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catfight in the bedroom

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catfight in the bedroom
« on: September 03, 2009, 01:31:14 PM »
Blonde White Girl(Jenna Jameson ) Vs     Asian Chinese(Zhang ZiYi )
It was a hot day when two hellcats battle it out in the bedroom.
It all started when a Chinese girl-Lisa(5’6, Dark Haired, 31D, 106lbs) accidentally slammed onto a Blonde Girl-Jenna’s(5’8, Blonde, 35D, 108lbs) car in front of Macy’s.
“What the fuck did you do fuckin whore” shouted Jenna as she examined the damage being done.
“ I’m so sorry, I didn’t thought that your car was so near to mine. My apologies.” Lisa apologized innocently.
“ Fuck you! My car is far from your car. You fat whore!” Jenna shouted
“Hey bitch, you wouldn’t want to mess with me. Your tits maybe bigger, but mine’s stronger! So don’t you dare call me a fat whore. Bitch! ”Lisa screamed.
Without hesitation, Jenna grabbed hold of Lisa’s silky dark hair and started ripping out of Lisa’s head. Of course, this wasn’t a one-sided catfight. Lisa pulled her rival’s hair as well.
“You slut, let go of my hair!” Jenna screamed.
Just as things started to heat up, a big, tall bald tough guy came rushing out and stopped the fight. They exchanged numbers and that night Jenna called Lisa.
“Hey bitch, how do you want to settle this?” Jenna said
“Let’s make it a sexfight match. And if you win I’ll pay for the damages. And if I win I’ll be off the hook. Deal?” Lisa asked
“One more thing, winner gets the guy.”Jenna requested, referring to Lisa’s boyfriend.
Lisa wanted to decline but she wanted to proof to Jenna that she’s stronger.
The fight wasn’t until two weeks. So, both rivals relaxed until D-Day.
If Lisa loses, she loses everything. But not for Jenna. Lisa’s still thinking whether she’s  making the right choice.
At noon sharp, Jenna was standing outside of Lisa’s house, ringing the doorbell. She opened the door and saw that Jenna was wearing a piece purple lingerie from Macy’s, the lingerie that Lisa wanted to wear when she’s fucking.
“Funny, I thought you’d chicken out.” Lisa teased.
Jenna’s head drew closer to Lisa’s and kissed her passionately.
“Hmm. I never go back on my words.” She replied.
Both of the ladies walked into a large room and sitting on the chair was the prizes. Lisa’s boyfriend and the car money.
Lisa wore a black lingerie with glittering yellow at the laces.
“Ready?”Jenna asked seductively.
Now, Lisa knew that she made a really huge mistake.
“Ready when you are, slut.” She said.
Without hesitation, Jenna pulled her rivals hair, but this time it was softer than the last time. She pulled Lisa’s hair and started licking her neck from top to bottom.
Lisa couldn’t hold back and started to moan sensually.
“Oh yeah, fuck me. Uh huh, Uh huh.” Lisa said.
“You like that?” Jenna asked.
She stopped pulling her hair and stripped Lisa down. Naked. Of course, she stripped herself down too.
“Oooh, dirty girl, no panties” she said.
Lisa’s boyfriend took off his pants and underwear and started spraying everywhere. It sprayed to both the ladies.
Then, it was tribadsm time. Both the sexfight combatants started grinding and pumping each others pussy. This time, even Jenna moaned. As loud as Lisa.
“Harder, Harder!” she cried and both of them pump harder.
Nothing else can be heard except for their moans.
The fight lasts for 20min plus and Lisa was out cold. She couldn’t handle the pleasure anymore.
Just to make sure she was really out cold, she rubbed Lisa’s pussy sensually. But, there was no moaning from her.
She took the money and put her money into her bag and took Lisa’s lingerie and stuffed it into her mouth.
“So, how do you want me tonight?” Lisa’s ex asked
They both went to the bathroom and locked it.

I’ll let you be the judge.



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Re: catfight in the bedroom
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2012, 11:12:07 AM »
Okay a few things was the big tall bald guy the boyfreind? if not then how did Jenna know Lisa had a boyfreind? Also why not have it where they stripped each other to have it a bit even in the begining atleast. Also a bit more description on what they may have done while having the sexfight would have been good.


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Re: catfight in the bedroom
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2013, 01:18:58 AM »
Also I think some men can hold out a bit longer than just the first few minutes of a sex match, especialy when you haven't done much except have one character strip and kiss the other. This is a bit of a one sided affair.