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Morphine KO !!! True Story!!!

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Jennifer Thomas

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Morphine KO !!! True Story!!!
« on: May 24, 2012, 10:29:26 PM »
I was in the hospital recovering from a hysterectomy, a pretty major surgery if you ask me! Anyhow , a fan called me wanting a session.
I told him I was in the hospital and could not meet him.. he begged for me to allow
him to come see me . It Must of been the morphine the doctors gave me because I actually said YES!!
When he arrived, i felt a little uncomfortable since  i knew looked like hell in my hospital gown laying ther in bed.
We spoke for awhile and then he asked me to Scissor him! I couldn't believe he expected me to have any strength
to scissor him right after a Big surgery!! Plus , I'm in the hospital and a Nurse or a Doctor could walk in at any moment!
The morphine must of aided  more in my stupidity because I said Yes Again :o!!.
I put him in my scissors .. and within 15 seconds I Knocked him OUT! He layed there helplessly with his head in between my thighs snoring.

And of course just my luck a Nurse walks in right at that moment!!! She looked very puzzled and said "what's going On?"
I didn't know what to say.. so i kinda just mumbled something... she rushed over to the guy who was now twitching ..
I couldn't move out of the way because getting out of the bed was impossible. The nurse begin to say "Sir, Sir, wake up,, sir.."
she slapped him on the shoulder which didn't do much so she slapped him stiffly in the face. On the second slap he
began to come to ... he twitched a little bit more and looked very "out of it" .. he looked up at the nurse and said "Did you do that to me,
where am I?" .. the nurse replied" Do what?"" "You are at the hospital."

The guy ( his name was Tom) put his hands on his head bewildered. In the meantime I didn't know what to do ! I am completely embarrassed! The Nurse looked at me again and said "what the hell happened in here?" ..
Tom turned his head back towards me and it all came back to him. ... He quickly got up , pulled out his wallet put a $100 bill on my lap, grabbed his bag and literally ran off out the door. I remember the Nurse yelled out "WAIT"!!! ... and began to run towards the door, but she decided to stop and just let Tom go. ... Anyhow, I ended up explaining my whole profession to her, She said that it was dangerous for me to even attempt to be scissoring anything not alone some guys head! She also said she would have to write up an incident report which I was going to have to sign.

 I think the nurse told other staff members because random staff members would come into the room and
seemed to make excuses why they were in there. ... I really could not wait to leave and I never heard from Tom again !

I was happy to leave 4 days later!!
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