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Rachel Riley vs Emma Glover

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Rachel Riley vs Emma Glover
« on: November 16, 2016, 12:55:42 PM »
Rachel Riley squeezed the hand of her boyfriend Pasha Kovalev, she was nervous but at the same time as happy as she'd been since she first burst on to our television screens seven years earlier, wearing tight fitting or amazingly short skirts that somehow were allowed to be broadcast at 4:30 on a weekday afternoon on Channel Four's flagship quiz show Countdown. Seven years later Riley was becoming a widely respected television presenter, her appearance on Strictly Come Dancing in 2013 had cemented her place in the Nation's affections. Pasha Kovalev had been her dance partner on Strictly and a year later the pair confirmed what everyone had long suspected, that they were involved in a romantic relationship. This evening Rachel and Pasha were hosting a charity event in support of Breast Cancer Awareness at Babylon at the Roof Gardens in Kensington; it was the premier event in London that weekend and was expected to be wall to wall celebrities. Rachel and Pasha had arrived early as hosts, Rachel was taking her role very seriously and had just returned from inspecting the kitchen staff for the third time.
"Relax darling," Pasha held out his hand, Rachel clasped it eagerly,
"I'm so nervous, I just know something will go wrong."
"Don't say that, the staff do these events all the time, nothing will go wrong."
"I hope so...."

Emma Glover took one last look at herself in the hallway mirror, she had chosen to go with a red trouser suit, this was to be a classy event and she wanted to look the part, not too slutty she thought but plenty of cleavage as she adjusted the strap, well the taxi is here so it will have to do. She popped her head into the Living Room, Michael her five year old son was engrossed in an episode of Paw Patrol.
"Make sure he's in bed by nine, Sammi."
"Yes Em you have a good night."
With that Emma left in her taxi headed for Kensington, a journey of 45 minutes plenty of time to prepare her strategy for the evening. At 29 her glamour model career was drawing to an end, her body was still amazing thanks to her strict diet and exercise regime but in a couple of years time she would be fighting a losing battle against a host of younger models. It was time to create another niche for herself and what better opportunity for her to acquire some crucial contacts than at a party with wall to wall celebrities.

An hour later and the Babylon was filling nicely with a who's who of British celebrities from the worlds of entertainment and sport. Rachel Riley was over her nerves, no longer fretting over every minor detail, thanks to a couple of glasses of champagne, she was chatting away in a group containing Jamie and Louise Redknapp, Vernon Kay and Tess Daly. Rachel was wearing a tight fitting red dress which fell to around two inches above her knees, never one to hide her best assets her long legs and petite derriere which as ever were drawing admiring glances from the male guests and the odd sharp elbow in the ribs from an annoyed partner who was following their gaze.

Emma's taxi took her to within 100 yards of the entrance to the Babylon where a large group of Paparazzi were gathered; Emma knew how to work a group of photographers and she caused a frenzy of activity by removing her coat on this chilly November evening to reveal her classy outfit. Wearing a fixed smile she was twirling away just short of the entrance as the camera bulbs flashed away,
"This way Miss....?" a burly doorman ushered Emma in through the club doorway.
"Why thank you, it's Glover, Emma Glover."
"I'm not seeing your name..." the doorman scanned his list.
"Oh let me see," Emma leaned in to see the list allowing the doorman an unobstructed view of her breasts.
"A mere oversight I'm sure Miss Glover, I'll escort you to the Party it's just up this staircase."
"Oh how sweet of you...I didn't catch your name,"
"It's Robert."
"You're very kind Robert, and so big," Emma giggled as she took Robert's hand.

The staircase had actually led to an elevator which had taken them a further six floors up, Emma was awestruck when the elevator doors opened everywhere she looked was someone she had seen on the television, or watched playing football or rugby for England. Robert took her over to Pasha,
"Mr Kovalev this is Miss Emma Glover," Pasha gave a quizzical look, Robert whispered something in his ear.
"Welcome Miss Glover," Pasha smiled reassuringly at Emma, "Thanks Robert you can attend to your other duties now."
"Call me Emma please," Emma smiled nervously, "You're that dancer aren't you?"
"Yes that's right...that's how I earn a living."
"Yeah I thought I'd seen you on Strictly, I love that programme."
"Forgive me Emma but what do you do?"
"I'm an International Lingerie Model."
"Wow an international lingerie model..." Pasha allowed his gaze to drop a little towards Emma's cleavage, "so you represent your country then."
"Well it means I go abroad for shoots," Emma could see Pasha looking at her breasts, he probably wasn't listening to her anymore.
"Do you think there would be any chance of me appearing on Strictly?"
"There would be more chance of you walking on the moon honey!" Rachel Riley had watched with interest from afar the entrance of Emma and her introduction to Pasha, after politely making her excuses she had hurried over. Emma who had been playing with the strap of her dress in order that Pasha could get a better view, returned her outfit to a more respectable appearance.
"How rude!" she exclaimed her carefully crafted sweet model expression was replaced by a hostile frown as she looked toward Rachel.
"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Rachel met Emma's hostile frown with interest, "Isn't the Only Way Is Essex reject convention in Southend tonight?" A small crowd had gathered around the scene and there was muffled laughter.
"Why you stuck up Bitch," Emma took a menacing step toward Rachel.
"Now ladies this is not the time nor the place," Pasha bravely put himself in harms way directly in between the two women. Rachel was happy at the intervention of her boyfriend, it seemed that this cheap slut would have been willing to get into a physical altercation, and although she was very confident she could have easily handled the bitch it wouldn't have been a good look on such a prestigious evening, the papers would have relished such an incident. So it remained a verbal slanging match and Rachel knew she had the superior wits.
"Can't we get Robert up here to clear away this trash?" there was another audible snicker from the group of on-lookers.
"Now Rachel darling calm down there is no need to be like that," Pasha had never seen his girlfriend behave like this and much to his astonishment he was feeling aroused by it, going with social convention and not his sudden strong urge to see the two beautiful women continue their dispute to see where it may lead, he led Emma who was looking daggers at Rachel away from the scene and toward the nearest drinks waiter.
"Here have a glass of champagne Emma, I hope you have an enjoyable evening."
"That girlfriend of yours needs teaching a lesson in manners," Emma fumed but Pasha didn't appear to hear, he was headed back to Rachel.

Emma sipped her champagne attempting to regain her composure, a number of other guests were staring or pointing at her, but none would meet her gaze, her anger was being replaced by consternation she retreated to the bathrooms. Emma checked her still flawless appearance in the mirror whilst reflecting on her evening thus far 'This celebrity clique was where she desperately wanted to belong but it was clear that there were people already within it who jealously kept others from joining.' At that moment two other guests entered the bathroom it was Louise Redknapp and Tess Daly they were unaware of Emma's presence.
"I mean fancy thinking she could get on Strictly."
"What a joke, I mean a boob job doesn't mean you're a celebrity all of a sudden." The conversation ground to an immediate halt as Louise and Tess entered the main body of the bathroom and discovered Emma eyeing them icily in the mirror. Louise and Tess each silently took occupancy of a stall, Emma gathered up her handbag and defiantly headed back to the party.

Rachel had revealed a side to her character that Pasha had not previously seen, after ushering Emma away from the scene, Pasha resolved to stick close to Rachel for the remainder of the evening.
"I'm sorry darling, it's just those type of wannabee famous types really wind me up, I guess she must have flashed her chest at the door staff to get in here." Rachel was returning to the composed and poised hostess she had been earlier in the evening.
"Haha yes I guess. did she have a nice chest I didn't notice," Pasha smiled not expecting his lie to get past Rachel.
"Didn't notice...she was sticking it right under your nose." Rachel squeezed her boyfriend's hand letting him know that she attached no blame to him for the incident.

Emma headed for the nearest drinks waiter and helped herself to another complimentary glass of champagne, she remained on the fringes of the party, one or two of the male guests smiled politely at her, occasionally she would be the subject of a desirous stare which of course she was used to, but at no point did another female guest make any attempt to talk to her. After three glasses of champagne Emma cared little for social niceties, she found a place where she could see Pasha and Rachel and started to eye the blonde with hostile intent; Rachel for her part was enjoying the evening immensely her boyfriend Pasha was excelling in his role as host, but whenever his duties allowed he was all over her like never before in such a public setting; cuddling, kissing and even at one point pinching her bottom. Rachel was talking intently with Pasha when she glanced over his shoulder, directly in her line of vision was Emma staring at her. Rachel sighed.
"What's wrong honey," enquired Pasha.
"It's that piece of trash from earlier," replied Rachel fixing Emma with an equally viperous glare. Seeing his girlfriend's hostility return so suddenly caused an equally sudden surge in arousal in himself,
"Oh really..." he stammered.

Emma fuelled by alcohol and feelings of anger toward what she saw as this celebrity clique the personification of which was that flat chested bitch Rachel Riley took another glass of champagne and slowly and deliberately made her way toward Rachel without releasing the blonde from her icy stare. Rachel froze as Emma approached, trying to act cool she altered her gaze from Emma to Pasha who was unaware of Emma's advance. Emma brushed past Pasha whilst giving his bottom a gentle squeeze, before Pasha could react to that he saw his girlfriend's face crease with pain as Emma deliberately stepped on her toe.
"Owwww! You clumsy Bitch!" yelled Rachel.
"Oh I'm so sorry," said Emma before emptying the contents of her glass over Rachel's head as the blonde bent to examine the damage to her toe. Emma's face betrayed her true feelings of malevolence. Quick as a flash Rachel stood erect and slapped Emma flush across the face, there was a split second where time seemed to stand still. Emma was recovering from being slapped; Rachel was coming to terms with the implications of having landed the blow; whilst the rest of the guests were either stunned by or unaware of what had happened.

It was only a split second, Emma reached for Rachel's hair and dragged her spectacularly to the floor, the two women began to struggle with one another on the floor. Stunned guests having no idea how to react began to make room for the women, it was Rachel who gained the early advantage sitting on top of Emma she grabbed hold of her hair with both hands and pulled with all her might. Emma shrieked in pain as Rachel made short work of the fancy work her hairdresser had spent all afternoon perfecting at the cost of a small fortune. Shouts of encouragement were audible from the guests who were lucky enough to be close to the action.
"Come on Rachel kick her ass."
"Yeah you can take her," Louise Redknapp and Tess Daly were both stood on a conveniently placed sofa allowing them a better view of the action, they were jumping up and down like excited schoolgirls. Robert had long since abandoned his doorman duties and was in the act of making his way through the throng to bring a halt to the action when he felt a hand on his shoulder,
"It's alright Robert just a bit of harmless fun, let the ladies settle things for themselves,"
"Well you're the host Mr Kovalev," Robert was astonished that Pasha was happy for his girlfriend to continue fighting, but Pasha was enjoying himself immensely and Rachel seemed to be in full control. Emma was struggling to wriggle clear of Rachel the effort was having an effect on her outfit, most of the men were focused on the two straps on her dress which were struggling to contain her breasts, there had been plenty of glimpses of nipples. Eventually Emma was able to escape from under Rachel, but it was a brief respite before the women locked up again and began rolling around the floor to loud cheers. Rachel's tight fitting dress was increasingly riding upwards revealing her shapely muscular legs to the full and there were glimpses of a black thong. Emma gained the upper hand, she had Rachel pinned to the floor and was able to slap her across the face, Pasha winced, uncomfortable now that Rachel was not so dominant. Rachel tried to wriggle clear but was unable.
"What's up Bitch?" Emma enquired in a mocking tone "This is quite a conundrum."
"Fuck you!" Rachel tried to reach up and inflict some damage on Emma's breasts, but Emma was easily able to parry the weak effort. Emma unleashed two more slaps across Rachel's face there were a couple of cheers, but most of the guests were firmly behind Rachel and the crowd was becoming subdued. With a desperate move Rachel was able to unseat Emma by propelling her midriff upwards, she rolled away from her tormentor giving the on-lookers the best sight yet of her sexy bottom. Rachel's respite was temporary, she regained her feet but then felt her head jolt backwards as Emma grabbed her by the hair. Instinctively Rachel threw an elbow into the midriff of Emma it winded her, Emma released her grip of Rachel's hair and doubled up in pain. Rachel took a second or two to realise her opponent was temporarily helpless, but she was receiving much verbal encouragement, and finally took the opportunity to deliver an uppercut into Emma's chin. Emma staggered backwards, Rachel could see that she was dazed and taking full advantage took hold of the straps of Emma's dress and ripped them violently from her shoulders; Emma's breasts were fully exposed, a huge cheer came from the crowd which now consisted of everyone at the Party. Rachel now acting on the most basic animal instinct revelled in the humiliation of Emma and started playing to the crowd, unaware that Emma was regaining her full senses or perhaps believing that exposing the other woman in such humiliating fashion had effectively ended the fight in her favour, was blindsided by Emma who threw a punch which caught her square on the jaw. Rachel toppled backwards on to the floor, Emma threw herself on top of her and began to throw punches at Rachel's face, Rachel retaliated by desperately clawing at Emma's breasts whilst trying to avoid the blows being directed at her face. Emma grimaced in pain as Rachel's nails dug into the flesh around her nipples, but she was able to deflect both Rachel's hands using her left arm, leaving her free to aim some more punches at Rachel's face with her right fist. It only needed one more. Emma's right fist connected with the bridge of Rachel's nose, there was an audible cracking sound and blood began to trickle from both nostrils. An eerie hush descended on proceedings before Rachel began to sob, tears flowing more freely than the blood from her nose.
"Okay what are you waiting for, get her out of here," Pasha pushed Robert toward Emma who was now stood triumphantly over Rachel. Pasha rushed to Rachel's side,
"Quick someone ring for an ambulance."
Robert put his coat around Emma's shoulders,
"This way Miss Glover, I think it's time for you to go home."
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ladies, ladies surely there is a better way to settle this


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Re: Rachel Riley vs Emma Glover
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Interesting beginning.


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Re: Rachel Riley vs Emma Glover
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It's about time some appreciated the gorgeous Rachel and appreciated what a fantastic body she has.... :-X


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Re: Rachel Riley vs Emma Glover
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Great to see a Rachel Riley story - although shame she lost. I would have preferred a longer fight with the gals in private but thats just my taste. Hope to see more from you.