Author Topic: Busty blonde 44ddd girlfriend vs. buxom black lady .and then couple vs couple  (Read 6010 times)


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Has anyone ever wrestled a busty black lady?  Or a black couple?

My busty 44ddd blonde girlfriend wrestled a black lady at a party just for fun ... but it wasn't fun for long.  She placed my girlfriends hands behind her back.

Then she and this huge black dude wanted to wrestle us ... couple vs couple.  I'm 6ft 2in and very muscular. They said they wanted our bodies.  They were very intimitating as they moved us to a secluded location and then brought out some carpet masking tape, gag balls, and paddles.  They decided they would start with some head games.  My girlfriends knees became very very weak.  The black lady told her she wanted a sexfight or titfight with her ... and make her and I beg for mercy.  Argh ... I can't elaborate further.  Other than we got owned.

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well done story!
Love mature women (40+) in intense action, even matched, grudge between them. My pics tend to show what I like. No extreme violence, death or humiliation - that's just not me.

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I'd like to know more about the blonde being ..owned. But then I would !
Blondes are cool Brunettes are Hot!!