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Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« on: April 12, 2016, 01:18:46 AM »
This is the log of the fight that took place earlier today between Genette and I. I have edited the log deleting some of the comments (people coming in and out, squabbles between spectators they can settle things later). It was a long hard fight and I have to admit Genette knows how to fight. Hope you enjoy the log. I did not correct the spelling it would have taken to long to edit :).

Genette: After greeting many of the spectators and working the room sipping on my Cranberry Spritzer I make my way back to my dressing room. My stomach is in knots but i am so ready. I slide off my blue cocktail dress and then start sliding my black nylons off my long strong legs. Pull my hair up and stare in the mirror at myself. Red gstring and red lace bra. I open the door and make my way to the fight pit. taking a deep breath as I hear Applause as I make my way to face beat and own this ugly twat Lisa. Yt
pw: good luck Lisa, you can do this, make her 11 and TWO
Kristy: Oh My!!!!
Let Em Fight (Jim): They are ready!
Anita: Pretty impressive girl, not to bad
Laura: She will Paul. She might end Genette's fight career altogether.
Let Em Fight (Jim): Doubt that totally. But i can hope
Anita: No she wont
lisa: walk into the bedroom and take a deep breath..I am so nervous but also so ready to take that conceited bitch...I kick off my high heels and slip off my strapless black cocktail dress..I hear my friends and hers talking excitedly outside..I slip into my blue t drop g string bikini and look at myself in the heart is pounding in my chest..I make one final adjustment the door and walk to the sunked living room floor that will serve as the fight pit..waving at mt friends and my
cyofrankie: GO LISA!
Anita: Well very nice, no backing out for either now
Laura: Be nice Frankie.
Genette: Stepping down into the sunken living room and stand on the opposite side of the fight pit area. i stare at my rival and size her up. Nervous energy i gently rub my bare feet over the plush soft white carpet. My heart races and pounds. As i said twat! Your ass is mine now! Confidently step foward towards the center. Chest puffed out and ready to use my stronger body to pound and tear on you. Bring my arms up. Fingers half clinched but ready to go into a full fist whichever comes first. Cmon Twat Cmon!!! yt
Let Em Fight (Jim): Very Impressed
LindaSue: Get her Lisa!!!!
Let Em Fight (Jim): This just might live up to the hype!
Laura: Come on sweetie. Dont let her intimidate you.
Anita: Hmmm still not sure who I want to win????
Anita: She is strong looking
Let Em Fight (Jim): i think Genette is gonna be tough to beat but come on Lisa!
Laura: Let me persuade you, Anita. (elbows Anita hard in the ribs)
Gale: Turn the fan on Anita and that will help.
Kristy: Mmmhmmm Gen is ready!
lisa: we both step down the three steps leading down into the figth pit..facing each other from opposite sides..I lick my dry lips..hands on hips..legs slightly spread as my eyes run up and down your body.."I am going to skin you alive, bitch"..I run my fingers through my thick red hair brushing it back then we move towards each other..I crouch down slightly..fingers curled..ready to grab...claw or clench into a fist...
Anita: Uggghhg wth...(elbow Laura back!)
cyofrankie: lisa
Laura: You just wait until later, Anita.... KICK HER TITS OFF, LEE!
Anita: Shut up Laura,...
Genette: slight smirk as we both close the distance. Notice your red hair seems to be loose after a see you run your fingers throug. Mistake number two twat i whisper. we get closer and closer. Eyes locked. I bring back my right fist as if and then snap a left kick to the side of your right knee!!! Cmon twat! yt
Let Em Fight (Jim): Whoa!
lisa: we move in on each other slowly circling ...looking for an bring your fist back and I start to bring my left up to kick your left leg up and I spin dodging the kick..I spin around my red hair right hand shooting out aiming a back hand strike for your
Let Em Fight (Jim): Oh yes!!!!!! Hell yes!
Gale: Lisa !
Laura: attagirl. Knock her silly
Let Em Fight (Jim): awesome move
Anita: No big deal, bust her right back
Genette: I throw a quick kick after looking like i was gonna throw a fist. Its early and your senses are on. I feel my kick miss and I am slightly off balance. Then feel and hear a smack and i instinctively start backing up. Uhhhhhhh fkcn bitch. I shake my had and step foward driving a right fist your tities area ytrt
Let Em Fight (Jim): Lisa got her good on that last one
Anita: Ohhhh nice
cyofrankie: she sure did Jim
Laura: Come on honey! Watch out!
Kristy: Its ok Gen shake it off ouch!
lisa: my back hand staggers you and I finish my spin turning to face you...they always go for the knees ..I think to stagger back ..shaking you head to clear it..we step into each other...fists flying I groan as your knuckles dig into my left breast mushrooming it into my right fist slams into the side of your left brest..making it bounce like a punching
Gale: They are both getting warmed up.
Laura: Use your nails, baby!
Scott: Nice
cyofrankie: that a girl lisa!
Gale: MMMmmmmm Speed bags, small as they are. Go Lisa!
Anita: Break her Gen
LindaSue: Get her Lisa!!!
Anita: Knock her tits off Gen!!!
Shyam: DAMN!!! awesome
Genette: Uhhhhh!!! Feel my tittie get pounded and feel it flop over my bra. Standing nose to nose tit to tit. Naturally i ball my fist up for another exchange but I know I have to get some control and make a statement to you on how this fight is gonna go. I slide my right hand down and quickly strike at your pussy as I go for a nice grip and lock down. its on now fknc bitch!!! yt
Let Em Fight (Jim): Holy crap!!!!
LindaSue: Sucks when your tits flop out of your bra
Shyam: OUCH!!!!!
Let Em Fight (Jim): Didnt take long for Genette to go down right nasty
Gale: Surprised there was enough there to do it.
Shyam: Love dirty fights
Kristy: Hey now be nice to us smaller chested girls
cyofrankie: You should know Shyam
Kristy: Very nice attack Gen! Show her!
lisa: your rigth hand shoots down low and clamps onto my pussy..I feel your nails dig into the flimsy fabric of my g string and sceram as I feel yoru claws dig into my hands shoot out..clamping onto r both your tits digging my claws into the upper curve of both your right knee comes up..trying to slam my knee into your wrist to break your grip on my
LindaSue: Stay after her Lisa!!!
cyofrankie: yes! go lisa!
Scott: Damn! Wild cats!
Laura: Atta girl Sweetie. knock her clit up into her throat!
Genette: My teeth lock together as i focus on locking my claws onto your pussy lips. Leaving my tits exposed you dig in and it hurts so for now i let go and jump back. breathing a little harder. I start to circle you again crouched down and hands up. Snarling and staring at you. Dont worry sweety I am coming back to that nasty twat of yours. Looking for an opening. Yt
Kristy: Very evenly matched who is gonna slip up first ? Come on Gen !
Scott: Damn!!!!
Gale: Let the air out of her bags Lisa!
Laura: Kick her in the box, baby!
Let Em Fight (Jim): Nerves should be settling down for them now
lisa: we dig our claws into each others flesh and we both scream in pain..tears run down my cheeks and my thighs quiver.."Bitch" I scream as we tear into each claws tear down your breasts as you push me away from you..your nails tear the inside of my right thigh..we circle eyes narrowed to slits..snarling..a sheen of sweat covering our bodies..she might be a conceited slut but she does know how to fight..we circle tits swinging looking for an
LindaSue: Nice
Let Em Fight (Jim): For sure
Shyam: yeah
Anita: Damn even nastier bitchs than I thought
Laura: THis is about the level I expect from my sweet little wife.
Gale: Smiles at Laura, knowing better.
Anita: Waits to see what Gen has to come back with
Genette: Both of us striking with different combinations. We both slowly start to circle. Its obvious and we knew it would get nasty. i feel like i have been initiating the pace of the fight and want to continue. Both on high alert but I lunge low. Shooting low I try and drive my shoulders into the front of your thighs and pull your legs put from under you. yt
Let Em Fight (Jim): Incredible fight!!!
Laura: That's right. She's in the viper's nest now baby. Use those thighs!
Kristy: Keep on her Gen its so close
Scott: Gennet looking to put her on the ground
Laura: THe ground is a mistake for genette.
Anita: Doubt that
LindaSue: I think you maybe is a good place for Lisa
lisa: we circle..bodies swaying side to side..each of us looking for an lunge forward tackling my around the wiast the air burstes from my lungs and your arms wrap around my thighs..I go down on my butt and yoru slam me down on my butt..fighting on hands grab your ears..tiwsting and digging my thumbs into yoru
LindaSue: That is going to hurt!!!
Shyam: nasty
Anita: Oohhhhhhh nasty bitch in the earssss
Let Em Fight (Jim): Ouch!!!
roberta: it's painful this hold
Laura: That hurts. I know from experience. Nice move honey
Genette: Sweeping your legs out and I Feel your soft ass hit the carpet. I go to slide ontop. placing my knee right above your pussy then I feel you tearing the shit out of my ears. I want that top position bad but not at this expense. I scream out in pain and lunge back doing a back summersault to give me space for the moment. Fckn bitch!!!! Yt
Scott: Lisa did what she needed there . Didnt give an inch
Anita: Ohhhh nice roll away Gen!!
cyofrankie: lisa is brilliant!
LindaSue: lol lisa has her pulling back!
roberta: I bet for lisa
Let Em Fight (Jim): Yup Gennette has been aggressive but cant get any control
Gale: It's a NHB fight. The tea party is two blocks down the street, they take queasy stomachs.
Let Em Fight (Jim): The longer it goes Genette might be in trouble
lisa: you take me down and try and climb on top of try and get your knee in my pussy..I twist your ears and dig my thumbnails scream and throw yourself back off of long legs kick out trying to kick you but miss..we roll in opposite directions..I struggle to my feet crouching down.."Come on bitch"..I charge at tits swinging..thighs and butt my feet pound the carpet..charging at
Scott: Lisa on the offensive now!
roberta: LIsa in the right mood to win
Anita: Counter move GEN!!!
Gale: I'd suggest to Gen a hasty retreat to Nebraska. I've been up close and personal like this, scary.
Genette: I roll back away and get to my feet as you quickly scamper to your feet. i put my hands up and you come foward and close the distance quickly. I instinctively start back peddling. on my back foot as i am nearly into the chairs of the spectators. Ball my fist and throw a hard hammer fist toward your left ear to back you up. Yt
Scott: Damn close fight
Let Em Fight (Jim): Living up to the hype and then some! Incredible!
lisa: I charge at you and you back up trying to get some distance between body drops down low and my right shoulder digs into your belly ...your fist slams into my ear but my momentum carries you back..pressing you against the side of the sunken fight pit..pressing my body into yoru my right hand goes down..clamping onto yoru
Let Em Fight (Jim): Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!! Go Lisa!
Let Em Fight (Jim): Lisa has where she wants her now!
LindaSue:  Lisa is working on her now it seems
roberta: way for Genette I think
Gale: Tear her apart Lisa
Anita: She isn't done yet!
Shyam: Dirty and nasty!!!! Loving it !!!
Genette: Our bodies locked up tangled together. you keep pressing me back. Breathing hard and both our bodies are sweating. thinking shit this bitch has a strong body as a i try to get an opening just then I start screaching in pain. Feel your fingers lock down on my lips. I go up on my tippy toes. Bury my fingers in your hair and start violently yanking your head as I squirm and thrash to break your hold. Yt
Laura: Lose some hair baby... lose some hair...keep it on.
Shyam: The girls are tough and fighting the nastiest they can
LindaSue: hair vs a pussy hold...pussy hold will win and do more
Laura: Anita. her spirit is broken.
Kristy: Come on Gen! Hang in there
Let Em Fight (Jim): Lisa has her good!
Scott: Looks like it Jim
Kathy: Don't think she will get out of that
Let Em Fight (Jim): Dont let up Lisa!!! You have her hurting bad
lisa: my claws dig into your labia ...I press my body against yours trying to keep you pinned against the wall of the fight pit..your hands come up ..fingers dig into my thick red hair..I sceram as my hair is stretched and ripped out by the head sanpped side to side..neck straining.."Fucking bitch" tiest and spin my against the wall..I plant my right foot against the wall ..sending you flying back crash down on you back..and I come down on top of
LindaSue: that is going to hurt
Anita: Oooooohhh daaaaammnnn bitch
roberta: go LIsa....finish her....
Let Em Fight (Jim): Lisa is starting to wear her down and dominate
Let Em Fight (Jim): Yes love it!
Kristy: Its far from over!
Anita: Ohhhhhh
Kathy: Lisa can now have her way, from what I see
Laura: Knock her brains out, sweetie.
Genette: Uhhhhgggg!!! Our bodies locked up and thrasing. We spin positions and go flying with a a Thud to the floor. You come down ontop. I wrap my arms around your back pulling you closer and holding you tightly. I lunge up and sink my teeth into your neck while holding you ontop of me. fckn bitch! yt
Anita: Ohhh uh ohhhh
Kristy: Go Gen!!! Dont let go!
cyofrankie: a biter!
Laura: Well, that took a turn.
Let Em Fight (Jim): Whoa!!!!!!! Ouch!
Shyam: The fight is getting better and better
Kristy: Well dont count Gen out! She has your girl in a nasty spot
lisa: my body slams down on yours..our breasts mash togetehr..our bodies writhe and grind turn your head and sionk your teeth into my body goes rigid and I screan in pain...I tear at your g string ..tearing it my finegrs plunge insdie of you..."I'll rip you open slut." left hand tries to rake your
Gale: Catball with Lisa is a very dangerous place to be!!!
Anita: Gen Gen Gen
cyofrankie: scratch her eyes out lisa!
Laura: Shifts uncomfortably in my seat, turned on and a little scared.
Laura: You got her baby
Gale: LISA!!!
Kristy: Get out of the catball Gen!!!
Anita: GEN!!
LindaSue: I think lisa has her now
Kathy: Gen keep biting
Genette: Our bodies now fully entangled on the carpet. I continue to rip and tear at your neck with my teeth. I know I cant let go as you have the top position. Feeling my gstring being torn off then feel your starting to tear me apart in the most sensitive area a women has. i know I have get you to stop somehow. I start shaking my head while biting down on your neck. Throw my claws on your face and start digging and tearing while i try to turn my body toward my stomach. Yt
Let Em Fight (Jim): Wow!!!!!!!! Nasty is an understatement
Laura: I wince a little as the nails come up for Lee's face. "Finish her, baby."
Kristy: Hang in there sweety!!!!!
lisa: my nails hook into your the soft lining of your pussy...and i pull my hand down tearing...blood flows down my neck and the pain is incredible..we claw at each others right thumb dig into the corner of your mouht,,the nail tearing the inside of your twist your body and we start to
Let Em Fight (Jim): Yes!
Shyam: This is awesome
Genette: We start to roll. i can taste the blood in my mouth and not willing to let go. Your finger tearing at my mouth trying to pry it off. Clawing at your face but my pussy is being absolutely tore apart so I have to make a tough decision. I move my hands down and try to pry you off my pussy. Still rolling and bodies tangled. I start clawing at your hands. yt
Gale: DEEPER LISA!!!! Tear her inside out!!!!
Shyam: Lisa might have got her now

Kristy: Let go of her Lisa!!!!!!!! Dirty bitch!
Laura: Shut up Kristy, she was BITING Lisa!
Laura: AND she was the first to go for the pussy earlier.
Kathy: That's it Gen, get her hands off and then go for hers!
Gale: Not going to happen Kristy!!! She picked the wrong tiger.
Kristy: Still she is tearing her up in there! Get off Lisa!
Let Em Fight (Jim): Genette is in big big trouble! She is hurt!
lisa: we roll you on top one the next..our bodies drenched in sweat smeared with blood..your hands come down clawing at mt wrists trying to pull my hand out of your nails tear as you pull my hand out..our bodies trembling in pain..I take my thumb out of your mouth and clench my fist slamming my knuckles into the side of your temple trying to break the bite..damn this slut can
Kristy: Cringing!!!! Come on Gen!
Shyam: Great fight
cyofrankie: go lisa!
Genette: Tears streaming down my face from the pain. Every move i feel pain between my legs. Trying to keep my teeth locked down but then my head gets jilted and bangs from side to side knocking my bite hold loose. Once again my claws come up for your face and start tearing while my head lunges up trying to bite at your little dangling tittie. yt
Let Em Fight (Jim): Oh goodness!!!! Alot of pride between these two!
Kristy: Hang in there sweety!!!!!
lisa: I roll on top and your claws go for my face..I grab your wrists trying to pin your hands over your I ram my knee into yoru injured
cyofrankie: nice move lisa!
Gale: OOOWWWWwwwww
Kristy: Oh Gawd!!!!!! Ouch!!!!!
Let Em Fight (Jim): Oh Yes!!!!! Grinding her down Lisa!!!
Let Em Fight (Jim): Finish her!!!!!
Scott: Lisa might finally have her broken now
Scott: Shit!!!!!!!!!!
Genette: Struggling to get an opening. Fukc you are big and strong. My hands tangled above my head with yours. Then I feel the power of your knee! Uhhhhhg! Fuk!!! Moaning in pain and trying to turn to my stomach. yt
Let Em Fight (Jim): You have her Lisa!!!!! Yes!
lisa: you squirm under me and I ram my knee into your pussy agian..I bring my knees up to your hips straddling you..I release your hands and both my hands clamp onto your tits claws dig in.."Give up Genette or I'll rip them off. I swear I will"
Let Em Fight (Jim): Trapped!!!!!! got her now Lisa!!!! YES!!!
Gale: Oh oh. Pop her nipples off Lisa!
Kristy: Get off of her Lisa!!!!
Genette: I buck and squirm my claws start clawing at yours trying to pry them off. Get off me bitch!... yt
lisa: I dig my claws deeper into you as you squirm under me.."Give up Genette. you done."..I twist your nails digging into your sensitve
Genette: Oh fuk... My tits and crotch are on fire. Exhausted and breathing hard. Ok bitch Ok!!! I give. Yt
Laura: WOOO!!!!
Laura: On my feet!!
Laura: Way to go baby!
Kathy: Bravo
Let Em Fight (Jim): Incredible!!!!! Nice work Lisa!
Kathy: Gen, you put up a great one
lisa: I take my claws out of your tits..lean back..hands on ym sweaty thighs.."I hate to admit it bitch but you are a hell of a fighter."..I swing my legs off of you and sit alongside of you..


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Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« on: April 12, 2016, 01:18:46 AM »

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Re: Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2016, 03:06:01 AM »
I was lucky enough to see this fight today.  These ladies were incredible and is probably the best fight I have witnessed at FCF.  Genette is incredible and tough and I can see how she is 11-1 but Lisa backed up every word she said. Genette threw everything at her but Lisa came  back at her even  harder. Make no mistake  Lisa is the dominant of these two. Thanks for the show today ladies. Jim

Online Gale

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Re: Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2016, 03:51:03 AM »
Once again, excellent fight Lisa. You took it right to her. I have to admit that she isn't all mouth and quite a good fighter. We an outstanding match. Thank you for the invite to watch. I love to see you in action, even when it is me you are going against.   ;D

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Re: Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« Reply #3 on: April 12, 2016, 04:02:28 PM »
Sorry that I missed this one live! Great back and forth, congrats on a well earned and hard victory Lisa! :)
A mature woman who has rediscovered different things in Life, wrestling, erotic wrestling, catfights. (Now Married  to the most wonderful woman in the world Gale1199, Love you babes)

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Re: Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« Reply #4 on: April 12, 2016, 07:43:23 PM »
Great win by Lisa between to beautiful ladies. Thanks

Offline klawukatie

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Re: Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« Reply #5 on: April 13, 2016, 02:26:54 PM »
Now that is a fight. Great read! Two women competing for the win with everything they have.  Very close but Lisa was not going to be denied.

Offline genette catfight queen

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Re: Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« Reply #6 on: April 14, 2016, 02:13:53 AM »
It was a tough fight. The toughest I have had.  Lisa is a big strong bitch. She was equal in physical size and that gave me some trouble as in most my fights I had that advantage.  It was a good fight and Lisa beat me this time.  I will be back though.  Thanks to everyone that supported the fight.

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Re: Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« Reply #7 on: April 14, 2016, 03:24:29 AM »
great win Lisa!!!!! :)

Offline fightinglisa

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Re: Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« Reply #8 on: April 14, 2016, 05:21:40 AM »
It was a good, tough fight. Genette and I are close in height, weight and fighting skill. We both fought as hard as we could and for awhile neither of us could gain an advantage. It could have gone either way. I am glad so many people enjoyed the fight.
« Last Edit: April 14, 2016, 05:24:26 AM by fightinglisa »

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Re: Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« Reply #9 on: April 14, 2016, 01:39:50 PM »
I'm sorry I wasn't there, but it was a great read, thank you both for allowing it to be posted. Genette and Lisa laid it all on the line in front of a large crowd. It takes courage to risk your fighting reputation in such a public fight. I admire both fighters, I'm sure they will see each other again and this time I hope I am lucky enough to be there. Great win Lisa!

Offline Scottyb

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Re: Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« Reply #10 on: April 15, 2016, 12:02:16 AM »
This was a damn good fight! Glad I got to see it. Two big bad ass bitches that went at each other with everything they had and I mean everything! It was close fight but once Lisa started getting the better of her she really roughed Genette up and made a statement.  Hope more fighters do fights like this.

Offline Brandy Fit

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Re: Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« Reply #11 on: April 15, 2016, 03:49:12 PM »
Big win for Lisa. She bullied the bully.  Great fight ladies both of ya all are very tough.

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Re: Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« Reply #12 on: April 17, 2016, 07:32:13 PM »
Great Fight Ladies!

Offline karenstillrocks

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Re: Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« Reply #13 on: April 27, 2016, 09:17:00 PM »
I just love the fact that big mouth Genette got put in her place! Nice job Lisa you seemed to have shut the bitch bag up!

Offline tomboy999999

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Re: Genette catfight queen versus fighting lisa
« Reply #14 on: April 30, 2016, 02:48:40 PM »
wow, only just seen this one but what a fight  - BRUTAL. Congratulations to both bitches ( meant as the best compliment I can give them).

There was some very serious catfighting going on.