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Candy Creamed part 1

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Candy Creamed part 1
« on: September 30, 2008, 12:14:38 AM »
    "Hiyas Peccavi, how are you, not as sore as you were a few weeks ago? But oh I forgot, you and all your little gang of cronies were in fights a fortnight or so ago. And I hear all of you got beaten. Hey I even saw what Judy put on the net. Big bad Jenn; such a slut."

    "Can it bitch". It was that Roslyn bitch, that friend of Candy.

    But somehow she knew me. "Such tough words! I'll bet you’re not this tough if Candy were here. "

    "Shut it, you’re spoiling my night."

    "Just like Candy did at the gym that evening." She tittered, "Candy isn’t here tonight. Is that why you and your" the bitch paused "sluts are here. Oh wait till Candy sees you again. Big bad Jenn. Big bad bully Jenn. Got what was coming to her". She waltzed off giggling.

    "What are you going to do Jenn?" Jade asked
    "Shut it Jade. Just be quiet" I glared at the girls around the table. "Don't ask such stupid questions all the time." I had no idea what I was going to do. And Jade Rita and Becky knew that. They glanced at each other, they started whispering. Deep down they didn't like me, they only feared and respected me and wanted to be my friends because I was tough and looked powerful. And of course because I looked after them.

    It is human nature to be attracted to self-confident successful people. Look at Bill Clinton- how many girls did he have? They flocked to him.  Not just girls either. Everyone wanted to meet him,. As people always flock to the rich or famous. Well maybe not all I don’t see many people flocking to George W- Anyway most famous or rich people have that aura- its success. And I had my own, -tough, strong, bullying Jenn, a Domme Bitch. But it was all slipping away.

    Another loss would break it all up and I would have no one to talk to, no one who wanted to be with me and it would be like it had been when I started high school. Then I was lonely, friendless and mocked by everyone around. I was so frightened.. But I had to hide that fear from these girls. I ground my teeth.

    This total disaster had started a couple of months ago. There was this new girl at the pool and the gym. About my age, built like a model with long blonde hair, the tiniest waist, lovely big tits- but nothing out of proportion and a great ass. She had a stupid name- Candy. But it suited her. She was eye candy. All the boys drooled over her. I couldn’t stand the bitch. And that wasn’t just because she was so good looking though she was, and of course I couldn’t measure up to her. But it was more then the envy I have so often felt for pretty women. She was in the way. Every where I went she was there. If I wanted to lap the pool she was there first. If I wanted to pump weights she was in the way. And wherever she went she had the guys hanging off her.

    I couldn’t help bad mouthing the bimbo. She deserved it. She flirted with every guy in sight, and they lapped it up. So much so she kept causing fights between them. Someone like that should be brought into line.

    And she did not have a good word to say about any of my friends. No not Ms Bitch Candy who insulted poor Yvonne  the mail clerk from work who I had got along to the pool because she lacked so much confidence. I hoped that getting out might be good for her. But Candy just sent her right back into her shell. Rita who saw it all said it was a misunderstanding that Yvonne and I took Candy's comment the wrong way.

    I knew better. Candy was always bickering with my friends and she treated the staff at the gym like her personal servants. The thing was that the stupid staff seemed to like her. Sure she was polite and asked after their families but that was only crawling to them to get what she wanted. And the fools didn’t realise it. They fell for her trick and did whatever she asked. I was always polite too, and kind to the staff, I helped them with their chores sometimes. But no one did favours for me.

    But they did for Candy. She just was that sort of person. Almost everyone seemed to like her. And that just infuriated me. I had to work so hard to try to make people even talk to me -plain plump stammering Jenn but this bitch had it all. Like I say I always have to do so much more then others just to get to the starting line with them.

    And what was more I was sure she was a subbie. She was just waiting to be broken. Don’t ask me how I knew, I just did. And I was going to break her and make her my bitch. I was going to fight her, beat her and make her submit to me. Then she would know who was boss. Then she wouldn’t be in my way. Then she would be slutting herself for me. I was wet every time I thought about it. I could see her squirming and begging me to stop slapping her ass but wanting me to go on and on and then opening her legs and squealing while I worked her over with some toys.

    And I just knew that everything she had done she had for one purpose: to make me fight her. She wanted to lose to me. She was rude to my friends, like Yvonne knowing I would be wild because I needed to protect my girls. She flaunted her body knowing how much I hated girls who did that- because I knew how plain I was. She was always in my way because she wanted to bug me.

    She sought attention, just like a bad kid is bad because he knows he will get attention.

    Subbies do that. Like Julia did when she went away on that business trip, forever phoning me and texting me and wanting me to reassure her.

    And then it had happened! One day I had finished a long swim and was changing. I was tired, my muscles ached. But it was a good sort of tired, the sort of ache you like to have. Because you know you have achieved something. And in walked Ms Blonde Bitch Candy herself. "Hey you, Peccavi! What's this shit you keep telling everyone about me?" She flounced up to me standing only a few inches away.

    "What do you mean, I hardly know you."

    "That's right bitch" she snapped back "So why are you gossiping, being catty behind my back. You have no right, no one does."

    "Oh so no one can talk about you, you got some special privilege to do what you like and no one can challenge it? Go take a cold shower. Anyway I got better things to talk about- as if I spend my time talking about what you do"

    "Listen bitch. I know what you've been saying. I know you've been spreading rumours. . Telling people I sleep around ."

    "Just stating facts" I couldn’t resist.

    The bitch turned red. "I've had enough of you. " she slapped my cheek

    I could  see that coming. She was so angry. Her pretty face was so red so screwed up with rage. It was all how I expected, she wanted a fight but she wouldn’t fight too hard. She wanted me to beat her. And I would. I had the perfect answer to her weak childish slap. I sank my knee right into her tummy.

    "Ooof" she groaned as the air rushed from her lungs.

    Confidently I moved in on her. "Not so clever babe?" I launched a punch at her tit and another at her tummy. The old one-two tactic. If one failed the other would succeed. And the tit punch worked. she groaned in pain and staggered back. This was the way it was meant to be!


    I followed with more punches. But this time the slut avoided me. She was faster on her feet. She launched a punch to my tummy which I dodged but in doing so walked straight into her own straight jab at my face. My head rocked back. I saw stars. She followed up with more punches. they hit. She dodged most of mine.

    Suddenly she was back in the fight. I was surprised. I closed on her so she couldn’t avoid me. Grabbing her round the waist I tried to wrestle her to the floor. She stepped back and back again. I just about had her when she slapped both her hands over my ears. Stunned, my head ringing I staggered back. She pressed her advantage with repeated punches. Her punches were faster then mine. Somehow they landed better then mine, they seemed to have more force and do more damage.


    She left her tummy open. I launched another kick and connected my knee again. She groaned and dropped back. I had bought myself some time. We stood circling each other for a minute or so. She swept in with her punches. I knew she was winning with those moves so ignoring the pain I closed on her. Wrapping my arms round her waist I pushed and twisted her body to the side forcing her to the floor. I came down on top of her. She groaned as she hit the hard cement.

    She had raised her knee slamming it in my belly as I came down. I grunted with pain and rolled to one side. We both lay there for a moment: her in pain from the fall and me almost winded. I got to my knees before she did and shuffled over hoping to pin her before she got up. She rolled away. We both got to our feet. She came at me with her fists raised but more warily now and slower. She started punching me and again her blows fell fast. Again I couldn’t reply properly. She was still faster and lighter. Her punches told on me. I started to gasp for air. My body ached.

    After a few minutes of her winning this punching battle and dodging every effort I made to close on her I saw and felt her left arm was weaker. She must have hurt it in the fall. I grabbed it and tried to twist it behind her back. She turned with my move. I brought my knee up again. It landed squarely in her belly. She almost dropped to the ground. She kicked out at my shins.  I avoided it but my grip on her arm loosened. She squirmed, tugged and broke free. Again I was dominating the fight.


    She took her stance again slanting her body so her left was away from me. She kept punching hard with her right and dodging, ducking and weaving to avoid my own. I couldn’t take much more of her punches. She would smash me in a fistfight. Already my breath was laboured, already my face was flushed and -as I saw when I glanced in the mirrors - glowing with sweat, already I was tiring. I needed to beat her fast. I knew I could if I closed on her. I stepped in as if to punch and copped two heavy blows to my tits. I groaned but moved in closer clapping my hands over her ears. She staggered back, disorientated. The move had worked. Swiftly I pushed my advantage. I closed on her pummelling her sides, not giving her the room to dance and dodge my punches. I was heavier, if my blows hit home they would do more damage. But what I wanted her to do was to back away. And she did. I closed again, snaking my leg behind hers. I pushed forward slamming my body into her. She staggered and almost lost her balance. I slammed my elbow into her face. She moaned. It was such a good sound.

    I moved in again. Grabbing her blonde hair I tried to swing her head down onto my raised knee.

    Fuck" I screamed in agonised surprise as her knee sank into my gut.


    Completely unready and poorly balanced on only one leg I let go of her and staggered back crashing into the changing room bench.

    Puffing for breath, groaning in pain, I got up. "Belly" the bitch hissed and slammed a hard punch in my belly. I spluttered, more winded then ever.

    "Face" she went on and slammed one into my jaw. My head rocked back.

    "Left tit" she almost chuckled and again her punch went where she said. The bitch was using me as a punching bag and I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t retreat and trade space for time for I was pressed against the bench. I tried to defend myself. That only slowed the punishment. She still dished it out. I tried to come forward, to charge her, to tackle her but she dodged me. At least that stopped her punches for a moment.


    I turned back to my foe. I knew I needed to get her down. I tried to move in on her, my arms flailing. I had to break away from the bench, I had to get some room. The fight turned to shit. She kneed me in the gut. I spluttered doubled up moaning. She grabbed my hair, hauling me upright before shoving me back onto the change bench. My knees buckled, I couldn’t stand upright. The bitch was onto me pounding me as I crumpled up. I saw her get up on the bench. I screamed in agony as her foot stomped on my belly.

    "Jenn, Jenn are you still here? Or is your mind wandering? " Rita's question brought me back to the present. "You are so quiet. Are you all right?.


    "Yes of course I am alright." I snapped at her. "And my mind doesn’t wander!"

    "Well what are you going to do? I went to the bar and everyone was jeering at you, saying you’ve lost it, talking about how you and Cassie, Jade and Erin all got totally wiped out in those fights at the club a few weeks ago."

    "Shut it Rita. I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t need my friends telling me that shit"

    I heard Rita gasp and looked up. I almost felt sorry. She was the nearest thing I thought I had to being a true friend, the rest of the group of girls were all subbies, all sweet bits of fluff. That cow Amy had called them my playthings. That was not true but they weren't friends like Rita, I had to be tough and strong, to bear their problems and never show my hurts to them. Be big sister, mother and girl friend all at the same time. They almost worshipped me .And they squealed and sighed and moaned when I touched them. It was worth it! And I had thought this Candy would be like them.

    Rita was different. I could relax with her. And now I was pushing her away. I had to win her back. I half smiled at her. "Rita, I am going to the bar, I'll get you and Jade and Erin a drink. I won’t stand the shit that crowd over there go on with. They might talk like you say they do -they might behind my back but they wont when I am there."

    I was wrong. Roslyn was at the bar. She sxxxxxxxed "well at least you’re dressed today Jenn Peccavi, and you’re upright too more then I can say when I saw you last- stripped, flat on your back with Candy's foot on your fat belly "

    "Yeah it hasn't been her month" chuckled some guy "this is the same Jenn my friends were telling me about - the porno star?"


    Yet again I ground my teeth and clenched my fists. Powerless. I didn’t want to fight, I 'd lost so much confidence. I never fought for the hell of it. There had always been a reason. Even when -years ago when I was just 22 or so -I went ring fighting. Then we needed the money. Mostly fighting had been my way of solving problems. Sometimes I did it to let out tension or anger.


    Usually it was my way of getting my way -and that might be to protect some girl I looked after, or it might be getting money or power. Or I fought to show some bitch who was boss. Now my anger was bottled up. For the first time I was almost scared of what someone might do to me. I didn't know what to do. I itched to fight someone almost anyone to show I wasn't scared, that they were not better then me, that I was someone important, but if I lost again people would say I was just yesterday's trash and ignore me.

    Once again I thought blankly about what made people attractive. Candy had it, the pretty cheerleader look. All the cheerleaders at school had been popular. They were successful, sure it might be a short-term success but while they were successful they were liked. Same with the footballers. And the only success I had was in fighting or in studying- and in my studies I was so far behind the rest that it was never going to amount to much. Who cared about junior college diplomas. It’s not like a Doctorate from Yale or Harvard.

    So I was amazed when Roslyn turned on the guy "That’s enough, don’t knock Jenn. OK she lost a fight...well a few. It happens to us all from time to time. At least if we fight like Jenn does."

    "Damn bitch" I muttered under my breath "Stop patronising me." But even I had to admit she was being almost friendly, supportive.
    "Yeah but we don’t all get gangbanged. No only a slut like Peccavi here’ sneered the guy’s girlfriend, a redhead with freckles and a top that showed all her cleavage.  From the way she had been drinking- I had seen her earlier- and the way she was pawing the guy now I was sure she was going to get a royal fucking that night and if the guy had a few of his friends around then the redhead would get a gang banging too. She looked like she would like one.

    Roslyn rounded on the speaker. "I am sure Jenn can flatten you and if she doesn’t I can pick up the pieces she leaves." She turned to me and went on "Don’t mind her Jenn, she's nothing. Look I am sorry, I see I've started something here. Would you like to come out for a drink tomorrow at the Phoenix club with me and a few girls from gym."
    I stood there like a fool my mouth gaping. I had never expected Roslyn to stand up for me, let alone inviting me out for a drink. True I didn’t like the Phoenix , too trendy, too full of wannabes and the drinks were way too expensive. But, she was inviting me out.

    "Well Jenn what you say?"

    "Thank you" I finally blurted out. "I’d love to come."

    "See you then. Now" she turned back to her circle, "leave Jenn alone. And I gotta go places, catchya laters."

    I walked back to my table still shaking my head.

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Re: Jenn on the comeback trail.
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Bravo, Jenn - another HOT, BEACHY story!!!  ;) :D

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Re: Jenn on the comeback trail.
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