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Julie vs Alicia (Short Story)

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Julie vs Alicia (Short Story)
« on: September 15, 2012, 11:20:15 PM »
Alicia is a feisty five foot two brunette. She has green eyes, dark brown nipples, and D cup breasts. She only weighs 105 lbs. but she is very fit. Her dark brown hair is straight and cascades down to around her mid back She loves the blonde vs. brunette league. Her competitor is a petite young blonde by the name of Julie.
Julie has very light blonde hair which is also straight and mid back length. She has green eyes as well.  Her breasts are a size C and she has nice little pink nipples. This little tigress is all in when it comes to a challenge. She loves a good match and she is looking forward to her first match with Alicia.
Both ladies are looking extremely attractive when they are summoned. This match is a; “Lingerie Catfight Match.”  The rules are simple rip off the lingerie and then subdue your opponent.  Of course the governing rules of the league also apply to this match. No face scratching, No assaults on vulnerable inner areas.   Other than that anything goes. 
   Alicia is in a red teddy with white stockings with red ribbons at the top. Julie is wearing a Blue teddy with white stockings with blue ribbons.   They stand about five feet from each other. Both have cruel smirks on their faces. Both are confident. This is going to be a fast pace catfight between two hyper and skilled little rivals.   They love to pull hair, rip clothes, and attack any vulnerable target. They don’t care for each other, and they do firmly believe in the rivalry and want to prevail.
   They circle: fingers flexing waiting to rip laced lingerie, lips contort into cruel smirks; eyes squinted and focused, hearts beating fast, as they draw near. They collide. Arms reaching legs constricting, the warfare begins. They stumble about the large room eventually falling to the carpet.  The crowd cheers as they Grab hair and begin howling out their battle cries. The delicate material begins to unstitch; delicate breast are exposed and are almost immediately attacked.  The fight maintains a furious pace.
     Moments later: Alicia tosses her right leg over Julie’s lower torso; grabs the blonde’s right breasts with her right hand while using her left hand to pull those light blonde tresses. The cruel brunette begins to nibble Julie’s nipple.  The blonde’s mouth opens in distress.  She bucks and pulls on the brunette’s long brown locks. Alicia’s head snaps back, her teeth releasing the assault on the blonde’s breasts.
Julie is very angered arches her lower back and pelvis and thrusts to the right and forces Alicia on to her back. The blonde straddles her adversary and goes for a school girl maneuver. The brunette bucks and pulls on Julie’s hair, and rolls back on top. Julie counters and straddles the brunette once more. They grapple back and forth for about ten minutes.
 The vicious pace slowing a bit, we see they are now naked, and their bodies glisten with sweat. Their delicate skin is red with carpet burns and scratches. Their breathing is heavy and they look a bit weary. The action has been so furious and both have suffered vicious assaults.
The once brutal hair pulling and biting has dissented into entangled legs and arms as they roll on top of one another.  Both trying to dominate and maintain a full body pin. The moans and the closed eyes tell us they are both very weary.
As they tumble about; the crowd gasps, where are they are getting their will power. With every tumbling roll you think one will be subdued but yet they fight on. Julie and Alicia’s bodies are almost in a state of suspended animation, as they simply roll on top of each other like two dying animals. The host decides to separate them before one of them is severely in trouble.  Both ladies are worn out and they simply collapse. For the first time in league history a match is determined a draw.