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Kathy Ireland vs Raquel Welch by The Masked Writer

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Kathy Ireland vs Raquel Welch by The Masked Writer
« on: December 25, 2022, 06:48:03 PM »
This is the first story I posted on this forum. This was around 2004 or 2005.
The Masked Writer

The crownd is buzzing with excitement in expectation of this incredible event : the return of
cat-fight veteran Raquel Welch. The 1960's most famous babe will take on top model Kathy
Irleand, jerself making her wrestling wrestling debut. The crowd cheers when Kathy enters
the ring, wearing a skimpy golden bikini. Standing at 5'10, she flexes her impressive biceps
for the enjoyment of the audience. The older males in the public, however, erupts in a
standing ovation when they see their idol Raquel Welch climbing in the square circle. At 63,
she is still a stunning beauty though, at 5'6, she is towered by her much younger opponent.
She comes into the ring wearing a classy one-piece black swimsuit. She also flexes her
muscle, firm and toned as they are in spite of her age.
 The bell rings for the first fall while Kathy, waving her hand at some fans, has her back
turned at Raquel. The experienced catfighter loses no time and run to Kathy, hitting her on the
back with both fists. The top model dives forward and her head brutally connects with the top
turnbucle. Raquel then tries to finish her off with a sleeperhold. Kathy, only slightly dizzy,
reacts with an elbow to the mid-section of her older opponent who is sent on her knees, as the
air suddenley is expelled from her lungs. Kathy then grabs Raquel by the hairs to get her up.
Welch punches Kathy in the stomach. The top model lets go her opponent's hair but the punch
obviously did little damage. She only backs off by a few steps. It was enough, however, to
give Raquel the time to get back on her feet. Both ladies then engage in a test of strength. A
mistake on Raquel's part because she is quickly overpowered by her younger and stronger
adversary. She kneels as Kathy pushes her advantage and dominates her. But the older lady
has more than one trick in her bag, as she shows by sending a vicious head-butt into Kathy's
midsection, totally surprising the top model who let go and back off by a few steps. When the
ageing actress gets back on her feet she attacks her opponent with a right fist to the face.
Kathy is stunned. Then both girls starts trading punches. An exchange in which the top model
quickly gain the upper hands. Younger and quicker, she dodges most of Raquel's punches
while hers usually hit the target. A left hook in the belly eventually send Welch crawling on
hands and knees, gasping. Kathy then kicks Raquel under the chin. The ring vibrates as the
actress falls on her back. Losing no time, Ireland catch the dizzy Welch into a body cissor and
use all the power of her long legs to squeeze the air out of her. Raquel gasp, her still perfect
legs moving kicking aimlessly the electrically charged atmosphere of the arena. After a few
seconds, she gives up. A triumphant Kathy then gets on her feet, winner of the first fall, and
raises her arms, cheered by an excited crowd. Raquel, in paintries to take her breath.
When the bell rings for the second fall, Kathy knows better than to turn her back on Raquel.
She walks rapidly toward her still hard-breathing opponent. When she tries to lock up, Raquel
greets her with a kick to the groin. The supermodel falls to the mat, her body twisted by pain.
The 60's sex symbol then proceeds to stomp her mercilessly one, two, three, four, five times !
After which, showing amazing upper body power, she lift her opponent for a bodyslam. But,
as she's still holding her up, Kathy seems to awaken and starts to stir her body, trying to
escape. Welch, still a bit out of breath, loses her balance and lacks the strenght to regain it.
The ring resonates as she falls on her back, with the full weight of Kathy on her upper body.
The referee counts one, two... and Raquel manages to gather enough power to push her
opponent off her, escaping defeat by one second. Kathy, still in pain from that kick to the
groin, gets up. Raquel does the same, but not as quick as she is visibly still out of breath. It is
an infuriated Kathy who soves her back to the mat, and then jumps on her to slam her heads
on the canvas one, two, three, four, five, six seven times.
Kathy the serves Raquel a terrible pounding with her fists, punching her on the face and the
breast. After a moment, the top model gets up and grabs Raquel's arms, forcing her back on
her feet, in order to whip her into the ropes. When Raquel swings back, Kathy greets her with
a knee to the stomach. The older actress falls, breathless, on all four and, blind with tears,
desperatly tries to crawl away from her opponent. The supermodel easily catches her and,
exhibiting incredible strenght, lift her and bodyslams her ont he mat. Welch hits the canvas
with a bang. Kathy then lift her once again, as the older actress is not even trying to resist
anymore, and puts her in a torture rack. The exhausted Raquel Welch gives up but Kathy, not
letting her go, shouts: "Louder, you bitch!" And she keeps the hold until all the crowd can
hear Welch screaming meekly L "I give! Stop it! I give!". Then Kathy brutally throws her
victim's limp body to the mat. The victor of the second fall salutes the crowd with a biceps
flex while Raquel is trying, with difficulty, to crawl to her corner.
The bell rings for the third fall and bruised Raquel Welch is obviously wiped out, out of
breath and hardly standing on her feet. She staggers as she walks in the middle of the ring. A
still furious Kathy litteraly runs over her with a powerful clothesline, sending her flat on her
back. As the older woman painstakingly rises on her feet again, Kathy gives her the time to do
so, a sadistic smile on her beautiful face. As soon as Welch is up again, Ireland clothesline her
a second time, sending her down butts over head. Welch, courageously gets up, her
curvaceous body covered with sweat. Her age is obviouslay catching up with her. With all the
power she can show, Kathy clothesline her again.When Welch rises to her feet, she obviously
is dizzy and wiped out, her legs shaking and her heavy breast going up and down as she has a
hard time breathing. A fourth clothseline send her once again to the mat. She is stille trying to
get up but her forces betrays her. She simply can't gather enough strenght for her legs to lift
her. Still smiling, Kathy then "helps" her up only to lift her and apply a piledriver.
 Raquel's body goes completely limp as she falls flat on her back, her arms and legs spread
in a "X" position, on the mat. Kathy pins her, looking at the crowd with her most charming
smile, as the referee counts one, two and thrrrree ! The crawds is up on its feet, acclaiming the
winner of that one-way match. Kathy poses for her fans as an unconscious Raquel Welch has
to be carried out of the ring.

Kathy- 3 Raquel- 0
Kathy : "The old lady never had a chance, even by cheating. She should have stayed in
Raquel : "She kicked my ass all right! I have been too long without a fight. She is much too
strong, quick, fit for me. I am thinking of coming back in tag-team with my daughter Tahnee.