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Titfight: banesinger vs Me
« on: May 31, 2016, 05:24:28 PM »
has been some time since i posted...hope you enjoy this, she was a great opponent, fair descriptive and had a great time...let me know what you think or even challenge me to a similar type of fight ;)


chesty_melinda: wiping the remaining water droplers off my huge FFs, after a quick shower, clad in my sheer white panties, almost cut off, and throwing the white towel to the side as i step out of the bathroom, hair still wet (it is very humid ) and heavy hangers swaying in front of me as my nipples are puffy and begining to goose-bump as i see

banesinger2000: Since I was first in shower, I'm already inside, wet hair frames around my face, blue eyes sparkle with cruel delight, my body lightly oiled. I adjust my panties as I raise, stepping closer to you. "It is not too late to chicken out, girl!"
banesinger2000: yt

chesty_melinda: looking at you and your body - lean and fit, a different one than mine, more round and definitely more busty and full tits to show...looking at your relatively small orbs, as mine are huge compared
chesty_melinda: (still my turn)
chesty_melinda: i cup them letting their weight shows as i let them again free and come closer...and yet closer to you..."I m gonna enjoy swallowin those little ones for lunch!:" yt

banesinger2000: I see how tough those big girls are... will be a fucking big challenge to crush them with my pair. I still don't back out, looking deep into yoru eyes. "I want the same cocky tone when your tits turn into a bag of grinded liquid"... even I giggle on my stupid taunt, stepping very close, my nipples touch yours.
banesinger2000: yt

chesty_melinda: you are almost equal in height, as our breasts align...and you brush yours on mine as the feeling is immediately recognized, my nipples goosebump and start pointing forward, nipples swelling as i gently brush them cross yours now...mmmmyt

banesinger2000: "They are big, but soft... I'm sure they will crush like two grapes" I taunt you, trying to get into your head as I step closer, and a bit up, poking my girls to the underside of yours... slightly surprise to feel their weight
banesinger2000: yt

chesty_melinda: mmm i smile wide as i see what you are trying to do, many others have done the same thing actually...getting into a trap i didnt invite to in, as i hug you gently but firmly, clasping our tits close and not allowing u to escape...and as u try to bring yours under mine, i give a slight raise and then let their big weight crush down into

banesinger2000: You are not a rookie and you have your trick for this scenario... and as I poke my girls under yours, you smash your tits down on mine, flattening them downward and I tense up in pain, eyes wide. I try to wiggle back but you hold me firm. I twist my body to the side so my smaller girls can sneak out between yours... "Unggghh"
banesinger2000: yt

chesty_melinda: mmmmm feeling your frustration, tits are still exploring each other and i can feel your strong bullet nips poking into my biiig try to wiggle but i keep you firmly in place as i press hard my orbs into yours griding them still down, letting them take all my FFs weight! yt

banesinger2000: The weight is quite surprising and it drags my girls down. I let out a tiny grunt as the discomfort grows. I try a differne tactics, raising to my toes and poking my chest forward, my hard nipples used as lances to grind against your tissue, trying to find your nipples to softne them
banesinger2000: yt

chesty_melinda: we each try to throw in our best game, as you try to go nip to nip now...i allow you some leverage as our nipples brush and push into each others, feeling how hot and hard yours are, definitely more than mine...actually they briefly bend mine to the side as they grind sideways, making me sslightly moan more in humiliation than in pain...yet im so big that i grind into you left and right, trying to position yours between

banesinger2000: I feel your nipples... they are hard, but my smaller tits make my nips a more dangerous weapon. I try to grind them over yours, I see the embarrassment in your eyes, but you are a smart and dangerous breast fighter. Your heavy melons grind my smaller pair around until you manage to trap them in between. "Shit" I gasp, sweat rolling down on my chest as I try to wiggle free but you hold me firm with your arms

banesinger2000: yt
chesty_melinda: starting to perspire now, as our tits are lightly coated with our sweat, and reddening skin...i push and "swallow" your tits into my cleavage as i push into you hard now, making vacuum like sounds and and out, in and out, holding you in place as i push my volume to crush you from the sides and straight on! yt

banesinger2000: You lean into me tight and then push closer. Your arms keeping your girls together so when you push close, my tits cannot separate yours... and the first time in the fight, i feel actual pain. I let out a moan, glancing down just to see how flat my girls get when they are pancaked against each other between yours tits. I let out a sharp hiss, the stinging sensation in my tissue quite intense, my girls go red. I try to twist my body from side to side to grind your tits painfully apart and in hope I can free my girls from this death trap
banesinger2000: yt

chesty_melinda: the grinding intensifies, as i can already hear your moans and pressure on the smaller pair, as my heavy mams pressure and grind down on you relentlessly! our sensitivity has decreased a lot from the constant tit pushing, yet as i see you try to sway left and right, i know this is the time to make you surrender...i let you do that as i follow with the exact opposite move, painfully raking my heavy orbs acrossss yours...left and right....and again, making them pancake close to your ribs and pushing them far when going away from them...mmmmmmmyt

banesinger2000: Oh my god... I have to realize you are a pro and you use your heavy girls masterfully. As I try to wiggle out and hurt your tits, you change tactics and GRIND my globes flat. This time I even groan out, big eyes pop wide as you flatten the breast and even grind over it, making sure to crush every glandes and every bit of tissue. My whole body tense up, you can feel it, I grit my teeth in pain, tits getting all red. I grab for your shoulder and try to pull away, sweating heavily now. She is damn good... I need to have my tits rest
banesinger2000: yt
banesinger2000: (you are really good in this, Mel)

chesty_melinda: i feel you try to wiggle free but you cant escape me now...we both know it, as i look straight into your blue eyes, they are desperate and pleading but mine are coldly going for your mercy comes out of me as i hug you even more closely, making sure i grind into you slowly, hard, deliberately, as i streeetch your tissue far and our...and then pushhhh straight into it hard, making almost disappear in your
chesty_melinda: (thx   )

banesinger2000: The pain intensifies with each passing seconds and I let out painful little whimpers. Your massive girls flattening mine brutally, forcing them to the side and for a second I almost fear you simply burst them like two balloons. My big blue eyes cross a little and my jaw drops as you push them in and I almost feel the pop of glandes, jaw dropping as I look into your eyes, my blue pair is full of agony and shock... hands going weak. I look down at my tits, nearly enveloped yours, all red... almost purple. "ooouuuuuuwww!"
banesinger2000: yt

chesty_melinda: i control your tits and body now as the tit pain agony ( i have felt it on other occasions) has this effect...your knees weaken, sweating, in pain, moanin, pleading, vulnerable...i squeeze your lean waist some more, your seem close to breaking in i push hard my heavy hangers, aerolas huge, dark pink, covering almost half of your tits...hold you pinned like this, as i press hard into your flattened pair, threatening to pop it!..."GIVE HUN? " yt

banesinger2000: I feel light headed, badly broken and very sore.My eyes crossed as I tremble in your hand, head rolling from side to side. My tits ooze at the sides, horrible red, veins came to the surface... they are not so proud anymore. The twin agony pierces up in my brain as I mumble my submission, not believing it is happening to me. "I... give... give... ple-ease" You practically hold me up
banesinger2000: yt

chesty_melinda: i push into you, almost pretending i didnt hear your weakly backstep as i push your back hard into a wall behind...pressing my hot sweaty body on yours, spreading your thighs and pinning, yet again, my tits in i grab your wrists and pull them outward, almost over our a classic stance, that shows how dominant my tits are over yours, as only they are keeping you now from falling down...they are big and heavy, their compressed flesh even comes up close to your throat..."bitch, you are sadly beaten, arent you..." yt

banesinger2000: I cannot even talk, my tits are two burning lumps on my chest, almost ruined for good. I look up at you, cruscified on the wall like some beaten messiah, head rolling from side to side. I feel I'd collapse if your dominating tits wouldn't hold me up. "Yes... pl..." i cannot even finish the word, my body twitches as new and new wave of agony running along my body.
banesinger2000: yt

chesty_melinda: i give my tit hold one final pushhh...before i slowly disentangle myself off you, making sure i hold you up against the tits heavily drop as i inspect the damage from our fight...glistening sweat, huge swollen aerolas, saggy parts of the tits, heaviness and size still intact...a great deal of numbness as it will lead to pain later on...looking at your spent body that still spasms in my thighs push into yours from the side and i approach your earlobe, wanting to taunt and humiliate this eager fighter...
chesty_melinda: grabs one sore nipple of yours as i pull it upward..."who's tits are better slut? SAY it!" yt

banesinger2000: Your tits are red and slightly bruised... but mine are spent, slightly saggy and still swollen, and all purple. I won't wear bra for weeks... or quite the opposite. I heave, gasp and moan sometimes, but i find my voice when you pull one nipple up, sending new pain to the already destroyed tits. "YOURS... YOURS!" I am eager to scream, forced to tiptoe, my once pretty tit pulled to a cone
banesinger2000: yt

chesty_melinda: not usually a sadist but I slightly enjoy this from this cocky blonde who thought she had the tits to our muscle mine...i give it one more tug as i hear yotu scream in agony, genuine pain and humiliation...letting it drop then as i slap it back ...SmmmaaaaCKCKK echo sounds and push you down on your knees from your dirty blonde wet hair...."now my blondie slut...and you ARE ONE..." i wink at you..."lick my tits...kiss my nipples and lick me all over! NOW!" yt

banesinger2000: You tug one more time to milk yet another scream before you slap it and my eyes roll back for a second. You almost tit KO me. You force me to my knees, groggy and destroyed and demand my total servitude... and in fear I do what you ask, obeying, humiliated and broken, licking those sweaty tits, closing my lips around and suckling, kissing, licking the globes, strugglign with consciousness while I serve the breasts that destroyed mine
banesinger2000: yt

chesty_melinda: pushing your head some into my thick cleavage as the moist and gentle tongue massage you give me soothes some of my pain and anguish, making me want more, feeling some of my feeling come to me, the goosebump returning, as well as the stiff nipples as you nibble on

banesinger2000: You pull my head close, smothering my face totally and closing my air support just to let up again. You seem to enjoy it, your tits tight, your nipples hard and I cannot do else but serving in ultimate humiliation, eating on your big tits, sucking and cleaning them
banesinger2000: yt

chesty_melinda: i skillfully direct you around my cleavage as i lightly moan, throwin my head back oooohhhh... both from excitement (from the win!) as well as the feeling  this treat offers me my tits getting taut and skin tightens again nipples almost bullet like now i moan and enjoy your utter humiliation as i force one huge nipple into your mouth..."suck it hard bitch!" yt

banesinger2000: You broke my will and break me even further, forcing that big, victorious nipple into my mouth and I have to suckle it like some baby. My hands holding the soft pulp that fell of my tits, tearing a bit as I suck in your nipple hard, like some eager newborn... fearing of your rage
banesinger2000: yt

chesty_melinda: mmmmm, ooohhhhh myyyy...uuunnnhhhh the feeling is so fu@@@ing great, "you are born to do this, slut!" i say in a mocking voice...pushing it harder and more into you, too much tit and too much nipple for you as you do your best and suckle it hard and like a pro...a pro loser...moannnn yt

banesinger2000: You fill my mouth and I gasp, your tit flesh mushing into my face, closing my nose too. Only my blue eyes look up at you in defeated horror as I suckle, sending pleasure through your globe, ym warm tongue dancing or even struggling over your nipple and tit flesh
banesinger2000: yt

chesty_melinda: mmm you bitch....yesss...yess...feeling a warm familiar feeling inside as you keep on the sucking, my right tit feeling "the pressure", swollen, erect, super sensitive, sucked upon by a defeated slut...feeling the warmth closing fast...too two places...i struggle and let go milk glad erupts  AAHHHHspruutttttttttttttttt yt

banesinger2000: my eyes pop really wide when you fill my mouth with your milk, forcing me to swallow some and more spurts at the corners of my mouth and down along my chin. Blue eyes wide as I gag and sturggle to eat the honey of my defeat... feeling so brutally humiliated
banesinger2000: yt

chesty_melinda: it erupts like a vocano, i am hot down low but dont want to show that...but my gland, having fought and ground so hard, and then suckled so soft and gives in, as white thick liquid goes all over your face, even tits and thighs, stopping then starting again as i moan in pleasure "ooohhhh my yes....get it bitch ooohhhhh..." yt

banesinger2000: You pour your milk all over me... as if you were bragging with your superiority... it rolls down to my milkers, showing that you can do that I might not able to after that tit crushing of mine... I'm covered with your milk, on my knees like a slut

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Titfight: banesinger vs Me
« on: May 31, 2016, 05:24:28 PM »

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Re: Titfight: banesinger vs Me
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2016, 09:49:37 PM »
you wouldn't do that to me Melinda  >:(

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Re: Titfight: banesinger vs Me
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2016, 10:08:45 AM »
*giggles* our little melinda's growing up

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Re: Titfight: banesinger vs Me
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Love this fight :)

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Re: Titfight: banesinger vs Me
« Reply #4 on: October 26, 2016, 04:05:42 AM »
Thank you for posting this it was a great read.

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Re: Titfight: banesinger vs Me
« Reply #5 on: October 27, 2016, 03:09:19 PM »
Never thought I would get this hard over a titty battle but I did! Well done ladies!
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