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Session report: Dominix at MWM - June 2016
« on: June 15, 2016, 12:44:22 AM »
Dominix 2-0 Spidey

Id met Dominx before at the opening of MWMs new venue.  She was very smart looking that night, like a business executive.  I do have a couple of photos with her in that night only the champagne meant the photos turned out a bit fuzzy!  I asked Cam if she was ready to session and Cam arranged the match for a Saturday morning.  I travelled to London very excited to be taking on a new opponent.  When Dominix arrived, she had a big smile on her face and gave me a hug.  I was already changed and so started warming up as Dominix changed.  When she emerged from the shower room, she looked amazing, fit and strong dressed in black short shorts and sports bra. 

We started on our knees, shook hands, keen to get to grips and before I knew it Dominix had me on my back, she is much stronger than I imagined.  I was quick to get into my defence.  Early on she told me this was her second match so I might need to teach her a few moves she was doing just fine!  Dominix was not standing for my half guard defence, she just pushed my knee outwards to make a gap for her leg to escape and then she quickly got her leg out and went for mount position.  A quarter of the way through the session we took a break to have a drink of water.

When we faced off on our knees again, she was giving quick slaps to my wrists.  Every now and again she would try and grab my writ rather than just slap it out of the way so I had to be alert.  She got me down but I rolled on top and tried to pin her but she struggled hard beneath me.  I was trying to use up her energy by keeping her down then she said maybe I should give you this point I sprung right off her saying Dont do that!  No MWM athlete has ever lost to me in over 100 matches believe me you dont want to be the first!  Dominix smiled back at me and said she did not mind.  I could tell Cam really did not want Dominix to lose so we recommenced the match 0-0.  Dominix was in determined form and I had to go into the hedgehog defence position to stop her getting one of my arms for a kimoura or chicken wing move.  She pulled me into her body and rolled onto her back so as we were both looking up at the ceiling with Dominix beneath le on the mats.  She was looking for choke moves and I was resisting by keeping her arms on my jaw bone rather than my neck or windpipe.  Dominix had her legs around my waist from behind and was pulling my head back with her arms, stretching my back.  It was the back stretch more than the rear naked choke attempt that got me and I tapped. 1-0 to Dominix.

I commented that she was strong and Dominix told me I was strong as well I was well chuffed with that I proceeded to bore her with details of my Spidey training regime so Cam suggested we carry on wrestling!  This was a vigorous exchange with Dominix hunting for a second point, going for my neck and trying to pin me to the mats.  Eventually she got behind me and had one leg over my shoulder and the other on my side.  She worked her leg up onto the other side of my neck to give me a head scissors from behind, but her legs were bent.  I suggested she straighten her legs.  Maybe that wasnt the smartest thing Ive ever done.  She squeezed and I had to submit for 2-0.  That was the end of the match and we help each other to our feet and gave each other a big hug.  It was a very enjoyable match.  Ill definitely be sessioning with her again, shes great fun to grapple with. 

Mixed wrestler with a 35 win, 92 draw and 285 loss record in 412 matches  between 2005 and the end of 2016.  Living The Dream.

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Session report: Dominix at MWM - June 2016
« on: June 15, 2016, 12:44:22 AM »


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