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Brunette Indian vs Blonde kitten
« on: November 30, 2016, 06:13:39 PM »
Hey friend ... i am going to post a chat fight log ...that blonde makes me pissed off ... and if any women/girl gonna piss me off then be sure .. she gonna humiliate like this ... (doesn't matter if she is brunette or blonde) ... Well enjoy the fight chat and comment what you like it and what you didn't ...

PROUDEBLONDEMOM: Indian women are pathetic
PRIYA:   you are right, they are pathetic in fight, they have no limits and very tough, so especially blonde girls after getting ass kicked called them pathetic
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   hun Iíd gladly put you down. My son has seen me put down Indian girls
PRIYA:   donít know whom he had seen, but believe I am not only going to beat you but use you as my fuck toy
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   Iíd like to see you never lose to an Indian woman in front of my son
PRIYA:   ohh so it would be first time when you humiliated in front of your son, show me how a filthy, blonde looks likeÖ.
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   white women are superior Indian cow
PRIYA:   white women are just pigs
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   more like Indian s are
PRIYA:   love to fuck you like insane you bitch
going to grind so hard that you cannot fuck further
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   bring it on bitch Iím open for AN HING
PRIYA:   grrrrrrrrrrrr,     I heard that a white slut in our society is in a habit of bullying but I am much bad bitch than any other women so I went to your house and ring the bell of your door after peeing in front of your door and waiting for someone to open it
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   I open the door, wearing just a white sports bra looking down as the pee, as I scoff and spit at you "dirty fucking Indian bitch what do you want?
PRIYA:   I grins and smirks wiping off the spit and slap hard your face I WANT YOU BITCH and kick hard your belly to make you back inside house and walk inside closing the door behind me and put off my robe to get in black gym bra and matching thin shorts as I get to shelf and open to take a wine bottle and sipping it and waiting for you to stand YOU SLUTTY WHITE WHORE YOU THINK YOU ARE SMART AND STRONG HUN ,,,,,... .... IN THIS SOCIETY WE HAVE POWER AND NOT YOU
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   my son walks in and sees us as I stumble back "alright you fucking Indian cow ill fuck you up! yea fuck up that Indian bitch mom! my son yells as I backhand you hard back..
PRIYA:   uhhhh I stumble little as I laugh and smirks "OH YOU THE SON OF WHITE BITCH ... YOU GONA ENJOY WHEN I FUCK YOUR MOM HARD ďas I rush and grab your bra and rip it off to make your tits out and slap hard your face TAKE THIS SLUT
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   my mom will never lose to an Indian whore like you! my son screams as my breasts flop out as my head smacks back "oh god! I slam my tits into yours.
PRIYA:   UNGHHHHHH COME ON FUCKING WHORE as I wrap my arm on your torso and another hand your hair clinching tight and slap my big tits on your tits as nipples try to rip my bra and I press your firm tits and I squeeze you hard and pushing you back
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   AHHH! my breast being squished into yours as I try and squish you back "fucking dirty Indian  slut! I scream as I try to head-butt you.
PRIYA:   uhhhhhhhh unghhh I get my forehead hit as I grins and head-butt you back and bite your cheek as I grind my thong hard and jerk and push you back grrrrr
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   AHH! I scream as you maul my face as I fall back into my son who massages my shoulders "címon mom fuck this Indian bitch up! I scream and charge at you with a clothesline.
PRIYA:   i see you clothesline over me as I duck down and turn to back of you and laugh over you COME ON SLUT I AM HER AT YOUR BACK and get my knuckles up to see you at your back
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   ah! I realize I miss you and swing my arm wildly behind me hoping to catch you! "fuck you whore youíll learn your place.
PRIYA:   i get back dodging your arm as you swing it blindly but lunge over you and grab your hair and jerks it hard and knee hard in your belly FUCK YOUUU SLUTTT
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   OOFT! I cough out as you smash my belly, falling my knees as I try to tackle you over "címon mom! my son screams.
PRIYA:   as you get down I grab your thong and ripping it pulling hard making the thong scratches over your pussy and labia skin leaving red rashes as I pull it forcefully and spanking your ass FUCK YOU WHORE
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   AHHH! I yelp with a high pitch as I crawl away from you as you spank me, my son helping me up, my crotch all red as I face you. "god you whore!  Indians are nothing but shit!
PRIYA:   i spit on your thong and make it on your face rubbing hard and push you back FUCK YOU WHORE COME ONNN
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   I fall back into my son who looks a bit worried as I scream, my breasts swaying as I reach down for your thong, trying to rip out "get this off slut!
PRIYA:   UHHHH UHHHHH GRRRR LEAVE IT WHORE as my tits shaking hard and nips got stiff as I try to stop you and grab your hair and try to stop you and thong scratching my labia skin unghhhhhh
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   AHH! let my hair go you rat! I scream as I try and pull at your hands, my son cheering for me!..
PRIYA:   uhhhhhh I rip my thong and let it with you as I get back as I finger my pussy and we both ar nude now as I rush to you and grab your hair to smack your face on my pussy hard and finger your ass GRRRRR FUCK YOU SLUT
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   my sons eyes go wide as I scream, my face in your pussy as my ass gets fingered, I wiggle around trying to get out "no stop ahh!..
PRIYA:   i jerk your hair and make you fall back and get sit over your tits and in school girl pin I get your le up in my arm and grind my ass on your firm tits. HOW YOU FEEL SLUT
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   no mom! my son yells as I buck like crazy "no get your Indian ass off me! my breasts squished under your ass.
PRIYA:   i press your tits hard and get my one free hand to finger your pussy and grinds you down hard mmmmmmmm
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   AHH! I scream as I fight both physical and sexual defeat "noo! get off me Indian whore!! ahh..
PRIYA:   i licks my fingers as I get some juice over my hand mmmmm you taste good slut as I get two fingers inside and rush it hard and spit you and get little front and let my pussy rub over your face mmmmm yessss you are mine fucking blonde
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   AHH! my screams turn into slow moans as you fuck my face and pussy "no mom what are you doing stop! my son screams.
PRIYA:   i get quick turn and grinds my pussy as I moan and hiss over your son "SHUT UP BOY. GET OUT YOUR LITTLE COCK AND JERK IT . SEE YOUR MOM ENJOYING IT" as I get three fingers and shafting your cxnt very hard as juices started coming out mmmmmm yessssss bitch yeessss cum for me
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   my son in shock looks down and unzips his pants as I start to shake "oh oohh yeesss im cumming! I scream out as wetness falls down my leg.
PRIYA:   mmmm I grab your leg and slap your pussy lips hard as you are Cumming and juice sprays out and slap sound echoes hard as I laugh out to see that your son masturbating while looking you get fucked
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   I scream in pleasure as you continue to sexually dominate me as I moan. Oh yea..! slowly subsiding, my son wanking.
PRIYA:   mmmmmmm I see you cumm down and your juice stops but I dint and continue to finger and throb your pussy putting my finger deeper as I grind my mound and circling and slapping your white face as suddenly I moans and open up my flood gates to wash your sweaty face with my juice over you UNNGHHH UUUMMMMMM YESSSS YESSSS MMM FUCKKK YOUUMMMMMMM SUTT
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   uughhH!! ohhh god I moan out as I lay like a starfish, sexually defeated as my son wanks in shock.
PRIYA:   i smother my ass on your face and grinds pussy on your stiff nipples covering you in my juice and slap hard again your pussy and scream "NOW CONFESS BITCH THAT YOU ARE SLUT OF INDIAN WOMEN"
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   I look up and see my wanking son as I look down and sob. I am the slut of an Indian woman...I cry out.
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   I AM THE SLUT OF AN INDIAN WOMEN! I scream as my son stops wanking, looking at me in shock. I cover my face.
PRIYA:   i stand and get two dog strap and get on your neck and another on your son and pull you both and yell ON YOUR KNEES. COME ON as I spank your ass and make you crawl to door and make you to the place where I pissed up and yell on your son ...LICK THAT ASS YOU SON OF BITCH
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   me and my son both sob as I walk to the piss and bend down, my eyes wide as I feel the tongue of my son around my ass.
PRIYA:   I call out every women of that society including white blondes and Indian girl as I spank your ass and your boy licking your ass and I command you NOW LICK THIS PISS BITCH AND SWEAR THAT YOU NOT GONNA BULLY ANY BRUNETTE OR INDIAN WOMEN .... SAY IT ....... AND ALSO CLAIM IT THAT EVERY WHITE BLONDES ARE WEAK LIKE YOU .... COME ON SLUT
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   licking the piss as I moan but at the same time I cry, tears falling down! I wonít bully any Indian or brunette women and all blondes are weak like me!! I moan as my son still licks.
PRIYA:   I hold the strap as one of my friend click a pic of mine with you and your son as one of shouts NICE HUMILIATION ... THAT BITCH DESERVES THAT as I smiles and shouts FUCK OFF NOW WHORE .... and leave you and walk off
PROUDEBLONDEMOM:   GRRR OMG Iíll get revenge donít u worry bitch!


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Brunette Indian vs Blonde kitten
« on: November 30, 2016, 06:13:39 PM »

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Re: Brunette Indian vs Blonde kitten
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2016, 09:37:29 PM »
Bravo! Bravo!  Exciting! :P

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Re: Brunette Indian vs Blonde kitten
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2016, 05:35:32 PM »
Great win Priya


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