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A Jungle Rumble: I hope those who know who they are like the begining

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The voluptuous blonde mane lioness wanders about in the lush jungle.  This young woman is a seductive 37D-25-37 - 5’ 9” -142 lbs.   Clearly she is fit for battle as well as love making. Her loins are scantily covered by a tiny piece of Lion hide. In the same jungle lurks an equally alluring and just as battle tested young brunette Panther; who is 36C-25-35 and about 130lbs. Her vulnerable temptations are concealed by a small piece of Black Panther skin. Like the lioness she also searches for food and a good fight.    Skilled and powerful wild cats they glide through the high grass crouching and hunting.  Suddenly the lioness can sense something has entered her realm. She can smell the scent of another wild cat.  She stands; her eyes searching for her rival. The dark haired Panther recognizes as well she is not alone. Her body pulsates as she stands up. Her eyes aggressively spy the Lioness just across the opening in the weeds. They slowly enter the open area. Then like two raging wildcats they both attack. Perfect white teeth sink into soft flesh, as talon sharp nails tear at the skin. Grunting and howling they begin their battle.  Delicate breast are quickly assaulted. Nipples pulled and tweaked. Thighs rub against each other.  Light blonde locks and dark brown tresses are pulled and twisted. They scuffle about the open area.  Soon the battle swirls into the weeds and down a hill. Landing at the bottom of the hill; the skillful Panther lands on top. She pins the lioness and snarls at her rival. The lioness bucks and thrust her body and tosses her brunette adversary to her side.  Now the lioness expertly pins the Panther and grins as she slams her bigger breast against the panthers. The dark haired she cat howls.  Seconds later the Panther regains the top position and growls at the squirming blonde lioness. Back and forth they brawl. Then The Lioness grabs the Panther’s most delicate of all areas and attacks. The Panther screams out her anguish. She grabs the blonde lioness’ mane and pulls so hard the lioness goes flying into the high weeds.  Rolling down another hill the lioness lands hard against a tree stump she quickly inspects herself.  Before she can recommence the fight the panther leaps on to her.  They once again resume their hostility; a violent and proficient struggle ensues.   Both are thrashing about and delivering furious devastation upon one another.  The fight then rolls back into the weeds into the shadows of the jungle.


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Re: A Jungle Rumble: I hope those who know who they are like the begining
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a good story so far I hope there is more