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Getting My Wife To Catfight - Part 1
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My dream was always to see my wife Karen in a catfight with another wife. Now, mind you, I am not the type who wants to see two women, especially one who is the mother of my children, in a real street type brawl. First off, one of them would stand to get hurt, and I am not into seeing women get hurt to indulge my fantasy. Second, a street fight would end up getting broken up too soon, or end quickly if one did hurt the other badly. And lastly, there would not be the guarantee of seeing the majority of their great bodies in a street brawl.

For a year or so, I would let Karen know how much it would turn me on to see her wrestle or catfight another woman. At first, she was not exactly enamored of the idea. We are talking about a sexy, beautiful, classy lady here who was never in a fight in her life.

But I kept bringing it up, and actually got her to watch some wrestling tapes, always making sure I showed her matches of the novice types who were also petite like Karen. It was great just to watch them with her. One day she mentioned that the girls we were watching fight on tape were not that good. I asked her if she thought she could hold her own or beat one of them. She actually said she thought she could! I knew I was on my way!

Finally, being the persistent soul that I am, I actually convinced Karen that she should give it a try. Her requests were that it be another wife close to her age and size, one who had not had a match yet either, that they be nice, professional people like us, and there would be no hidden agenda such as wife swapping, etc. They must also be a couple from out of town that we did not know in order to maintain discretion.

She told me to see if I could find that perfect couple. I guess she thought I never would.

Thank you, internet!! After a couple months of going to female wrestling groups and chat rooms, I finally found a husband who had the same desires as me, with a wife that seemed the perfect match. Both Ken and I were more excited than I can describe. After tons of chats and a few phone calls between him and me, we finally developed enough trust with each other to exchange pictures of the wives- with their permission of course.

Both Ken and I were in awe when we saw the pictures- two blonde haired mothers and wives, both in their early 40's, both about 5'3”, 115-120, and both very pretty, cute, sexy women- the kind that would be the perfect “girl next door” types. And neither had ever been in a fight in her life, both very sweet, great girls.

We finally got Karen and Tammy to talk on the phone, and after the conversation even they knew that the perfect opponent had been found. They had a great talk about the children in each family, their mutual love of shopping, the weather, etc. The only mention of the match was that they both loved each of their husbands to the point that they would actually give this a try- even though they both though Ken and I were crazy! The only problem was that we lived 500 miles apart. They both agreed they would leave the details to Ken and me.

We set a date to meet in mid-June, 2006. The catfight was 2 months away. This gave Ken and me enough time to work out the details as far as rules, attire, how many rounds, etc. And, all during this time of our conversations, we would run our wishes and ideas by the wives to get their ok and to keep them informed.

Here in a nutshell is what was agreed upon.

The wives would catfight with hairpulling allowed. There would be no punching, no kicking, nothing to the face at all, and no choking. The girls would start on their knees- no standing at all was to be allowed- to keep this fight as safe as possible for the girls.

The first round would be fought in very sexy, risqué, loose fitting lingerie. Our idea was to not have Karen and Tammy start topless, but once they started to fight we knew that the tops would not stay in place would allow us to see their breasts – and we knew that they would be so busy fighting, the fact that tops were out of sorts would not be a big deal to them. They both liked that idea, as neither wanted to come right out topless to start, but both knew and agreed that they would fight topless. This was the perfect way to “break the ice” of topless action. The remainder of the rounds would be fought topless and in thongs.

We did not set an exact number of rounds for the girls to fight. We had no idea how long each round would go, and did not want to be foolish enough to make this a best 2 out of 3, or 3 out of 5 type match. We all agreed that they would fight to submission, and then take a nice break to recover, then fight again, and do this as many times as possible until both Karen and Tammy agreed it was enough. Whoever was ahead at that point would be the winner.

The most important thing to me and Ken was that both the wives had agreed that they would fight to win and both expected and knew the match would be real and very competitive. We all understood that this was not to be a “roll around and giggle” session – that would be a total waste of time. Both wives readily acknowledged that they each really wanted to win, but both also agreed that win or lose they wanted the fight to be competitive and hoped that they would be evenly enough matched so that Ken and me got to see a great catfight regardless of who won. PERFECT!!!

Karen and I talked about the match many times as mid-June approached, and our sex was the best ever! Ken informed me that he and Tammy experienced the same type conversations and sexual enjoyment. Finally, THE WEEKEND arrived.

We met Ken and Tammy at a town midway between us- about 250 miles from home for each of us. We rented a private cabin on a lake in the middle of a wooded area so that we would have total privacy. The cabin was about 15 miles from town. We met them in town at a nice restaurant for our very first face to face meeting. Ken was 42 years old and a really nice guy. His wife Tammy was 41 years old, 5'3”, 115, nicely toned arms in a very feminine way, a very pretty face and cute smile, with a personality that was as warm and friendly and outgoing as one could ever hope for. Her hair was blonde, about shoulder length, and very pretty. Her breasts were about a “B”cup, and her tits were perfectly proportional for her build. She was just a very pretty, classy, warm woman.

I could immediately tell that Ken approved of my wife Karen's appearance. Heck, who wouldn't? Karen is also 5'3”, 40 years old at that time, and was weighting about 118. Karen has a face that is as pretty and cute as any cover-girl model, with an infectiously beautiful smile that would light up any room, and radiant sandy blonde hair just above her shoulders with gorgeous green eyes. Her legs are perfectly toned and sexy, and her breasts are a very nice pair of 34C's. Oh, and one more thing, Karen has the absolutely perfect ass. I mean perfect! No sagging rear end here- a butt that proudly sits up nice and tight and shaped to perfection. Her face and ass are both to die for!

One of the things I will never forget at that first meeting was the warmth and kindness that both Karen and Tammy extended to each other, all the while very discreetly checking each other's bodies out from top to bottom. Neither one of them missed a single detail of the other, and I really don't think either one of them was aware that both Ken and I noticed it clear as a bell.

We sat down to dinner and spent a great couple hours really getting to know each other. Clearly, these were the type of people that we would have been best friends with if they had lived in our area.

We probably only spent about 20 minutes of the entire evening talking about the main event to take place the following evening. But the one thing I remember that stood out to me was a comment that Tammy made, and one that Karen immediately agreed with. Tammy commented that it was pretty amazing that both she and Karen knew the main reason they were there- and that was to fight each other. She said that after meeting Karen, she and Karen would be best friends if they lived nearby. But the very next night they would be fighting each other and fighting hard to defeat the other, with absolutely no reason to be fighting except for the fact that Ken and I wanted to see them fight. She was exactly right! They would be pulling each other's hair, fighting hard to make the other quit, really going after each other, doing this 99% naked—and all just because we husbands wanted to see our wives catfight. And they were willing to do it, though neither had ever been in a fight in her life! AMAZING!!!

After dinner we all went to the cabin. It was a great place, perfectly nestled in the woods, and about 50 yards from a lake. But the best thing about it was the large den area which would serve as a perfect catfight arena. The girls helped Ken and me move furniture out of the den area. We set up the mats we had brought with us, and used all the sofa cushions and extra pillows to line the perimeter of the matted area to be sure neither girl could accidentally hit their head on a wall or anything once the fighting got underway if the action took them off the mats.

We went and sat by the kitchen table, talked awhile, and then retired to our separate bedrooms to get some sleep as the long day of driving, wining, and dining had us ready for a great night of sleep. Of course, I had to make love to my sexy Karen first- then slept like a log.

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Getting My Wife To Catfight - Part 1
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