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Did stewardess Suki deserved her victory? (chat log & post-match poll)

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A little prelude:
This chat log you are about to read was a "quick little tussle" I had with somebody whose name I will not drop (I am discreet). We had fun with some made-up stewardesses (Sonia vs my girl Suki) fighting on chatzy. There was no argument at the end, it was just a quick little fun, without to much engagement (and NOT an exhausting sample of what I do or how I go about it ;)  )

Buuuuut... I would love to know if my Suki deserved her victory. I know, it is not about "math" but "feel", share your opinion with us. Thanks!

Oh, and always keep in mind: you are not the judge for two bickering bitches right now... there is no fight to be "solved" here.

(No avatars were on display and we did not really talked about how they looked like before we started, just "blond vs. asian" was a "quick & dirty" thing, really :)
Sonia started the chat 9 minutes ago

sonia joined the chat 5 minutes ago

Suki joined the chat 4 minutes ago

Suki: Look who is there...*gives my witty smirk as I enter*

sonia: You better know your place, or else, I top stewardess and you know it...*glaring at you*

Suki: Oh....thanks for pointing it know, for somebody just having an eye on what is going on, one would be hardly pressed to recognize it *smiling false and haughty*

Suki: *turning to lean backwards against the counter...both elbows on it and the shoulder leaning back more, a long leg a little more forward then the other*

sonia: You have been disrespectful of me, and why I summoned you, you better behave or else lil girl you understand * hands on hips pouting*

Suki: "Oh, I do understand... unlike you..." lashing my eyes at you slowly..once...twice.. then slowly pushing off the counter and getting straight, my purse left on it

Suki: the little cap that is part of the uniform sits naughty-ankled on my hair..against the rules YOU are there to enforce when we are not off-business

sonia: * slaps you across face* "how dare you challenge my authority you slut"

Suki: the slap rings clear in the vip lounge..we can use it off-hours since the gentlemen are not averse at seeing some of us..or inviting us over for drinks. But now, the heads turn as you turn my head with a hard slap

Suki: I slowly turn my face back...and the profesional mask of friendlyness I so coy wore for you is melting away

Suki: With a smile getting cold and grim, I lash out to slap you back with a quick back hand, my little cap on the ground on some of my strains no longer held in place yt

sonia: "bitch" I yell..grabbing your hair yanking it, slapping you hard..."you will

sonia: for your insolence cow " yt

sonia: *pay

Suki: I stumble forward as you grab my haird, finding only little hold in the tight, regal hairdo we wear, but some hold you find.

Suki: But my hands are coming up same instance, so I just slap and give you back while my cheek starts to bloom red from your fingers planting painful flower on it

Suki: my other arm grips your uniform jacket, bunching it..while I kick out at your leg!

Suki: "Blond BIMBO!" I yell back, losing my poise yt

sonia: we start to grapple, I grab at your blouse trying to tear it off, buttons pop as we tear each others hair...I kick you back..."you bitch,I make you sorry bitch" yt

Suki: "lose cxnt!!" I shriek back as you get more and more strains of my hair out of the tight hairdo..and make vicious use of it!

Suki: I grib the hair at the back to take the hair tugged back there,mewling as you kick back and hit my shin with your pointy shoes

Suki: back I kick buttons of my blouse pops, my hands tearing your open jacket over your left shoulder

Suki: yt

sonia: ankle hurting, I scream...."you cow" and launch myself at you, we both fall onto the bed, I try and get on top as we fight, I pull your hair and tear at your tights, ripping them...."bitch, you going to pay" yt

Suki: (weren´t we struggling in a vip lounge?  )

Suki: (where is the bed coming from ? I can switch that to a bedroom..but just would like to ask  )

sonia: (hehe sorry, aint there a bed in the vip lounge lol)

Suki: (I guess about getting on a pool billard table instead?  )

sonia: (or large luxurious sofa)

sonia joined the chat

Suki: (the leather sofa then  )

sonia: (cool yt)

Suki: you bring me back first onto the sofa and flail your arms at me, pushing with ellbows and grabbing my hair still, yanking my head down

Suki: I reach up, pushing at your chin, tearing your jacket over your one shoulder to trap the upper arm..before going for your blouse and rrrip it open

sonia joined the chat

Suki: meanwhile, you grasp my kicking leg which with I tried to go for a don´t only bring it down to get your leg over rip my sheer nylons while you go at it!

Suki: the "gentlemen" laughs a little..and turn to watch, some ordering drinks and cigars yt

sonia: I cast my jacket aside, my blouse torn, my amble bussom bulging in my bra...the men getting more excited as they watch..."bitch" I cry as I rip more of your tights

Suki: as you wiggle out of your jacket, I quickly slip out of waste no time and go back to wrecking my nylons, KNOWING that I have to get new once on my own as the airline is only giving us the uniform

Suki: "stop that you vile tramp!!" I yell, bitchslapping you across the face...before going to rake you bra cup down in front of all the men just WAITING for this to happen yt

sonia: my ample boobs pop out, nipples erect..."you cow" I shout before slapping you back and start to rip your blouse off too... yt

Suki: "nnaay...WITCH!!"

Suki: my lightblue lacy bra is on display. I grib for your face, pushing it up by the chin while trying to pull the other cup of your bra donw, too! My knees kick up to get you in the back or the side..and to avoid you getting your legs over mine while I squirm under you yt

sonia: finally rip your bra offf, you fulsome boobs on display, the men aghast with joy...raking my giners over them, as we fight on the sofa

sonia: "you'll pay bitch" Inscream yt

Suki: ((giners? thats a word for nails, right? please help me here, I do not know the term))

Suki: (I am not a native speaker)

sonia: (hehe fingers sorry)

Suki: "hnng..NASTY SKANK!" you have my full, porcellan globes on display, crowned by the small pinkish crown..and paw at them, needing them and even start to scratch

Suki: I arc and buck under your, twist and squirm to avoid the pain..and go for your bust in revenge, my mouth open and my jaw tight as I pinch them from below

Suki: your soft flesh gets between thumb and side of my fingers..and I try to PULL yt

sonia: I scream in pain and fall onto the floor...breathing heavily laying there nearly nude, my boobs on show, my nipples hard as the men lear and some wank themsrlves

sonia: yt

Suki: (how RUDE of them! *laughs+)

Suki: gasping, I sit up as you drop down to avoid my attacks..and as you just lay there, arching in pain, I take a moment to craddle my boobs. They are hurt and red now, some scratch marks on them

Suki: " BIATCH!!" I don´t step up, I halfly lunge and halfly fall of the sofa as I go after you, trying to drop chest first into your belly to take the wind of you, my lose hair strains flying behind me yt

sonia: land on top of me.....I grab your hair and yank, we start to roll acroos the floor, as we stratch, bite and punch each other..."bitch I hate slut" I scream yt

Suki: "fucking hoe!.....dman hussy!..nyaaa my hair!....nnaaaaAAAY!" you tear hair and I scratch your face! you scratch right back and we roll over as I get YOUR hair again, two furies on the thick carpet of the vip lounge

Suki: I get more hateful, deliberately going for your face and to SCRRRATCH, sinking in nails as deep as I can before raking down. I even coil my legs around you..I dont want you to get away from me, even as you pay me back in kind

Suki: NYAAAAA!! yt

sonia: both barely naked, both fighting hard, your bodies covered in bruises and cuts....tears welling in my eyes.....trying to fight back...""let go bitch, i hate you" I say yt

Suki: "you stop you ..OOUHYYY!!" my sentece is cut short as you first jerk my had back and then paint some DEEP red lines over my cheek

Suki: I rake over your temple and claw at you shoulder while you role me off again, ending onto you side..I try to get my knees between​en trying to get your TITS again! yt

sonia: my body hurting, my delicate boobs on fire.....arghhhhhhhhhhhh​hhhh.......nooooooooo...​..please stop..."I give, I give" I say tears sweeping diwn my whole body weaping and convulsing ..."you are bette than mr

sonia: me..I give" yt

Suki: you say it...wimper it..and with a little growl I turn you onto your back, bringing my legs left and right of you as I straddle you

Suki: my bust heaving as I breath heavy, glaring down at you with squinted eyes, many BLEEDING cuts on my fine, creamy skin

Suki: "say that you are a whore..that you just are who you are for sleeping with every suprior you ever had...SAY IT YOU CUCKSUCKING SLUT!"

Suki: yt

sonia: "no please no that" I beg...."don't make me say thst pleaese.."yt

Suki: I snarl as you whimper and plead...and grip you by the bangs, jerking your face up while going lower on your quickly, my mouth opening!

Suki: I hover with my face over yours....showing teeth threatingly, oh so close to your visage

Suki: "" I hiss at you, my tits resting lightly on nipples hard as I know how the "gentlemen" in here work themselves while I dominate you...being their wet dream here...and being the bitch on top in it

Suki: yt

sonia: mmmmm feeling your tits against submissive I reach forward aroused and kiss yiu

sonia: yt

Suki: Your lips touch mine..slightly..I let you..before pressing you down by your THROAT!

Suki: My eyes are narrow and hate filled and I SPIT into your face sprayingly

Suki: "you are not going to fuck yourself out of THIS you slut..."

Suki: to emphasize it, I tear harder at your banks, upward so that you need to arc your head back...ripping some out yt

Suki: ""

sonia: arghhhhhh..."I'm a whore..." yt

Suki: I let the word sink in.....then spit one more time into your face. The spit runs over your lips and down your face and I take the side in...I have to. It has to be worth it, because tomorrow I will be fired and I know it

Suki: so, I tear you up by your hair as I get up, having you screamin only to push you down again HARD while I am standing

Suki: turning around like you are nothing, I decisively walk over to one of the tables with the "gentlemen" still mouth agape or breathing heavy for the show they just got

Suki: I lean over one table, gazing one of the man into the eyes deeply

Suki: ..before reaching for his glas of whisky, taking it and downing it in one shot, giving him a GOOD view of my body and especially of my pair that hops a bit as I swallow quickly*

Suki: only then, I turn round and stride out of the vip lounge, to leave the airport

Suki: I am only wearing my thong and the remains of my nylons by I walk head up high and stride like a lingerie model...calling a taxi to my hotel. If everybody looks at me..if I just got myself jsut fired..I will fucking do it like a Queen

Suki: -fin-
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Re: Did stewardess Suki deserved her victory? (chat log & post-match poll)
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I hope the men that just pulled it out in the vip room at least stood behind the bar   :D

Yes Suki deserved her win she was much nastier especially with her claws.
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