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AGW Ring Queen 1st Round Match 2/4: Maslany vs Benoist

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AGW Ring Queen 1st Round Match 2/4: Maslany vs Benoist
« on: July 07, 2024, 12:58:27 AM »

As the crowd cheers and the bell rings, Tatiana Maslany and Melissa Benoist circle each other in the ring, their bikinis glistening under the arena lights. Tatiana, in her regal purple swirl bikini Melissa's in a 60s hippie-print bikini.

The two women lock eyes, each sizing up their opponent. Tatiana, with her toned physique, looks determined to make up for her lack of height with brute strength. Melissa, standing tall and proud, seems ready to use her long limbs to her advantage.

Suddenly, the air is pierced by a scream as they lunge at each other, hands tangling in each other's hair. Tatiana rips a chunk of hair from Melissa's scalp, sending it flying to the mat, while Melissa retaliates with a brutal tug that brings Tatiana to her knees.

The crowd erupts into a frenzy as Tatiana and Melissa continue to savagely tear at each other's hair. Strands of dark brown and blonde tresses litter the ring, a testament to the ferocity of their struggle. Neither woman seems willing to give an inch, as they dig their nails into each other's skulls. Sweat beads on their brows and they snarl and growl like wild animals, pain forgotten in the heat of battle.

 Melissa twists Tatiana's arm behind her back, forcing the smaller woman to her knees. Tatiana grits her teeth against the searing pain in her shoulder, but Melissa shows no mercy. With her free hand, Melissa delivers a brutal series of blows to the back of Tatiana's skull, sending shockwaves of agony through her body.  Tatiana's vision blurs, stars dancing in front of her eyes as she struggles to stay conscious.

"You think you can beat me, bitch?" Melissa growls as she wrenches Tatiana's arm.. "You're nothing but a pathetic wretch.”

Melissa shoves Tatiana to her knees, the smaller woman's face contorting in pain. Melissa yanks back Tatiana's hair, exposing her throat, and leans in close, her hot breath tickling Tatiana's ear.

"You're not even worth my time, you hear me?" Melissa hisses. " Like a said, you're nothing but a little bitch."

With an almost inhuman strength, Melissa pulls Tatiana up by her hair, and then slams her head into the mat with a sickening thud. Tatiana's skull bounces off the unforgiving canvas, sending shockwaves of pain through her body. Melissa doesn't release her grip on Tatiana's arm, keeping her trapped in the agonizing arm wrench. Tatiana writhes in pain, her cries of agony drowned out by the blood rushing in her ears. Melissa's face is a mask of ruthless determination, her eyes sadistic.

Tatiana's arm feels like it's being ripped from its socket as Melissa continues to twist and pull. The pain is blinding, all-consuming.

Melissa, sensing her opponent's weakness, yanks Tatiana up by her damaged arm, sending another wave of agony coursing through her body. Tatiana staggers to her feet. The crowd watches in stunned silence, transfixed by this brutal display of dominance. Tatiana sways on her feet, barely able to keep herself upright. Like a puppet on a string, Melissa yanks Tatiana's hair, sending her crashing to the mat with a sickening thud. Tatiana lets out a strangled cry as her head bounces off the canvas, her world spinning.

The crowd gasps in horror, some turning away from the brutal spectacle unfolding before them. Melissa, however, seems to revel in Tatiana's pain. Tatiana lies motionless on the mat, her body limp and battered. Her arm hangs uselessly at her side.

, Melissa pulls Tatiana to her feet, her grip on the battered arm unrelenting. Tatiana groans in pain, her knees buckling beneath her as Melissa heaves her up into a fireman's carry.

The crowd murmurs in disbelief, shocked by the display of strength and cruelty. Melissa staggers slightly under Tatiana's weight, but her face remains twisted, Tatiana drives her knee into Melissa's face as she escapes. There's a sickening crack as Melissa's nose shatters, her screams of pain mingling with Tatiana's cries of triumph.

Like a woman possessed, Tatiana unleashes a savage barrage of front kicks, each strike landing with a brutal thud against Melissa's chest. Melissa gasps for air, her hands pressed against her ribs, her body wracked with pain.

The crowd cheers wildly, their chants of "Kill her! Kill her!" ringing through the arena. Tatiana grins.

 With her damaged arm hanging limply at her side, Tatiana resorts to her other arm, unleashing a ferocious series of slaps and backhands against Melissa's already battered face. Each strike lands with a sickening crack, the force of Tatiana's fury sending shockwaves through Melissa's skull. Tatiana's hand grows numb, the skin on her knuckles raw, but she doesn't stop. Melissa's head rolls limply to one side, her eyes glazed and unfocused. Drool trickles from her mouth.

 Tatiana ignores the pain shooting through her damaged arm and unleashes a flurry of slaps against Melissa's face.

The force of the strikes is so powerful that Tatiana's injured arm quivers with the strain, but she doesn't let up. Tatiana's breath comes in ragged gasps, her body trembling with rage and exhaustion. Her eyes blazed as she continued to rain down blows on her helpless opponent.

The wet sound of flesh on flesh echoes through the arena, the crowd cheering and jeering in equal measure. Tatiana's hand moves so quickly that her fingers begin to blur, leaving nothing but red welts and scratches across Melissa’s face.

Melissa's head rocks back and forth, her eyes closed, her mouth hanging open, and her body limp. Her arms and legs splay outwards, the glisten of her sweat pooling beneath her. Tatiana stands over her fallen opponent, chest heaving, her face twisted. She glares down at Melissa, her eyes cold and hard, her lips peeled back in a snarl.

 She spits repeatedly on Melissa's prone form. The thick wads of saliva splatter onto Melissa's face and body, pooling in the hollows of her cheeks, dribbling down her neck, and soaking the already-soaked bikini top. Melissa doesn't react, doesn't move a muscle, her eyes staring sightlessly up at the lights. Tatiana continues to unleash a torrent of abuse.

As the Ref, a stern-looking woman slides into position, Tatiana hooks Melissa's leg and presses her shoulders to the mat, pinning her in a classic wrestling move.
"One!" The Ref shouts, slamming her palm against the mat.

"Two!" She begins the second count, but before she can hit the mat again, Melissa shoots to life, bucking and thrashing.  Tatiana, caught off guard, is thrown clear, landing with a thud on the canvas.

Still dazed she lurches to her feet, Melissa rolls quickly out of the way, narrowly avoiding the brunt of the leg drop. Tatiana lands hard on her backside, the impact sending shockwaves of agony through her damaged arm. Melissa, seeing her chance, lunges forward, delivering a devastating uppercut to Tatiana's jaw. Tatiana's eyes roll back in her head as she crumples to the mat, her body limp and unresponsive. Seeing the opportunity, Melissa straddles Tatiana, hooking her leg as she presses down on her shoulders.

"One!" The Ref shouts, her voice ringing out over the crowd's excited murmurs.

"Two!" She slams her hand against the mat, but Tatiana stirs, her eyes fluttering open as she struggles to break free. Melissa growls in frustration as Tatiana breaks the pin, rolling away and clawing her way back to her feet.

Tatiana's ass is a glaring target, and Melissa doesn't hesitate to capitalize on it. Springing to her feet, Melissa lunges forward, delivering a stinging kick to Tatiana's ass as she rolls away. Tatiana yelps in pain, her body slamming against the ropes and crumpling out of the ring. Melissa dives through the ropes, landing on top of her opponent with a vicious elbow to the temple.

Melissa stands tall, her chest heaving; Tatiana, still reeling from the elbow strike, tries to scramble to her feet, but Melissa is too quick, she winds up and unleashes a devastating soccer-style kick into Tatiana's ribs, the impact echoing through the arena. Tatiana's body jerks violently, a cry tearing from her lips. Melissa wastes no time, delivering kick after kick, each one landing with bone-crunching force. She rains down blows on Tatiana's battered body, each strike a calculated attempt to break her opponent. Tatiana writhes in agony, her body a mass of bruises and contusions, her arm hanging limp at her side.

Seizing Tatiana's hair, Melissa yanks her to her feet. She slams her forehead into Tatiana's face, the sickening crunch of bone against bone reverberating through the arena. Tatiana's body sags, but Melissa doesn't let up, using the apron to steady herself as she delivers a series of brutal headbutts. Tatiana's eyes roll back in her head, her body limp and unresponsive as Melissa continues her assault.

Tatiana, her survival instinct kicking in, lashes out with a desperate jab to Melissa's eye. Melissa cries out, reeling backward, her hands flying to her face. Tatiana pulls herself up onto the apron, her body quivering with exhaustion and pain. She doesn't hesitate, launching herself into the air in a flying headbutt, her forehead connecting with a sickening thud against Melissa's skull.
Both women collapse to the floor, their bodies entwined, their breathing ragged. The crowd is stunned into silence, their faces a mix of shock and awe.
Tatiana's limp form drapes over Melissa, her head resting against her chest. If the rules allowed for pins outside the ring, the Ref's count would have been well past twelve, but the match rages on. Melissa groans, her hands flailing weakly as she tries to push Tatiana off of her, Her face is a swollen mess.

 Tatiana stirs, her eyes fluttering open as she slowly becomes aware of her surroundings.  She reaches out, blindly searching for a way to pull Melissa up, her fingers catching hold of the bikini straps She pulls. Her muscles straining against the resistance. Melissa's limp body doesn't budge, but the bikini straps snap, the fabric ripping away from her chest.

The crowd erupts into a frenzy, their shouts and cheers echoing through the arena.

Tatiana glares down at the ripped bikini top in her hand, her lip curling in disgust. She crumples the fabric, balling it up into a tight wad  and hurls the bikini at Melissa's face with all the force she can muster. The fabric flies through the air, striking Melissa's cheek with a resounding smack, the tatters of fabric scattering across the floor. Melissa's head snaps to the side, her eyelids fluttering.

Tatiana drops to her knees, hovering over the dazed Melissa. Without a hint of mercy, she unleashes a devastating series of hammer fists, her knuckles striking Melissa's already battered face. Each punch lands with sickening force, the dull thuds echoing through the arena. Tatiana, her eyes wild, her breath coming in ragged gasps. Melissa's head rocks from side to side.

Just as Tatiana yanks Melissa upright, a sharp pain shoots through her ribs, causing her to flinch and stagger backward; Melissa twists Tatiana around, shoving her damaged ribs into the unforgiving edge of the steel steps. Tatiana lets out a scream of agony, her body crumpling against the cold metal. Melissa shoves her weight into Tatiana's back, grinding her ribs into the steps.

The crowd is back on their feet, their cheers and jeers reaching a fever pitch as Tatiana thrashes and gasps for air.

Melissa stands back, her chest heaving as she catches her breath. She sways unsteadily on her feet, her arms hanging limply at her sides.
A look of fury crosses her face as she takes in the sight of Tatiana's battered body. She clenches her fists, her knuckles turning white as she grinds her teeth in rage.

The Ref steps in, her voice a sharp reprimand. "That's enough! Get back in the ring!"

In their single-minded pursuit of destruction, Tatiana and Melissa had indeed forgotten the primary objective: getting back in the ring and securing the victory. Both women, battered and bruised, glance back at the ropes, the confusion in their eyes quickly replaced by renewed determination. They charge towards each other, colliding like two freight trains.

Fists fly and kicks land, the sound of flesh striking flesh punctuated by groans of pain and grunts of exertion. In their rage, Tatiana and Melissa abandon all sense of strategy, instead resorting to savage hair-pulling and wild haymakers. Their fingers claw deep into each other's locks, the raw, primal instinct for survival pushing them up the steel steps. Tatiana lands a savage kick to Melissa's ribs, eliciting a scream of agony, while Melissa delivers a brutal elbow to Tatiana's already damaged arm, sending shocks of pain coursing through her body.

The crowd goes wild, their chants and screams rising to a deafening crescendo.

As they grapple and trade blows atop the ring apron, their balance becomes more precarious by the second. With a sudden, explosive movement, Melissa hoists Tatiana above her head and launches her over the top rope. Tatiana crashes to the canvas, the impact reverberating throughout the arena. Melissa, throws herself over the top rope, landing awkwardly on top of Tatiana. The two women roll across the mat, fists still flying, elbows still swinging.

As the two women wrestle on the mat, Tatiana catches a glimpse of Melissa's exposed tits, the tattered remnants of her bikini top dangling from her waist.  Melissa doesn't even notice Tatiana's sudden smile until she feels the agonizing tug on her breast. Tatiana's fingers dig into the soft flesh, pulling it to an almost inhuman degree, while her teeth sink into the other breast, d
Melissa's scream of pain is mingled with rage.

Tatiana's savage assault only serves to further enrage Melissa, who retaliates with a vicious attack of her own. Her fingers sink into the thin fabric of Tatiana's bikini bottoms, yanking hard on the strings. Tatiana's eyes widen as she feels the stinging pain of her pubic hair being torn out,  the sharp yank sending a bolt of pain straight through her lower abdomen. She cries out in agony, her grip on Melissa's breasts loosening.

Tatiana, her body a mass of pain and bruises, falls into Melissa's arms, the two women leaning against each other for support. The fight has sapped their strength, but the fierce determination in their eyes has not wavered. Tatiana turns her head to face Melissa, their faces mere inches apart. Her voice is a hoarse whisper, but her words carry the weight of her resolve. "You're not winning this fight, Melissa. I'm not losing."

Melissa sneers. "Keep telling yourself that," she hisses, before roughly hauling both of them to their feet.
The crowd, sensing the impending climax of the fight, erupts into a frenzy, their cheers and jeers reaching a feverish pitch.
Melissa brings Tatiana crashing down in a devastating DDT, the force of the impact shaking the ring. Tatiana's body goes limp, her head bouncing off the canvas with a sickening thud.

The crowd erupts in a frenzy, a mixture of awe and horror rippling through the stands.
Melissa, breathing heavily, glares down at Tatiana's unconscious form;
Melissa, sure of her victory, nonchalantly rolls Tatiana onto her back, a look of smug satisfaction on her face. She pins Tatiana's shoulders to the mat, her confidence seemingly unflappable. The Ref slides into position, her hand slamming against the mat with each count.

"One!" The crowd holds their breath, their eyes fixed on the scene unfolding before them.
"Two!" The Ref's hand hovers over the mat, the anticipation reaching a fever pitch.

 Tatiana kicks out just as the referee's hand is about to hit the mat for the third and final count. The crowd erupts their cheers and gasps drowning out the sound of Tatiana's exhausted groan. The arena is a deafening cacophony of noise, a chaos of shock and amazement.

Melissa, her face contorting in disbelief, stares down at Tatiana, her eyes wide and incredulous.

The Ref, her hand still frozen mid-air, instinctively tightens her grip, her body tensing as she prepares for a possible attack. Her eyes dart between Melissa and Tatiana, her senses on high alert.

Melissa, her fists clenched, takes a step towards the Ref, her face a restrained rage. "She did not fucking kick out at two!" She shouts.

The Ref, her training kicking in, stands her ground, her gaze hard and unflinching. "I saw the kick-out," she replies, her voice steady and authoritative.

Melissa, her frustration mounting, stomps to the corner of the ring, her entire body vibrating with fury. She slams her fists against the turnbuckle, her breath coming gasps. Her muscles tense, her eyes darting around the ring in search of an opportunity, an opening.

But Tatiana remains eerily still.

The Ref watches the two women carefully, poised to intervene if Melissa's anger spills over into outright violence.

Melissa, her mind clouded by rage and exhaustion, struggles to scale the turnbuckle, her limbs shaking with the effort. Each step is a battle, her body protesting with every inch of progress.

The crowd's murmurs of concern rise in pitch as Melissa struggles to hoist herself to the top rope, sweat pouring down her face.

Tatiana, however, moves with a quiet, single-minded purpose. Though her body is battered and bruised, her muscles weak and sore, she crawls towards the ropes, her eyes fixed on Melissa.

In a split second of distraction, Tatiana seizes the opportunity, scaling the ropes with an unnatural speed, driven by sheer desperation and instinct. Before Melissa can react, Tatiana's hands grip her around the waist, her fingers digging into Melissa's flesh like talons. Tatiana heaves her body backward, executing a flawless Top Rope German Suplex.
Melissa's body flies through the air, her limbs flailing helplessly. The crowd holds its breath as Tatiana rolls them both over, each of her three successive German Suplexes landing with bone-jarring force.

Tatiana, her body nearly spent, rolls back into position, her legs straddling Melissa's chest, her hands gripping tightly onto her opponent's legs. She yanks the legs up, hooking them under her arms, effectively immobilizing Melissa's lower body.

The Ref scrambles into position, her hand slapping against the mat. "One!" The crowd holds its collective breath.

"Two!" Melissa strains against Tatiana's hold, but Tatiana remains firmly in place, her grip like iron.

She kicks out and propels Tatiana off of her. Tatiana sails through the air, her arms windmilling, a look of stunned disbelief on her face. Tatiana hits the mat with a hard thud, her body rolling to a stop near the ropes. She stares up at Melissa, her expression a mix of shock and horror as if witnessing a supernatural phenomenon.

Tatiana quickly collects herself. Melissa is on her back again; the kick out taking all energy away. Tatiana pins her the same way, this time grabbing her bikini bottoms pulling them to her ankles, and shoving her head in them. Melissa was now stuck with her head and ankles trapped in her bikini bottoms as Tatiana sat on her chest…she got the three count.

Tatiana dreams with joy and falls face down to the mat as her name is announced over the PA. She laughs and cries and curls up in a fetal position holding her ribs. She will face either Debra Jo Rupp or Octavia Spencer in the semi-finals. And as this tournament takes place in one night, she will enter the match already exhausted and broken.

But will Debra Jo or Octavia be worse for wear after their fight?