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Family mayhem part 1 : Tag team revenge by the Masked Writer

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Family mayhem part 1 : Tag team revenge by the Masked Writer
« on: February 27, 2009, 02:27:20 AM »
When Kris had organized the fight between his mother and aunts, with the Masked Writer’s help, he really thought this was as good as it could get. He never thought there could be a sequel.

But here he is again, once more in the Masked Writer’s gym, with an audience of almost 100, waiting for a wrestling match involving his mother and aunt. A revenge match of sort, because it would be, this time, a tag team match.
The air is full of smoke. There is the smell of alcohol and sweat and a heavy, deep, buzz of conversation.
He can’t wait.
This time, it is going to be his mother and his wife against his aunt and her daughter.
The excitement is almost more than he can endure.
It would not have happened if it hadn’t be for the DVD.
More than half the crowd here tonight was there that time and now, they brought their friends. A revenge is always a good show.

A few months ago, in a multi-falls wrestling match, Anne, Kris’ aunt had literally destroyed Marie, his mother (see Sister’s showdown by The Masked Writer).
What Kris didn’t know at the time was that the whole match had been recorded on a DVD by the Masked Writer’s staff.

Of course, when he found out, he bought the DVD.
Best deal he’s ever done.

A few months after the match his aunt and his mother had started to talk to each other again. Mostly thanks to Kris’s wife, Elle, stunning brunette, and Anne’s daughter, blond Ilse. The younger women worked a lot to tray and reconcile their respective mother and stepmother.
After a while the fight in which Anne had trashed Marie was still a topic for jokes but hardly more.

Then, one rainy weekend, with not much to do, and the four women being together with Kris, he told them about the DVD.
Marie paled when he mentioned it. Anne and the two younger women, on the other hand, immediately wanted to see it.
So Kris went to his room and took it out of the drawer where he kept it. He came back and put it in the player.

The DVD showed the whole fight from the moment the Masked Writer stepped in the ring and announced the match.
The camera followed Marie, and then Anne, as they entered the ring and were presented by the masked man.
So far, Ilse and Elle had just heard about the wrestling match. But seeing it was quite a shock for them. It has been more of a story. Now they could see the two women they knew so well, the same ones who were sitting beside them right now, in bras and panties, go at each other in a wrestling ring with a crowd of men cheering. And they could see how the older Marie was literally destroyed by her younger sister. For the whole half-hour that the match lasted, there was not a single word said in the living room.

Looking at the pictures of her defeat made Marie relive the nightmare.
It also made Anne relive her triumph and brought back an arrogance that she had muzzled in the last weeks.

When they reached the end of the DVD and could witness Marie’s final humiliation, her white, flabby body lying powerless in the middle of the ring, there was a moment of uneasy silence.

Then Ilse said the words that started everything again.

-“You really kicked auntie’s ass, mom !”

And Anne laughed.
-“Yes I did.” She nodded.

Marie’s face became beet-red and she raised her head. She snapped :
-“Don’t bet you could do it again!”
-“Sure, I could. You are no match for me.”
Ilse added oil to the fire by saying :
-“C’mon, mom really trashed you easily.”
Feeling her daughter’s approval, Anne pushed her advantage and challenged Marie.
-“Of course, if you want to try it again, I’m ready.”

Now Marie was almost crying with impotent rage, because she knew that, indeed, she was no match for her sister and that, in a one-on-one wrestling match, she would surely lose again. She did not dare take the challenge.

Then Elle interfered.

-“Yes but what about a tag team match ? Marie and me vs both you ?”

Kris was flabbergasted. He looked at his wife with stupor and disbelief. He never dreamed that she would volunteer for a wrestling match. He also looked at his mother and so a sudden confidence on her face. Because she knew that her brown-haired daughter-in-law  was a serious athlete and a very strong girl for her size.

-“Yes, why not ?” She said, defiantly. Now it was Anne and Ilse who hesitated. But they saw the smile on Kris face and misunderstood the meaning of it. He was just enjoying the moment. They thought he was mocking them for backing off.

Anne, in particular, had been very proud of her easy victory over her sister and was not going to have it taken away from her. Beside, she trusted that her daughter was in shape and could handle herself. She did not even look at Ilse before answering.

-“Okay! Let’s contact that Masked Writer again and let him organise a match at this gym of his !”

The answer took Ilse by surprise, as Kris could see the look of shock on the blond’s face. But she did not dare to let  her mother down. After a moment she said :
 –“Yea! Let’s do that !”

And so it started.

Kris contacted the Masked Writer and fixed a date for a tag team match in the same gym where the match between Marie and Anne had occurred.

He knew that, during the few weeks between the conversation where the fight was decided and the fight itself, all four women had trained and that both team contacted the Masked Writer who introduced them to some of his wrestler friends. They taught some tricks to Marie and Elle, as much as to Anne and her daughter, Ilse.

And tonight is the night. Kris is sitting in the gym, looking at the ring. Suddenly, the music starts. Lights goes off, plunging most of the room in the dark while the ring stays lighted.

The crowd cheers while the Masked Writer jumps in the ring, holding a microphone.

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to this very special match. Tonight’s main event is a tag team match, 2 out of 3 falls, between a team formed of a stepmother and her daughter-in-law on one hand, against mother and daughter on the other hand. It is a also a rematch since the older women on each side are none other than Marie and Anne, sisters who fought each other here in this very ring, a few months ago !

Now let’s introduced the combattants !”

To be continued


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Re: Family mayhem part 1 : Tag team revenge by the Masked Writer
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2009, 07:35:37 AM »
Looking fwd to seeing how this pans out!  ;) ::) :)
Naughty - but oh, so NICE! :-)



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Re: Family mayhem part 1 : Tag team revenge by the Masked Writer
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2009, 03:49:53 PM »
 I am sure this is going to be a terrific bout. I cannot wait to read the next part. This sounds like a great match :)