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Lzzy Hale "Do Not Disturb"

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Lzzy Hale "Do Not Disturb"
« on: October 04, 2020, 05:37:53 PM »
If you're a fan of rockband Halestorm, you'd probably already know that they have a song called "Do Not Disturb" which Lzzy Hale (the frontwoman) told a little story about her threesome. Here, I'm writing a fiction on what may have gone down in room 1334 - but, instead of making it a threesome, I'm doing a little sexfight battle between Lzzy and the girl while the guy enjoys the show. I'll let you imagine how the other girl looks like, or if you have any suggestions, drop her name in the comments. <3

Chapter 1: Set-Up

Halestorm was just about to end the Pinkpop Festival in Netherlands

As soon as Lzzy left the stage. She hopped on to the limo to the hotel room to get changed for a little down time.

She looks at the time... Approximately 11PM.

She's all by herself. Walking down the street. She ties her wavy long brunette hair into a ponytail as she enters a bar. Sitting by the bar top to get a drink... She looks around and sees a couple. Lisa, a blonde young lady who was almost similarly built as Lzzy and her boyfriend, Alex.

Lzzy tried to not make it too obvious that she's checking them out... But eventually she thought to herself,"I probably won't see her ever again" She bought the couple a drink each and sent it their way. They looked confused at first but as soon as they found out who bought their drink. They signalled her to join them at the table... She asked for an extra shot of tequila as she just finished her whiskey. She gulped one shot. And had another glass of whiskey on the rocks as she walked over to the couple.


 "Thanks for the drinks" Lisa said as she looked genuinely surprised.

Alex smiled. He couldnt really keep his eyes off of Lzzy. Not because she was pretty but there was something familiar.

The three of them chatted for a little bit and their conversations got a little more interesting.... And feisty, especially between Lisa and Lzzy.

"You know, we probably won’t be seeing each other ever again and i have a flight tomorrow at 7. What do you say we find out who's more fun... Blondes… or brunette?”

It caught the couple by surprise as Lzzy chugged down the last gulp of her whiskey.

She lays down a hotel card on the table.

"Room 1334 at Hilton"

Lzzy stood up and walk off into the night. But as she was somewhat out of sight. She turned back and she saw them chugging down their drinks...

She took a ride from a cab and gleefully hopped back to her room.

"Not cool at all Lzzy" she thought to herself.

As she got into her room, she took off her jacket. Toss it to a corner, letting go of her hair while she was at it.

Soon, there was a knock on the door.

She knew it would be them.

Wearing a black tank top and tight jeans. She waited for the knob to turn as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"Come in"

The knob turns and Alex and Lisa walked in.

"You caught my attention little miss Brunette" Lisa said as she entered the room with Alex behind her.

The suite Lzzy was staying in was absolutely magnificent.

"Ive never been in a room quite like this before" Alex said. 

Lzzy smiled at them. "Well... Glad you can make it" she said.

As all of them got comfortable. Lzzy broke the little tension.

She wanted to have fun, little did she know she'd be having a little competition with a feisty Dutch blondie.

"I think your accent is beautiful. I wonder how you'd sound when you cum" Lzzy teased

"I'm sure it will be better than your imagination, however, I think you'll not only be cumming, but squirming from me Lzzy"

Alex, clearly enjoying this little back and forth banter between the ladies.

A little banter turns into a fesity challenge, both not thinking of backing down quite as easily.


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Re: Lzzy Hale "Do Not Disturb"
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2023, 01:05:05 PM »
This was about to get good!