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Author Topic: Sessions with Nikkitta and Skye at MWM (November 2016)  (Read 316 times)
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« on: November 27, 2016, 09:41:36 PM »

Sessions with Nikkitta and Skye at MWM (November 2016)

I’ve just got back from a great day in London where I did two sessions at MWM.  My first math was with Nikkitta who whooped me 4-0.  She was fit, strong and powerful and took her points well.  I defended as well as I could but never really had any opportunities to pine her down or gain a submission.  The first point was a neck hold where I could feel it on the side of my neck and really had to tap out as she was on top of me keeping me under control.  The second point was a lethal body scissors that I felt squeezing my insides out.  Nikkitta got my back for the third point and pulled me into her guard and then applied a rear naked choke that I had to tap out to while admiring the new lights Cam has installed in the studio.  The final point was a head scissors while she also had my right arm stretched out across her body.  She leaned back pressurising my arm and squeezed the head scissors home.  I put up a bit of a struggle in each round but it was pretty much one way traffic once the first point had been conceded.  I did managed my beetle defence to avoid Nikkitta’s grapevine on a couple of occasions and my trusty half guard spider defence saved me quite a bit and kept the score down.  Nikkitta was talking not stop to wind me up, she is really good at commentating and wrestling at the same time – classic Nikkitta.

After that Cam, Nikkitta and I had lunch in the pub round the corner; chicken wings and potatoes.  I met Alfie the Cat who seems to run the pub – he certainly gave me a look letting me know I was on his territory.  Had a great chat with Cam and Nikkitta about the big decathlon event next week and plans for 2017.  Then it was back to the studio to get ready for my second opponent.

Skye arrived, looking stunning, the first time I have seen her since Easter 2014, so great to see her again and have a catch up as we warmed up.  She was wearing black leather pants and a bra with metal studs in so I decided to avoid her breast smother!  Soon we were locked into a great tussle rolling back and forth on the mats.  She was wresting with a smile on her face but also with determination.  The banter during the match was excellent and she accused me of trying to put her off – well there are no rules against me doing that lol.  I managed to get Skye in a grapevine and she tapped early on, I did not feel I had fully applied it, but a point is a point.  I went straight into defensive mode after that as Skye threw everything at me looking for head scissors, neck holds and sitting on me to try and pin me down.  There was plenty of in close grappling but whenever we broke off, it was Skye who was doing the acrobatic backwards rolls to be in position to re-engage first.  Music videos were laying with some of my favourites popping up on screen – every time I said “oooh I love this song” Skye was laughing.  I rolled on top and straddled her, pinning her arms by the side of her head for the second point.  I held her there for a count of 10 and was in a 2-0 lead.  Skye got a point with 10 minutes to go – a difficult one to describe – here goes.  She was sitting on me and worked up my chest to put the head scissors on.  I sat up as the head scissors went on and she fell backwards.  As she did, she reached out to either side and pushed my legs wide apart so I could really feel it in my groin and hamstrings and really had to tap – all this while my head was still trapped between her legs!  I managed to get the full mount right at the end and was about to count out the pin, but time ran out and the match ended 2-1 to me.  This was my first ever win at MWM after four and a half years of trying.  I gave Skye a big hug because it was a very enjoyable tussle.  Cam gave me a high five, she’s not too unhappy that I have finally taken a win at MWM.  It was well worth the long trip from Wales, in fact I’ll be back next week!

Bug thanks to Cam, Nikkitta and Skye for a wonderful day.

Mixed wrestler with a 35 win, 92 draw and 285 loss record in 412 matches  between 2005 and the end of 2016.  Living The Dream.
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