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Sister’s showdown part 6 : The final humiliation By the Masked Writer

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When the bell rings, Kris can see the discouraged look on his mother’s face, as if she can’t believe the fight is resuming already.

Actually, he is a bit discouraged also because he doesn’t think Marie can go on much longer being beaten up as she is by her sister. Not that he cares whether his mother or his aunt Anne wins the fight, but he is beginning to be worried that his mother may get really hurt.

As a matter of fact, Anne, though visibly tired, obviously is in better shape than Marie, who seems to have hard time standing on her feet.

By the time, the braless, exhausted 58 year-old Marie has turned around to face her opponent, the equally braless Anne is already halfway through the ring. She goes on and literally dashes on Marie, still cowering in her corner.

Marie raises her arms in panic, trying to protect her face from a blow that doesn’t come.  Anne grabs both Marie’s forearms and literally drags her in the center of the ring. Marie loses her balance as she spins like a rag dolls and falls on her knees. The fear of getting caught under her sister again gives her an adrenalin rush and she gets back on her feet. She finally tries to resist.
She moves her arms apart, trying to muscle her way out of her sister’s grip.
Both women stands for a few seconds, breast to breast, which accentuates the contrast between the taller Anne’s firm 32C and Marie’s flabby 32B.

Anne quickly overpowers her sister and forces her arms behind her back. Then she holds both Marie’s wrist together with one hand and closes her fist, intending to punch her sister in the stomach. She has overestimated her own strength, however. Marie forces her left arm out of Anne’s grip and grabs a handful of Anne’s short grey hair, pulling her head backward.

Surprised at this unexpected resistance, Anne shrieks. She retaliates in kind, still, holding one of Marie’s arms with her other hand. Her superior height gives her the edge and Marie arches backward and quickly fall on her knees. She has to let go her sister’s hair.

Before Anne decides what tactic she will use next, Marie launch a desperate punch with her free hand, right under her sister’s lower ribs. The blow is clumsy but, at close quarter it obviously hurts. Anne’s smug grin is erased from her face as she gives up her grip on her sister hand puts her hands on her stomach and steps backward, doubled over.

Marie gets back up on her feet, her legs still shaking because she is so tired. As a rule, rookie fighters don’t know how to take advantage of opportunities, but there are exceptions. This is one.

Marie charges a still breathless and suffering Anne and literally rams her down, folding her arms around her sister’s torso.

Anne falls down on the mat with a bang and Marie pins her down with all her 140 pounds.

Then the older sister tries to wrap her legs around Anne slim waist. Trying to prevent being caught in a scissor hold, Anne garbs her opponent’s arms and tries to push her back. Both women are now lying on the side. Marie has her right leg over Anne’s hip and her left arm under her shoulders. Anne has her right arm under Marie’s shoulder and a firm grip on Marie’s right wrist with her left hand. Marie left leg is caught under Anne’s right one.

Both women’s bodies are contorting and fidgeting, covered in sweat, their pale skins rubbing against one another’s.  Marie tries desperately to pursue her advantage and get a good hold on her sister. Anne still winded, just tries to keep it from happening.

This heated gauntlet of two women wrestling on the canvas, dressed only in their panties, lasts much longer than what could have been expected considering the sate of exhaustion of both fighters, especially Marie.

Kris has never seen something so erotic as his mother and aunt’s bodies, rubbing against each other, with sweat cascading on their back, on their naked breast, legs entangled. Marie tries to lift herself using her free leg and her elbow. Anne tries to force her back. The crowd cheers at Marie, happy to see this unexpected counterattack.

Eventually Marie manages to raise her body over Anne and it looks like, with her weight added, she can pin her down.

But then, the tide turns again. As her body leaves the mat, Anne slips her right leg under her waist. As Marie is about to dominate her, she closes her legs around Marie, catching her again in a scissor hold.

Then she squeezes.

Marie has given all she had left. When Anne’s thighs begins to squeeze the air out of her lungs, she falls back on her side.
It takes only a few seconds then for Anne to overpower her sister’s arms and pin them down on the mat.

Kris can see his mother’s body sort of briefly relax in an attitude of discouragement. She has used her last ammunitions. Yet, she won’t give up already.

Anne is obviously furious that she has been taken by surprise and put in difficulty while she was dominating the match. She squeezes hard with her legs on Marie’s soft hips. Then she holds her sister’s wrist with one hand and, with the other, grabs Marie’s throat and begins choking her.
Marie starts fidgeting frantically as she feels the air missing. She manages to free one hand from her sister’s tired grip and grabs the hand that holds her throat, trying to pull it away.

Anne, however, doesn’t let go. She easily keeps down Marie’s other arm and it boils down to a test of strength between her grip on Marie’s throat and Marie’s grip on her wrist. The audience is frantic, most people standing on their chairs, some encouraging Anne to retake the advantage, while others encourage Marie in that surprising counter-offensive.

Once again, the younger, fitter Anne shows more endurance and power. After a few seconds, Marie stops trying to break Anne’s grip and catches her hairs, trying to pull her away. The taller Anne has more reach so Marie pulls her head away without forcing her to let go her throat.

Marie’s moves become more and more frantic and uncoordinated as her panic increases. She Lets go her sister’s air and starts punching her clumsily, hitting mostly her shoulders and torso, without much effect. Her legs moves aimlessly, kicking the air and rubbing the floor.
She grabs Anne’s wrist once again but it is obvious there is no power left in her hand. This last move looks more like a plead for mercy than an actual attempt at breaking the hold.

Kris sees his mother’s face paling to the point where she is snow-white, her eyes looking like their going to pop up from her head.
She feebly scratches Anne’s upper arm.

Then her body becomes almost limp. Her hand slips down Anne’s arm, her legs stop moving.

Then the referee interferes. She orders Anne to break the hold.

Anne obeys and opens her hand, letting the air penetrate Marie’s lung. She also opens her leg, giving up the scissor hold and gets on her feet.

Anne doesn’t move except that her torso moves up and down as she can breathe again. She puts her hands at her sore throat where Kris, from where he is, can see the red markings of Anne’s fingers.

Ginny starts counting but Marie doesn’t even try to get up.

Ginny waves at the staff member who is responsible for the bell. The bell rings and Anne raises her arms. She is obviously tired and winded but has won once again.

The voice of the Masked Writer rolls in the gym : “The winner of the fifth fall after 5 minutes : Anne ! The score is now 4 to 1 !”

Marie doesn’t even react to the Masked Writer’s voice. Her pale, flabby, almost limp body is lying in the middle of the ring, her ribs showing as her little flabby tits are lifted up and down by her breathing. Her hands are still massaging her neck. Rivers of tears are rolling down her cheeks.

There is 7 minutes to go.

During the one-minute pause, Anne sits in her corner, drinking water and taking her breath back, rubbing the sweat of her body with the towel the staff member as given her.

As for poor Marie, she barely gain enough energy back to crawl into her corner, slouch on the canvas, lying against the rope and rest while the staff member rubs her back with the towel.

The bell rings.

Anne rises from her chair and walks very deliberately towards her opponent who pulls herself up using the rope.
She has not finished than Anne is on her. As soon as Marie leaves the ropes, Ann plunge forward and grabs both her legs and lifts them up. Marie falls on her back like a fallen tree. She tries to grab the lower rope but Ann drags her in the middle of the ring.

Marie twists her body so as to be on her belly and crawl in her corner.

Anne let go her sister’s legs and catches her thong. She pulls the small piece of fabric down on her sister’s legs. Maris screams and tries to catch it back but she is too slow and too weak. In a few seconds, Anne has pulled the thong off, leaving Marie stark naked.

A furious and humiliated Marie gets on her knees and launches a weak punch at Anne’s mid section. She hits only her hips, making no damage whatsoever. Anne lift the black thong up in the air and kicks Marie in the stomach, throwing her back on the canvas, rubbing her stomach and out of breath.

Before Marie can make another move, Anne is straddling her, sitting on her breast, her knees on her arms. Then Anne takes the thong and forces it down Marie’s mouth. Only Marie’s legs are moving, with everybody staring at her grey bush.
The referee interferes and takes the thong out of Marie’s mouth, before throwing it over the ropes.
Then Anne simply sits on Marie in a shoolgirl pin.

The referee counts 1-2-3 !

The bell rings and the Masked Writer announces that round 6 is over after less than a minute !

There is still 6 minutes to go with the pause.

Anne raises her arms and salutes the crowd while a totally humiliated, exhausted and defeated Marie is still lying on the mat.

Kris is wondering what is going to happen next. Marie is literally destroyed. She painfully lifts herself enough to crawl on all four to her corner before the bell rings again.

She is still on her knees when Anne walks to her, snatches a handful of brown hair and pulls the naked Marie to the center of the ring. Once she gets there, she pulls brutally her opponent’s head down, sending her into the mat, where she falls flat on her stomach.
Then she puts her knee into Marie’s lower back, in order to keep her immobile and starts spanking her, laughing at the soft flesh of Marie’s buttock, juggling like so much jello.
The rest of the match, is one long, seemingly endless, humiliation for Marie. When Anne decides that she has had enough fun with Marie’s butt, she swaps tactic and catches her by the hair forcing her to sit and immoilizing both her arms behind her back. She then proceeds to maul Marie’s flabby tits.
Finally she pins Marie down and schoolgirlpins her, slapping her face, repeatedly. The crowd is beginning to mumble. Some people even leave the gym, bored. Kris is only hoping that this will end soon but can’t get his eyes away from his mother’s limp, white and naked body, and her face covered with tears.

Suddenly, the bell rings.
The match is over.
“The winner by 6 falls to 1 : Anne !”

The winner stands up, rising her arms and relishing the audience’s cheers.

The naked loser stays lying on her back on the canvas, crying.

Finally Anne gets down of the ring and walks towards the dressing room, tired but satisfied. The people start leaving the gym.

Kris stays there and doesn’t know what to do. His mother rolls on her side, then on her belly, and hides her face in the canvas. He can see her shoulders moving, as she sobs.

He begins to wonder how the next morning will look like. He just assisted as a spectator while his mother was getting trashed.
And will Marie and Anne ever talk to each other again ?
And what should he do to see such a great show once more ?

The End


Offline krispin

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Re: Sister’s showdown part 6 : The final humiliation By the Masked Writer
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2009, 08:13:51 AM »
Thanks, great story!

The personal message I tried to send you was a storyline of a story. May be I could send you with e-mail? I dont post it here because if you like the scenario and you'll write the story, our friends here dont know the end...



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Re: Sister’s showdown part 6 : The final humiliation By the Masked Writer
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2009, 03:54:01 PM »
Fantastic story,I am wondering if the two sisters will continue their feud.


Offline maskedwriter

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Re: Sister’s showdown part 6 : The final humiliation By the Masked Writer
« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2009, 12:59:51 AM »
Glad you enjoy the story, guys.

As for the sisters continuing their feud, the way I see it is that Marie got her lesson.

But then, who knows ? Maybe she could try to get a revenge in some way, like a tag team match. but then she would need a partner and so would Anne...


Offline maskedwriter

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Re: Sister’s showdown part 6 : The final humiliation By the Masked Writer
« Reply #4 on: February 15, 2009, 11:12:08 PM »
Sounds interesting. Tell me more about those two eventual partners.
Like : are they in shape ? Do they practice sports, do they owrkout, have they ever fought, do they smoke, would you say one of them is stronger than the other one (or stronger than your aunt or mother ?) .
that kind of information.


the game

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Re: Sister’s showdown part 6 : The final humiliation By the Masked Writer
« Reply #5 on: February 16, 2009, 02:00:15 AM »
hey masked writer great story......I was wondering if you would write a story for me



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Re: Sister’s showdown part 6 : The final humiliation By the Masked Writer
« Reply #6 on: February 17, 2009, 12:51:28 PM »
cool cool masked writer this is a great story.


Offline maskedwriter

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Re: Sister’s showdown part 6 : The final humiliation By the Masked Writer
« Reply #7 on: February 18, 2009, 12:58:27 AM »
The way I see it, Kris, an interesting tag match could put Marie/Elle vs Anne/Ilse. I still have to think about it.  Mother/daughter vs wife/stepmother.

The way you picture them neither older woman would want to fight one of the younger ones but, in a tag team match, they may have to.
And there is always the possibility of double teaming when one fighter gets caught in the opponent's corner.

I will start working on it pretty soon. If you think of anything else you can tell me about the women post it here. I will use it.

In the meantime, since I just saw that some people have posted old sotries that were archived, I might post some of my old ones that I had written for "Free catfight message board".