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step sister in laws pt I

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step sister in laws pt I
« on: March 16, 2009, 01:52:05 AM »
step sister in laws pt I
Posted by ooreach on 7/15/2006, 8:53 am

Sorry, it's been a long while. Heres something to get started on. any suggestions are ok. Mostly fake but people are real and this could be real some day real soon.
Heather is a neighbor of ours. 18 and charming. She plays so well with our 9 year old daughter. Letting her sit on her lap and playing dolls and such. Since our two sons are so much older Heather is like a big sister to her and is always ready to baby-sit at a minutes notice. She lives with her Mom, twin brother and stepfather. In the house next to them is her stepbrother and step-sister-in-law. Now I've never noticed anything to odd except that there family dynamics have always been cool towards each other. Not much playfulness of love shown, at least not in public. And as I talked to my wife about this we noticed that in all the 7 years we've been neighbors with both houses we have never seen Heather talk with her step-sister-in-law ... that is until a week ago. It was kinda normal for us to talk with all the neighborhood kids. Heather was fond of us and we did talk lots about things. She was still a tom boy at heart and I had watched her wrestle and win against our boys, her brother and a few of her girlfriends over the years. She was a future hearbreaker with brown hair and eyes and an atheletic figure that was more women then girl as of late. My wife had told me of my daughter asking her about Heathers c cup size as she felt sorry that her boobs were not as big as her mommy's or her sister-in-law's. My mom reassured her that Heather was not done growing and that most girls don't even reach that daughter really loves Heather.
Heather was over with her brother and our kids and a few other neighbors enjoying our weekend neighborhood bonfire. The kids entertained us by showing us how flexible they are and trying to compete with my 9 year olds ability to put both feet behind her head and do full splits. Only Heather could keep up with our little girls flexibility. As it got dark we made smores and the adults chatted and the kids played flashlight tag and told silly ghost stories. About 11pm Heather's step-sister-in-law Stephanie came out and called Heather and her twin brother in. Her brother left right away but Heather said she would be in in a while. It turned out her parents had gone out of town so Stephanie was "in charge" of them. Stephanie stuck her head out of the door a few minutes later and said "Heather, come home NOW!" Heather rolled her eyes and got up and went to Stephanie's back door. We though she had gone in for the evening and just continued on with our evening. Then out of Stephanie's house we began to hear arguing start. It went from Heather saying that she was almost 18 and didn't see why she had to be inside at 11pm. She had just graduated High School and her Mom and dad let her stay out till late at the bonfires. Stephanie basically stated that it didn't make her an adult. Heather yelling you can't make me and she stomped out of the house and headed back to us. Stephanie came out of the back door and looked at us, stopped dead in her tracks and yelled for Heather to get her little punk ass back in her house "or else." Heather had made it about half way back to us and turned around and said "or else what?" and turned around and walked the rest of the way back to us. I, being a nosey person mentioned to Heather that her "boss" seamed a little pissed at her and Heather plopped down saying "oh, she'll get over it." My wife was the one to giggle and say "I don't know Heather. OR ELSE seems pretty real to me." Heather looked at my wife and said " oh she knows better then to threaten me, I'd kick her ass in a heart beat." Stephanie called out to Heather and she just ignored her. Heather said to herself "In fact, I'd like to see her to try OR ELSE on me. I've never liked her. With her fake tits and smug attitude. Shes such a b###h to me and my brother." My wife looked at me and then at Heather and said " you think you could take her?" Heather said point blank "Hell yeah. We're the same height 5'8 now. and she out weights me by about 30 pounds, but most of that is in boobs." I pointed out that since Stephanie was 28 the 10 year age gap would benefit her, also." The evening began up again until about 1am. At that time Stephanie came out of the house and sat down next to Heather by the bonfire. We said hello to her and welcomed her since this was the first time she had ever came out and visited us at the bonfire. As we continued with our conversations and had offered our newest adult guest an adult beverage I noticed that Stephanie had leaned over and began whispering something into Heather's ear. Heather just shook her head. Then I noticed Stephanie poke Heather in the ribs. She was very discrete about it. By the camp fire light I had barely made out that Steph was bear footed, wearing red shorts and a white tank top with no bra in sight. Very unusual for her. Heather, bear footed, had on blue Jean shorts and her bikini top from swimming early on in the day. My sixth sense at been peeked by this time and made a mental note that these two would be a very good match in a fight, but I was sure it woldn't happen. Heather had winced at the poke and gave Steph a look and tried to move away. And then it got interesting and I realized I might have been wrong in my first assesment. Steph reached around Heather's back slowely, as not to attract attention, and grasped a hand full of Heather's hair and pulled her head close and whispered loud enough for me to hear "you don't want these fake tits getting into your shit little girl," and then let her hair go. Steph got up and told Heather it was time to go. Heather looked up and said "hell no, IM not going anywhere." Steph looked at all of us and said "sorry about this, but I've got to get my little step sister-in-law in the house now." My other neighbor Kathy piped up "hey, what ever ay gotta do toots.