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"I Just Don't Like Blondes...." ? (Story)

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"I Just Don't Like Blondes...." ? (Story)
« on: November 12, 2009, 08:26:13 PM »
    "I just don't like blondes!" Laughter escaped the beautiful busty bikini clad brunette's lips as she chased the lovely blonde, caught her and spun her around. Michelle Marsh screamed as her long time friend treated her to a punch to the belly, then a head jarring backhand slap. As the beautiful blonde gasped and reeled backwards the second brunette grabbed her by that lovely blonde hair.
    "I don't like blondes either," the busty brunette bombshell chirped. Sophie Howard grabbed the back string of Michelles bikini, untied it and pulled the colorful thin fabric hard from behind.
    "Yeah, lose the top Michelle," Lucy Pinder snickered as she pulled the loose top from the front. Both brunettes laughed as the blonde's top disintegrated in their fingers, the "victim" of the erotic tug of war.
     The happy go lucky frisky frollicking on the remote beach of the three lovelies turned suddenly a bit down and dirty-catfight style. Both Lucy and Sophie had decided to have some "fun" with Michelle. The three had been out on the beach for an earlier photo shoot; after the session, and some nice booze, they decided to enjoy the sand and surf.
      "What the hell? Stop that? Whatever are you doing? Awccccck." Being topless and showing her bountiful assets was not unnatural for Michelle, but something seemed amiss.
      "Let's get her....Hold her....Squeeze 'em. Let's pinch....."
      "Ouchhhh. Yeowwwww."

    Any ideas as to what might happen next?