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HOLIDAY FOOD FIGHT!!! Sister vs. Sister pt. 2

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HOLIDAY FOOD FIGHT!!! Sister vs. Sister pt. 2
« on: December 16, 2009, 02:09:40 PM »
              Holiday Food Fight!!! Sister vs. Sister Pt. 2
                                                By: Supporturgoddess

       An innocent family occasion had turned into the kind of fight men dream of. In the front yard of their little sister’s new home, my beautiful girlfriend, Samantha, circled her equally beautiful younger sister, Jennifer. Sam stood 5’7” tall and weighed 132 lbs. She had long, brilliant, red hair, and wore a sleeveless red top, a tiny skirt, and very small boots, which curled down just above her ankles. Jennifer stood 5’6”, and weighed about 120 lbs. She had shoulder-length, reddish-brown hair. She wore a sleeveless green top, a matching skirt, and heels. Sam and Jen circled slowly, exchanging challenging grins and taunts. They pushed each other’s shoulders back playfully, and then lunged together! These two were sisters, so I knew they weren’t out to truly hurt each other, but I also knew they were determined to prove who was superior! For the first time, I had the chance to watch my girlfriend in an all-out fight, without having to worry about her!
       After a wild struggle, the sisters fell in the snow. Both women yelped loudly. They rolled girl- over-girl, squealing and shrieking. Their seasonally-impractical clothing took a toll. They quickly realized that wrestling around in a yard covered by snow had drawbacks. They scrambled to their knees a short distance apart and threw handfuls of snow at each other. Sam finally scooped up both hands full of snow and lunged, rubbing the snow in Jen’s face and forcing her to fall back. Sam mounted Jen, shoving snow into Jen’s face. Jen’s legs kicked and slid, creating the strangest snow angels you could imagine! They struggled to their feet. Jennifer had already lost her heels and was at a disadvantage, standing barefoot in the snow. Sam quickly came out on top. She stood behind her younger sister, pinned Jen’s arm behind her own back, and pulled Jen’s wrist up between Jen’s shoulder blades.
      Jen’s challenging smile was replaced by an expression of pain and worry. She gasped, “Oh! Oh! Oh!”
      Sam reduced the pressure on Jen’s arm, whispering, “I don’t want to hurt you. Have you had enough yet?”
       Jennifer snarled. Caring far less for Sam’s well-being, Jen reached back, seized Sam’s long, red hair, pulled her off, and sent her spinning into the snowman they had built earlier. The snowman seemed to explode as Sam flew into it. All that was left was its head. A devilish smile spread over Jennifer’s lips. She forced Sam to do a split over the pile of snow. Sam’s legs spread apart over what was left of their snowman. Sam tried to stay up, but her boots slid on the snow. As she sank lower, she looked up at me, whining, “Oh, No! No-no-no-no-no! The cone of snow went up into Sam’s skirt and directly between her legs. Sam’s face turned bright red. She cried out more from embarrassment than from the extreme cold rubbing against her. Overcome, Sam fell into a complete split, legs wide apart. Her skirt ripped. Sam shrieked. Jennifer tore the skirt off and started dancing around the yard with it, waving it in Sam’s face to taunt her. Sam was left wearing only her little, pink panties, arms crossed over herself, face red from humiliation. The other guys laughed. I tried not to.
       Enraged, Sam leapt up and kicked, but Jen caught her foot and tripped her down, pulling off one of Sam’s boots. Sam fell across a wood cut-out of Santa, taking it down under her. Jen sat on Sam’s back, lifting Sam’s upper half in a kind of clutch move and then slamming her breasts down against the wood beneath her. It devolved into a steady rocking motion, with Sam’s large breasts even creating a kind of sucking sound similar to a small suction cup in action as Jen worked her. Sam stared up, eyes nearly crossed. I had to laugh. Half of the wood character’s face was visible under Sam’s breasts as they heaved up and down. The ridiculous smile on the characters face was impossible to ignore.
       “Well,” I said, “if that was happening to me, I’d be jolly, too!”
       The other men roared with laughter.
       Sam stuck her tongue out at me playfully and rolled Jen’s back into the snow. They wrestled furiously. Sam came out on top. She pinned Jen firmly into the snow. Jen strained against her, but Sam was too much for her.
       Humiliated at the idea of being dominated in front of her new husband, Jennifer snarled at Samantha. “Oh, you like to act tough, but you’re not! We all know the family secret. Melanie made me promise not to bring it up, but maybe Carl and Andy want to hear how you almost lost your love to some British chick a while back. When you stood up to her, she wiped the floor with you! What was her name…Jackie?”
       Most families have topics they don’t discuss. By bringing up the affair I had with Jackie Addams, Jennifer had crossed a line.
       Fire filled Sam’s eyes. “You’ll pay for that, you little bitch!”
       Sam rolled Jennifer over. Jen cried out, as her front sank into the snow. Sam sat on Jen’s hips and pulled Jen’s arm up behind her back, twisting it. Jen first yelled and then screamed in pain. Her bare feet slid in the snow, but she couldn’t get up. Jen had tears in her eyes. Sam had Jen beat.
       “Give up,” Sam said. “Come on! I really don’t want to hurt you! Haven’t you had enough yet?”
       Jen’s free hand slapped the snow frantically. Sam took that as a tap out, a surrender. She was wrong. The instant Sam released Jen, she spun and tackled Sam down. They struggled up. Jen rammed Sam’s back against a tree. As a shower of snow fell over them, Sam shouted. I knew that hurt! Sam ran, but Jen chased her. Just as Sam reentered the house she spun, put one foot up on Jen’s ribs, grabbed Jen’s arms, fell back, and flipped Jen completely over her. Jen flew through the air and crashed down across the dining room table!
       A piercing scream filled the room! For an instant I feared Jen had landed on a fork or a knife, but then I realized the scream came from neither fighter.
       Melanie threw up her hands. “What have you two done to my party? I spent weeks getting everything ready! You’ve ruined everything? Doesn’t anyone care?”
       At that point, no one did. Everyone wanted to see which sister would emerge victorious. Most of all, Sam and Jen had to know! The fight resumed on the table top! A wild food fight began. The girls grabbed anything they could find to use as weapons. They tore the turkey to shreds between them. Jen smeared mashed potatoes over Sam’s face. Sam rubbed cranberries in Jen’s face to retaliate. They fought over a large bowl filled with chocolate pudding, smearing it over each other from head to toe.
       I stared at my chocolate-covered sweetheart and sighed. “That’s it. I’m quitting my diet!”
       The other men laughed.
       Sam’s lipped curled into a flattered smile for an instant, but Jen slammed her down. The table overturned. Now on the floor, Jen mounted Sam using a schoolgirl pin, with Jen’s knees pinning Sam’s upper arms. Jen shoved fistfuls of stuffing into Sam’s mouth. Desperate, Sam dug her bare foot around in the bowl of pudding and then kicked it up against Jen’s face, rubbing chocolate over her until she backed off.
       The assembled men had to duck, because the girls’ soaking-wet hair sprayed the room each time their hair flung around. Eggs flew back and forth like missiles. Sam grabbed one can of dairy topping, Jen grabbed another, and they sprayed the cream all over each other. Soon both women were totally covered in cream, along with most of Melanie’s dining room.
       I looked at my cream-covered girlfriend like a starving man. I’d never had such an appetite!
       Jen stood over Sam, brandishing a huge pot of gravy.
      Waving her hands frantically, Sam cried, “Oh! You wouldn’t!”
       She would. She dumped the pot over Sam’s head, coating her from top to bottom.
       Melanie sulked. She looked around at the remnants of the house she had so carefully decorated, crossed her arms over her chest, and slammed down into her chair in a huff.
       “Hit her in the eye!” Melanie growled. “Bite her!” She never even bothered to look up to see which of her sisters was winning. They had ruined her party. In her opinion, they both deserved everything that happened to them.
       Jennifer gained the upper hand. Lying on her front beneath her sister, Sam looked up at me with genuine fear in her eyes. Jen grabbed a turkey baster, shoved it down the back of Sam’s panties, and squeezed. Sam squeaked and then let out a long, low-pitched moan. Jen rolled Sam over and mounted her, grinding assorted food in my gasping girlfriend’s face. Sam’s long legs slid around, but Jen had her. Sam wasn’t getting back up. Always the big sister, Sam had given up numerous chances to finish Jen off, afraid of hurting her. Jennifer didn’t share that concern. She had Sam beaten, and was ready to finish her off. Sam lie spread eagle. Her legs slid out. She wasn’t even fighting back. It was over.
       Just as I got up to stop it, Melanie leapt to her feet, threw her fists down by her sides, let out an incredibly high-pitched battle cry, and launched herself at Jennifer! Jen’s eyes bulged, as Melanie tackled her off Sam! Melanie had put her heart and soul into this party, only to watch her sisters destroy it. Melanie transformed into a diminutive dynamo of destruction, a five-foot-tall tornado seeking revenge! Jennifer fought back furiously! Sam lie flat on her back gasping for air, as her two younger sisters rolled back and forth over her. Seeing her sisters resorting to closed fists, Sam tried to pull them apart. They sent her down, hard.
       Jennifer, the larger girl, pulled Melanie’s sweater over her head so she couldn’t see or fight back. She then slammed a fist to Melanie’s exposed belly. Melanie cried out and backed off, pulling out of her sweater and leaving her small but firm breasts covered only by a red bra. Jen rammed Melanie’s back against the mantle. As Melanie fell to her hips stunned, Jennifer shoved a green stocking over Melanie’s head! Unable to see, Melanie grabbed at the carpet. By the time Melanie pulled the stocking off, Jen had Melanie’s shoe and sock off and had a nutcracker clamped around one of Melanie’s toes.
       Jennifer gloated, “Ah, I think I want to hear some begging, Melanie! Come on, admit I beat you!”
       Half laughing at the audacious act but also scared, Melanie peeped, “You wouldn’t! You wouldn’t! Would you?”
       Sam pulled Jen down from behind. Jen spun and tore into her big sister. Hands grabbing desperately for anything to use, Sam grabbed two candy canes. She hooked one in the corner of Jen’s mouth and the other up Jen’s nose, and pulled her off as the canes broke.
       Sam and Jen rose. Melanie let out another shrill battle cry and dove at them. All three sisters crashed into the Christmas tree! The tree seemed to come alive, dancing and spinning madly, as the three sisters fought inside it! The tree fell over and rolled wildly, back and forth. Soon the living room was as much a disaster area as the dining room.
       The sisters crawled out of the tree but continued their mad wrestling match. They became an octopus of writhing arms and legs, rolling around on the floor. Three dumbfounded men watched the spectacle from their recliners.
       Jennifer’s husband, Carl, raised his beer bottle for a toast. Remembering what the ladies had said earlier that day, Carl winked at us and said, “Ugh. Women are such barbarians, aren’t they?”
       I winked back. “All they ever do is fight!”
       The three men toasted, letting our bottles tap together.
       The three sisters stopped fighting long enough to look up at us. Covered in food head-to-toe and well aware of how silly the whole thing looked, Sam gave me a smirk and said, “Oh…shut up!”
       The fight resumed. Jennifer drove her foot deep into Melanie’s gut. Groaning, the smallest girl crawled away. That left the battle to Sam and Jen. They lay on their sides, hands locked, legs kicking, each girl trying to roll on top.
       Suddenly both women’s eyes flashed wide with pain. They shrieked in unison. Melanie had seized a particularly high-torque, handheld cake mixer and shoved the spinning blades into her sisters’ hair! The instant the motor came on, the ladies’ hair was twisted up into the mixer’s spinning blades! The sisters cried out, suddenly experiencing an automated hair pull beyond anything they had ever experienced before!
       With her sisters lying side-by-side on their backs, Melanie sat above them, one foot on each girl’s shoulder. She tightened her grip on the mixer and shouted, “Now, I want you both to apologize for starting this fight and ruining my party! Say you’re sorry for ruining my house!”
       Sam and Jen immediately tried to blame the disaster on each other. Melanie switched the motor back on for an instant. Both girls screamed.
       “Ahhhh! Sam cried. “I’m sorry! I’m sorriiiiiieeeee!!!”
       “Me too!” Jen sobbed. “I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry!”
       Melanie dropped the mixer but seized a fistful of each woman’s hair and pulled. Sam and Jen shrieked.
       “Now,” Melanie said, triumphantly, “Beg ME for mercy! Admit I’M the toughest sister! Admit it. I won!”
       Jen grumbled, “You little--”
       Jen screamed, as Melanie pulled hard on her hair.
       Sam gasped, “Okay, Melanie. You beat me. You’re the winner!”
       Jen tried stubbornly to hang on, but Melanie’s little hand twisted Jen’s hair tighter and tighter. “Okay! I give up! You win! You win!”
       All three sisters rose slowly. They faced off, looking ready to tear each other apart! For several tense moments, the girls stared at each other. Melanie looked around at the food stained, tattered remains of her new home. After a few more moments, Sam bit her lip. Her chest began to shake. Melanie followed. At once, all three sisters burst out laughing!
       “You have to admit,” Melanie laughed, “I throw a memorable party!”
       Sam winked at me. “I doubt our guys will ever forget it!”
       The Bryant sisters engaged in a long group hug, and then they started cleaning up the mess they had made.

       The female heart may always be an enigma to men, but the love between sisters cannot be denied. The love they share seems to know no bounds. It allows them to remain close and work through the strangest of circumstances. It helps them through their battles. Truly, it must be said that sisters are strange, mysterious, and wondrous life forms. It must also be said that women are the greatest gift of all.


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Re: HOLIDAY FOOD FIGHT!!! Sister vs. Sister pt. 2
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2009, 02:58:11 AM »
Except there was no mention of shotguns and falling plaster it kind of sounds like Christmas at Our house.

Loved your story . I enjoyed a good hearty Laugh, Thank You .




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Re: HOLIDAY FOOD FIGHT!!! Sister vs. Sister pt. 2
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2009, 04:30:30 AM »
This was a great story.  I hope you that you more stories about the 3 sisters to post soon.



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Re: HOLIDAY FOOD FIGHT!!! Sister vs. Sister pt. 2
« Reply #3 on: December 19, 2009, 11:22:59 AM »
Samantha will probably be back. It's possible one or both of her sisters will be back, too.