.Thanks. I'll wait for a rematch.

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Re: Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2009, 12:01:36 AM »
I agree, great story, needs a rematch, perhaps a humbler, smarter Nancy winning this time >  ;)

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Re: Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« Reply #4 on: April 03, 2009, 09:48:53 AM »
Wow, Nacy,

I hadn't read it here our story until today... Would love to write another together... and fight more...



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Re: Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« Reply #5 on: April 03, 2009, 10:50:26 AM »
good story,i can handle u easily he he

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Re: Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« Reply #6 on: April 05, 2009, 04:02:07 AM »
What a great story, Nancy!!! I am so wet right now....I need to cum hard!!!

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Re: Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« Reply #7 on: April 08, 2009, 05:36:00 PM »

Great story, Nancy !!!!!

Maura's complete domination of you in front of your husband was really hot. You lost the leg fight, she flattened your tits with hers, humiliated you in the bush battle and then forced you to admit that she's the better woman.

PS: I also enjoyed "An old story about a freind of mine". Hope you continue writing and posting. 


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Re: Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« Reply #8 on: January 10, 2012, 09:00:58 PM »
A great one..
Hoping to read the rematch soon

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Re: Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« Reply #9 on: January 16, 2012, 06:17:56 AM »
Great story, hope to

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Re: Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« Reply #10 on: November 22, 2015, 09:02:15 PM »
very good. please write more. you are my favourite writer
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Re: Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« Reply #11 on: December 29, 2015, 02:12:53 PM »
Nancy, not that was a hot special story!  I hadn't noticed it until you pointed me to it. So glad to have read it and experienced a surge of horniness as a result.  mmmmmmmm
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Re: Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« Reply #12 on: December 29, 2015, 02:57:44 PM »
Great story....loved the humiliation Nancy had to endure. Hope to read more. Thank you for posting and taking the time to write it.

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Re: Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« Reply #13 on: December 29, 2015, 07:21:17 PM »
please write more stories about how Maura humilated you
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Re: Nancy The Sexfight/Bush Queen
« Reply #14 on: December 29, 2015, 10:52:53 PM »
...or the not-so-Queen :) But even the best fighters lose now and then, and it's always agonizing in mind and body.

Really well written story...I look forward to seeing more from you.



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