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Felix Gato's Ten Catfight Rules

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Felix Gato's Ten Catfight Rules
« on: October 11, 2009, 11:56:04 PM »
1) Wear your hair long, and loose. It will provide a simple and direct challenge to your rival.

2) Make sure your nails are ready for a fight. They should be as long as you can get them, sharpened, and highly polished. The services of an talented nail tech is highly recommended. Share with her that you are going to be in a catfight, and that you need her services to arm you appropriately. Natural nails are fine, but acrylic or other hard synthetic materials are even better. For the truly inspired, metal fighting claws are the most devastating of all!

3) Do not start your catfight in the nude. Dress provocatively. Wear makeup, perfume and jewelry. Wear sandals, pumps or thigh-high boots fitted with outrageously tall stiletto heels. Wear seamed stockings and lacy garterbelts. Wear frilly and fragile lingerie. Do not wear flip-flops, shorts, jeans, sweat pants, sports bras, or jogging clothes. Present yourself to your rival as utterly feminine. SHow her why you are better than her. Remind her that you can steal her lover from her whenever you wish. Remember, a catfight is about besting your rival in as many different ways as possible. It is a physical contest, to be sure, but also a psychological one. 

4) It is better to plan a catfight in advance; the premeditation and build-up of anticipation will make for a more explosive encounter when it finally does occur. Don't settle for the humdrum - the more exotic the locale, the hotter the catfight is likely to be. Think of the honeymoon suite at that downtown hotel, the hot tub at the house you are watching while the owners are away on vacation, a limo you hire for the evening to just cruise around town. Improvise. Surprise. Stun!

5) Assure the fight location will provide all the privacy you will want. Real catfighters do not wish to be interrupted or, worse, separated once hostilities begin. If you wish one or more spectators to be present, have them swear in advance they will in no way interfere once hostilites are under way!

6) Be prepared to go the distance. No one likes a quitter, especially in woman-to-woman catfights. It is unseemly to give up, and only a little less so to let your rival surrender. Agree with her at the outset that there will be no rules, no quarter asked for, or given. If she gives up before you are finished with her, you should have every right to continue to punish her to your full satisfaction. Of course, she can do the same to you!

7) Good catfights produce tears, sweat, and blood. The best catfights add saliva and cxnt juices to those bodily fluids. Smear on each other liberally, and without shame. Catfighting is a violent, vicious and savage affair - do not shrink from its consequences!

8) Once hostilities are under way, it is vastly more important to expend your efforts to hurt her, rather than protect yourself. Pathetic fighters circle and dance, jab and feint, and strike quickly, only to retreat. True catfighters intuitively understand that catfights mean quickly getting in close and then *staying* in close! Simple expedients like starting on your knees, face-to-face, permits this to happen naturally.

9) Pay especial attention to your rival's three most vulnerable and prized areas - her face, her tits, and her cxnt. Remember that, with suitable clothing, she can hide whatever damage you do to her tits and cxnt - but she is powerless to hide her face from the rest of the world. Take special care to hurt her face and neck - the injuries you inflict will count twice - physically, to be sure, but even more importantly, psychologically. She will know shame and humiliation. Isn't that the *best*?

10) While fighting, You should: yank and pull hair, slap faces, tear off clothing, claw and rake and maul tits and cxnt. You should bite and grind and tear with your teeth. You should gouge and cut and lacerate with your nails. You should not: punch or use techniques best left for men. You are a woman - fight like one!



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Re: Felix Gato's Ten Catfight Rules
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2009, 02:18:59 AM »
Very intersting rules.  Like Dan says in his reply , I hope the lady members will post their thoughts on this topic.



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Re: Felix Gato's Ten Catfight Rules
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2009, 06:43:53 AM »

Great list!  I especially agree with rule number 3 and the wearing of high heels. They should be boots or have straps so they will stay on through out the fight and they can be used as weapons.  Loss of balance should not be a concern as most if the fighting should occur on the ground.  Both women should try their best to kick her rival in the pussy and tits with sharp the heels and toes of their sexy stilettos.

As too the women being all offence and no defense, they should never try to cover their pussies or tits even if they’re being mauled, the best defense is a good offense so she should attack her opponent’s tits and cxnt that much more viciously.

Catfights are over men and the subject they are fighting over should be there to witness.  If he doesn’t want the women to fight over him, they shouldn’t waste their time.  Each woman should make every effort to have their lover’s fresh cum somewhere on their body.  The woman who can prove she’s had the most recent sex with him has the psychological advantage.

Ladies, if you’re ready to fight for your man, pre-arrange the location with your rival, make sure your man knows and is excited about it.  Tell him to rent a limo and you’ll treat him to the time of his life.  Wear that outfit that you know will drive him wild, on the drive there, tell him in graphic detail how you’re going to maul the “other woman’.  Pussy fucking is not recommended as it relaxes your muscles and takes away your anger so you should stick with both oral and anal.  Greet your opponent arm in arm with the man you’re fighting over. His semen should be still wet on your face and cleavage.  Then be prepared for a vicious onslaught, but you’ve already won round one. Now make that bitch wish she’d never fucked your man! And after you’ve left her in a pool of her own blood and tears, force her to watch her ex-boyfriend fuck you into ecstasy.


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Re: Felix Gato's Ten Catfight Rules
« Reply #3 on: October 12, 2009, 12:00:13 PM »
I'm a catfight fan and I endorse this message!


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Re: Felix Gato's Ten Catfight Rules
« Reply #4 on: October 12, 2009, 11:12:06 PM »
I almost totally agree with Felix Gato but I'm for a fight with less blood and more pussy juice.
His stories are devastating. I like them very much.
Please, Felix, share some of your great stories with us.