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Who's Your Mommy? Mom vs. Stepmom story pt. 1

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Who's Your Mommy? Mom vs. Stepmom story pt. 1
« on: November 14, 2009, 02:11:20 PM »
                    Who’s Your Mommy? Mom vs. Stepmom Story Pt. 1
                                                                  By Supporturgoddess

       Doug’s first wife, voluptuous, brunette Marie, was a woman absolutely driven to become a successful artist. Marie always knew what she wanted, and she would do whatever it took to get it. She loved Doug and her two sons, but her own goals and desires always came first. She often vanished for days or even weeks, as she traveled the country in a desperate and usually futile attempt to find galleries to display her art or buyers for it. She rarely told her husband or her sons where she was going, how long she would be gone, or how to reach her. When their sons were young they just thought that was how moms acted. As they grew older, they began to resent Marie’s actions. They loved their mom, but friction grew. The trouble between Marie and Doug grew even faster. Doug threatened to divorce Marie several times, but Marie’s pleas and tears always forced him to back down. Marie wanted to keep her family together, but she refused to change or even compromise. She continued to take mysterious trips, leaving Doug to raise his sons, alone. Late one spring, Marie pulled one of her vanishing acts. She stayed gone longer than ever before, even missing her youngest son’s graduation. That was the last straw. All Marie’s tears weren’t enough this time. Doug and Marie separated and eventually divorced. Doug promised the heartbroken brunette that she would always be welcome in his home, for the good of their sons.
       During the final months of Doug and Marie’s troubled marriage, a beautiful platinum blonde, Robin, moved into a house on the corner across the street. Doug met the sexy blonde one afternoon, while he watered his garden. He heard the sound of someone struggling without success to start a lawn mower. He glanced up and saw the sexy blonde in the yard across from him. She wore skin-tight, tiny white shorts and a tight, sky-blue top. Her tan accentuated her platinum-blond hair. She crossed the street and trotted up to him.
       “Hi,” the blond beauty chirped, flashing a dazzling, white smile. “I’m Robin. I just moved in.”
       Doug’s heart raced. Robin’s tight top left no doubt that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Although slightly smaller than his wife’s breasts, Robin’s were toned, firm, perky…perfect.
       Struggling for words, Doug said, “I see you’re having trouble with your mower.”
       “I hate that thing!” Robin looked up, seductively. “I wish I had a man to help me.”
       At that moment, Marie stepped out of her house, wearing black shorts and a white T-shirt. She folded her arms over her chest and stood beside her husband, silently claiming her territory and warning the blonde to back off. Robin’s big, bright smile instantly faded into a sneer. Marie returned it.
       Doug pushed his mower out of the garage. “Keep it as long as you want. I’m happy to help.”
       Robin shot Marie a victorious smile, thanked Doug--only Doug, and rolled the borrowed mower across the street to her yard.
       Angered by her husband’s interest in the blonde, Marie snarled, “I’m happy to help! I’m happy to help!” She spun and marched back inside, slamming the door behind her.
       From that day on, the women didn’t get along. Whenever Doug had yard work to do, Robin delighted in driving Marie half-mad by lying out in her yard wearing only a red string bikini, sunning herself in full view of Marie’s husband. Marie returned fire by spreading vicious gossip about the blonde. Marie turned the neighborhood women against their new neighbor.
       Although Robin’s interest in Doug was obvious, she respected his marriage until it ended. The moment Doug and Marie separated, Robin made her move. Doug couldn’t resist her. The 5’7” tall, 116 lb. platinum-blond beauty had a seemingly perfect figure and an angel’s face. She had no brothers or sisters, and her father died when she was very young. Unable to have children of her own due to medical reasons, she desperately longed to be part of a family.
       Doug and Robin dated for some time. Their relationship grew serious. By the time of their parents’ divorce, Doug and Marie’s boys, Steven and Eric, were grown. They accepted, reluctantly at first, their father’s need for companionship. Robin jumped threw hoops and bent over backwards to make them like her. Before long, Doug’s sons adored Robin. Soon Doug and Robin were engaged.
       During the first days of summer, Doug’s life felt charmed. Robin appeared as the perfect “trophy wife” for the nearly middle-aged man still stinging from a failed marriage. Although actually a year older than his ex-wife, Robin was taller and tanner than Marie, and of course, Robin was blond. Doug’s sons were home from school. He wanted them to get to know their soon-to-be stepmother. Robin did everything humanly possible to win their approval. She was determined to do whatever it took to impress them.
       Everything went well until early one morning, when the doorbell rang. Doug left his fiancée and sons at the breakfast table, opened the door, and came face-to-face with Marie.
       “Hello stranger,” Marie almost sang, standing on her toes to give Doug a kiss. “Listen, I’ve given everything a lot of thought. I know I should have been willing to compromise. I know I made mistakes, but I’m ready to make up for them. I’ve decided to fight for what really matters. I’ve come back to--”
       “Ahem!” Robin cleared her throat, folding her arms across her chest and stepping up behind her fiancé.
       The two women spoke in perfect unison. “What’s SHE doing here?”
       Marie’s older son, Steven, spoke up. “Didn’t you know, Mom? Dad and Robin are engaged.”
       Marie’s face grew pale. She had returned to win back her family, only to find her ex-husband engaged to a woman she despised.
       Her younger son, Eric, said, “They aren’t married yet.”
       Marie looked past Doug at Robin, a challenging smile spreading across her lips. Robin scowled. Always ready to do whatever it took to win, Marie refused to back down.
       Marie turned to her sons. “Where are you boys staying?”
       “Here,” Eric answered.
       Marie wrapped her arm around Doug’s neck. “You promised I’d always be welcome in your house, for the good of the boys. I’ve decided to spend this summer with OUR sons. You don’t mind if I stay here, do you?”
       Doug stammered. “You-you’re always welcome here.”
       Robin’s jaw almost hit the floor. She stood, mouth wide open in shock, unable or unwilling to believe what was happening. She was still trying to win over Doug’s sons. She didn’t dare try to have their mother tossed out. She watched helplessly, as Marie moved back in. Marie had returned to take back her family, a family Robin desperately wanted to hold on to. War had been declared.
       As the day progressed, Marie tried to monopolize the boys’ attention, shutting Robin out. Marie also knew Doug far better, and tried to use her knowledge to her advantage. Marie had one especially devastating weapon in her arsenal. She quickly learned that, due to their loyalty to their birthmother, the boys refused to ever call Robin Mom, Mommy, Mother, or anything like that. No matter how hard Robin tried to change their minds, Eric and Steven only called her Robin. Marie forced her sons to say that they would always have only had one mom, Marie. That hit Robin below the belt.
       Doug suggested they grill burgers out by the pool, giving him a delicious chance to compare Marie and Robin side-by-side in swimsuits. Marie wore a black French-cut swimsuit. Robin wore a red bikini. Robin tried to gain an advantage by having Doug rub suntan oil on her. She cooed, grinning up over her shoulder at Marie, who seethed.
       When Doug finished, Marie pouted. “Who’ll rub lotion on me?”
       To Robin’s shock and dismay, Doug rubbed oil all over Marie’s voluptuous body.
       Speaking to Doug but staring right at Robin, Marie taunted, “Be sure to rub some oil on my feet. I wouldn’t want them burned. I know how much you like ’em.”
       The boys snickered. Outmatched, Robin turned over on her chair and simmered.
       That night, Robin fought back, viciously. Eric and Steven slept in their old rooms downstairs at the far end of the house. Marie had to take the guest room, directly beside the master bedroom. She could hear through the thin wall. Robin was sure to be extra…noisy…that night, letting Marie know what was going on. Marie boiled!
       Marie, however, had a counterpunch. After twenty years together, she knew Doug’s habits. She knew that every night like clockwork, he always got up to get a drink of water from the sink in the hall bathroom. When the bleary eyed man staggered into the hall bathroom that night, he found Marie sprawled seductively in the bathtub. Only a few patches of floating bubbles concealed her nude body.
       “Could you hand me the shampoo?”
       Just out of site, Robin stood at the doorway of the master bedroom and watched as her rival seduced her fiancé. When Doug finally pulled himself away, Robin leapt into bed and pretended to be asleep, unsure whether to cry or scream!
       Doug had to go into work the next morning, leaving his ex-wife and his next wife with only his sons between them. The rowdy young men grew bored. They started tossing a football around. Marie joined in. Refusing to be excluded, Robin did, too. They formed teams, with Eric and his mom on one side and Steven and his soon-to-be step mom on the other. Marie set an alarm clock to allow for a brief game before lunch.
       The older boy, Steven, grinned. “Let’s make a bet. The losers have to do something for the winners.”
       “Like what?” Eric asked.
        “I’ll tell you after WE’VE won!”
       The younger boy accepted the challenge. “You’re on!”
       From the start, the women went right at each other. When Robin caught the ball, Marie tackled her, sending the step mom down into the dirt so hard it knocked the breath out of her. Steven had to call a time-out to let her recover. When Marie played quarterback, Robin blitzed and tackled her so hard both women lie sprawled on the ground. As time ran out, the teams had played to a tie. Steven and Robin were just short of the goal line. Robin snapped Steven the ball through her legs. Eric charged him. He handed the ball off to Robin. Marie and Robin ran together like runaway trains colliding. A step mom ran over and almost through a mom, winning the game. Marie stared up in shock, as both her sons hugged and congratulated her rival.
       After eating lunch, all four spent the afternoon by the pool.
       “You won our bet,” Eric said. “What do I have to do?”
       Steven grinned wickedly. “The bet’s not for you. Yesterday, Dad rubbed oil on Mom and Robin. He’s not here. Mom, since you lost, YOU have to rub oil on Robin, head to toe!
       Marie let out a gasping laugh, unable to believe what her son was making her do! Robin loved it! She slid onto her front on a deckchair. Marie forced an insincere smile onto her lips, trying to pretend this act of servitude wasn’t humiliating her.
       Seeing a chance to further show up her rival, Robin snapped her fingers. “Do a good job, girl. Doug likes me to have an even tan.”
       Marie let out another exhaled laugh, stunned! Marie’s hands trembled, as she rubbed oil onto a toned body she knew her Ex considered superior to her own.
       Feeling his birth mom deserved a little payback for skipping his graduation, Eric teased, “Well, you have to admit, Mom, Robin looks a lot better in a swimsuit than you do.”
       Marie gasped, fighting to keep her fake smile glued to her face.
       Steven winked at his brother. “Yeah, Mom, you can’t blame Dad for trading up. At least now that you’ve seen her body up close and felt it, you know why he chose her over you!”
       Marie couldn’t believe what she was hearing from her own sons!
       Robin looked up at the boys and winked. She looked over her shoulder at Marie and said, “Be sure to do my legs and feet. You know how much Doug likes them.”
       Marie replied, “Wow! Doug’s really lowered his standards lately, huh?”
       The boys snickered. Robin scowled.
       When the heat of the day grew unendurable, the foursome went inside to the living room, still wearing their swimsuits. The boys played a wrestling game on their PC. At first they played against each other, and then Marie joined in. Feeling excluded, Robin wanted to play, too.
       Eric smiled, mischievously. “I know how we can all play.”
       He chose an option that set up a mixed tag-team match. Each team was made up of one male character and one female one. After a brief exchange, the boys tagged out, tagging in Marie and Robin. Mom and step mom prepared to wrestle, in the digital domain.
       At that moment, Doug returned home early and saw what was happening. Unwilling to risk breaking it up, he stayed outside, crouching in the bushes and peering in through a window.
       Having grown up watching wrestling with her sons, Marie knew all the moves. Robin didn’t know much. What followed was a birth mom humiliating a step mom. Robin was never in the match. Marie had her character spank Robin’s character over her knee and sit on her face. After several minutes of humiliation, Robin threw down her controls.
       Marie mocked her. “Aw, poor baby! Am I just too much for you?”
       Eric looked up at Robin. “It’s only a game.”
       Pride hurting, Robin whispered, “Lucky for her!”
       Marie leapt up. “Would you like to say that to my face, Blondie?”
       The boys tried to calm things down. They separated their moms. Marie went into the kitchen to get a drink. Robin stood as still as a statue in the back of the living room, arms folded, still pouting over her embarrassing loss. She had spent months trying to impress her future stepsons, only to have their birth mom return and make her look like a fool.
       Trying to make Robin feel better, Steven said, “It was just a game. We’ll never know who would win in a real match.”
       Trying to regain her pride, Robin pointed to her chest and whispered, “I’d win!”
       Robin didn’t know that Marie had re-entered the living room and stood directly behind her in time to hear Robin’s boast. Marie held up a finger to her lips, ordering her sons to remain quiet. She reached back into the kitchen, picked up a pan and a spoon, and crept up behind the platinum blonde. The boys faces turned red, straining to keep from laughing, as their mom, grinning ear-to-ear, snuck up on their step mom.
       Robin took a bite out of a cookie, shrugged, and asked, “What’s so funny?”
       Smiling widely, Marie struck the spoon to the pan as if ringing a bell. She tossed them down and threw her arms around Robin’s neck from behind! Robin looked like a fish out of water, eyes bulging, mouth wide open in shock, as Marie pulled her down backwards to the floor.
       As the boys and their hidden father watched, a real-life mom vs. step mom wrestling match began!

                                                            Continued in Who’s Your Mommy Pt. 2!!! 


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Re: Who's Your Mommy? Mom vs. Stepmom story pt. 1
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2009, 09:21:28 AM »
       The next part of this story should be posted about one week after this was posted.