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This file has been augmented and renamed from the original (originally located  at  "Catfight , Boxing & Wrestling Stories", dated March 09, 2009,
   and entitled DOUBLE  TWO ON ONE


We have two dirty-catfighting blonde and  brunette teams as follows:

    Blondes: Bunny Glamazon, Suzanne Somers, and Anne Heche;
    Brunettes: Jane Russell, Demi Moore, and Andi MacDowell !
       AND a mystery catfighter !

 all six of these beauiful women prepared to win a vicious series of mauling catfights that were being staged to find a dirty catfighting CHAMPION who will have the remainder of all the blonde/brunette losers as her sex-slaves until each one  is able to catfight her way out of the CHAMPION's terrible maulings to maintain her position!   The champion would be quite busy with all this, experiencing some losers she hadn't beaten and making them fight the girl who had originally beaten her!!   

Both teams were in their separate dressing rooms looking over the photos of their opponents and BunnyG giggled,  "I guess Jane Russell is going to get a taste of Bunny tonight!" while Demi Moore joined her assessment of Suzanne Somers getting a slimy, jism face-splashing from "My orgasming pussy and that goop in my uterus that I've been saving up for weeks for such just a bitch to drown in it!" Anne Heche was to get what Andi McDowell was going to give her and the little blonde was mulling over giving some pained, drawn-out nipple mauling as her contribution to RUIN this trio of 'stinking brunettes' and at the same time their 'victims' were mentioning  what was going to happen to those stupid blonde bitches, Bunny Glamazon, Suzanne Somers and the 'titless little twat', Anne Heche, neither group having any idea how things would work out in the end!! Bunny and Jane were both anxious to get at each others' breasts with fists, elbows, and PERHAPS -  TEETH, although the fightorganizer told the brunettes that biting for any of these fights wasn't allowed. Andi offerred that if that 'titless' blonde (Anne H) tried to bite HER tits, she could expect to have her stinking pussy full of "Both of my feet up to my knees!!" a terrible punishment for the pretty little virgin blonde whose tight vagina had never been penetrated and still carried her 'badge' of virginity, that tight, thin HYMEN that blocked off her virgin vagina! Anne wasn't the dirtiest catfighter in this melee, but  the lessons she'd get from Andi McDowell and the other brunettes would stick in her brain for all her oncoming catfights! AND BECAUSE THE CHAMPIONSHIP MIGHT BE A BLONDE, AnneH might end up fighting one of her blonde  allies for the title and get it even worse than if she only got to fight a brunette!

"You blonde cow, haven't you been milked today?" JaneR gazing at Bunny's huge globes of tight tit skin holding up her big mammaries and her milk-dribbling nipples to impress her fans and the brunette bitch, Jane Russell whom she was planning to maul into a screaming, gagging mess - according to her fans and her own statements earlier to them! Bunny's overwhelming size and vicious attitude would provide a wild catfight when she and Jane got going. The brunette was quite aware of her size discrepancy, but with some help from her team mates was quite confident of hearing the big blonde squealing for mercy and surrendering to BRUNETTE

Jane was all ready for a breast-mauling fight with the blonde giantess, Bunny and now it was coming! Demi had agreed to help Jane with the  giantess immediately after she had smashed  Suzanne's cxnt and ended the blonde's involvement in this wild championship catfight and signing  her up as one  the CHAMPION's sex slaves for much mauling! Demi had agreed with Jane about how they'd oversome Bunny, "If you can get into her cxnt, I'll go after those big tits and we'll both get a lot of screans out of that cow!!" Demi promised, but then Suzanne would take a little longer to neutralize and Demi wasn't available when Bunny really wrapped her
 two hands tight around each of Jane's jutting breasts and nearly knocked her unconscious by falling flat down on the gasping brunette who was wildly glancing around for her promised back-up that would help her with this big blonde monster, Bunny Glamazon.

Bunny was a flat-footed 6 foot 11 inches with a gorgeous unbrasierred 54GGG pair of breasts - always full of milk. Bunny's friends and female admirers were constantly on call to suck out her warm, tasty juices from both of those GGG monsters - in fact she frequently had to end her  breast-sucking fans' catfights over who-was-next by pulling the young girls away from each others' bitten breasts when they vied to be next on those big,gorgeous glands and could hear Bunny screaming with pleasured-sex at their frenzied breast-sucking and wild biting to have HER TITS! Jane was aware of Bunny's high level of orgiastic pleasures and planned
to dive into the big blonde's crotch as soon as their catfight started with the intent of starting an orgasm that would immobilize the big girl and then clawing further up her cxnt to force a screaming surrender  as Jane's nails clawed at the big, shrieking blonde's cervix!

Now, with Demi and Andi quite busy with their own blonde opponents, Suzanne Somers and Anne Heche respectively, Jane was screaming with  some pain from Bunny's vicious attacks to her massive mammary glands even though the brunette beauty, Jane,  had all of her ten fingers completely  out of sight, buried deep into both of Bunny's huge breasts! The blonde giantess never seemed to notice Jane's powerful breast mauling, but  continued her own attacks to the prone Jane Russell who shrieked wildly at seeing what the big blonde bitch was doing to one beautiful breast with a devastating, two-handed, clawing grip. "You want a tit fight - you
got a tit fight, you dirty brunette bitch!!" Bunny snarled at her gasping opponent who was nearly in shock at seeing how Bunny was reshaping her  beautiful, jutting left breast with her powerful hands and clawing fingers! Jane's tits were never going to look the same  as before ths catfight if she couldn't fight off Bunny!
But, as in all wars, the situation changes rapidly and when Anne H finally fainted from Andi's fingernail deflowering and exploration of  her  virgin vagina, things began to form up in the way that Jane was hoping for.

"Fucking little, titless,  blonde twat, you're another dirty whore now and here's your stinking hymen to prove it!!" the laughing Andi M growled into the dull-eyed blonde's face as she waved the yanked-out hymen in proof of her boast! But Anne lay prone and only found out her virginity was lost when she fingered her pussy and found the bloody opening where her precious hymen had been torn out by Andi, who became really angry when Anne bit hard at her left breast, in violation of the NO-BITING rule! Tossing Anne's ripped-out, precious, pussy-part aside, Andi punched her pussy hard and knocked out the lttle blonde to  leave her lying unconscious near Demi and Suzanne, kicking and punching hard at  each others' pussies and breasts. This triple catfight was expected to be as  dirty as they come and all six catfighters were enthusiastically mauling each others' sex as hard as they could, with shrieks and screams that verified the intensity of each attack!   

Now, with Anne unconscious and Suzanne Somers already in real trouble with her brunette opponent Demi, Andi looked over to see Jane Russell's stricken face as Bunny really dug into her soft  left breast with her sharp nails and her bulging eyes gazing down at Jane's other big gland, her mouth gaping wide,  primed to bite into Jane's soft breast and win this fight with the famous brunette catfight champion! This would leave the big blonde free to leap on Demi and help the shrieking blonde Suzanne S in a two-on-one mauling with Suzanne now free to claw her way up into Demi's vagina while Bunny worked over Demi's soft breasts! Jane and
Demi's plan to overcome Bunny wasn't the only two-on-one fight planned for during this  series of dirty fights!

"You fucking blonde whore, stay away from her lovely breasts!!" Andi M screamed as she dove into Bunny to help the white-faced Jane several feet away from where she'd finished off Anne!  Now Bunny who had Jane's fingers still buried in her breasts, had another brunette to contend with and as  Andi was so worked up about her victory over the pretty little Anne H, that she was a real threat, even to a girl who was as big as Bunny! The big blonde was alreadybeginning to  hurt from Jane's breastwork, and when Andi's clawing fingers went onto one tit and Jane added that hand to the other, Bunny began screaming in pain, both brunettes using
two hands on each of her massive mammaries, her milk now squirting in all directions from this effective form of 'blonde milking' !
Bunny had realized she was in some danger as Jane increased her vicious, attack on the blonde's two huge, bare mammary glands! The first two-on-one catfight had begun and it showed two brunettes working over the big blonde giantess Bunny Glamazon's huge breasts, a third brunette, Demi Moore  had managed to get a brutal punch directly into Suzanne's crotch and the gasping blonde was now lying to one side, on her back with both hands tight  into her crotch, tightly clamping her aching, black-and-blue cxnt  and moaning as she rolled back and forth from Demi's really hard blow! Mixed with  Suzanne's squirting jism, erupting from her
 excited pussy with all this fighting ,there was also blood tricking from between Suzanne's fingers - Demi's  forceful punch had  really done it to the pretty blonde with those two cute little ponytails at the back of  her head!!  Demi had seen  Andi ripping out Anne's virgin hymen and knowing that Suzanne collected HER victim's hymens after winning  fight, dug down past the blonde's clutching fingers to rip out Suzanne's hymen, but found it already gone - a dirty catfight months ago with Bette Midler had left Suzanne with  her hymen scratched out and Bette now the new HYMEN-COLLECTING QUEEN!! The big redhead (this week) had offerred
to leave Suzanne with both of her breasts if she could take over Suzanne's collection! "Maybe I'll start MY WORLD-REKNOWNED COLLECTION with YOURS!" Bette snarled at the beaten Suzanne as the pretty blonde found her own pussy part missing! "You dirty bitch," Suzanne had screamed, "You ripped out my hymen!" as Bette waved the piece of diaphragm in her face with an evil grin! Then came the demand for swapping her attractive breasts for her collection of hymens and the accompanying pictures and videos of when they were collected!

Now Demi was also at Bunny and beginning to dig down between Bunny's clenched thighs to get at her excited and drooling pussy for some gloriously vicious fist-fucking! This form of sex usually required a water-based lubricant, but Bunny's own  natural pussy jism was the only lubricant that Demi's fist was to find and Bunny's shrieks as Demi's fist ground its way up into her vagina indicated that the blonde giantess needed more lube up in her tight pussy!!

What with Suzanne and Anne only partly conscious away from this violent mauling that Bunny was getting, the big girl was really getting it good from the three brunettes in this three-on-one torture session! Her shrieks were finally heard by Suzanne who crawled over to Anne and shook her awake, "C'mon, those three dirty brunette cxnts are all over Bunny's tits, biting them and fist-fucking her deep inside her tender pussy.  C'mon, we have to help her!!"

So it was that Suzanne and Anne H crawled over to relieve their screaming blonde team mate, Bunny G, grabbing at Andi McDowell's long brown hair to pull her hands off  of Bunny's breast and dive into her soft tits (Suzanne) while Anne H went at the breast that Suzanne wasn't chewing! Andi was under them both as they pinned both her arms under their bodies and clawed at her squirming bare pussy as their teeth had both of her tits being viciously chomped and chewed, leaving big black-and-blue teeth marks and reddened spots with multiple bitings all over Andi's exciting bosoms!

The overall situation at this point was that Jane was being breast-mauled by Bunny and was vigorously returning the favor to the screaming Bunny now that Demi had arrived. Besides this, the big blonde was beginning to be painfully dry-fist-fucked by Demi, many of Bunny's shrieks being credited to the brunette bitch whose forearm only showed two inches to her elbow, having already reached the end of  Bunny's vagina with her squirming fist! Bunny's shrieks were partly due to her experiences with orgasming during a dirty catfight like this - she knew  these bitchy brunettes were going to work over her gorgeous breasts while she was unable to
 fight them off!

A few feet away, brunette Andi M was under the two blondes Suzanne and Anne H. The brunette's screams were for real, although her earlier fights that had been this violent would get her torturers excited from how badly their victim was hurting that they would have orgiastic 'explosions' that would happen with little warning and the victim would use this spasming to better her situation with her now nearly-helpless opponent - immobile in a giant, gagging orgasm and unable to defend herself against this angry ex-victim's counter attack!

This threeway, dirty catfight had now become a double two-on-one with Andi M and Bunny G as the 'ones' and being badly mauled by Jane and Demi (on Bunny) as well as Suzanne and Anne (on Andi M). The female audience for these erotic maulings was completely crazy over the two-on-one, blonde and brunette biting and clawings, the many shrieks and screams announcing tothe observers to seek out old enemies to copy some of  the catfighters' moves with THEIR opponents from earlier dirty catfights!

But Andi wasn't that far into defeat and using her previous dirty catfghting experience had  gotten her arms loose and had begun feeling around down in her two torturers' crotches and was able to gain access to their slimy pussies with both of her clawing hands - the pretty brunette feeling Suzanne's clawing fingers deep into her own vaginal passage, digging their way in after not finding Andi's hymen to tear out for Bette Midler's collection!

This was another shrieked agreement with Bette by Suzanne to save her breasts - any new hymens she won were to be added to Bette's newly won trophies and if Suzanne failed to deliver Bette's quota, a penalty breast mauling was to be given to the 'cute blonde with the two ponytails'!! Suzanne's hand quickly retracted from Andi's pussy when the brunette dug into her squirming slot, and Andi heard Suzanne's screamed surrender even before Andi's hand was all the way in!!
Andi's shamming-pained shrieking did it to Anne's orgiastic tendencies and the brunette's G-spot clawing finished off Anne AGAIN as Andi slid her clawing fingers out of  Suzanne's pussy and ended  the mauling she was getting from both blondes! At the same time, the  brunette torturer, Jane R  was sucking in one of Bunny's mammoth glands after describing how she was going to bite off  BOTH of Bunny's nipples, and probably even, her huge breasts as well!! Leaving the current breast that she was sucking so hard, the brunette bitch looked up into Bunny's stricken face and taunted her about being even MORE titless than Anne Heche, who
 Jane had laughed at earlier when the two teams were warming up so that the dirty catfighting would be as vicious and violent as possible!

"HEY, YOU BIG cxnt, IF YOU SURRENDER RIGHT NOW I'LL LEAVE YOU WITH ONE OF THOSE MONSTERS, BUT YOU'D BETTER HURRY BECAUSE I'M REALLY GETTING HOT,"  Bunny being given a chance to end Jane's vicious breast mauling, but have to watch the rest  of her team being badly beaten and ripped up while she held one hand over the breast that Jane was threatening to bite off, EVEN AFTER Bunny surrendered! Jane R was a dirty sadstic bitch, for sure and always got herself off hard when mauling a defeated girl! This championshop catfight  had brought out the best in both groups (the BEST??)!!

Screams from the wildly excited viewers urged Bunny to keep fighting while others screamed for her to GIVE UP, citing the NO-BITING rule as a  foil to Jane's terrible one-breast threat even if Bunny GAVE, else lose both of her fantastic assets if she persisted with attacking Jane's gorgeous glands!   

The first of the 'ones' to faint was Bunny G and Jane gazed disgustedly down at the limp blonde giantess complaining that she'd only been able to get off three times over this wonderful torturing of the big Bunny. "Maybe I can get some fun with one of those other blonde twats, gazing over at where Suzanne and Anne H were doing their two-on-one thing on the screaming Andi M!!

Collecting the other brunette, Demi who was just finishing her seventh orgasm over what she had been doing up inside Bunny's cxnt, Demi and Jane leaped into the two-on-one pair giving it good to Andi and enjoying the pretty brunette's screams and howlings. Now Andi's shrieks stopped to be replaced by those from Suzanne and Anne, The smaller blonde quickly passed out when Demi drove her fist, still slathered with Bunny's jism and blood up into her virgin vaginal slot, Demi somewhat annoyed at not having gotten off with Anne as she had enjoyed with the hard fisting she had given the screaming Bunny's cxnt!

Suzanne only lasted another minute with Demi's attack aiding Jane's breast mauling and with Bunny, laying next to her team, also unconscious, it appeared that the brunette team had completely routed their blonde opponents again and were the new champions and were to meet with many new catfighters in vicious tit fighting and really dirty catfighting!!

But now the brunettes had another championship situation to resolve!  Demi glanced over at Andi and quietly nodded toward Jane who was busily inspecting the several breast bites she had gotten earlier. The winning team was about to produce another screaming loser from their own team and  then settle it with each other to determine a FINAL CHAMPION who would now have a stable of five beautiful  sex-slaves for torturing catfights  to  be able to fight with this CHAMPION for her freedom from the frequent  daily maulings being delivered randomly to the nearest slave-girl by the oversexed CHAMPION!!

The deal was that the champion's submission during this extremely dirty catfight would gain freedom, but if the champion won, the losing slave catfighter would have to wait until the other slaves had their chance at freedom from the daily, brutal maulings the vicious champion would vigorously deliver to whichever slave girl she had selected for her pleasure!!

Usually the losing "freedom fighter" would be so badly mauled during her attempt, that the Champion would only mildly torture her after the new "freedom fighter" was vanquished! Thes Champion really liked her new situation and didn't want to stop it with  these voluptuous slaves whose  breasts and crotches became her targets in dirty catfighting, the CHAMPION always in control and orgasming continually during her violent victories over her screaming slave-girls!!


More coming  about the new CHAMPION and her stable of beautiful, sexy slaves that built up her capacity for multiple orgasms whenever the urges became overwhelming!!

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