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One Sided Celebrity fight stories!

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Re: One Sided Celebrity fight stories!
« Reply #60 on: September 19, 2012, 03:57:58 PM »
great subject best for a while...why cant we have some everyday british tele women on ie davina mccall jenny powell carol vordomine claire sweeney holly willoughby some corrie or emerdale or eastenders cast members some weathergirls lucy vasamy eg or news readers i watch tv most days most programmes now have a real stunner on it,come on use your immagination there are plenty to choose from which we can all relate to every day...


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Re: One Sided Celebrity fight stories!
« Reply #61 on: September 22, 2012, 02:09:38 AM »
               Coming off their impressive and dominant performance against Christian Serratos, Nicki Minaj and Trina were ready for their next match.  The two ebony beauties walked through the curtain to a chorus of boos, but they did not seem to care one bit as they strutted down the ring ramp with hands on their hips.  In their usual wild corset tops and black leather pants they talked back and forth to one another mocking the audience before Nicki hopped up onto the ring apron and her tag partner gave her a quick smack on the ass then joined her on the apron.  The two then climbed through the middle ropes and into the ring and climbed up opposite turnbuckles and cupped their ears to soak in all of the boos coming from the crowd.

   The crowd continued to vehemently show their hatred for the women in the ring until the curtains split once more causing everyone to turn towards the ramp simultaneously.    Their boos immediately turned to cheers as Victoria Justice and Selena Gomez began making their way toward the ring.  The two energetic brunettes hopped around the arena slapping hands and hugging audience members all over the place bringing the crowd to a frenzy, while also angering their opponents.   .  Trina and Nicki felt extremely disrespected as they looked at their foe’s ring attire as Victoria wore a short and low cut dress while Selena donned a spaghetti strapped top and a pair of tiny white shorts.

   Trina and Nicki could not take it anymore and decided to get the match off quickly as they saw the perfect opportunity.  With Victoria and Selena’s backs to the ring as they posed for the crowd, their foes quickly slid out of the ring and caught both woman off guard with big clotheslines sending them onto the steel ramp.  Victoria and Selena were then forced up to their feet by their opponents, who then each grabbed one of the youngsters by the hair and slammed their heads together.  The shot made the youngster’s heads throb as Nicki took Victoria and dragged her forward before tossing Justice under the bottom rope and into the ring.

   Still outside the ring, Trina picked up Selena and pressed her foe over head with the young woman kicking her legs trying to get herself free.  Her attempts did not work and Trina dropped her down causing Gomez to land stomach first across the railing causing her to cough and gasp for air.  The vicious Trina then took Selena by both of her ankles and spread her legs apart, while the youngster was still draped across the rail.  She then kicked her right foot upward, planting the toe of her shoe into Selena’s crotch.  Gomez fell to the floor holding her crotch as she rolled around in pain.

   Nicki slid into the ring after Victoria, and with a member from both teams now in the ring, the referee called for the bell to start the match.  Justice started to use her arms to help get back up, but Nicki stood above her before dropping down ass first and sending Victoria back to her stomach with Nicki landing on top of her crushing Justice under her bottom.  Still sitting on her opponent’s back, Nicki grabbed a handful of Victoria’s hair and yanked on it forcing Justice’s head up, then Nicki cupped Victoria’s chin with both her hands locking Justice in a camel clutch.  Pulling back on her foe’s neck as far as she could, Nicki gave a sinister laugh as she enjoyed hurting her opponent.  Justice fought the pain and tried to crawl toward the ropes, but every time she was able to get back up, Nicki dropped all her weight back down on top of her collapsing Victoria back to the mat.  Justice’s hand went up as she could barely take the pain anymore and was about to tap out when Nicki suddenly released her hold.

   Back on the outside of the ring, Trina pulled Selena back to her feet before wrapping her arms around her foe’s waist and lifted her up into a bear hug.  Trina squeezed as tightly as she could crushing Selena’s ribs.  The young brunette was getting breathless and turning red as Trina shook her around from side to side.  Trina then took off running forward while holding her opponent and drove Selena back first into the ring post, sandwiching her in between Trina’s body and the post.  But unfortunately for Ms. Gomez, Trina was not done yet as she took a few steps back before running forward and yet again crashing Selena into the post before releasing her hold as Gomez crashed butt first onto the floor.

   With Selena now beaten and incapacitated for the time being, Trina walked around the ring and took her place on the ring apron.  When Nicki notice where her teammate had made her way to, she brought Victoria back up and whipped her into the turnbuckle in the same corner where Trina was located.  Nicki then walked over and extended her right hand tagging her partner in, and Trina stepped through the ropes and into the ring.  She then used her left hand and gave Justice a vicious backhand slap across the face before walking to the far side of the ring and got a running start.  The devious Nicki did not want Victoria to move out the way and she grabbed both of Justice’s wrists to keep her still.  Trina collided with Victoria like a freight train, steam rolling her foe with a huge splash.   The youngster was breathing heavily as she was slumped up against the turnbuckle.  Her teammate was in even worse shape as Selena finally was able to climb up onto the apron.

   Another quick tag brought Nicki back into the match, and she pulled Victoria out of the corner and to the center of the ring.  Giving her foe one real hard shove toward her own corner, “now go tag your partner in for me honey.”  Not wanting into the match, Selena tried to make a run for it, but before she could even get off the apron, Trina was standing right behind her.  Stuck between a rock and hard place, Gomez froze for a second not knowing what to do, and in that moment, Victoria slapped her on the shoulder tagging her in.  Nicki wasted little time with her new legal foe grabbing her by the hair with both hands, she flipped Selena over the ropes into the ring crashing on her bottom.  A swift left kick to the chest dropped Selena to her back as Nicki sprung off the ropes. She then leapt into the air and landed on top of Selena with a splash.  Minaj stayed on top of her opponent as the referee began his count, “1,2…”  Nicki pulled Selena’s head up stopping the count as she and her teammates were not finished with their opponents yet. 

    Selena then found herself in a terrible predicament as she was doubled over with her head placed between Nicky’s legs.  She was then lifted up and placed upside down by her opponent, while at the same time Trina climbed to the top turnbuckle in the nearest corner.  As she leapt of the top rope, Nicky started to drop downward.  Trina used the force of flying off the rope to add even more force to Nicki’s piledriver as the two brutally spiked Selena’s head into the mat.  Gomez was nearly out as she laid motionless on the mat, but that only lasted momentarily as Trina brought the young woman to her feet once again and placed her between her legs this time.  She flipped Selena up and onto her shoulders and she was so far on dream street that she did not realize where she was.  Nicki pulled Selena’s head backwards so that she could look into the eyes of the trapped woman, “this may hurt, just a little bit.”  The two women sat out punishing Gomez with a double team powerbomb.

   Selena’s body bounced off the mat and she landed spread eagle unconscious on the mat.  Nicki knelt on top of her downed opponent and put her hands on both of Selena’s shoulders.  Knowing the match was all over, Victoria began to stumble her way back up the ramp, but Trina saw this out of the corner of her eye and rolled out of the ring chasing after her.  While this was happening the referee slapped the mat three times ending the match as he called for the bell. 

   Trina easily caught up to the hurting Justice and grabbed her by the back of the hair as she tried to flee.  “You didn’t think you’d get out of here that easy did you?”  Victoria let out a loud yell as Trina pulled her in real close.  She wrapped her right arm around Victoria’s neck trapping her in sleeper hold and began to drag Justice back toward the ring, while the trapped woman tried in vain to get away.

   While getting her hand raised in victory, Nicki saw Trina bringing Victoria back toward the ring.  Minaj licked her lips while smiling and began walking to one of the corners of the ring before climbing up and taking a seat on the top turnbuckle.  As Trina approached the ring with Victoria in tow, the youngster was getting weaker and weaker from the tight sleeper hold.  Trina releases her sleeper hold and spins Victoria around before violently slamming her foe’s face into the ring apron then forcibly shoving Justice into the ring and climbing in after her.  Trina forces Victoria back to her feet and lifts Justice high into the air and carries her towards her teammate who is sitting on the turnbuckle waiting.  Victoria is placed with each of her legs on Nicki’s shoulders before Minaj stands up on the second rope with Justice perched on her shoulders high up off the mat.  With little energy left, Victoria begs her opponents for mercy as she knows she is in their hands now.  But Nicki shows her none as she jumps off the ropes slamming Justice to the mat with a huge powerbomb.   Victoria’s small frame is rocked from the force to which she is slammed down and she instantaneously joins her partner in dreamland.

   Trina and Nicki drag their unconscious opponents to the center of the ring and lay them side by side and pose on top of them.  The formerly raucous crowd is in dead silence as they look on at the carnage in the ring.  “Aww what’s wrong people? Not so loud after your precious favorites got what was coming to them!”  The ecstatic winners leave the ring already anticipating their next match really enjoying the chance to beat up any one who got in their way.  Unfortunately for Selena and Victoria, their popularity with the fans met they would have to face many more future opponents all looking to give them a beating much like the one they had just suffered.


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Re: One Sided Celebrity fight stories!
« Reply #62 on: November 15, 2012, 07:39:25 AM »
Have not posted anything new here in a while, but here are few that i have and never posted, also (hopefully) have a bit of extra time and am going to try to write a few more if i can.

Lucy Hale vs Kaley Cuoco

After three straight victories, usual jobber Lucy Hale was at an all-time high.  Feeling confident in her abilities, Lucy stormed into the GM’s office and proclaimed that she is ready for a title shot.  A bit perplexed at the brunette’s plea, the GM gives the idea some real thought before reluctantly agreeing to give the youngster a shot with the thought that this may be her only chance.

Now time for the match, Lucy seemed ready to go as she came out from behind the curtain first without her usual smile, completely focused on the task at hand as she walks down the ramp toward the ring in a lacey black bra and a pair of matching tight black pants.  Entering the ring, Lucy moved into her corner and stretched a bit as she glared up the ramp waiting for the champ to enter the arena.

Hale did not have to wait long as Kaley Cuoco immediately came out from back stage to a raucous standing ovation.  Kaley stood on top of the stage and gave the crowd a huge smile as she raised her title above her head with her right arm.  As she made her way down the ring, Kaley sized up her opponent and gave a sarcastic laugh at the sight of her much smaller opponent , who had quite some nerve in challenging her for her title.  Cuoco rolled into the ring and immediately moved right up to Lucy and towered over the brunette trying to get into her head.  Hale refused to back away and the referee was forced to separate the women and force them back to their opposing corners.

As the bell rang getting the match under way, Lucy came bolting out of her corner at full speed toward Kaley.  But Cuoco was ready for her and extended her arm and drove it into Lucy’s neck clotheslining her viciously sending the brunette to her back hard.  The brunette rolled around the mat in pain massaging her throat as Kaley stalked around her before grabbing two handfuls of Lucy’s hair and forcefully brought her back to her feet.  Hale let out a gasp as she was painfully doubled over when Kaley’s right knee crashed into her thin belly.  Cuoco wasted little time as she wrapped her right arm around Lucy’s neck and dropped Hale down on the top of her head with a DDT. 

Lucy laid nearly motionless on her stomach as Kaley kneeled above her, “ you are in way over your head honey!”  Cuoco then decided to teach Hale a lesson in humility as she grabbed either side of Lucy’s pants and slipped them down the brunette’s legs stripping them off of her foe leaving Lucy in only her bra and a black thong.  Kaley sat down on the small of Lucy’s back facing her legs and raised her right hand above her head to raucous cheers from the entire crowd.  Unable to realistically defend herself, Lucy shook her head in disgust knowing exactly what was going to happen.
Kaley then slammed her arm down with full force as her palm crashed down on Lucy’s left cheek.  The small brunette let out a wild scream from the stinging shot, things only got worse for her from there as Cuoco continued to spank Hale with no mercy alternating from cheek to cheek absolutely brutalizing her tiny opponent’s back side.  Lucy’s legs were kicking up and down wildly as her screams got louder with every waking second.

Finally stopping her attack only because her hand was beginning to hurt a bit, Kaley stood back up off of her opponent as Hale lay with her face buried in the mat now completely regretting her decision to challenge the champ.

Not done showing Lucy that she had unfortunately bitten off more than she could chew, Kaley grabbed a handful of dark hair and brought Lucy back to her feet against her will.  Then facing her foe’s back, Cuoco wrapped her right arm around Lucy’s neck and drove Hale down backwards crushing the brunette’s back up against Kaley’s outstretched knee.  The maneuver expelled the air out of Lucy’s tiny frame and Kaley placed her left hand on Hale’s chin and stretched the brunette beauty as far back as she possibly could.  Lucy frantically squirmed around trying to free herself, but Kaley kept the pressure on her foe bending Hale to her breaking point.  Just as it seemed Lucy could take no more and was ready to submit, Kaley rolled the brunette off her knee and back onto the mat.

Kaley methodically stood back up and watched as her opponent began to slowly crawl away trying to get out of the match.  “I don’t think so honey, this match isn’t over yet!”  Cuoco easily caught up to Hale and leaned over and slid her arms under each of Lucy’s before pressing them both on the back of the brunette’s head locking her in a tight full nelson.  Then, showing off her supreme power, Kaley lifted Lucy up with ease and had her poor foe’s legs dangling off the mat as she pressed down as hard as she could on the back of Hale’s neck wrenching her full nelson tighter and tighter.

Lucy’s arms began to go limp at her sides as her hair fell covering her face, but Kaley still was not satisfied and wanted to use her trapped opponent as a message for anyone else who would dare challenge her.  Cuoco shot her right leg upward and punted Hale square in the crotch while still holding her in the full nelson.  Hale let out a wild yell on impact as the shot ran through her body.  Without mercy, Kaley begins to repeatedly smash her foot up into Lucy’s crotch each shot adding more and more pain to the small woman as her body begins to twitch.  With tears running down her cheeks, Hale screams out her submission pathetically as her body is about to give out, but Cuoco does not release her full nelson and begins to shake Lucy around from side to side like a ragdoll and it does not take long before Hale falls into unconsciousness.

With her opponent now sleeping, Kaley breaks her hold and watches as Lucy’s body crumples to the mat in a heap.  She then kicks Hale onto her back then places her right foot on Lucy’s stomach in victory.  “Now I think I may need a little souvenir to remember this by!” Kaley bends down and grabs the sides of Lucy’s black thong and slowly slides them down the ko’d brunette’s legs before twirling them over her head as she walks out of the ring leaving Lucy nearly naked on the mat.

Aubrey Plaza vs Katrina Bowden

   The next match in the arena was a special surprise for the audience members as Aubrey Plaza would take on Katrina Bowden in a lingerie match.  The two NBC starlets had known each other for a while and were excited for a little friendly competition. 

   Katrina came out first, and the beautiful blonde looked amazing as she walked down the ramp in just a pair of lacy black panties and a grey t-shirt with her usual beaming smile on her face waving to the crowd.  After Katrina made her way into the ring, Aubrey came out from behind the curtain next, dressed much more modestly in a grey tank top and a pair of yellow and black nylon shorts.  The quirky brunette slowly made her way down the ramp looking seemingly disinterested in the situation, but that was usual the case with her.

   With both women now in the ring, the referee called for the bell and the two starlets circled around one another slowly trying to get a good feel for the match.  But before any of the action could get started, Aubrey wanted to make sure there would between the two after their match and extended her arm for a friendly handshake.  Katrina once again smiled brightly at her opponent’s gesture and moved in for the handshake.  The two shook hands, but when Katrina went to pull away and get the match started, Aubrey would not let go of her hand.  Plaza then suddenly jerked Bowden toward her and caught the incoming blonde with a huge punt kick landing directly on target with Katrina’s defenseless crotch.  Bowden let out a wild squeal as the shock and pain dropped her to both knees.

   Still holding her foe’s hand, Aubrey took two steps back so that she could gain some momentum as she then charged forward and punted Katrina in the crotch once more.  Bowden let out a weak scream and fell down to all fours in agony as Plaza let go of her hand.  “You are such a blonde bimbo; I can’t believe you fell for that!”

   Aubrey then straddled Katrina’s head between her legs and pulled up between her thighs before squeezing Bowden’s neck tightly between her thighs.  Plaza squeezed her foe’s head tighter and tighter between her legs as she bent down and brushed the hair out of Katrina’s head so that the audience could see the hurting blonde struggle and her face begin to turn red.

   Katrina was already beginning to get weak as she was trapped between Aubrey’s legs, “oh honey, I am going to have so much fun humiliating you!”  Plaza then leapt into the air with Bowden’s head still trapped between her legs and dropped the blonde face first into the mat viciously as all of Plaza’s weight landed on top of her.

   The match had barely gotten underway and already Katrina was in real trouble and Aubrey stayed right on the offensive taking two handfuls of the blonde’s hair, Plaza rubbed Katrina’s face all over the mat from side to side before starting to repeatedly slam Bowden’s face with malicious intent sending Katrina into a daze.

   “Now get your ass up bitch, it’s time for some more fun!”  Aubrey stood up and took Katrina along with her forcing the blonde up by the hair.   Bowden had a glazed look in her eyes as Plaza took her by the wrist and whipped the blonde into the corner where Katrina crashed back first into the turnbuckles.  From there, Aubrey got a full head of steam as she bolted towards her foe then suddenly lunged forward thrusting her shoulder into Bowden’s belly with a huge spear that doubled Katrina over coughing as the air was sent out of her body in a hurry.  The vindictive brunette was relentless as she trapped Katrina’s arms in between the ropes and took full advantage of the situation and drove her right knee into Bowden’s belly continuously into her foe’s defenseless midsection until Katrina could not take any more and collapsed bottom first to the mat with her head resting against the middle turnbuckle.

   Aubrey kicked the dazed blonde’s legs apart before walking back to the opposing turnbuckle and getting a running start before dropping down into a baseball slide driving the bottom of her feet into the awaiting crotch of her opponent.  Katrina let out a weak squeal at impact as she rolled onto her side and into the fetal position on the mat.  With her foe all but done, Aubrey grabbed each of Katrina’s ankles and dragged her to the center of the ring.  Plaza took Bowden’s legs and folded them up above her head into a match book pin and sat on Katrina’s legs holding her in place.

   As the referee began his count, Aubrey wedged up on Katrina’s panties exposing both of the blonde’s ass cheeks and began to unmercifully spank Katrina.  The referee’s three count was academic as Katrina was entirely too weak to kick out.  But the bell did nothing to make Aubrey to stop as she continued to brutally spank her defeated foe as the shots echoed throughout the arena.  Bowden began to sob as she screamed for mercy trapped under her foe.

   Aubrey finally stopped her attack and stood back up to her feet and uncoiled her foe as Katrina lay on her back with her hands in her face crying.  The referee came over and raised Plaza’s hand in victory and the brunette finally cracked a smile.  She had accomplished exactly what she planned to do as she battered and humiliated her blonde opponent leaving her dejected and in pain in the middle of the ring.


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Re: One Sided Celebrity fight stories!
« Reply #63 on: November 15, 2012, 01:46:52 PM »
Victoria , Katrina , & Selena ( Always Selena ) made awesome Jobbers , loved their pinfall losses  ;D
You never grow old until you stop being young


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Re: One Sided Celebrity fight stories!
« Reply #64 on: November 15, 2012, 05:32:44 PM »
Another great job. Love these one sided beat downs. One person not used yet is Emma Roberts who gets beat down by her Aunt Julia for wearing her outfit on Halloween.


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Re: One Sided Celebrity fight stories!
« Reply #65 on: November 15, 2012, 08:48:16 PM »
I find one sided fight stories/videos one dimensional and thus boring.  The best fight stories, celeb or otherwise are ones that leave you guessing the winner until the very end.


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Re: One Sided Celebrity fight stories!
« Reply #66 on: November 16, 2012, 12:06:11 PM »
I love the one sided thrashings myself, but only when there believable. A story about a tall athletic gal like Yvonne Strahovski getting jobbed by a puny weakling like Lucy Hale would do nothing for me.  ;)


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Re: One Sided Celebrity fight stories!
« Reply #67 on: September 18, 2013, 01:39:44 AM »
After a ridiculously long hiatus away from this thread, I decided to get back into it.  For those who don't like the stories or one sided stories in general, i am sorry (not really) but not everything on the site is for everyone.  There are definitely things on her that i do not like i just tend to ignore them.  For those who do like them, i hope you enjoy the return to the thread.

As before, any suggestions are welcome and i will look through them and see which stories i think i can do as well as writing some of my own ideas.
Also, if any one else would like to post something here more power to you and that would be awesome to see.

I'm posting 10 new fights that i had written over the last few months that were never posted, some were based on past poll results while the others are story requests from members.  Hope you enjoy and look for to posting more in the very near future.

Mila Kunis vs Kristen Bell 2 (request)

The last time these two women squared off, in a bra and panties match, Mila Kunis dominated Kristen Bell picking up the easy victory stripping the blonde and humiliating her.  Kristen was livid post match and demanded a rematch with Mila wanting to get some vengeance and show every one that she was not the pushover Kunis had made her out to be.  Her wishes were finally granted, but under one condition, the match would be a spanking match!  Kristen was more than excited at the idea and could not wait to teach Mila a lesson and get some good old fashioned pay back. 
   Kristen spent weeks, even months training hard and as fight day grew near could not have been more ready for her fight. 
   She entered the arena first with a look of intense focus on her face and confidently strolled to the ring with one singular goal, punish Mila’s cute derriere mercilessly.  Bell, now already in the ring, impatiently paced around the ring waiting to see Mila. 
   Kristen did not have to wait long as her foe pushed open the curtains and stood atop the stage with her hands on her hips arrogantly staring and smiling down at Kristen believing that it didn’t matter how much training Bell did, she still could not beat her.
   The rage inside of the blonde was rushing through her body and she could not contain herself any longer and rushed forward after Mila the second the brunette entered the ring.  But, Kunis had a feeling Bell would be trying to get an early start to their match and deftly moved out of the way as Kristen could not stop her momentum and crashed chest first into the turnbuckle.
   With her foe startled from her collision, Mila grabbed a hold of Kristen’s long blonde hair with both hands and pulled her down driving Kristen’s back into Mila’s outstretched right knee causing a wild shriek from the aching blonde. “You stupid bimbo, why would you want a rematch with me, did you not learn your lesson the first time?” 
   Mila placed her right hand on Kristen’s chin and the left on the blonde’s thigh and began powerfully pressing down bending Bell backwards as far as she possibly could.  The wild screams of pain could be heard from throughout the entire arena as Kristen’s body was being back in a disturbing “C” shape.
   After about a minute of stretching her opponent out, Mila released her hold, but in no way planned on stopping her assault.  She snuck her right hand under Kristen’s top and bra started to claw away at the blonde’s left breast digging her nails into Bell’s soft skin.  Kristen was kicking her legs up and down frantically as she was being punished by her foe.  Kunis then raised both her arms over her head and buried both her fists into Kristen’s belly completely winding the blonde and sending her falling off her knee and onto the floor.
   Lying on her back with her face buried into the mat, Kristen did not see Mila’s next move coming as the brunette got back to her feet and took each of the blonde’s ankles in her arms and locked Bell into a deep Boston crab.  Again Kristen’s back was being bent viciously in an unnatural position and as the pain began to get unbearable, she began to wish she had never demanded a rematch.
   Mila let go of Kristen’s leg with her left arm and kept her locked now only in a single leg crab as she had more devious plans for her left hand.  Balling it into a fist, Kunis started to send rapid punches into Bell’s crotch.  The blonde squealed louder and louder after each painful shot as she was incapable of reaching back to protect herself.  The shots just kept coming in one after the other bringing Kristen to tears as she began to sob from the beating she was taking.
   Kunis finally stopped her attack and stood up from atop the blonde as Kristen curled up into the fetal position wishing her night was over.  Mila though, wanted to make sure Kristen never challenged her again! 
   The brunette walked around to where she was now standing right above the blonde’s head and knelt down in front of her.  Reaching out with both arms, Mila grabbed the bottom of Kristen’s shirt and began to slowly peel the top from Bell’s body.  Easily removing it, Kunis had the shirt now in her hands as only Kristen’s skin colored bra was covering her chest.
   Kunis stood back up and brought Kristen along with her by lifting the blonde to her feet by around the waist.  As she kept Bell doubled over, Kunis placed her foe’s head between her legs.  She gave the crowd a wry smile as she slowly locked each of Kristen’s arm behind her back in a double chicken wing.  She then leapt into the air and came down sending Bell’s face into the mat painfully with a pedigree.
   Bell was unconscious almost immediately on impact as her body lay on the mat not moving.  The match was all but over as Mila stood up and easily stripped Kristen of her shorts, shimmying them down her perfect legs until Bell was left in a matching pair of bra and panties.
   Mila placed Kristen on her lap and put her open right hand above her head ready to give her an embarrassing spanking as she surveyed the crowd.  Suddenly, Kunis pushed Bell off her lap and hopped out of the ring.  Seeing an audience member with a paddle in his hand, Mila went up to him and quickly snatched it “thanks honey, this will make for a lot more fun!”
   Sliding back into the ring, Mila, this time folded Kristen up like an accordion with her ass high up into the air.  Then, taking her free hand, Kunis pulled up on Bell’s panties, wedging them in and exposing both of Kristen’s cheeks getting a better look at her ample target, Mila did not waste a moment dropping the paddle down onto Kristen’s butt cheeks alternating from one to the other. 
   After a few spanks, Kristen stirred back to consciousness and immediately was letting out Earth shattering screams after each shot from the wooden paddle.  Mila was merciless as she turned each of Kristen’s cheeks beet red bringing the blonde to tears yet again and showed no signs of ever stopping.
   Bell’s screams turned to weak moans after a while as she was being decimated without any escape or respite.  After nearly 100 spanks, there were no more sounds coming from Kristen at all as her body had given out on her yet again and she was in dreamland.  Kunis’ spanks finally came to an end as the referee intervened, pulling Mila from atop her foe saving Kristen before things got even worse for her.
   Mila kicked Kristen onto her stomach and planted her foot on her sleeping opponent’s belly and raised the paddle above her head in victory as the crowd got to the feet in applause giving many props to the show Kunis had given them tonight.  “Maybe now this bitch will learn to think before she opens her damn mouth!”

Victoria Justice vs Naomi Scott (based on poll results)

   The next match of the night featured two usual losers getting a chance to go one on one to pick up a much needed victory.  In her blue strapless dress, Victoria Justice made her way to the arena first looking to improve on her dismal (3-7) record.  Her opponent, Naomi Scott, followed her out in a red dress.  The young Brit still looking to pick up her first victory after two one sided defeats.  Victoria though was looking to keep Naomi out of the win column.
   As the bell rang, the two youngsters started moving toward one another with their arms outstretched and as they got near one another they each furiously grabbed two handfuls of the other’s brunette hair as they both started to rip and pull at the other’s locks.  They tugged with all their might trying to gain the upper hand unsuccessfully as each yelped as sharp pain ran through their scalps.
   As the two were locked in what seemed like a never ending stale mate, Victoria was the first to switch tactics, catching the unsuspecting Naomi unprepared with a swift knee to the gut that made the Brit cough and doubled her over as air rushed out of her body.  Scott’s arms fell to her side as she released Justice’s hair, then with her hands still locked in her foe’s hair, Victoria yanked Naomi downward with full force sending the Brit to the floor face first.
   Staying on the immediate offensive, Victoria knelt down between Naomi before pulling the brunette’s head up by the hair.  Justice then cupped Scott’s chin with both hands and pulled upward applying pressure to her foe as she locked in a tight camel clutch.  “No wonder you don’t have a win, you are such a little weakling!”  Victoria continued to wrench her hold tighter and tighter as she pulled Naomi’s neck backward as far as it could go.  The young Brit though showed some amazing heart as she refused to submit even as she was stretched beyond her limits.
   After a while of being unable to get her foe to submit despite her best effort, Victoria grew frustrated and began to viciously slam Naomi’s face into the floor repeatedly sending her opponent into a daze as her head continuously rebounded off the ground.  “Since you’re not ready to give up, guess I’ll have a little fun with you!”  With her foe still in la la land, Victoria stood up and grabbed the bottom of Naomi’s dress with both hands and pulled it upward until the garment was fully removed from the Brit’s body leaving her in a matching pair of black bra and panties. 
   Justice took the dress and crumpled it up a bit in her hands before tossing the discarded garment into the crowd for one lucky fan.  At the same time, Naomi was struggling to get back to her feet.  Hurting and a little demoralized the Brit refused to quit fighting.  Mustering up every last bit of energy she could, Naomi charged toward Victoria with a full head of steam.  Unfortunate for her though, Justice saw her coming and easily sidestepped out of the way then gave her foe a hard shove taking her off balance causing Naomi to collide chest first with the steel guard rail which separated the combatants from the crowd.  Scott gasped upon contact as she crumpled to the floor.  “Nice try sweetie, but you are no match for me!”
   With her foe lying on her back in pain, Victoria kneeled on top of both of Naomi’s shoulders with Scott’s head in between her legs.  With her arms trapped  under her opponent’s legs, Naomi is in big trouble.  Victoria bends down and balls her right hand into a fist before smashing it down with full force into Naomi’s exposed belly.  The Brit bellows in pain from the punch as she meekly tries to squirm free from under her foe unsuccessfully.  Justice lets out a sinister laugh as she begins to punch Naomi’s belly over and over again as rapidly as she can absolutely decimating her downed foe as Naomi coughs and her thin frame begins to shake.
   With Naomi’s stomach now red and sore, Victoria giggles a little and says, “I guess that’s enough of that!”  Justice then looks down and sees her foe short of breathe with her eyes flickering up and down as she fights to stay conscious.  “I think you’re regretting not giving up earlier in the match right about now.”
   Ready to put her opponent away and put an end to the night, Victoria reached both of her arms out and snuck her hands under Naomi’s bra.  Justice looked up and out to the crowd with a devious look on her face as she dug her nails from both hands into Naomi’s soft flesh and squeezed down as hard as she could.  The trapped Brit began to scream wildly and kick her legs up in down as Victoria relentlessly mauled away at her breasts.  Naomi tried with all she had to block the pain, but it was too much for her to handle as tears began to stream down her face.  She finally could take it anymore and sobbed her submission putting an end to the match.
   Victoria though refused to release the hold as the bell continued to sound calling for the end.  She just continued to tear at her defeated foe’s breasts as Naomi was now bawling and begging for Justice to let her go.  By the time Victoria finally did let go Naomi’s tears were running down her as she meekly cried thankful that her beating was finally over.
   Justice then repositioned herself to where she was sitting on Naomi’s chest facing her defeated foe’s face.  She brushed the hair from out of Scott’s eyes and gave her a few gentle slaps in the face showing off her dominance, “you should quit now honey, because you are never going to win.”  She then stood up and added one last moment of insult to her foe posing on top of Naomi with her right foot on opponent’s face.  Victoria, a usual loser, enjoyed the feeling of whipping on a weaker foe as she left the arena with the biggest smile on her face.



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Re: One Sided Celebrity fight stories!
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Anna Popplewell vs Emma Watson (for a member)

Emma Watson and Anna Popplewell are both on the verge of superstardom, Emma had become a household name with her role in “Harry Potter”, while at the same time Anna had gotten her big break starring in “The Chronicles of Narnia” series.  Enjoying their rise to fame, the two Brits were hanging out in Emma’s apartment having a great time exchanging on set stories.
   After busting a bottle of wine and drinking while they exchanged some laughs, the two youngsters were beginning to feel it a bit.  Although Emma’s career was on fire, she was always very upset about not getting Anna’s role in “Narnia”.  Popplewell was going on and on telling stories that had happened on set and in her current inebriated state, Emma snapped, “Would you shut up already about you and that stupid movie!”
   Anna went silent and blushed at the sudden anger in Emma’s voice, “I’m sorry to offend you Emma, what did I do?”
   Watson could not hold back her feelings anymore, “I can’t believe those ignorant studio heads chose you over me!  Please, I’m more talented and much, much more attractive.  There is no way you deserved it more than me.
   Popplewell was stunned and did not have any idea what to say, “I….I….. I guess they just liked me a little more.”  She did her best to not lower herself and remain the bigger woman.
   “Liked you more, liked you more!”  Emma just laughed at the thought, “You talentless hack, no one in their right mind would like you more than me!”  Extremely agitated, Watson tipped over the edge and tossed her wine all over Popplewell.
   Anna was in total shock and dismay as she stood up nearly in tears and rushed towards the door.
   From behind, Emma gave her fleeing now former friend a hard shove, “What’s wrong sissy, you afraid of me?”  Watson then spun Popplewell around to where they were standing face to face and gave the stunned and appalled woman a hard right hand slap across her cheek.  Anna hold her face as it stung and stayed in control of her emotions.  But Emma continued to bully her around pushing her further and further back, “At least you’re not a total idiot!”  Watson has finally pushed Popplewell up against the wall and had her trapped in the corner, “Because I would humiliate you!”  Emma presses up right on top of Anna glaring at her with evil eyes using some intimidation to try and embarrass Popplewell knowing full well her fellow Brit would not have the nerve to fight her.
   “AHHHH”, Anna could no longer contain her emotions and thrust her knee upward planting with full force square into Emma’s unsuspecting crotch.  Watson’s eyes went wide open from shock and pain as she let out a small squeal and her knees buckled a bit while her hands moved down to massage her sore crotch.  Popplewell placed her right hand on the back of Watson’s head and shoved her face first into the wall and Emma fell to both knees covering up.  “You pompous cxnt, I’m tired of you thinking you’re so much better than everyone else, now get your ass back up!”
   Anna grabbed Emma by the hair and pulled Watson by the hair and Emma let out a wild scream as the pain increased in her scalp feeling little strands of her hair being pulled out.  She saw her opportunity and jumped on it swinging her left elbow backwards and connecting with Anna’s ribs, the shot caused Popplewell to gasp and release Emma’s hair.  Watson then followed up quickly with a big uppercut directly to Popplewell’s chin stunning the Brit and sending her back a few steps.
   Now fully enraged, Emma charged forward and speared Anna in the stomach driving her shoulder into Popplewell’s stomach as she fell to the ground with Emma landing on top of her.  “I guess you are as dumb as thought, I hope you like the taste of feet bitch!”  Emma took Anna’s hair in both hands and repeatedly pounded the back of Anna’s head into the ground sending Popplewell into a daze as her ears began to ring.
   Anna was able to get her hands between Emma’s and reached up and began clawing her nails into Emma’s face raking her eyes blinding Watson until she was unable to take anymore and stood up from on top of Popplewell rubbing her eyes trying to clear her vision back up.
   With her foe’s hands up near her face, Anna took full advantage of the situation and kicked Emma in her left knee causing Watson’s leg to give out as she collapsed down onto one knee where she was in perfect position for Popplewell to grab Watson’s head and pull it downward while simultaneously flinging her knee forward sending it smashing into Emma’s face.
   Watson’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she crumbled backwards landing on her back.  Popplewell leapt into the air forward and crash landed with both of her knees on Emma’s flat stomach.  All of Watson’s air rushed through her body and she gasped trying to catch her breath.  Anna took a seat on her hurting foe’s stomach and grabbed the front of Emma’s dress and began ripping and pulling on it as the ailing Watson was to weak to stop her.  Then after a bit of an effort, Anna was able to tear it apart leaving Watson in a white lace bra and panty set.
   Knowing that she was in serious trouble, Emma tried to beg and plead her way out of it, but she had infuriated Anna so much that she was at the point that nothing was going to stop her from exacting some revenge for all the comments Watson had made earlier.
   Popplewell’s hands crawled up Watson’s stomach and she slid both under her foe’s bra, “Oh wow, these things are tiney tiny!”  Anna mocked her opponents chest size as she pinched her hands down mauling her foe’s breasts as her nails dug into the soft skin.  Anna’s legs frantically kicked up and down as she unsuccessfully tried to pry Anna’s hands from away, while Popplewell was relentless even going so far as to grip Emma’s nipples between her fingers pinching and twisting them as far she could.  “Stop, please, I’m sorry!”  Watson was in tears as her opponent punished her chest unmercifully until Emma began sobbing in defeat and agony.
   “Now let me show you what a real pair looks and feels like!”  Anna pulled down the straps of her own dress to reveal her much larger set, then gave her downed foe a smile as she planted her breasts down engulfing Emma’s face.  Watson tried as hard she possibly could to free herself which only made her lose energy even quicker, Anna held her in position until she felt Watson’s body go limp under her.
   Anna sat up and looked downward at her now sleeping foe, not quite satisfied in her victory just yet.  Sliding up to where she is sitting on Emma’s chest, “now what were you saying about foot earlier…. Oh now I remember!”  Popplewell took her right foot and slowly moved it up Emma’s chin then started to slip it into Emma’s mouth one toe at at a time.  Watson began to stir, and as she regained her senses was in horror as she realized that her foe’s foot was in her mouth.  “Go ahead bitch, suck on them!” 
   Too beaten to fight back, Emma was submissive to her opponent’s demand and began to suck on her big toe moving downward the foot not skipping a single toe.  Watson was disgraced with the embarrassment she was being put through as tears were again welling in her eyes.
   Popplewell crammed her foot deeper and deeper into Watson’s throat causing the downed Brit to gag a bit, “now lick it all!” Emma shook her head “no” in protest, but Anna simply crammed even more of her foot into Watson’s mouth until Emma began to lick it up and down from toes to heel on the sole of Anna’s foot.  “Now that’s a good girl!”  Popplewell kept her foot in Emma’s mouth forcing Watson to kiss it continuously until she was finally satisfied.
   Anna removed her foot and got back to her feet.  Putting one foot on Emma’s stomach, Popplewell flexed her arms showing off to her defeated foe.  Emma just covered her face with her hands and sobbed never being more humiliated in her entire life.  “Well hun, I guess I’ll be going now!”  Popplewell put her dress straps back on and grabbed her purse before waving goodbye to Emma as she opened the door and walked out.  Hopefully Watson had learned her lesson about picking fights.

Ashley Benson vs Lily Collins (poll results)

On a five fight winning streak, Ashley Benson was riding higher than ever as she had completely shaken off her three consecutive defeats and was ready to continue her climb back towards the upper echelon of the Young Hollywood League.  Most recently Ashley had completely decimated Selena Gomez without breaking a sweat.  Now ready for her next match, the beautiful blonde made her way down to the arena with an arrogant smile on her face.
   Her opponent on the other hand came into their match on a two fight losing streak after suffering back to back heartbreaking losses to Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez after long back and forth battles.  Lily Collins entered next with a look of determination on her face wanting desperately to put another tally in the win column.  She had a tall order in front of her though as Ashley seemed to come in as the prohibitive favorite and all the momentum in the world.
   The two young women paced around one another in anticipation waiting for the bell to ring just itching with anticipation to get their claws into one another.  The moment she heard the bell ring, Lily could not contain her excitement and bolted straight for Ashley looking to get the match jumpstarted.  But, in her haste to get off to a quick start, Lily was not thinking straight as she flew toward her opponent.  Ashley had a sly grin on her face as her opponent charged forward and simply waited until Lily got close enough then flung her right foot forward planting her heel square in the brunette’s gut.  Collins let out a gasp on impact as she dropped to one knee from the force winded from the kick.
   “Slow your roll honey, there’s no time limit to this fight!”  Ashley then stepped in a bit closer to Lily and grabbed two handfuls of her long locks and used it to fling Collins through the air a few feet until the brunette crashed side first against the steel railing before crumpling to the ground in a heap massaging her rips.  Benson laughed as she clapped her hands together dusting off a few lose strands of Lily’s hair.
   “You better shape up honey, or you are going to have quite a long night ahead of you!”  Wanting to show Lily how in control of her she really was, Ashley took her right foot bare foot and rubbed it across the brunette’s face as Collins struggled to get back to her feet.  Using the railing for support, Lily pulled herself back to her feet.  She had no time to catch her breathe though, as at the moment she lifted her head to see where her opponent was, Ashley slammed right into her squishing Lily in between her body and the unforgiving steel barrier. 
   The shot sent pains up and down Lily’s back and would have collapsed back to the floor if not for Ashley pinning her shoulders against the railing to keep her on her feet.  This did not last for long though as Benson’s left knee came flying upward until it made contact with Lily’s unsuspecting crotch.  The brunette’s eyes shot wide open in shock and Ashley released her foe’s shoulders and Lily fell to both knees as her hands slid down to protect her sore womanhood.  Benson quickly followed her assault up with a huge open handed slap across Lily’s left cheek causing her foe’s head to whip to the side.  Ashley then pushed her foe over and stepped backwards all the way to the far railing and casually leaned up against it letting Lily get back to her feet basically toying with her seemingly over matched opponent and even had the audacity to tell the audience members next to her, “I’m going to take my time and have some fun with this one, she never stood a chance here.  You guys are really going to enjoy the show!”
   Lily slowly used the guard rail to crawl back up, but as soon as she was able to make it to all fours, Ashley caught her by surprise by taking off towards the brunette and delivering a huge punt directly into Collins’ stomach.  Lily’s eyes went wide as all the air was rushed out of her body as she let out a huge gasp before collapsing back on to her stomach.
   “Time to get up now honey!” Ashley grabbed Lily’s hair with both hands before tightly twisting it around before viciously pulling up on the brunette’s hair causing Lily to yell loudly as she is roughly brought back to her feet.  Then, standing behind her hurting foe, Benson wrapped her right arm around Lily’s neck and tightly squeezed cutting off Collins’ air flow with a tight sleeper hold.  Already in a ton of pain, Lily began to fade quickly as she coughed and her face began to turn red trying to escape using all of the little energy she had left with no avail. 
   Ashley then leaned in closely to Lily’s left ear and whispered, “ Now say bye bye to this lovely top of yours.”  Using her free left hand, Ashley began to slowly unbutton Lily’s top as the brunette tried meekly to push Benson’s hands away, but every time she attempted to stop her opponent, Ashley simply wrenched even tighter on her sleeper causing Collins to gag.  Then finally undoing the final button Ashley ripped the shirt wide open exposing Lily’s black bra. 
   Out of nowhere, Ashley released her sleeper hold and Lily collapsed onto all fours gasping for air and rubbing her sore neck.  Benson then leapt into the air and landed ass first on the small of Collins’ back sending the brunette collapsing to her stomach.  “Aww you’re such a little weakling it’s so precious.” Ashley began rubbing Lily’s face from side to side all over the floor adding humiliation to her opponent’s beating.  Things only got worse for the now tearful brunette as Ashley started to smash Lily’s beautiful face into the mat repeatedly as Collins could only wail as her eyes started to flicker with her nearly falling into unconsciousness.  But Ashley did not want that just yet and suddenly stopped and placed her arms under Lily’s and brought her foe back up.  She pushed Lily forward until the brunette was directly in front of the guard rail before draping Lily’s body across the top with half of it being on either side of the railing.  Benson knelt down and slowly peeled Lily’s shorts down her legs before easily pulling them completely off and twirling them above her head arrogantly leaving Lily bare assed in a tiny black thong.
   Taking both of her palms, Ashley started to rub them all over Lily’s cheeks  whipping the crowd into a frenzy as everyone in the audience knows what’s coming next.  Benson pulled her right arm back as far as she possibly could before swinging it forward with full force as the palm of her hand met Lily’s bottom and the sound resonated through the room and Collins let out a tremendous yell as her legs kicked up and down.  Ashley began to repeatedly spank her foe’s right cheek bringing Lily to a sob as Ashley was merciless.  With Collins’ right cheek nice and red, Benson switched her focus and began to rain down slaps on Lily’s left cheek battering it until the color matched the right one.
   As Ashley finally stopped spanking her opponent and stepped away, Lily’s body flipped head over heels onto the audience sign of the railing and fell to the concrete floor.  “Time to turn the lights out on this pathetic little bitch!”  Benson leaned over the guard rail and drug Collins back up and placed her left arm around Lily’s neck in a headlock.  She pulled Lily forward taking her back up and over the railing until only Collins’ ankles were on the guard rail with her body totally parallel to the ground.
   The arrogant blonde waved, “bye bye” to the crowd with her usual arrogant smirk showing right before she fell backwards driving the top of Lily’s head into the mat with a brutal DDT that knocked her opponent out on impact. 
   With her foe now done for, Ashley had picked up a sixth consecutive victory in extremely impressive fashion.  Then grabbing her sleeping opponent by the hair, Benson brought Collins up to a seated position and stood above her posing as all of the flash bulbs went off around the arena.  Without ever really breaking a sweat, Benson pushed her opponent back down before leaving the arena victorious again.  While Lily lay on the mat unconscious suffering a third consecutive loss, she had to wonder would she ever win again.


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Re: One Sided Celebrity fight stories!
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Re: One Sided Celebrity fight stories!
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Jessica Biel vs Rachael Taylor (based on poll results)
After picking up a victory in her debut absolutely crushing the over matched Mila Kunis, Jessica Biel was ready to step up in competition as she set out to make her way toward getting an eventual match against current champion Teresa Palmer. Her opponent tonight was title contender and Teresa's country woman Rachael Taylor. Rachael also desperately wanted this victory herself wanting to get a title shot as well as a rematch with Teresa who had defeated her earlier. The two women met in the middle of the floor, Jessica grinned with supreme confidence as she glared at her opponent. But Taylor got the first laugh slapping Jessica in the face insulting her foe. But Biel just grinned than grabbed a hold of Rachael's hair with both hands and launched her opponent across the mat creak landing Rachael ribs first into the steel guard rail. Biel followed behind her foe and wrapped her arms around Taylor's waist and lifted her into the air in a tight reverse bear hug. Jessica tightened her hold and shook Rachael around like a rag doll. Then, Jessica showed her raw power as she suplexed Rachael over the top dropping Taylor on her head. Rachael though didn't have much time to catch her breathe before Jessica pulled her back to her feet then pressed Taylor over her head as Rachael was kicking and screaming until Jessica dropped her down chest first on the top of the guard rail where Rachael lay on top in serious pain.

Rachael laid on top of the guard rail moaning in pain after being viciously onto her chest. The Australian taking one hell of a beating very early in the match, but unlucky for her, Jessica was still not done as she wanted to prove that she was capable of a title shot and poor Rachael was her stepping stone. Jessica took the back of Rachael's hair and yanked her down backwards causing her head to slam down to the floor head first. Biel pulled Taylor back to her feet then lifted Rachael off her feet and maliciously slammed Rachael down back first onto Jessica's outstretched knee. Taylor screamed loudly in intense pain as Jessica pulled down on her opponent's legs and neck stretching her out as far as she could. "send a message to your little friend Teresa for me, i'm going to take her belt and humiliate her along the way."  Done with her punishing back breaker, Jessica rolled Rachael off her knee and back onto the ground. Biel crouched above her foe then pulled Rachael's head up. Cupping Taylor's chin in her hands, Biel wrenched upward on her opponent's neck trapping her in a camel clutch. Taylor's pain was mounting, but the resilient Aussie refused to give in to her opponent. This didn't bother Jessica though who saw this as an opportunity to inflict even more damage on Rachael. Jessica, still in camel clutch position, wrapped her left arm around Taylor's neck and placed her in a deep choke.  With the right, she applied a vicious belly claw digging her nails deep into Rachael's stomach. A little tear was welling about in Rachael's eyes as her face was starting to turn red. The Aussie dug deep using all of her reserves to stop from submitting yet again as Jessica finally released the hold and Taylor crumpled down to the floor. Biel wanted to add some humiliation to Rachael's beating. She bent down and grabbed the straps from both shoulders of Rachael's dress and easily wiggled off her for leaving her in only a matching pair of white lace panties. Kicking Rachael over to her stomach, Jessica looked down at the Aussie and rubbed her hands together, "now what should I do to you next you pretty little thing?"
   Rachael rolled over to her stomach to try and protect herself, but Jessica followed her to the ground and took a seat on her opponent’s back got both hands on Taylor’s bra straps and easily undid the light lace material before slipping off Rachael’s body.  Biel slid the bra under Taylor’s neck then grabbed both ends and pulled up choking her foe with her own clothing.  Rachael struggled to breathe and her futile effort to get free only made things worse.  The Aussie’s face turned beat read as she coughed fading out of consciousness, but before Rachael was totally out of it, Jessica decided to send a message through Taylor to her countrywoman Teresa Palmer.  “Please no, I SUBMIT!”  Biel just shook her head and laughed as she brought Rachael back to her feet.  Jessica lifted Rachael up and placed her back first on her shoulders.  Biel began to bend Taylor as far as possible in her patented torture rack.  The entire time Rachael screamed her submission repeatedly while her arm flailed around wildly.  After about a minute of nearly being broken apart Rachael’s arms went limp as she was in dream street.  Jessica finally released the hold and placed her sleeping foe in a seated position between her legs.  Jessica held Rachael’s head up to the crowd with one hand while raising the other above her head in victory.  Releasing her foe Jessica let Rachael fall to the ground then finally stripped Taylor of her final article of clothing leaving her completely naked.  “Such a pretty thing, I think I’m taking you home with me.  Jessica placed Rachael on his shoulder and walked out with her rubbing the unconscious blonde’s ass as she carried her out of the arena for a little extra curricular action.

Sophia Bush vs Emmanuelle Chiriqui (request)
My friend Steve was in town for a couple of days, and we decided to get together one night and have a couple of drinks at a French Quarter bar.  Since the moment we met up, he could not stop telling me about two wild sexual encounters he had recently had.  One with Sophia Bush and the other with Emmanuelle Chiriquí.  Even though I did not think of Steve as a liar, these stories were quite hard to believe.  I mean these were two beautiful celebrities and he was just a regular guy.
   As fate would have it, as we walked into the dark and tiny Bourbon Street bar, out of the corner of my eye I spotted Sophia Bush sitting at the bar ordering a drink.  I give Steve a soft nudge to draw his attention that way and as they made eye contact with one another it was obvious almost immediately that something had happened between the two of them.  They shared a small wave and a smile as their eyes never left one another.  Sophia in a pair of tight black dress pants and a white low cut top showing off beautiful necklace picked up her drink and immediately began walking our way in her platform shoes.  I was stunned now seeing that at least one of Steve’s stories was absolutely true.
   As Sophia got within a few feet of us, another voice coming from behind shouted “Steve” excitedly.  As we turned around, Emmanuelle Chiriqui was heading right for Steve quickly as she had an unbelievably big smile on her face.  All I could do was grab the sides of my head with my hands now in total shock that Steve had pulled not one, but two unbelievable conquests.  Chiriqui, in a pair of blue jeans with a short and low cut top showing off both her olive skinned abs and a little cleavage looked stunning as her arms were covered in a black jacket.  The beautiful Canadian did not waste a single moment as she walked right past me and into the arms of Steve giving him a big hug followed by a long tender kiss on the lips.  She could not have been any more excited to have run into my friend, and he seemed happy to see her as well.
   But there was one person not so happy to see the former lovers reunite.  Standing right behind them witnessing all of the action was Sophia Bush who looked completely jealous seeing the two share a kiss.  “What the hell are you doing kissing my man you scrawny whore!”  Sophia shouted at Emmanuel with her arms folded across her chest staring daggers through Emmanuel.  Chiriqui just laughed at the comment as she released her hug and ran her hand across Steve’s face, “You can believe what you want honey, but he is with me!”  Chiriqui reached out her right arm to lock hands with Steve who just stood there silently in complete shock that this was happening.
   Both women looked at Steve and asked, “so which one of us do you want?”  Steve still could not decide, and who could blame him, as he shifted his attention from one woman to another.  I was still shocked that all this was happening and had to sit down and order a bucket of beer interested in just what was going to happen.
   As Steve remained silent still unable to choose between the two, Sophia and Emmanuel got increasingly more perturbed that the other would not back down and walk away as they came together chest to chest exchanging words getting more and more heated with every line.
   Then out of nowhere, Emmanuelle gave Sophia a hard two handed shove sending her back a few steps, “he’s with me, and if you can’t understand that, I’ll have to knock some sense into your dumb ass!”
   At that point, Sophia had had enough of Emmanuel’s mouth and attitude and stepped forward quickly yet again and did not hesitate to grab two handfuls of Chiriqui’s long raven hair and start tugging it around.  Emmanuelle shrieked at the sudden pain, but was ready to fight for her man grabbing onto Sophia’s hair as well rip away at it.  The two hell cats were going at it tooth and nail trying to rip the other’s beautiful locks clean off their scalps screaming and shouting at one another.
   Their hair pulling battle went on for a while as they bounced around the bar knocking over table after table spilling patron’s drinks, but they did not seem to mind as they were all enthralled at the action.  Steve came over and took a seat next to me and picked up his beer as we smiled and clanked glasses as we celebrated what was turning into one unbelievable night.
   Emmanuel was able to get the early upper hand on her foe as she pulled down on Sophia’s hair with all she had yanking the American beauty down onto all fours.  “Give it up bitch, you know he belongs to me!”  She then starts dragging Sophia along on the floor by the hair like a dog on a leash.  Chiriqui’s arrogance does not deter Bush, but rather motivates her even more.  Then with Emmanuel facing the other direction still walking Sophia, the American crawls forward quickly sneaking right up behind the unsuspecting Canadian and clips the back of her left knee with a powerful forearm making Emmanuel’s knee buckle as the sudden impact surprises Chiriqui enough to where she loses hold of Bush’s hair.
   A second shot to the back of the knee is more than Emmanuelle can take and the Canadian collapses onto her right knee.  Ready to react quickly, Bush springs back up to her feet and smashes her right fist into Chiriqui’s right rib cage with all she has.  Emmanuelle lets out a weak gasp for air as she is now dropped onto both knees with Sophia still standing behind her.
   Bush seems ready to put an end to Chiriqui’s night as she wraps her left arm around her opponent’s neck tightly using it to choke Emmanuel.  “Not so tough are you slut, think you should give up before something really bad happens to you!”  Bush wrenches back on her choke deeper and deeper taking all the air away from Chiriqui, who’s face starts getting redder and redder as she coughs finding it harder and harder to breathe.  Steve begins to stand back up to celebrate with Sophia and present her with her reward when, with all she has left, Emmanuelle is able to reach forward and grab a martini off the table in front of her.  She takes the glass and tosses all of the liquid contents backwards directly into Sophia’s face.  The alcohol gets into Bush’s eyes burning them and making her temporarily blind as she releases her hold and starts rubbing them trying to clear up her vision.
   Emmanuel uses the time to catch her breath and slowly get back to her feet where she notices that Sophia is still unable to see.  Walking back after her blinded foe, Chiriqui grabs Bush’s white top and begins yanking on it with all she using both hands pulling the top away from Sophia’s body until the garment can no longer withstand it and is ripped apart and off Sophia’s body exposing the American’s black lace bra.  Now extremely confident, Emmanuelle twirls Sophia’s top around her finger before tossing it into a group of men who all fight over the celebrities clothing.
   Still not able to completely see, Sophia is feeling a bit embarrassed and covers her chest up with her hands leaving Bush’s face wide open and Emmanuel sees the opportunity and begins slapping her opponent’s face around like crazy whipping it around from side to side as both cheeks are reddened equally.  Then as Sophia’s hands went up to protect her face, Emmanuel was ready with a quick but powerful blow right into Bush’s soft belly.
   The punch doubled her over and made Sophia cough as her hair was now all over her face.  Things were not looking good for her as Emmanuelle drug her over to the bar right next to Steve by the hair and smashed Sophia’s beautiful face into the counter top while shouting, “when I’m done he won’t want anything to do with so a hideous creature!”  She then lifted Sophia head up and prepared to slam her down to the counter once more.
   This time though, Sophia was one step ahead catching Emmanuelle unprepared with sudden elbow strike aimed directly into Chiriqui’s chest crushing the Canadian as the pain sent shockwaves through her body.  Bush quickly spun around and delivered an point clothesline right into Emmanuelle’s throat immediately sending Chiriqui falling down to the floor back first.  Hitting with the back of her head first, Emmanuelle was seeing stars rolling on the ground trying to alleviate the pain, but Sophia did not give her much time for a rest as she straddled Emmanuel’s back as the Canadian had rolled over onto her stomach.  Bush grabbed both ends of Chiriqui’s jacket and began to peel it off her upper body as Emmanuel struggled, but could not stop Sophia from taking it away from her.  Then just as the jacket was nearly all the way removed, a great idea popped into Bush’s head.  She used the jacket to tie Emmanuelle’s heads together behind her back incapacitating her foe and stopping Chiriqui from being able to defend herself.
   Emmanuelle squirmed on the ground like a snake as she tried to escape her restraints, but that was all in vain as her struggles only made the binds become tighter.  Wanting to get a little retribution, Sophia grabbed both straps of Emmanuelle’s top and took them off her shoulders before beginning to slip it down her body without any resistance as there was no way Chiriqui could stop her.  Then with the top now crumpled around her waist, Emmanuelle was now bare backed and Sophia just grinned knowing that could only mean one thing.  She stood up from atop her foe for a moment and rolled Chiriqui onto her back with her arms now bound and trapped underneath her body.
   “Just as I thought, no bra!  Typical of a whore like you!”  Emmanuel could not cover up as every person at the bar was able to get a perfect view of her gorgeous 34C breasts as they were fully exposed and she was unable to cover up.  Sophia did not target her opponent’s breasts right away, but instead wanted to pummel Emmanuel a little more.  She then started to throw perfect right and left hand combinations into Chiriqui’s tight and thin stomach.  The Canadian could not take much of this as she wailed in agony in between coughs and gasps for air.  And it seemed as if Sophia was never going to stop as she turned Emmanuel’s stomach into her own personal punching bag bringing the Canadian to tears.
   “Steve will most certainly be going home with me now, but not until I am through with you!”  Sophia then went after Emmanuelle’s tremendous orbs as she used her sharp finger nails to claw deeply into the soft skin squeezing down as tightly as she could with both hands.  Chiriqui’s screams could be heard from out on the street as many patrons ran into the bar to catch a glimpse of what was going on and there were hundreds of flashbulbs going off as everyone wanted to capture this incredible moment.  Steve looked on with pure excitement as he watched the two beauties fighting over him, he had always been extremely attracted to Sophia but seeing her like this was bringing out a whole new level of excitement.
   The tears were now flowing down Emmanuelle’s beautiful face as she pathetically sobbed at the hands of the vicious Sophia who was now pinching down on both nipples as she pulled them upwards as far as she could while twisting them like dials on a radio.  “You win, you win, take him he’s yours!”  Chiriqui admitted defeat, but Sophia had already known she was the winner and wanted to make sure Emmanuelle did not have a second thought about coming after her man.  “Beer me, now!”   Sophia shouted and within moments there were dozens of hands lined up with bottles for her.  She grabbed one as she looked down at Emmanuelle with bad intentions.  Pinching down tightly on the Canadian’s nose so she had to open her mouth to breathe, Bush then turned the bottle upside down as she inserted into Emmanuel’s mouth letting all the beer rush into Chiriqui who was gagging and spitting some out as it was forced down her throat.  “That’s right bitch take it like the slut you are!”
   Once the contents of the bottle were completely gone, Sophia stood back up now ready to remove every last piece of clothing Emmanuelle had on.  At this point the Canadian was too weak to fight back as she breathed heavily with her chest bouncing up and down.  She was too weak to Bush from slipping her jeans down her long slender legs, and not long after that the silk white panties followed suit until Emmanuelle was completely nude for all to see weeping on the dirty bar floor.
   With that done, Sophia ordered everyone else with a beer in hand to circle around Chiriqui, then on the count of three she commanded them all too dump their drinks all over the Canadian.  “1,2,3”  Alcohol came from everywhere completely covering Emmanuelle’s nude form making her already spectacular skin glisten as it was covered.  Her body and hair now soaked.
   Still holding her empty beer bottle, Sophia bent down and got directly into Emmanuelle’s tear filled face.  “Well since I will be having such a spectacular night, I don’t want you to miss out on a little action!”  Bush walked over to Chiriqui’s lower half and rammed the bottle top first inside of Emmanuel’s womanhood causing the Canadian’s eyes to go wide.  Then out of nowhere, Sophia gave the bottle one hard stomp driving it as far inside of Emmanuelle as possible causing her to squeal and moan a bit.
   Finally done delivering her message, Sophia turned around and smiled at Steve as she enticingly walked his way.  Then sitting on his lap, she started to kiss him on his neck and whispered in his ear, “I think it’s about time you and I got out of here!”  He did not have to answer as she stood back up and grabbed his hand and walked him out of the bar.  The two of them were in for one hell of a night! 
   As they walked away I thought to myself, “I feel sorry for any woman who ever tries to get in between Sophia and Steve.”  As they got to the door, he turned around and smiled toward me as I held up my glass, “go ahead you lucky bastard!”  Steve must be one hell of a lover to have two such beautiful woman fight like that for him.
   Than after they were gone, the hordes of horny freaks began to gather around the helpless Emmanuel looking to take advantage of the actress in her situation, I felt bad for her as I cracked my beer bottle in half ready to take a swipe at anyone who went after her as I picked her up from the floor and carried Emmanuelle to safety before the police arrived.  While Steve was having the night of his life, I was cleaning up the mess two of his probable multiple lovers had made.  All I know is that bastard owes me one, but hey a good wing man always has his buddies back.


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Re: One Sided Celebrity fight stories!
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Sophia Bush had an awesome catfight in One Tree Hill.


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Re: One Sided Celebrity fight stories!
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 the last four stories I talked about will be up after my pool tournament.


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Re: One Sided Celebrity fight stories!
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Sophia Bush vs Jana Kramer (request)
After their wild night together, Ewen and Sophia still wanted to spend every moment together.  They woke up early the next morning and decided to spend the day at the local petting zoo taking in the beautiful early summer weather.  Ewen called and invited me to tag along, and after everything that had happened the night before, there was no way I was passing up the opportunity to see what the day might bring.  I know it was crazy, but if there happened to be another fight, I wanted to be there video camera in hand.
   Arriving at the zoo around noon, I walked around until finding the happy couple holding hands both smiling in full content with their burgeoning relationship.  Not one to gawk at a friend’s lady, I could not help myself as Sophia looked beyond amazing in her tight blue jeans.   Her low cut yellow top was showing off her flat and toned belly.  The top was so tight her breasts were screaming to be freed pressing up against the extremely thin fabric and in the right light, you could make out her black bra.  Ewen was also dressed, but I am sure no one gives a damn what he was wearing.
   It had turned out to be a much hotter than predicted day than we had we predicted and we all began to sweat drinking even more beers than usual trying to stay cool and getting a bit tipsy in the process.  The sweat glistened beautifully off of Sophia’s body and I could not take my eyes of her as the actress tied her raven hair into a pony tail to keep it out of her face.
   The day went on as we were all in the best of spirits laughing and exchanging stories from our past until suddenly Sophia’s mood switched with the flick of a switch.  Her jovial demeanor had switched to a heated rage confusing both Ewen and I to no end.  The Sophia finally pointed her finger out in the distance at her former cast member Jana Kramer who as luck would have it was at the same tiny petting zoo that we were.  “That snotty little bitch, I hate her so much!  From the moment she walked on set she thought she was so much better than the rest of us and would not hesitate to let us know that!”  Ewen tried to calm Sophia down wanting her to forget about Jana and enjoy their time together while I stood in the back cracking up knowing there was no way that was going to happen. 
   “The last time I saw that cxnt I told her I was going to kick her ass, unlucky for her I wasn’t just talking trash, I meant every word!”  Sophia releases Ewen’s hand and immediately starts scurrying over to Jana quickly as Ewen chases right behind her.
   Jana had no idea that Sophia was storming after her as she was enjoying a nice day off sitting on the edge of a bench holding a baby goat bottle feeding it.  The country music star looked amazing in her colorful and flowing summer dress, her long brown hair hanging down to the middle of her back.  Jana seemed so happy and content not knowing yet that there was a hurricane heading directly toward her ready to wreak all sorts of havoc.
   Jana was quickly and painfully made aware of Sophia’s presence as without saying a word, Bush walked right up to the unsuspecting Kramer and gave her a vicious slap across her left cheek with the palm of her right hand.  The sudden impact made Jana drop the goat as she was hit so hard that the singer lost her balance and fell ass first onto the dirt.  “Did you miss me bitch?”  Sophia stood directly above Jana with her hands on her hips staring down at the fallen women with evil intentions in her eyes, and before Kramer could even respond, Sophia had grabbed two handfuls of long brown hair and was giving it a hard tug forcing Jana back.  “AAAARRGGGHH let go of my hair you crazy woman!”  Kramer tried to push Bush away from her with no success, but was finally able to free herself as she sent a stinging kick right into Sophia shin bone.
   Bush let out an ear piercing shriek as she bent over to massage her aching thin, Jana pressed her hands down on the back of Sophia’s head and pushed down with all of her weight slamming Bush to the dirt face first. Kramer then followed her down keeping her hands on the back of Sophia’s head as she rubbed her opponent’s face all around the dirt scratching it up and caking Bush’s face in it.  “You are such a bonehead Sophia, thinking you could sneak up and beat me.”
   As Ewen finally made his way to the action, Jana looked up at him and smiled, “oh is that your man, after I’m done with you, maybe I’ll take him home with me and show him what a real woman is like!”  Putting on a stoic face, I could tell Ewen was excited at the possibility of a night alone with Jana.
   Sophia’s legs were kicking up and down frantically as her head was getting crushed, she tried to scream out in pain, but every time she opened her mouth, she inhaled some of the dirt as pieces began to stick to her soft wet lips.  Jana was now completely incensed that Sophia had the nerve to attack her out of nowhere and needed to release her frustrations as she grabbed onto Bush’s ponytail and started to repeatedly slam Sophia’s pretty face into the hard ground.
   With each shot, Sophia got dizzier and dizzier and her eyes started to roll to the back of her head groaning in agony as tears started to well up in her eyes.  Kramer finally stopped as Bush was nearly out of it, “now get back up here bitch I am not done with you!”  Jana forcibly brought Sophia back to her feet and held onto the actress as Bush was so wobbly she would have crumbled back to the ground.
   It was quite evident that Sophia was in a world of trouble when Jana started to unbutton the actress’ top slowly and Bush barely moved not realizing what was happening.  Kramer discarded the top and tossed it to a female onlooker, “I bet it will look a whole lot better on you than this ugly pig!”  Sophia was finally starting to regain her bearings, but it was not a good time for that as Jana gave her a hard head-butt connecting right on the bridge of  her nose giving Bush a huge headache and sending Sophia falling into a seated position onto the bench as her vision was blurred.
   Both of Sophia’s hands rubbed her nose as it started to swell a bit and Jana straddled her opponent and reached behind Bush’s back unclasping her black bra.  “Let’s have ourselves a little peak shall we.”  Jana slipped Sophia’s bra off her body exposing her B cupped breasts.  “Well these things are quite embarrassing, but not as much as that pig face of yours!”  Jana did not waste a moment and with her foe’s hands preoccupied, Kramer reached forward with both of her paws and clamped down with all she had on Sophia’s soft breasts.
   “Let go of me you cxnt!”  Sophia wailed as her orbs were mauled painfully as Jana’s nails dug into the skin nearly ripping Bush’s breasts apart.  “These things are going to be ruined, it’s a good thing your man will have mine to enjoy later!”  As the tears streamed down her face, Sophia grabbed Jana’s wrists to try and pry her hands apart, but Jana was too strong for her and not only amped up the pressure, but also began to twist on Sophia’s breasts misshaping Bush’s once perfectly formed tits.
   “I always knew you were pathetic, but I’m glad you gave me the chance to found out first hand!”  Bush was now sobbing shaking her head no and screaming her submission to the better woman.  Than to my surprise, Jana showed some mercy immediately releasing her grip on Sophia as she looked back at Ewen.  Kramer than leaned in closely to Bush’s ear, “I would love to spend a whole lot more time torturing you, but I need to save my energy, so I can show your man the greatest time of his life!” 
   With that said Jana gave a still crying Sophia a kiss on the cheek and hopped from atop her lap before turning around.  Seductively walking toward Ewen, Kramer licked her lips knowing that sleeping with Ewen would be the most embarrassing thing she could do to her enemy, plus she would really enjoy it as well.  As she got close, she began licking her lips ready to reach out for her prize and lead him away.
   Just as she was going to get to Ewen, Jana suddenly came to a halt and her eyes went wide open.  Ewen and I were confused for a moment until we looked down and saw the tip of a shoe poking out from between Kramer’s legs.  The singer collapsed onto both knees in shock and pain with her hands massaging her womanhood.  Then with Jana on her knees we saw a topless yet defiant Sophia standing above her.
   “No one is taking my man from me, especially you!”  Ewen was shocked, but relieved that his lady was still good.  No one would be envious of Jana right now as Sophia had a look of pure evil on her face over the moon that Kramer had the nerve to try and sleep with her man. 
   Jana looked up at Sophia with tears building in her eyes, “I’m sorry Sophia just let me go and I’ll stay away from you forever.”  Bush just shook her head “no” and spoke to her fallen opponent, “it is way, WAY for that now!”  She then forced the singer’s face downward with full force driving it into a pile of animal crap then sat on top of Jana’s head to not allow her to get up.  Jana’s arms flailed wildly at her sides as she gagged from the horrid smell her nose was trapped in.  “Not so pretty anymore are you?”  Jana tried not to breathe so she would not have to put up with the smell, but not being able to take in oxygen wore on Kramer and she eventually blacked out going limp with her face still engulfed in the excrement.
   With that sort of punishment, most women would have been satisfied and just walked away, but not Sophia who brought her sleeping foe back up and carried Jana’s limp frame forward before dumping the beauty into a giant trough filled with water.  Kramer immediately sprung back to consciousness and popped out of the water soaking wet gasping for air.     
   I cannot ever remember a more beautiful sight than the fully soaked Kramer her dress now tightly clinging to her perfect body the ice cold water making her nipples hard and poke through the dress revealing that Jana was not wearing a bra.  Shivering cold, Jana tried to get out of the trough, but Sophia was having none of that as she leapt into the air landing atop Kramer sending her back under the water. Bush held her foe under water as Jana thrashed around trying to escape causing giant splashes to arise from out of the water. 
   Sophia would not allow her opponent to get up and the thrashing slowly got weaker and weaker as Jana was losing air.  “I’ve always to do this to you, and it’s just as fun as I had hoped!”  After about a minute, there was no movement coming from under the water as Bush had knocked Kramer out for a second time.  Sophia then pulled Jana out from under the water and draped her neck up against the edge of the trough with her body still below.  “I’m having such a blast, why stop now!”
   Pulling her still unconscious enemy out of the trough all the way until Jana’s body hit the dirt.  “Time to get this dress off of you honey!”  Sophia grabbed both the sleeves of Jana’s dress and pulled them down her shoulders before taking her foe’s limp arms and sliding the sleeves off them.  With that done, even the soaking dress was easily removed from Jana’s unmoving body and peeled down all the way until it was discarded below her feet.  Kramer was now left only in a slingshot black thong, her perky young breasts out with her rock hard nipples sticking straight up in the air. 
   Jana’s thong did not stay on for much longer as Sophia pulled it down the singer’s legs with ease leaving Kramer completely nude with her freshly shaved pussy now in full display.  Then just for fun, Bush started to roll her foe around on the ground as the dirt started to stick all over Jana’s gorgeous body, through it all Jana stayed unconscious not having any clue what was happening to her.  But waking up was not a good thing for her as when she did she let out a wild scream that could be heard throughout the entire zoo as Sophia had spread her legs far apart and was kneeling atop each of them and had just rammed her entire fist inside of Kramer’s pussy.
   The singer tried to sit up and fight Sophia off of her, but Sophia gave her a hard left handed punch to the jaw sending her back to the ground in a heap.  Jana was too weak to fight back now as Sophia pounded her entire fist in and out of Kramer’s pussy.  “I’m going to ruin this thing before I am done with you!”  As Sophia picked up her pace, Jana moaned from the pleasure in between her sobs of pain, her body convulsing over and over.  Kramer than exploded in orgasm her juices shot all over Bush’s hand and over the surrounding ground.
   Tears were streaming down Jana’s face as Sophia was still blinded by her hatred and refused to stop pummeling Kramer’s pussy.  Forcing her foe to orgasm time after time, Bush was keeping her promise to Jana as the singer’s body was stuck in constant pleasure convulsing nonstop until her small frame could not take anymore and she blacked out falling unconscious for the third time.  “Now to ruin those perky tits of yours!” 
   Sophia dragged Jana across the ground back first by the hair as Kramer stayed unmoving nothing more than a ragdoll for Bush anymore.  Propping Jana up in a seated position up against the fence, Sophia picked her foe’s dress up and used it to tie Kramer’s hands behind her back.  Then sitting on Kramer’s lap, Sophia began back handing Jana across the face with all she had to wake her up.  When Kramer came back to, Bush grabbed her by the chin and looked directly at the mortified woman who shook her head trying to plead with Sophia to let her be.
   It was too late for her now, as Sophia even the score with Jana for her breast torture by latching onto the singer’s erect nipples with her hands and began pinching down and twisting them around like the dials on a radio.  Seemed as if Kramer was out of screams now as she just pathetically sobbed as Sophia turned her breasts into play-do as the singer could do nothing to stop her.  After a while, Sophia turned her head around and saw Ewen and decided it was time for her to leave and spend some time with her man.
   Bush’s encounter may have been over, but that did not mean she was going to let it end for Kramer.  Sophia retrieved the bottle of milk Jana had earlier and sprinkled some of it all over Kramer’s breasts.  “Oh look sweetie, I think all of your animal friends are hungry, well I have to run, I think they will be more than happy to keep you company!”  Sophia walked back to Ewen after placing her shirt back on and they left the zoo hand in hand.  Kramer was not so lucky as the hoard of animals circled towards her and came together painfully milking the singer as she kicked trying to shoe them away.   Sophia had told Jana she was going to destroy her, and the actress had kept her word and then some.  Maybe next time Jana won’t think about having a relationship with another woman’s man.

Sophia Bush vs Alex Morgan
As Steve’s relationship with Sophia was beginning to get more and more serious, she had even decided to attend one of his soccer games.  With his beautiful lady in the stands, Steve seemed to be having the game of his life stopping every shot that came his way with cat like reflexes that he had never shown before.  Bush watched her man proudly smiling as she stared at him and waved showing Steve how much she was enjoying the game.
   Sophia was not the only celebrity in attention as a few members of the United States National team was sitting just a few rows behind Sophia taking in a little bit of the action as they were in town preparing for an upcoming friendly.  Bush heard loud screaming and cheering from one member of the group every time Steve made a save and turned around.  She saw a woman standing up and cheering for her man and staring at him with hungry eyes.  Not really a soccer fan, Sophia did recognize the woman though. 
   Sophia and Steve had recently watched a soccer game and Steve had told her that how large of a fan he was of Alex Morgan and admitted that he had a little crush on the superstar player.  At the time Bush kind of just brushed the comment off not expecting that the two would ever be in the same place at the same time, but when she recognized Alex at the game and cheering so vehemently for her man, Sophia could not help but feel a bit intimidated and afraid that she could lose her man to his favorite athlete.
   After a while though, Sophia calmed herself down believing she had nothing to worry about Alex probably could not care less about Steve.  As the game ended with Steve completing his great effort with a clean sheet in a dominant effort by his team, Sophia waited for her man outside the locker room and as soon as they met eyes leapt forward giving Steve a big kiss and embracing him tightly.  “You were amazing!”  Nothing felt better to Steve than after a great match being greeted by Sophia as the two walked hand in hand towards his car.
   As they reached the parking lot, Steve felt a light tap on the shoulder and turned around.  As he spun around his jaw dropped at the sight of his favorite female player Alex Morgan standing right in front of him looking amazing in her matching black training gear showing off her flat and fit belly and her long brown hair down.  “Sorry to interrupt but I just had to say you were awesome today!”  Morgan could not help but blush as she looked upon Steve in his kit.
   Steve could not believe Alex Morgan was impressed by him but tried to act cool, “yea it was a good game, no body scores on me!”  Alex just laughed seeing a perfect in to flirt with Steve, “oh really now, I bet I could score all over you!” She reached out and ran the palm of her hand downward from Steve’s shoulder to touching his chest.  Now totally oblivious to the fact that Sophia was with him at the time Steve threw out a little flirtations of his own, “that may be true, your ball handling skills I hear are truly world class!”  He took a few steps toward her and placed both his hands on her hips as Alex spoke up, “so you want to get out of her and play a little one on one?”
   With all this happening around her, Sophia was completely enraged, “what the hell are you doing you slut, can’t you see he is my man!”  Bush shoved Steve off of Alex and got as close to face to face as she could to the taller woman letting Morgan know that if she was going to leave with Steve she would have to go through Sophia first.  “Oh sorry I didn’t see you there short stuff!”  Alex laughed at the actress who was in floral tank top and an extremely short white skirt showing over nearly all of her legs.  Morgan gave Bush a flick in the forehead and warned her, “I think you should just let your man go honey, because like it or not I will be scoring more than once with him tonight!”
   Sophia could not take it anymore as she extended her right hand and reddened Alex’ cheek catching the athlete by surprise with a huge slap that spun Moran’s head to the side quickly.  “Don’t test me you skanky home wrecker I will ruin you!”  Bush was ready to prove it to Morgan as she grabbed the pro soccer player by her locks and started to tug Alex around shaking her from side to side.  “Let go of my hair you psycho!”  Morgan grabbed both of Bush’s wrists and forced them from her head and held them apart from Sophia’s body overpowering the much weaker actress.
   Bush was shocked at just how strong Morgan was as she had Sophia’s pulled wide from her body and no matter how hard she tried, Bush could not break free.  Then Alex gave Steve a little wink before using her powerful right leg to punt Sophia square in her womanhood.  Sophia’s entire body shook from the force of the kick but her shocked reaction had her frozen and she did not collapse.
   Things changed quickly though as Alex sent a second huge kick into Sophia’s crotch forcing a large shriek from the actress as the power behind the shot sent Bush into the air about a foot and as she came down her knees were so weak and wobbly that she collapsed onto both of them with tears welling in both eyes looking up at Alex in totally fear as she was unable to free her arms.  “And now how about a header!”
   Alex used Sophia’s arms and pulled the actress forward then flung her own head forward delivering a giant head-butt directly to the bridge of Sophia’s nose.  Bush’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and she started to collapse to her back, Alex would not let her fall backwards as she yanked on Sophia’s wrists to keep her upright.  Bush was barely conscious as her body was swaying around back and forth as she must have been seeing stars and had no idea where she was at the moment.  “Nighty Night Bitch!”
   One last time Alex gave Sophia a hard kick square in the face sending Sophia into la la land.  Morgan let go of Bush’s wrist simultaneous to the kick and the actress crumpled to her back completely out of it.  Steve could not help but be impressed by Alex’s show of skill and find himself quite aroused by the soccer players beauty and fighting skill.  He was ready to take Alex on her word and see if they could “score” together, but Alex had more in store for the little actress who thought she could handle her.
   Picking Sophia up, Alex draped the sleeping actress across her shoulders and easily carried her quite a few yards back to the soccer field and to one of the goals where she tossed Sophia’s unmoving body onto the ground.  Morgan did not waste a single moment as she knelt next Sophia and easily peeled Bush’s skirt down her legs and off her body before pulling her tank top over her head leaving Sophia in a matching pair of black bra and panties and wow did she look out of this world.  Steve had no idea what Alex had planned, but could not help but feel quite intrigued.

   Taking Sophia’s top, Alex tied one end of it to the top of the goal then took the bottom part and wrapped them around Bush’s arms trapping her on her feet.  Morgan then reached forward with both hands and grabbed both the cups of Sophia’s bra and yanked forward with all she had until the soft material ripped in half and flew off her body exposing the actress’ perky B-cup breasts to all the remaining people at the game.
   A few slaps to the face brought Sophia back to consciousness, and as soon as she woke up she began flailing around in her restraint and screaming for help concerned for her well-being.  Then feeling the air on her exposed breasts she looked down and saw she was topless and started to beg, “please no, Alex you can have him, just let me go!”  Steve was ashamed of his lady friend just giving him up so easily, but Morgan did not care about Sophia’s begging, “sorry honey, but I think I’ll have a little fun with you and still take your man home with me, I get everything I want!” 
   “You should have just let me have him from the beginning sweetie, it would have been a whole lot less humiliating and painful!”  Alex moved forward and latched onto Sophia’s nipples with both hands pinching down on them between her fingers and pulling them as far as she could while Bush screamed so loudly her voice could be heard by everyone near the field causing them all to rush over and watch the show.  Bush was now bawling out loud trying to plea with Alex who could not care less about Sophia’s begging having too much fun with the actress as she refused to let go putting Bush in more pain than she could ever imagine until her body cannot take any more and she blacks out to alleviate the pain.  “I don’t think so, you are done when I say you are!” 
Morgan rotates around Bush and grabs pulls her panties down to her ankles exposing Sophia’s freshly shaven pussy and shapely firm ass to all the onlookers.  Smiling at Steve then licking the palm of her right hand, Morgan then starts to spank Bush’s tight ass causing the actress to wake up in immediate agony screaming loudly as the sound echoes throughout the stadium.  Shot after shot reddens both of the actress’ cheeks as Sophia’s sobs continue while Alex does not stop until her own hand begins to sting.
   Moving back to Sophia’s front side, Alex gets up close to her foe and gives Bush a huge kiss and continues for a while enjoying the quick girl on girl action.  As she pulls away, Alex whispers into Sophia’s ear, “it’s too bad you were such a bitch, the three of us could have had quite the night together!”  Morgan than sensually runs her hand up Bush’s left leg until she gets to Sophia’s womanhood, “well since you won’t be getting any tonight, how about give you a sweet parting gift?”
   Sophia shook her head “no” then let out a little squeal as Alex’s fingers were inserted inside her.  As Alex pumped her fingers in and out of Sophia faster and faster with every second that passed, Bush started to shake as the pleasure started to take over her body but she still could not help but feel embarrassed as she was being fondled in front of a crowd against her will.  The end though came quick and orgasmic for Sophia as her juices shot out and started to run down her legs.
   “I hope that was good for you honey!”  Alex fully removed Sophia panties and used them to wipe Bush’s juices from off her legs and pussy before prying the actress’ mouth open with one hand and ramming the moist panties down her throat with the other.  “This was fun Sophia, but I have to run.”  Alex gave Sophia a little playful slap before turning around and strutting over to Steve and taking him by the hand and lead the lucky bastard back to his car.
   In one hand Steve was upset that it seemed he and Sophia were done, but on the other, he knew a night with Alex would make him feel much MUCH better.  Was this just a one night stand or the beginning of something more long term?  Steve did not know and at the moment could not give a damn.  Poor Sophia was left tied and naked as flash bulbs went off all around her and no one volunteered to untie her.  After a short period of time, she fainted and dreamt of the good old days when she still had her man in her arms and not in the bed of some slut.


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Alex Morgan vs Phoebe Tonkin (request)
Steve’s relationship with Alex Morgan was still in its infancy and the two were enjoying getting to know one another better and just spending time with one another.  They had one shared hobby and that was soccer and decided to spend the day in the park jogging and kicking the ball around together a little.  Alex had to fight to get Steve to herself and her eyes were always wandering around looking around for women who may be eyeing her man.  To some people’s surprise Alex was quite the jealous type.
    The two stopped their running as soon as they found an empty field and started to kick the ball around and converse for a while.  Barely paying attention to the ball locked deep into each other’s eyes, Alex sent a wayward pass in Steve’s direction and the ball went squirting away and Steve ran down to the track to chase the ball down.
   Steve went to go track down the ball, but as her turned around to tell Alex he could not take his mind off of the American soccer star looking so amazing in her all blue Nike gear.  Her short shorts running down her long and toned legs showing off her tanned skin as she smiled brightly at him.

   Not paying attention to where he was going and moving at nearly full speed, Steve collided with something falling over and taking down and landing on top of whomever he just slammed into.  “Watch where you’re going!” The voice screamed at him and he turned around and his eyes met those of fellow Australian Phoebe Tonkin. He was stunned to be atop the beauty and he began to apologize and stand up.  Then helping Phoebe back to her feet, Steve brushed the dirt off of Tonkin’s shoulders extremely slow. 
   The Aussie smiled at Steve and flirtatiously brushed her hair behind her ears now seemingly excited that Steve had run into her.  For a moment, Steve had forgotten what he was doing and that he was there with Alex.  He would soon quite clearly remember that she was there.  But at the moment he was lost in the eyes of the bombshell standing before him in her blue halter topped sun dress that barely covered her mile long legs.

   Alex saw everything that was going on and was getting more and more jealous with every moment and started storming that direction.  She scooped up the soccer ball and while the other two were locked suddenly beamed the ball right into Phoebe’s face.  Tonkin covered up her aching mouth and nose and screamed into her hands as Morgan gave the Aussie a hard shove, “keep your hands and eyes away from my man you stupid whore!” 
   Phoebe was stunned at what had just happened and could not hold her tongue, “what is wrong with you, you psycho?  I’m out of here!”  Before she left though she gave Alex something to remember her by, a stiff right hand slap right across the cheek.  Tonkin then turned around and walked away from the possibly escalating situation letting her cooler head prevail.
   There was only one problem with her idea, Alex was far from done with the situation as she reached forward with both hands and got two handfuls of Phoebe’s hair and pulled the actress backwards toward the ground and slammed the unsuspecting Tonkin down back first onto her awaiting right knee.  Phoebe rolled on the ground in pain lying on her stomach using both her hands to massage her mid back.
   The Aussie could not believe what was happening as Alex began to trample all over her foe’s back leaving dirty cleat marks all over Tonkin’s pretty dress.  Then things got drastically worse for Phoebe as Morgan started to send hard right footed kicks into Phoebe’s ribs crushing all of the air from out of Phoebe’s tall and lean frame, then suddenly the kicks stopped and Tonkin could no longer hear anything from Alex.  Sensing it was all over, Tonkin lifted up her head to make sure she was safe.
   “Surprise bitch!”  Alex was standing right in front of Phoebe and kicked the soccer ball right into Phoebe’s beautiful face nearly breaking the Aussie’s nose and momentarily blinding her as she began to tear up, Steve could not tell if it was out of fear or from the force of the ball to the nose making her eyes water.  “Now get your ass up!”
   Alex took Phoebe by the hair and forced her foe back to a standing position, then seeing how much taller the Aussie was than her, Morgan decided to knock her down to size sending a punch into Tonkin’s flat belly doubling her over as she gasped as even more of her air was taken away.  Then holding her still with both hands to the back of the head, Morgan stepped forward and began sending her right knee into Phoebe’s belly repeatedly.
   Shot after shot after shot was just brutalizing Phoebe who squealed weakly after each one until she was too weak to stand any longer and collapsed to both knees.  “This dress is hideous, time to get rid of it!”  Morgan easily peeled the summer dress right over Tonkin’s head and off her body leaving the Aussie in a cute matching blue bra and panties set.  “Now you’ll be my bitch for a while!”

   Alex took Phoebe’s dress and wrapped one end around Tonkin’s neck tightly as she grabbed on to the other.  The American superstar then started to prance around the park with Phoebe behind her on her hands and knees dragging the Aussie around like a dog on a leash, Phoebe playing along afraid of what Alex may do next.  Unfortunately for her Morgan was not ready to stop yet.
   Walking Phoebe along for what seemed like an hour, Alex saw something lying on the ground and gave a devilish smile as she dragged Tonkin towards it.  As they approached a tall oak tree, Morgan viciously punted Tonkin right in the temple and the powerful right legged kick of Alex sent Tonkin’s eyes rolling into the back of her head and she collapsed again onto her belly.  “Now it’s time to have some real fun!”  Alex devilishly licked her lips as she looked down at a green water hose on the grass.  Steve was quite curious at just what was about to happen.
   Before anything got started, Alex took the time with her foe sleeping to easily peel off the rest of Phoebe’s undergarments leaving the tall and lean beauty completely nude with her perfect ass sticking up in the air.  With her opponent now exactly how she wanted her, Alex took the end of the hose and began to wrap it around Phoebe’s ankles tying them together tightly so that even if she was awake, Tonkin could not move her legs.  Morgan than took the other end of the hose and tossed it over the top of the hanging branch of the tree.  Pulling it like a lever, Alex started to raise Phoebe’s body off the ground until the Aussie was hanging upside down from the tree, her brunette locks falling below her head.
   “Wakey wakey sweetheart!”  Alex then sent a hard right handed punch right into Phoebe’s exposed womanhood, causing the Aussie to come back around with a loud and wild scream.  “This is what happens when little whores mess with my man!”  Tonkin was petrified as she flailed her arms wildly trying to keep Alex and bay while she swung around trying to free herself.  But Morgan was having none of that as she removed Phoebe’s dress from around her neck and forcefully took both her foe’s wrists with her left hand and tied Tonkin’s wrists together behind her back.  Phoebe began to sob knowing she had no escape from the evil American.
    “How about I make you my own personal whore!”  With what she heard come out of Alex’s mouth, Phoebe began to scream, “noooooo!” But it was way too late for her as Alex approached her unprotected enemy and did not waste a single second inserting two fingers inside of Phoebe’s womanhood and pumping them in and out like crazy whipping the Aussie into a forced frenzy as her screams quickly turned to moans of pleasure.  Phoebe’s beautiful body was glistening from sweat as she started to twitch just before reaching her climax and exploding outward as her juices started to run down her womanhood toward her face.
   “I think you have more left in you slut!”  Morgan did not stop pumping in and out of Tonkin and now started to add more fingers to the fray.  Phoebe could not take it and became to orgasm again and again as her fluids flowed all over her body and face.  Tonkin’s orgasms were coming faster and faster each time as Alex continued to work her over until Phoebe had gone dry and the Aussie was silent having blacked out from the intense pleasure.
   Today evidently was not the day to mess with Alex as she still was not done with Phoebe.  Latching onto Tonkin’s nipples with both hands, Morgan started to pinch down with all she had while pulling them away from Phoebe’s breasts.  This severe pain brought Tonkin out of her slumber again in a wild scream of pain.  The Aussie had been turned into an absolute blubbering mess as Alex refused to let go, “please, please let me go, I, I’m so sorry!”  Morgan smiled and let go of Phoebe’s nipples then dropped to her knees to get face to face with Tonkin.  Leaning in she wiped Phoebe’s juices away from her face before leaning in and giving the Aussie a long passionate kiss.  “Now I have one final surprise for you and this pretty face of yours!”  Morgan then got back to her feet.
   Going over to Steve, Alex held his hand and whispered in his ear, “you are going to really, REALLY enjoy this!”  She then took both of Steve’s hands and moved them done to her waist and had him pull down Alex’s shorts and thong until she was completely bottomless.  Walking backwards towards Phoebe, Alex kept her eyes on Steve’s.  Then as her bottom was just inches from Tonkin’s face, Morgan bent down and took Phoebe’s hair with both hands and pulled the model/actress’ head around and forcefully shoved it into her crotch, “now lick it whore!”  Before Phoebe could try to plea, her nose and mouth were completely engulfed by Alex’s womanhood as the soccer player held her in position with ease.
   Tonkin obliged her tormentor and began to lick away as Morgan grinded and bucked her hips all over Phoebe’s face, Steve could not help but be excited by the scene in front of him.  When Alex finally reached her climax and released Phoebe from her grasp, the Australian beauty was out of it again.
   Morgan did not bother untying Phoebe but instead left her hanging there for all to see.  Her and Steve then left the scene together running quickly and laughing together knowing the police would be around soon enough and they did not want to be anywhere around when that happened.

Alex Morgan vs Teresa Palmer (request)
During the long and miserably hot Louisiana summers, I am more than happy to have a pool.  On one of these days, I decided to have a pool party and of course decided to invite my buddy Ewen and his new lady friend. 
   The party was going extremely well with Ewen and Alex lounging around the pool enjoying some drinks.  I could not help but stare at Morgan in her bikini showing off nearly all of her perfectly toned and muscular body.  So out of respect for my friend, I walked inside to check on a few other guests and so that Ewen did not see me gawking at his lady and get a bit offended.
   Then while socializing with a few other friends, I hear a knock on the door and go to open and greet my newly arriving guest.  Opening up the door, my jaw dropped in complete shock as the person standing in my threshold was Teresa Palmer looking drop dead gorgeous in a gold two piece bikini with a skirt bottom.
   She smiled and me and asked, “can I come in?”  Then placing my tongue back in my mouth I said, “of course of course.”  Thinking to myself, “how did she get here?  Why was she here? And sorts of other questions.”  But after a while, I did not care, Teresa Palmer was in my house!  How did I get so lucky?  Giving her a tour, I led her outside to the pool area making small talk, all the while she seemed surprisingly happy to be here.  Then something caught her eye and Teresa’s expression changed to one of extreme anger, and began stomping toward Ewen and Alex.  Extremely confused, I had no idea what was going on, but was curious about what was about to happen.
   Laying back relaxing in lounge chairs near each other, Ewen and Alex had no idea that Teresa was there, and the blonde Aussie suddenly sprung forward leaping on top of Alex and began slapping her face around from side to side screaming at her.  “You dumb cxnt, did you think you could mess with my friend and get away with it, today you learn a painfully embarrassing lesson!”
   Alex was caught off guard and trapped under Teresa as she tried to cover up her face unsuccessfully and her cheeks were painfully reddened by each shot by the beautiful Aussie.
   “Get off of me you psycho!”  Morgan screamed trying to squirm out from under Palmer who had pinned her down to the chair and was wailing like crazy after the American beauty.  Teresa then reached down and slipped both her hands underneath Alex’s bikini top and grabbed both her nipples and began pinching and pulling at the soft skin bringing Morgan to a loud scream.  But Teresa’s move to attacking Alex’s tits gave the American an opening she needed and she reached up clawing at Palmer’s face blinding the Aussie as she retreated back to her feet and off of her.
   Morgan was furious at the sneak attack Palmer had tried and quickly got back to her feet and tackled Teresa to the ground by driving her shoulder into the blonde’s belly and sending her to the hard ground back first.  The shoulder to the gut winded Teresa and she gasped a bit for air.  “You’re going to pay for that bitch!”  Alex stomped her right foot down on Teresa’s crotch and grinded it down into making the Aussie squeal in agony and push Morgan’s foot off and begin massaging her womanhood.
   Alex then bent over and grabbed the end of Teresa’s long golden lochs with both hands and drug the Aussie back to her feet kicking and screaming trying in vain to get away from Alex.  A hard knee to the gut then made Palmer double over and gasp before Morgan trapped Teresa’s head between her legs and began to tightly squeeze it with her thighs.
   With her foe’s face turning red and her energy sapping more and more by the second, Alex bent over Teresa’s body and lifted up the back of her skirt revealing the blonde’s perfectly shaped white ass to everyone at the party.  Morgan then took her opened right hand and put it in the air, “time for you to learn you lesson!”  She then began to spank both of the Aussie’s cheeks as Teresa whimpered pathetically trapped in between Alex’s powerful thighs.  Morgan was relentless with her spankings refusing to stop as Palmer’s whimpers go weaker and weaker until the blonde’s arms went limp and her body collapsed to the ground her now red ass sticking up in the air.
   With her foe now asleep, Alex rolled Teresa onto her back and mounted Palmer’s stomach and held onto her hair with her hair with her left hand to keep her head still then began to slap Teresa’s face repeatedly hitting the left cheek with her open palm then the right with her back hand until the Aussie began to stir back around.  “Welcome back dear!”
   Teresa was now terrified as the more powerful woman had pinned her to the ground with a look of evil intentions on her face.  She tried to beg her way out of trouble, but after her earlier actions there was no way Alex was going to let that happen.  Morgan took both sides of Palmer’s head and began to angrily slam the back of it into the ground repeatedly dizzying the blonde making her world spin.  “Such a dumb little blonde skank, but you are quite a sexy thing!”  Morgan leaned in and passionately kissed Palmer’s lips making every man outside drop their drinks in unison in amazement at the sight.
   As she pulled away from the kiss, Alex exclaimed, “now how about we let every get a peek at those breasts of yours??  Teresa tried to put her hands up and push Alex away but the stronger woman easily grabbed her foe’s wrists with her left hand and pinned the above her head, then with the right started to pull up on Palmer’s gold top until she finally was able to rip the back of it in half and the top came flying off of Teresa’s body exposing the Aussie’s perky breasts, then all of the camera phones came out taking pictures of the two women.
   Morgan started to go to town with her right fist absolutely battering Palmer’s breasts smushing each one in and making the blonde yelp in pain from each hard punch bringing Teresa to tears.  “No, please no more, I’m sorry!”  It was too late for apologies now as Alex had already made up her mind to punish Teresa. 
   Alex stepped off of Teresa and pointed at laughed at her foe as Palmer slowly started to move getting on to all fours and began to try and crawl away, but Morgan was not done with her yet and gave the Aussie and hard kick right into her open belly.  Teresa let out a welp and collapsed onto her stomach and chest before curling into a ball on the ground dreading her decision to take on Alex.
   “I think it’s hilarious that little sluts like you think they can mess with me!”  Alex bent over and easily began to slide down Teresa’s skirt bottoms off her hips then her smooth and lovely legs until the golden garments were now off Palmer’s body and into Morgan’s hands leaving the Aussie completely nude.  “Now I think it’s time for a swim don’t you?”
   The American dragged her foe by her blonde hair to the edge of the pool before circling around her and taking one of Teresa’s ankles in each hand and dunked Palmer’s head and upper body under the water.  Palmer tried to squirm and kick her way free from underwater, but Alex’s grip was too strong for her and the Aussie tried to scream from under the surface, but nothing could be heard and only bubbles began to rise from out of the water.  “How about some fun!”  Gripping Palmer’s left leg under her left arm, Alex was able to hold on to all of her foe’s weight while freeing up her right to humiliate Palmer some more.
   Taking two fingers, Alex plunged them inside of Teresa’s womanhood and began to pump them in and out of the blonde’s womanhood at a frenetic pace and only getting faster and faster as time went by.  Getting weak from her lack of air, Palmer’s body began to take control as her mind began to slip, the pleasure taking over as she started to shake from the amazing sensation.  “Glad you’re enjoying yourself, since all of the men here seem to love the show!”  It did not take long for Teresa to explode in ecstasy, her juices shooting upward then running down her body.
   Morgan though did not stop there just yet as Palmer seemed to have blacked out as her body had gone limp.  The American inserted a thing finger inside of the Aussie and continued fingering her yet again.  Again, it did not take Alex long to whip Teresa’s body into a frenzy bringing her to a second consecutive orgasm.  After finishing up, Alex pulled Teresa out from under the water and laid her out on her back.  The beautiful Aussie looked amazing in her birthday suit, her chest heaving up and down as she breathed heavily, her makeup now running down her face as her hair, face and upper body were soaking wet.
   “You and that friend of yours thought you were so tough, I guess you both learned that you are just a pair of pathetic cxnts!”  Alex picked up Teresa and placed her on her shoulders and carried her out of the house and placed Palmer in her car, “now I can’t have you ruining this party can I?”  Morgan than returned poolside with a bright smile on her face to enjoy the rest of her day after giving the rest of us a moment we will never forget.