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One sided catfight at the beach

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One sided catfight at the beach
« on: October 11, 2008, 10:02:25 PM »
Hey another story done. It was a special request done for someone's birthday, seeing as it was apparently a birthday present for him? Either way it was his girlfriend who asked for it. Won't give anymore information about the request, but enjoy the beach catfight and everything lol.

Ashley was on the beach in her dark red dress enjoying the sun. It was quiet today, not very many people were about. She had blonde hair, big breasts and a good body and 30yrs old and liked herself for it.
As she strolled around she heard one of her children complaining. Turning her head, she saw an asian girl with a very small light blue bikini and with hair down to her back. She paused for a moment appaulled by how her breasts looked like they were going to explode out from her bra, but mainly for the fact the asian was splashing water in at one of her kids who didn't like it.
Running over, Ashley called out. "Hey, that's one of my kids." Continuing to splash, Ashley got in the way between them and said. "Stop doing that!"
"Your snot nosed brat said something about me!" Snapped the asian girl.
Looking at her son. "What did you say?" She asked nicely.
"I only said that clothes is too small for her." Answered the boy innocently.
Going back to her, the asian replied. "See that, he's calling me fat."
"No he isn't, he's just saying that bikini dress is too small, not because you are fat." Corrected Ashley. "And I agree."
Stepping up to Ashley, the asian girl met with breast against breast and stared at her eyes. "You calling me fat now." The two were half lower leg deep and Ashley's dress was getting soaked with the asian's body against it.
"No!" Shook Ashley. "Those breasts-!"
Knock her breasts' against hers, the asian pushed Ashley back through the water a couple of steps. "Don't you dare start on my breasts!"
"I wasn't going to!" Snapped Ashley.

Grabbing her by the dress, the asian started trying to rip at it.

"Hey what are you doing!" Panicked Ashley.

"If I'm going to fightig it bra and thong, so are you!" Growled the asian impatient.

"Stop, I don't want to fight!" Struggled Ashley.

A snap sound was heard as the two pieces of straps over Ashley's shoulder had been snapped and her red dress became easy to slid down into the water.

Now wearing her bra and underwearing like this, Ashley felt embarrased like this, but the asian however grabbed Ashley by the hair to attempt to tear it off. Trying to get her hands off, Ashley grabbed by the wrists trying to hands off as she leaned forward under the asian's submission. Vunerable, the asian kicked forward and knocked her feet against Ashley's left leg, causing her to topple onto one knee in the water.

"Get up!" Screamed the asian.

Giving a knee to one of Ashley's tits, the asian let go and allowed Ashely to fall to one hand in the water while the other covered her kicked breast. While Ashley was left sulking over her breast, the asian came over to one side and kicked Ashley in the stomach, causing her to roll ontop her back, slashing against the water groggy with pain already.

"Fine!" Snarled the asian.

Ashley was had her face out of the water, while her body was in the depths. However the asian sat on Ashley's stomach and grabbed her hair and started shaking her head in and out of the water furiously. Wild splashes and kicks were made all over the two combants as Ashley flailed and kicked her limbs helpless.

"When are you going to fight back!" Demanded the asian.

After a while of being tourmented like this, Ashley curled her arms around the asian and used her strength to pull the asian off her and into the water.

Relieved, Ashely sat up, with herself all wet and sitting on her bum coughing and dribbling for the need for air. Exploding out from the water like a predator sea serphant, the asian was back and quickly settled herself over Ashley, while wrapping her arms around her neck in a vice lock. Tightening her hold, the asian squished her breasts beside Ashley's head as she also tried to squeeze the air out of her.

"You fighting back now!" Questioed the asian, although it was really a quesion.

Trying to get the asian's arms, off, Ashley was still trying to recover from her head going in and out of the water let alone she was being choked to death now. Knowing she would have to try something else, that would get her to let go, Ashley tightened her fist and wholloped it into the asian's side knocking her off her and splashing back into the water.

Attempting to get away now, Ashley was on all fours crawling out from the water. When she was almost out of the water fully, the asian came back again and pounced on top of her prey. Lying firmly on Ashley, the asian firmly wrapped her arms around Ashley's stomach, choking her. Unable to stay up on all fours with little strength and the asian's weight on her, Ashley fell onto the wet sand with the asian still on her.

With her face against the sand, Ashley strongly disliked it, that it gave her the strength to roll onto the back, with the asian still holding against her since she had no idea was going on. Now being ontop, Ashley laid her weight on the asian knowing that she wouldn't be able to take it and would keep doing it until she released her bearhold and was weak enough. They were both now rolled in sand like batter mix had poured over to two.

"You going to give up?" Shouted Ashley.

But the asian answered with her feet stomping against the sticky sand to say 'no'. Thinking it was fine then Ashley kept her weight on her, however the asian had let go of her hold and searched her hands over Ashley's body until she found her two breasts and next squeezed on them. Screaming under the pain, Ashley could not stand to feel her breasts this way leaped over her, allowing the asian to gasp for air.

"Don't touch my breasts!" Warned Ashley stepping back to the water half lower knee deep by mistake.

"Just take this to the next level." Hissed the asian getting up.

"What next level?" Asked Ashley.

She finally realised that her bra was in the asian's hands and that her breasts were fully exposed now bobbling freely. Embarrased again, Ashley covered them as the asian trudged back into the water. For some reason Ashley did this on purpose just so she could get the sand off her and now she was going to get the rest off her.

With no where else to run, Ashley held her hands out with no choice. The asian grabbed both hands with her own and tied them firmly together. Next the two girls pushed against each other with their hands up into the air as they tried to push each other down. This wasn't so bad Ashley thought until she remembered her breasts were bare and were now fully exposed.

More and more, the asian pressed her strength down on Ashley, until Ashley's knees were bent, thanks to her superior will and the fact she was focused. Satistfied, the asian kneed one of Ashley's bare breasts, trying to hold on though Ashley resisted the pain, but didn't resist it the second time when the asian kneed it again and toppled into the water.

Deeply underneath there now, Ashley splashed back out gasping for air. You could say the asian tried to help her when she grabbed Ashley by the breasts and pulled her out. As Ashley hung there under the asiain's vicious grip, she knew needed to fight back and grabbed the asian's own bra and yanked at them. They were easy to pull off, especially by the way the breasts were needing to explode out of their that the breasts popped free and Ashley of the asian's bra. However the asia was the only one not pleased and jumped back shocked and had let Ashley fall back into the water.

Stumbling back out, Ashley could see that the asian was still embarrased. Knew if she would try to get to the shore infront of her, the asian would stop her, but looked to her left to see where there was another shore she could escape to. It would require swimming for fifty seconds, but Ashley went for it anyhow. Diving into the depth of the water, Ashley swam towards the other side of the beach.

Already making it half way, she felt something catch onto her panties. Turning around, Ashley was annoyed to see it was the persistant asian still after her. With her panties baggy and slidy from all the water, it was breeze for the asian to strip them regardless if she meant to do it on purpose. Shocked and fed up in quick reaction, Ashley rotated and straightened up as the asian was about to engage with her. Before the asian could do anything, Ashley, firmly grabbed the asian's panties and forced them off, she only meant to pull it down to her knees so that the asian could not swim, but her's as well as slippery and wet.

Both fully naked and Ashley with no choice being trapped in the sea, but luckily recovered strength had embraced one another body to body and arms around one another. Although they disliked this, the asian also coiled her legs around Ashley's and so did Ashley when the asians felt her legs around her's. They were perfectly coiled one another like boa snakes floating in the water, they were only able to keep their mouths out of the water by balancing the toes against the surface of the sand underneath. They groaned as both breasts were flat against one another as they squished and bubbled underneath, let alone their pussy's grinded and smooched as well.

The way that both girls wanted to end this made them determined and felt like it had already been eons since their bodies embraced in equal combat, but were disliking how their bodies were so perfectly together that they groaned that they questioned why they had their arms around one another. With least determination though and most wanting to break free, Ashley stopped her hold around the asian and trying to pull her arms off as well trying to wriggle her legs out from the asians own.

Squirming and struggling Ashley now truely felt like prey caught by a predator and was beginning to weaken. Feeling Ashley thrash less, the asian realised Ashley had just about lost all her strength and let go of one arm, still keeping the other around Ashley and then placed her free hand between her and Ashley's thighs underneath and started digging in Ashley's pussy. Groaning and whimpering Ashley fought to get her pussy free, let alone rest of herself, by slugglishly trying to pull rip the asian's arms off from herself.

More and more it went on and Ashley had just about depleted in strength. Slipping go of her legs finally, the asian began using them to reach shore still holding one arm around Ashley and using her other hand to grab her clit. Weak and light headed, Ashley no longer used her arms to break free and knew it was over.

Finally reaching shore, the asian let go of Ashley and allowed her to drop backwards into the water. Ashley had almost thought the asian was done with her, but felt her asians hand grab onto her hair and begun dragging her, walking out from the shore, the asian carried her prey until they were almost out of the water. The water now just rolled back and forth as though to pull the two naked girl back in.

Letting go of Ashley again, Ashley thought that was the asian with her again, but as she groaned weakly agains the water press against her and out, she saw the asian kneeling between Ashley's legs, with the asians hands ontop of both of Ashley's breasts and the leaned down between Ashley's thighs. Worrying that she was going to rape her now, Ashley felt a huge yelp of pain as the asian grasped tightly on both bouncy breasts and bit hard into her clit.

Ashley had managed to cry out, but it was no use, no one was around, her family was on the other side and there was no one else. Her breasts were squeezed firmly and the asians chewed on her pussy, it was intense pain, it was now like the predator was feasting upon her prey.

After five minutes the asian got up and left Ashley lying straddled. Wiping her mouth clean the asian then spat on Ashley's body and walked off naked, rocking her hips side to side happy with herself. Ashley though was upset and felt so humilated as her body and been violated and tormented


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Re: One sided catfight at the beach
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Great story- It would of been a better ending if the asian would of straddled her face and forced her to eat her!
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