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Family mayhem part 3: Second fall By the Masked Writer

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Family mayhem part 3: Second fall By the Masked Writer
« on: March 06, 2009, 02:25:43 AM »
A few seconds after the bell rang to announce the end of the first fall and the defeat of the team formed by Kris’s mother Marie and his wife Elle, both teams are resting in their respective corners.

The black bras-and-panties team of Anne and her daughter Ilse are relaxing, very confident, for good reason, considering the relative ease with which they disposed of Anne’s sister Marie in the first fall. Both women are relatively similar in size and shape, in spite of their age difference. They chat, sometimes giving a look at their opponents, usually just before laughing out loud.

In the other corner, Marie is sitting on the middle turnbuckle, still taking her breath, as she was almost choked by Ilse’s powerful scissor during the first fall. Sitting like this, with her head and shoulders down, she looks older than she really is, even though she is the oldest in the ring at 58.  Her flesh is sagging in rolls on her wais and under her breast. She looks pale and toneless especially in comparison with her robust partner, whose 32D looks like they have been sculpted in bronze.

The bell rings. Beginning of the second fall.

Ilse literally jumps in the middle of the ring while Marie, with hesitation, gets up and slowly walks toward her 27 year-old opponent.
Everybody in the audience has seen that she is no match for the younger fighter in the ring and know she has to tag her partner has soon has she can. But she has to make contact first. Will she be able to do it ?

They begin circling around each other. Marie is visibly scared of Ilse, who starts teasing her. First she makes signs with her hands, inviting Marie ans she says “C’mon, auntie ! Show me something !”
Since Marie doesn’t take the bait, she slaps her lightly on the cheek. Marie tries to snatch her wrist but her young niece is much to quick. Ilse then shoves Marie with the palm of her hand on her aunt’s shoulder. Marie steps back. Again she tries to catch Ilse but fails.

Then Marie decides to call it “a contact”. She turns her back at her opponent and rushes for her corner, her arm extended to make the tag. Elle is ready and stretches her hand over the ropes, waiting for Marie.

But the 58 year-old woman is just not quite fast enough. The nimble 27 year-blonde goes after her and catches her arms, forcing it backward. She then grabs both Marie’s arms and immobilizes them behind her back.  She then tries to drag her opponent in her own corner.

Marie tries to resist but she is outmuscled, so she tries another tactic : she simply let her body go limp on the floor.  She hopes that her 132 pounds will be too much for her niece to drag.

Wrong. Obviously Ilse needs all her strength to drag that dead weight on the floor, she has to let go Marie’s arms and wraps her own arms around Marie’s torso, just under her flabby tits. The move obviously made her furious with frustration, but she has a good hold, she finds it actually easier to pull Marie’s weight in her corner.

Kris sees the look of panic on his mother’s face when she sees herself slipping in her opponent’s corner.

Once there, Ilse forces Marie on her feet and applies a full nelson. She then forces her opponent to face Anne, still on the other side of the ropes.

Then Anne takes her time, raises her hand and, brutally slaps Marie in the face, and then, again with the back of her hand. Marie’s face becomes red and she frantically tries to muscle her way out of Ilse’s full nelson, without success. She then tries to kick her sister but her feet only strike the rope. Then Anne moves her arm under the rope and clenches her fist. Ilse forces her hapless opponent nearer to the rope and Anne viciously punches her in the belly. She obviously did some practice with a punching bag : as far as Kris can remember, she could not even close her fist the right way. Now she no only did that, but hit Marie at the right spot, just under the plexus. From his seat he can hear the air expelled from Marie’s lungs and he sees her legs failing her. Ilse gives up the full nelson and let Marie slip on the mat. The young woman then tags with her mother who steps in the ring while Marie is still weakly trying to get back on her feet.

Anne then catches Marie’s torso and helps her up, just to throw her over her hip in a rather well-executed hiptoss.

Kris can see Marie’s pale flesh quake all over her body as she hits the mat.
The crowd cheers at Anne’s move. She enjoys it and raises her arms in victory. Then she pay some attention to Marie who is on hands and knees, still trying to get up.

Anne kicks her in the ribs. Marie folds on herself like a pretzel. Once again, Anne looks at the crowd and raises her arms. The audience cheers.

Kris thinks his aunt takes a lot of time making a show for the audience. She should pay more attention to her opponent, however helpless Marie may seem right now.

In the other corner, Elle is shaking with frustration and impatience.

Anne finally goes back to fighting and grabs Marie’s arm, forcing her up.
Since the brown-hair 58 year-old still seems too weak to do so, she grabs her with both arms around her torso and lift her. Not being quite as strong as her daughter, she struggles for a moment. Then Marie wraps her arms around her sister’s shoulder and Kris can see she has been playing possum for at least a few seconds. She straightens up and brutally lift her knee, hitting Anne right in the belly.

The 52 year-old’s face is twisted in pain as she literally collapses, falling on her knees, instinctively folding her arms on her waist.

But Marie is not too fresh either and her legs are shaking as she struggles to stay up. She clumsily turns around and tries to make a run for her corner.

Anne recovers a bit from the pain and dives forward, grabbing both her sister’s ankles and pulling them up.

Marie falls face first with a scream and a bang.

Then the winded Anne tries to drag Marie back while her older sister is trying to crawl to her corner. Marie kicks back like a mule and her right foot connects with Anne’s face, forcing her to let go her ankles.

Marie gets on her knees and stretches her arms towards her partner who is doing the same over the top rope. Anne gets up and hugs Marie’s waist from behind, pulling her backward. One second to late though.

Marie and Elle’s hands slaps together a second before Ann falls behind, bringing Marie with her.

Ginny okays the tag and Anne sees young and not tired young woman jumps in the ring, she tries to get away but she has Marie literally lying over her. When she manages to push her sister away, Kris’s wife is standing over her.

Instead of simply jumping on Anne, Elle moves around her and positions herself between the grey-haired woman and her own corner.

If Anne wants to tag her partner, she will have to, somehow, get through Elle.

Anne gets up while Marie crawls on all four to her corner.

Anne now has no choice but to fight Marie’s daughter-in-law.

The 52 year-old has dominated the match so far but could use a rest, while the 30 year-old brunette with the shoulder-length hair is fresh as new. Anne’s 125 lbs frame suddenly seems frail in comparison to Elle’s rock-solid 145.

Not having much of a choice, Anne decides to go on the offensive. She dashed at Elle and wraps her arms around the young woman’s shoulder, to immobilize her arms and then tries to trip her by hooking her leg from behind. There is a soft noise when her 32C hits Elle’s 32D.
But she just can’t make Elle lose her balance, at least not fast enough. The younger woman opens her arms brutally, easily breaking Anne’s hold. Then she puts both her hands on Anne’s shoulder and gives her a powerful shove.
Anne was already in a precarious state of balance, so her feet leave the ground and she falls on her back, arms and legs apart, hitting the mat with a bang.

Obviously winded and dizzy, she clumsily tries to get back on her feet. Very deliberately, Elle closes in on her and, when Anne finally stands on shaky legs, Elle catches her in a bear hug and lift her from the ground. Anne makes a “Oooof!” and frantically starts to slap at Elle’s head, hitting mostly her shoulders, her legs kicking the air.

Kris knows his wife is stronger than any girl in the ring but he doubts she can keep the pressure on Anne’s rib long enough to make her give up.

But that is not what Elle has in mind. She simply carries Anne in her corner and slam her on the turnbuckles. Anen grabs the rope and Ginny interferes, forcing Elle to back away. But as she has her own back turned at the corner, Anne trie to get away.

That is when Marie, still on all four just outside the ropes, grabs her ankles and trips her.

Anne shrieks and falls face first on the mat.

Ginny then faces the corner of Kris’s wife and mother. She sees Anne making it slowly on her feet, dizzy and winded.
It took a few seconds for Anne to understand what happened to her. When she does, she gets furious and wants to get at Marie through the ropes. She then turns her back on the legal fighter in the ring, Elle… Who closes in on her from behind and catches both her arms, squeezing her biceps with her hands, effectively paralyzing them. She then drags Anne in the middle of the ring. She forces Anne to make a 180 degrees and face her. Before Kris aunt can make a move, Elle slaps her with all her force in the face, using her back hand.

Anne turns on herself and falls on the mat, face down.

She is not K.O. but certainly groggy. She raises her head and Kris can see the empty look on her face.

Elle then closes in on Anne, sits on her lower back, straddling her, grabs both her arms. Anne makes no resistance when Kris’ wife joins her hands under her chin and pulls her head up with all her strength, in a clumsy but effective alligator clutch.

Less than 3 seconds later, Anne taps out.

Marie literally screams with joy when the bell rings. She rises her arms and drinks the crowd’s cheers.

Elle drops her defeated opponent and goes to her corner to shake hand and hug Marie.

Anne hits the mat with her fist, frustrated and humiliated by that quick defeat.

Ilse steps in the ring and goes to her partner, helping her to get up.

Kris sees his aunt’s face still twisted with pain as she hugs her daughter who helps her on her feet.

He sees his wife and his mother embracing each other.

He ears the voice of the Masked Writer, proclaiming :

“The winners of the second fall, by submission, Elle and Marie !”.

There is only one fall to go. It is one on one. Anne will have to face Elle at the beginning of the third fall.

Kris wonders what is going to happen.

To be continued.