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young moms Final

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young moms Final
« on: April 27, 2009, 02:43:18 AM »
Both naked young mothers, barely 6 weeks out of childbirth hit the floor  rolling over each other. Swollen milk laden breasts pressed against each other dripping milk and body sweat as they rolled around.
Getting tired both girls  where slowly rolling on top of each other trying to pin the other. Not in an extremely violent manner, but still using all their waning strength.
They heard their husbands playfully shouting suggestions as to different positions to try to pin the other women in.  Cindy gained the top position with matted blonde hair falling into wet red hair below her. Cindy managed to get her thigh over Jennifer’s hips and mount her sitting on her  thighs.  Cindy looked down and smiled at Jennifer as she took Jennifer’s arms and battled them over her head and slowly scooted her ass cheeks until their womanly mounds where almost touching. Cindy was out of breath and breathing hard. She looked at Jennifer and said “ I’m tired, this is harder then I remember.” Jennifer giggled and agreed. “Ya give?” Jennifer said “Never!” and began to buck at Cindy. Cindy cooed and said “ that felt good. Bounce me around again.” Jennifer smiled and said “your tits are fun to watch giggle from down here.” Cindy coly smiled and said “ it feels good to have your ‘baby maker’  rub against mine.”
Jennifer bucked several more times causing Cindy to let out a little squile of pleasure.
     Both stayed in position of hip to hip, stomachs barely touching as they caught their breaths.  Cindy lowered  her body down  and layed on Jennifer. She turned to Jennifer’s husband and said “ your wife is comfy to lay on. Nice pillows.” Jennifer giggled as their breasts where pressed together. A few moments later Cindy raised herself a few inches so that her breasts where just brushing jennifer’s  tit’s that where slightly laying to each side of her chest. She whispered in her ear “ I think our husbands are going to stop treating us like baby making mommy’s now.” Jennifer whispered back “ I hope so, I love being a mom, but I want to be treated like a women, too.”
Cindy pressed the rest of her body down against Jennifer’s and planted a kiss on Jennifer’s lips. Both women melting into each other as they caressed their hands up and down each others backs and ass’s. Laying side by side they continued to make out until they found their husbands standing beside them. Both guys looked at each other as if to say “ I don’t want to stop this, but I need my wife back.”
   The young moms stopped, looked up at their husbands and waited until their men helped them up.
Needless to say, both women received just rewards from their husbands that night.



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Re: young moms Final
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2009, 09:26:04 AM »
Really?I think because the failing from the finals,then they found more proper manner..

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