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My wife fights
« on: January 10, 2010, 05:52:59 PM »
So here's what happened.  My wife Dianne likes to wrestle, catfight, and sexfight.  We've been happily married for 21 years.  We have only one rule regarding her fighting, she doesn't do it without me being there with her.  Not only do I like to watch, but there are certain times when it's best she's not alone.  Dianne meets most of women she fights via the internet, although there was a time a few years back that she several women at the gym where she used to work out.  Dianne is 43, attractive, with shoulder length brown hair, 5'2" and she weighs around 140 pounds.  She a bit thick, but only in the right places.  Most of the time she tries to fight women who are basically her size.

Just after thanksgiving she exchanged phone numebrs with a woman and soon they had a made arrangements of what and where they would fight.  Dianne filled me in on the details after her phone conversation with Cheryl.  Cheryl was 40, about my wife's size and interested in wrestling her.  They agreed to fight bottomless and because Cheryl lives in a nearby city, Dianne made arrangements to meet her at hotel roughly between our city and hers.   With eveyone's holiday schedule being so busy, it wasn't unitl last weekend that they finally got together. 

I've watched my wife fight before and she's won just about as many times as she's lost.  She tries hard, but she's a good loser and she knows her weak spots.  She's also a good winner and most of the time she and her opponent part as friends.  The last two fights Dianne were great to watch in both cases, she and the other woman ended up totally nude.  I was glad to be there and watch. 

Dianne and I  arrived at the hotel in the afternoon and we had several hours to wait until she and Cheryl were to meet.  No, no trips to the bar in the hours up to the fight. Dianne and I checked in and she spent some time streching and getting ready.  At 7:00pm Dianne's cell phone rang and it was Cheryl.  She was in a room a few floors above ours and based on the layouts of the rooms, they decided to wrestle in Cheryl's room.   We headed upstairs to Cheryl's room for the all important in real life uncomfortable meeting.  Dainne smiled at me as she knocked on Cheryl's door and I kissed her and wished her luck.

Cheryl answered the door and invited us in.  It's always akward when the first meeting takes place.  Chery introduced us to Dan, her husband, and I could see that they had already moved most of the furniture out of the way in the room.  Dan shook my hand with an unusally tight grip, but that didn't bother me as I was busy admiring his wife's big tits.  The women talked while Dan showed me where he and I would be sitting to watch.  The women talked about the rules of the match and Dan offered me a beer.  Nothing better than drinking beer while you watch your wife fight.

After 10 minutes or so Cheryl and Dianne had agreed on exactly how they'd fight, and most importantly agreed on how the fight would end.  They agreed to a submission style match with no punching, kicking, or bighting, but they wanted to at least start out bottomless.  Too bad, becuase I really wanted to see Cheryl's bit tits out in the open.  They were obviously real and she was a solid D cup.  My wife's tits are a D in size, but they're soft to the touch and they don't hold up well in a fight. 

Dianne took off her shoes, unbuttoned her jeans and off came her shirt.  A pink sports bra and nothing else is what my wife started with.  I watched carefully as Cheryl slid out of her pants, but it was they way she slowly removed her shirt that really made me hard.  A black exercise bra held her tits in place and I immediately hoped that my wife would snap that bra off of her in their fight. 

I finished the first beer as Dainne and Cheryl stood across from each other.  Dianne's mile was gone and Cheryl looked pretty serious as well.  "Ready?" Dianne asked and Cheryl simply nodded.  Dianne reached out and grabbed Cheryl's hands and they spun each other around a bit.  Dianne has thick,strong legs and Cheryl tried to, but couldn't push her down.  Dianne grabbed Cheryl's shoulder and soon pushed her to the carpeted floor.  They wrestled for a while with neither seeming to be stronger than the other.  I noticed Dan watching intensely as I opened my second beer.  Dainne was on top of Chery most of the time and as I have seen her do many times before, sher tangled her legs with her oponents and squeezed the fight out of them.  This was a ground war and Dianne was in her element.  Dianne rolled Cheryl over and was now laying directly on top her, face to face.  Dianne pinned Cheryl flat, but continued to squeeze those legs.  Cheryl was stuck and she couldn't get out.  She was breathing hard and I figured she'd give up soon.  I was wrong.

Dan stood up and told his wife and started giving Cheryl instructions.  Bad manners in my book, but his wife was soon to give in so I didn't care.  Dianne began pumping her crotch into Cheryl's as her vice grip on her legs continued.  Dan seemed to be getting a bit too worked up over this and I figured maybe it was his wife's first match.  Dianne's thick brown mound of coarse hair worked on Cheryl's and soon she uttered the words every women fighter wants to hear....."I give."  Dianne immediately rolled off of her and stood up.  Cheryl laid on the ground breathing heavily.  Dan was at his wife side to console her, but to help her to her feet.  "Don't give up next time," I heard Dan say, and I thought he was way out of line. 

Dianne grabbed a bottle of water from the counter and smiled at her.  Cheryl motioned for her to come back to the clear off area of the room and again they went at it.  Cheryl charge Dianne and Dianne spun her around.  Dianne grabbed Cheryl by the waist, dropped to one knee and again put Cheryl on her back.  Cheryl fought hard, but Dianne was difinitely in control.  Cheryl grabbed a handful of Dianne's hair and yanked hard.  Dianne released her hold on Cheryl and rolled off of her.  "Hey, we didn't say anything about pulling hair!" Dianne yelled. Dan spoke for his wife and said that since they didn't say anything against it he didn't see the problem. Again, bad manners in my book.  Let your wife work out those details, she's the one fighting.

Cheryl agreed to no more hair work and she and Dianne went back at it.  They fought a bit harder and quickly worked up a sweat.  They rolled and struggled, but eventually, Dianne got Cheryl on her back on the ground.  Instead of working on her legs, Dianne pinned her and worked her way to sit on Cheryl's chest.  Cheryl fought hard and I knew she wasn't going to give up.  Cheryl struggled and grabbed my wife's tits.  SHe pulled and squuezed and soon Dianne's beautiful tits were out of that restrictive sports bra.  Dianne leaned foward and pushed them into Cheryl's face.  Dianne's tits smacked Cheryl's face hard, but they're soft and don't do much damage.  Dianne lifted her tits from Cheryl's face and eventually worked up to sitting on her chest.  Dianne had her pinned and Cheryl wasn't going anywhere.  Cheryl's legs came up to get around DIanne's shoulders, so Dianne moved further up her body.  Dianne's crotch was only inches from Cheryl's face.

"Give yet?" Dianne asked, but there was no reply.  Dianne moved her pubic hair up closer to Cheryl's chin.  Dan was now on his feet standing a bit too close to the women.  I was now on my third beer with a hard on that a cat couldn't scratch.  "Yet?" Dianne asked and with no reply from Cheryl my wife's pussy crested Cheryl's chin and came down on her mouth.  Cheryl gave in and Dianne quickly got off of her.    Dianne was on all fours and Dan again went to his wife and helped her up.  Dianne was going back for her water when Cheryl charged her and grabbed her.  Dianne was caught off guard and she fell to the ground near the couch I was sitting on.  In stead of protesting the cheap  move Dianne fought back. 

"Hey, somebody's going to get hurt with that kind of stuff" I said to Dan.  "Let the women fight or you'll get hurt" was Dan's reponse.  I put down my beer and stood up.  I was no longer paying attention to Dianne and Cheryl but walked over to Dan and told him that I thought his wife's move was bullshit.  We exchanged words as our women fought.  Dan threatened to kick my ass and I threatened to kick his.  Dan pulled his shift off and balled up his fists.  Take it easy I said to him and I told him that things were getting out of control. By now the women had separated and they were watching us.  Cheryl was breathing hard and Dianne, not trusting Cheryl watched me and her.  "Cock fighting honey," Cheryl said to her husband, "Go ahead and cock fight him."   Dan started up zipping his pants and I began to wonder, hey this isn't my fight, but I'm not going to let some asshole talk shit and then have his wife make the challenge. 

Dan's cock popped from his boxers and I slid off my tighty whities.  "You think your cock can beat mine?"  Dan demanded.  "We're going to find out in just a minute" I said and I stepped closer to him.  I looked over at Dianne and she was staring at me.  Dan swung his cock at mine and I swung back.  Our cocks hit hard that first time and it didn't stop.  I pushed my cock into his and he pushed back.  "Beat his cock!" Cheryl yelled.  We knocked cock head several times and I forgot how much cockfighting hurt.  We interlocked our hands and no part of our body's touched except for our cocks.  I jabbed my cock at his a couple of times and tried to ram his balls. I missed and he got mine.  I knocked his cock hard with mine and his cock bounced back into his belly.  Dan moved closer and pushed his crotch into mine.  His cock was forcing mine into my own gut.  I let go of his hands and back up.  I pulled my shirt off and got ready to go back at him.

Dan was all smiles while we separated.  Cheryl took the opportunity to hug him and then wisper something in his ear.  Cheryl moved way from Dan and over to my wife.  Cheryl pulled off her bra adn finally exposed those tits.  They were beautiful.  Large nipples, firm and full.  She walked over to Dianne and bumped her tits into my wife's.  Dianne pushed back and soon they were locked up swinging tits at each other.  Dianne's tits were every bit as big as Cheryl's but they're soft and not made for tit fighting.  I watched as Cheryl's hard nipples drove into my wife's tits and I knew my wife wouldn't last long.

I turned my attention to Dan went back to him.  We interlocked hands and went back to cock banging.  I moved in immediately and trapped his cock against mine and our stomaches.  I worked my cock against his and he did the same to mine.  Dan was watching Cheryl destroy my wife's tits with hers and I pounded Dan's cock with my own.  I could hear Dianne behind me as her tits were being beaten and I knew she didn't have long to last.  I pumped harder into Dan's cock and I knew I had him as his breathing started to change.  He was going to cum and my cock was going to beat the cum out his.    Dan moaned as he shot a thick load onto the head of my cock.  It slid down my cock and back up from him.  Dan went down on his knees.  He was finished.

I turned to see my wife holding on to Cheryl as her tits took an incredible beating.  Cheryls nipples bounced in to Dianne's and flattened my wife's tits.  Dianne was hurting and she finally siad those words, "I give."  Chery did not stop right away but pounded her tits into Dianne a few more times.  Cheryl let loose of my wife and she turned and held her beaten breasts.  Cheryl looked over at her husband on the ground.  I stood there with my hard on drentched in her husband's cum.  For a moment I thought Cheryl and I were going to go at it but that moment was over quickly. 

All four of us got dressed and we left Cheryl and Dan's room without saying much.  Dianne has talked to Cheryl since then and I wouldn't be suprised to see us go at it again.  I'll have to wait an see.       

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My wife fights
« on: January 10, 2010, 05:52:59 PM »

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Re: My wife fights
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2010, 09:18:26 PM »
WOW! I love that story and cock/cat matches. Great job. Can't wait for another one.
Love mature women (40+) in intense action, even matched, grudge between them. My pics tend to show what I like. No extreme violence, death or humiliation - that's just not me.

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Re: My wife fights
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2010, 05:20:14 AM »
How 'bout some more stories like this.

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Re: My wife fights
« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2010, 05:50:16 PM »
Great story.   :)


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Re: My wife fights
« Reply #4 on: March 28, 2010, 06:10:11 PM »
rfranks45 ,  Yes more stories please.  Thank you.


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Re: My wife fights
« Reply #5 on: March 29, 2010, 11:29:23 PM »
  The prefight was as good as the fights themselves (which thankfully didn't last forever, they had exactly the right length)

Very good work.

I'm hoping for a rematch? :)