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Frida at MWM - June 2016
« on: June 18, 2016, 07:51:27 PM »
Frida 6-0 The Amazing Spider-Mouth

June 2016

My matches with Frida are always great fun and this was no exception.  But I noticed a definite improvement in her wrestling ability as well during this match.  We had a good laugh before the match posing in football shirts with a Euro 2016 theme for this session.  The session was in MWM’s new studio which is getting close to being completed but there are still some things to get completed, but I could not resist the opportunity to see how the studio is coming on.

I think Frida has been taking lessons from Nikkitta because she kept up a steady stream of banter including her own version of the Spiderman theme tune!  She was also using some cheeky moves, working me into holds but if she did not get me in a hold, she would try tickling me so I would compromise my defence to protect against the tickling and then she would put the hold on – cheeky but good tactics!  I think she does not remember too much about our previous six matches because when I got her in my half guard, Frida was asking me if I had just learned this half guard defence!  It is a standard defensive tactic for me. 

Frida was strong today and it was difficult to avoid being pressed down flat on my back.  Frida was dominating and thoroughly enjoying being in charge and showboating.  She got me in a cradle position and then started calling me babe before sucking her own thumb to take the mick out of me.  I did escape from some positions including an escape from a school girl pin attempt when I pushed my way out the back.  But Frida was not to be denied and she put six points on me.  The first point was a body scissors which was squeezed home in a controlled way but leaving me no alternative but to tap as I rolled onto my side.  Frida got my back for the second point and wrapped her legs around my waste for control and then applied the rear naked choke, systematically pulling my arms out of the way before sliding the forearm in.  A good strong grapevine made it 3-0 to Frida, I joked that one day I will end up in a bespoke Y shaped coffin.  The fourth point was interesting.  Frida was in the perfect position to apply an American but for some reason she was not going for it.  I felt that she did not realise that there was an opportunity for an Americana or maybe she had never done an American before.  But then she moved her arms around my right arm and applied the perfect Americana to make it 4-0.  I wonder if she was just pretending she did not know the move so that I would not specifically defend against it?  Crafty!  A grapevine / breast smother combination had me tapping on Frida’s shoulder to make it 5-0.  The final point was a head scissors.  All I could do was look up at Frida’s face as she squeezed home, her thighs looking very strong as she did so.  6-0.

A big hug at the end of the match.  We each used the shower room in turn after the match and then Cam gave us a lift back to Camden Road.  A very good day, and Wales beat Slovakia in the football because I had done my bit by losing to Frida!  Four days later Wales lost to England because I did not do my part by losing a wrestling match to an English girl!  Big thanks to Frida and Cam for a great session today. x

Mixed wrestler with a 35 win, 92 draw and 285 loss record in 412 matches  between 2005 and the end of 2016.  Living The Dream.

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Frida at MWM - June 2016
« on: June 18, 2016, 07:51:27 PM »