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You're All Mine Now-

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You're All Mine Now-
« on: April 13, 2010, 11:45:17 PM »
     "Your all mine now honey," the fiery redhead snarled at her blonde rival.
      Overstuffed boxing gloves smacked the incredibly well built (stacked, folks, stacked) blonde's beautiful face as her dreamy blue eyes glazed, crossed. To us "partiers" it was to our luck that the blonde hung on the ropes of the ring and made no effort to protect herself. That skimpy bikini top was about ready to surrender as well.
     Suddenly the redhead stopped her assault. She turned, smiled at the us, got a most naughty gleam in her eyes, then turned back.
     Wished for a second I was that overstuffed boxing glove.
     "Like I'm not gonna do this," Red taunted a second before smacking the dazed blondes huge left breast.
      Bikini top halfway surrendered.
      Another turn, some antics from the redhead as the blondes knees wobbled. That big boob sported a large thick pink nipple that had seemed to "come out and check out the commotion?"
      "She's ALL mine now-want me to strip her?"
       Nary a word-Yeah, right?!!!
       Business was good; the party was super. I was traveling; the head honcho, invited his wife (the fiery redhead) to take on a young blonde that she disliked. (Found out later, Miss Blondie Big Boobs was probably messing around with the old fart with the money)-but who knew?
      As the lovely housekeeper (when you're rich you can afford really pretty sexy housekeepers) poured me a drink and winked at with me with her beautiful brown eyes, she leaned forward and whispered in my ear-"You like the show?"
      "Back off you little bitch!" It was my associates wife. I swallowed hard-probably blushed. The thought of this sultry strawberry blonde hottie going at it with the drop dead gorgeous Latina was-well an almost welcome diversion.
      "Let's see those big tits honey-show everybody."
      "N-Nnnnn-Nooooo," the blonde screamed. The older redhead had shed her gloves, drilled a couple punches to the blondes jaw, belly and breasts and now grabbed her torn top with both hands.
       Almost in slow motion-very, very erotic. The top went flying. Long strong sexy fingers turned into hungry sensuous claws that instantly captured luscious full tit flesh.
       "Aieeeee-let go-my boobs-please help-somebody stop her," the blonde shrieked. The older redhead pressed her thumbs into the tender ample aerolae and then dug into the thick perfectly upturned rock hard pink nipples. The blonde writhed and tried desperately to pry those fingers away.
       One hard kneecap to that sexy vulnerable crotch. The blonde wailed and dropped to her knees. Red still hung on, only was now mauling and twisting those two luscious breasts.
      "We need a ref," someone shouted.
      Okay, WHO would you like the REF to be?
        Should the REF be impartial or become involved?
        Any ideas?


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Re: You're All Mine Now-
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2020, 03:48:32 AM »
This guy always had great stories, but rarely finished them, this is another example of one begging for a finish,