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what would you have done

same as we did-
2 (9.1%)
let them continue to fight
6 (27.3%)
let br. kathy attack again
6 (27.3%)
arrange a rematch
8 (36.4%)

Total Members Voted: 16

blonde kathy v brunet kathy

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blonde kathy v brunet kathy
« on: October 17, 2008, 02:49:16 AM »
the year was 1969 - i was a somewhat cocky football player and considered myself quite the stud. my girl friend, blond kathy, (cheerleader) and i had been dating for about 3 months, but brunet kathy (tennis player)had been casually coming on to me for a while. i did nothing to discourage her, in fact i looked forward to our flirtatious meetings. both girls were very attractive and very similar in regards to height (about 5-7), weight (about 115), both had shoulder lenght hair, though blond kathy's boobs were a little bigger. the flirting with brunet kathy was becoming more suggestive and sexual and she was now making remarks about blond kathy. one morning after a 10:00 class, brunet kathy stopped at our house and said to me, " would you like to shave my legs for me."  she had on a pair of cutoff jeans and a halter type top (no bra - which was the mode of dress for most girls back in th 60's). we went upstairs to my bedroom where she took off her top and i shaved her legs and her underarms. needless to say this led to us rolling around on my bed. it didn't take blonde kathy long to find out what happened. she was furious with me, and was going to confront brunet kathy and give her a piece of her mind. i was not present at their initial confrontation but was told that though they did not get into a physical confrontation it was pretty nasty with alot of name calling and remarks about each others appearance and sexual skills. the next day brunet kathy challenged blonde kathy to a wrestling match with me as the prize.  blonde kathy really didn't want to fight brunet kathy but really had no choice but to accept the challenge. we decided that they would wrestle on sat. night at one of our frat parties. word travelled fast- everybody wanted to be there to see this. blonde kathy wore a flowered green bikini, and brunet kathy wore a solid black bikini.  both girls were a little nervous, but both were enjoying the attention that they were receiving from the guys and girls at the party. they began somewhat cautiously each grasping at the others arms. they finally locked fingers and struggled around in a test of strength.  brunet kathy took blond kathy down and they rolled around with brunet kathy coming out on top.  though this was suppose to be a wrestling match, not a catfight, blond kathy grabbed brunet kathy's top and yanked.  though her top did not come completely off this infuriated brunet kathy who started to punch and rip at blond kathy's boobs and top. they grabbed each others hair and started a furious hair pulling battle. everybody was cheering them on, especially the girls at the party. blond kathy began to cry and we broke them up.  brunet kathy strutted around for a bit, and wanted to attack blonde kathy again. (we prevented this). we had some other fights, wrestling matches, at our house at future parties between willing females, but for me, none could come close to blonde kathy v brunet kathy.



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Re: blonde kathy v brunet kathy
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2008, 01:13:40 AM »
I hope their will be a rematch.