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Grudge Match

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Grudge Match
« on: April 20, 2018, 04:51:31 AM »
This was a custom story, if you'd like to become a custom story leave me a private message. I also have a patreon if you'd like to sign up and read all my stories as well as become a monthly contributor for custom stories each month

Grudge Match
By Stone

The arena was quiet as the two teens waited for their sensei to start the match; they needed no introductions as both bounced on their taped up feet. Beth is ninteen, 5'2" and 110 pounds with red hair that hung down past her jaw; she wore blue boxing trunks and a green sports bra to hold her perky 32A cups. Her opponent, Angela, is eighteen at 5'5" and 116 pounds with a full 36C cup; she is Japanese-American with shoulder length black hair wearing black stretch pants with a red sports bra. Both girls are wearing kickboxing gloves which allow them to grapple if necessary; they had competed in the same dojo for years until their friendship soured after Beth was berayed by Karen.

Karen is eighteen, 5'7" a lean, sexy redhead with a C cup barely contained within the flimsy pink string bikini she wore. She instructs both fighters to stand in the center for a staredown while the referee stands just off to the side.

"I want you both to not hold anything back," the beauty tells them as she moves to caress the Asian girl. "Remember, you're both fighting for me," she says, her lips close to touching Angela's as the fighter has to remain still though she's dying to take the redhead in her arms; just like she did last night. "I want you to fuck each other up," she said, grinding her breasts against Angela's firm pair as her lips traced their way down the brunette's neck. "Kick the shit out of each other, there needs to be no question who is stronger because don't forget the winner gets little old me," Karen teased as her fingers gave soft kisses down Angela's neck. She then turns to wrap her arms around Beth's neck, grinding like a stripper giving a lap dance as she gently kisses the Irish girl. "I know you miss me so this is your chance, you can take me home and do all the nasty things you want but first you both need to beat each other to a pulp. I want you to pound each other in the face," she left little hickey kisses as she bent down while sliding her hand between Beth's legs. "I want the loser to be unrecognizable so everyone will know never to fuck with my baby again.

"Now show me how bad you want me by beating the other bitch," she said and shook her ass on the way out of the ring.

"I can't wait to break that ugly face of yours, cxnt," Angela said as the two stood nearly toe to toe.

"Don't worry you won't have to look at it after I beat you so hard you won't be able to see straight anyway," Beth said before adding, "don't forget to keep your guard up or I'll have to beat you as bad as i did last time."

She was referring to the match the two had the previous week; Angela had won but only after Beth had kicked the taller girl around the ring for four rounds.

After the bell, both teens came out swinging, Beth and Angela traded jabs with the Asian girl swinging a kick at the shorter girl's midsection. It connected only for Beth to shoot a straight kick out that backed the Asian girl into the ropes. She bounced off with both gloves up to guard her as the two came in close again, swinging haymakers at each other; head hunting. Angela scored a side kick then came in, grabbing the back of Beth's head to hammer in knee lifts into the redhead's chest. Beth managed to push her opponent back as the two girls traded mid-kicks before Angela missed with a straight kick, aiming for Beth's head, when the shorter redhead, dodged to the side then came in swinging hard; staggering the Asian girl with a hard right-left combo. Angela recovered and blocked a low kick from Beth to slam a right hook at her face. 

The two danced back, blocking jabs, before Beth got under the taller girl's guard, hitting her in the breadbasket, then connecting a straight right to the face tha bounced Angela's head back. The Irish girl tried to capitalize with another right that just grazed Angela's chin only to follow up with a mid-kick that the Asian was able to block. Then the brunette sent a flurry of jabs to back the redhead up only to catch her in a clinch, trying to for another knee lift, before Beth was able to break away.

They continued pairing off with jabs, all of which were blocked; Beth scored a low kick that bent Angela's knee slightly, but the brunette came firing back with heavy punches to the shorter girl's face. Beth was backed into the ropes momentarily as the Asian girl sent a flurry of headshots only to follow up with a mid-kick which left her guard down for a right to the brunette's face. Anglea tried again to go for a clinch but a couple of rights and lefts to her bigger tits backed the brunette up.

"Hope Karen likes them after I'm done then they'll be hanging down to your knees bitch," Beth said through gritted teeth as the Asian teen held her arm over her sore boobs.

The pair had been friends while training at the dojo; they'd been going to a junior college before planning on moving to a university out of state. Beth had been dating Karen then, both having gone to the same high school together; Beth always felt comfortable confiding in her redheaded lover. That was why Beth felt betrayed when she found out Karen had betrayed her to Angela; the two teens had been scheduled to face each other in a tournament when she told the Asian girl about Beth's ankle which she injured slightly in practice. After the match Beth didn't hear from Karen until she saw the two posting selfies together on Facebook. With college almost over this would be the last time she would see either Angela or Karen and wanted a fight to settle it.

Beth and Angela traded blows to the head and body, none much caring to be defensive, until the brunette caught her opponent's mid-kick. Sandwiching her foe's foot between her elbow and ribs, Angela punished the redhead with two quick rights to the face then a backhand from her gloved fist which sent Beth to the canvas. Before their sensei could move in, the Asian stomped her heel down twice on Beth's face, bloodying her lip, then planted the arch of her taped foot on the redhead's throat.

"Stay down bitch, I won't go easy on you anymore," Angela hissed before their sensei backed the taller girl off. He began counting as Beth tried wiped the blood off with her arm and got up to say she was ready. They had agreed to best of two out of three falls, winning by knockout or submission though neither planned on using many grapples. Once their referee told them to continue, Angela came charging in with a leaping overhand right, a superman punch, only to get caught with an uppercut that made her dance back a couple steps; leaving Beth to jab at the air. When the brunette came in again, this time her guard up, Beth went for another low kick, aiming at the same knee. Angela stumbled forward, trying to get the redhead in a clinch, only for the pair to back up into the ropes. Angela was on her knees as the Irish girl was able to hammer a couple righs at her face before lacing her forearm arond her opponent's throat. Angela gagged and tried to punch Beth in the ribs but instead chose to grab onto the ropes; pulling hard enough so the pair almost tumbled out of the ring, with Beth sitting on the canvas while the Asian was on all fours. Their sensei told them to get back into the ring as both girl's glared at the other before resuming their stance in the center.

"You got lucky, cxnt, almost put you out right there; what'll Karen thinks when she sees you drooling on the canvas after I put you to sleep," Beth laughed.

After he told them to resume, Beth now was the aggressor, charging in with jabs and a low kick, most of which Angela was able to absorb without difficulty. The redhead landed a nice left hook that rattled Angela's head but she tried to counter with a straight kick that barely grazed the shorter girl. They danced back before Angela came in, swinging a left haymaker which Beth was able to duck under to land a right hook to Angela's jaw that shook her. The brunette tried to go for another clinch but Beth began unloading with rights and lefts at Angela's stomach before the taller girl was able to bring her knee up, colliding twice with the redhead's chest before she broke away.

Both were sweating hard; they had agreed only a knockout or submission would end a round as they panted with their gloves up. As they bounced with their gloves up, trading a few jabs, Angela landed a solid head kick that bounced the redhead off the ropes. They continued to dance around again, throwing jabs, before another headkick almost knocked both girls down; the redhead staggering to the side and Angela nearly lost her balance. Beth looked dizzy as the brunette came in slowly, throwing combinations; a right hook then swung her elbow back out as Beth tried to keep her guard up. A savate kick rocked Beth as she tasted blood in her mouth while she struggled to block her opponent's blows.

"Your guard's down," Angela chuckled, punishing the redhead with straight jabs and hooks to the face. Angela was teeing off with hooks then a straight kick which hit Beth directly in her chest; still the shorter redhead stood resilient but not offering any return fire. When she finally came in with lunging rights, trying to reach the taller brunette, she was successful once but when she tried to repeat the maneuver, Angela landed a side kick to her ribs which dropped Beth to one knee. Seeing an opportunity, Angela grabbed the back of her opponent's head, landing two hard knees to her cheek before Angela received a sucker punch to the pussy knocked her to the mat. Both women were down as their sensei began counting; Karen was yelling for Angela to get up while the Asian teen rubbed her crotch through her stretch pants. Beth was the first to stagger to her feet, looking like she'd run into a brick wall with a large bruise forming just below her eye as her opponent was pulling herself up with the ropes. It was difficult to tell who was in worse shape as Beth came in, swinging hooks to Angela's midsection, only for the taller girl to land several hard kicks to the redhead's ribs.

Beth backed up but then came in, swinging wildly, headhunting, but only wiffing in the air as the brunette was able to dodge her foe's clumsy swings. Beth bridged the gap with a charging knee lift that connected with Angela's stomach, making her lower her guard, as the punished her with a hook to the jaw. Angela backed up, as the pair danced around, only to go for another leaping superman punch, that Beth was able to not only deflect with her left forearm, but counter with a right hook that spun the taller girl's head. Beth then pulled Angela into a clinch, sinking several shots to her breadbasket before landing a hook to the Asian's left tit that made the brunette cry out in pain.

"That's it, scream for me bitch," Beth said and landed another shot to the breast before Angela was able to ram a knee into the redhead's side to break the hold. The taller girl came back, swinging kicks at Beth's head which she was only able to partially block.

"You're going to be tasting my feet for a week after I knock your block off, cxnt," she swore. The pair were moving slower, Angela throwing a lazy jab at Beth's face which bounced her head back some. Beth tried for another low kick but caught it and gave the redhead a punishing straight kick to the stomach followed up with a hook to the face before Beth staggered back. The pair danced around with their guard up, Beth scoring a solid right to the brunette's head, spinning her.

"Forgot your guard again bitch," she chuckled, mimicking her opponent from earlier. The two traded jabs then low kicks before Angela backed her foe up with head hunting blows that Beth tried to counter with a spinning low kick which completely missed. When Beth tried to slide in and go for another slugfest at the taller girl's stomach, Angela got her opponent in a clinch which she turned into a side headlock. Beth tried to escape but was unable to defend herself from the six or seven blows to the face that the Asian girl dished out before flipping Beth to the mat with a hip toss. The redhead was on all fours and didn't see the tall Asian girl lift her leg straight up in the air. The axe kick to the back of the head sent Beth off to dreamland; their sensei was unable to stop Angela from delivering two more stomps to Beth's face as she lay splayed out on the mat before he grabbed the brunette and told her to wait in her corner. Angela sat on her stool as her team applieed ice to her bruises; the ref used smelling salts to wake Beth up before helping the redhead to her feet then leading her towards her own corner.

The corner teams were a favor from the sensei, they worked most of their tournaments and were happy to help settle a feud in his dojo. Beth's lip had busted all over again as the team helped to control the bleeding as well as applying ice; despite the pain the redhead glared across the ring as Karen strutted about with a ROUND TWO score card in her hands. The busty beauty bent over to talk with Angela, lying the score card down against the ropes. "You're doing so well baby," the redhead said, unable to control her lust as she began furiously making out with the Asian girl; their tongues exploring each other's mouths. Karen placed Angela's gloved hand against her breast, encouraging her to play with them. "God I got so wet watching you knock that bitch out, baby. I want to fuck you so bad right now but one more round and you have me all to yourself then we can tell everyone how you owned this cxnt."

After she was done, Karen sauntered over to Beth; despite the anomosity she felt for the girl she couldn't deny how turned on just looking at the taller redhead made her.

"Hey baby, I hope you do better next round," she said before putting the scorecard down against the ropes. "I really want you to win," she said then leaned against Beth's ear, "watching you kick her ass gets me so horny baby." Karen nibbled on Beth's ear, moaning lewdly, before moving down the Irish girl's neck with soft kisses; her fingers slipped into the leg holes of Beth's trunks and teased her clit. "I can't wait to get you in my bed tonight and fuck the shit out of you girl, god watching you hit her tits is driving me wild. Do it again, make her beg you to stop so I can tell everyone who my alpha mistress is."

The teenager blew Beth a kiss and left the ring, bending over to display her clevage for the Irish girl on the way out, as their sensei told them to get ready for round two.

After he told them to begin the two girls went out full bore, trading head shots; Beth went for low kicks again as Angela was a determined headhunter before she was able to grab Beth in another clinch. She landed two knee lifts to Beth's pussy then, when the redhead dropped to her knees, a hard right hook sent her to the mat. Beth winced at the fire between her legs as the referee counted but she was up by five, now more pissed off then ever. The pair came together both swinging hard mid-kicks at the other's stomach; the impact making them both stagger back with Beth however getting spun into the ropes by the momentum of the Asian's blow. When she turned around she was greeted with a straight kick to the stomach which almost backed her into the corner until she shot another straight kick of her own which countered Angela's; making the Asian beauty stumble back before getting her guard back up.

The pair danced a bit before Beth went swinging for Angela's head, one hook connecting but she was able to dodge another, putting Beth off balance. She was able to recover her footing but not before Angela pasted her nose with a hook to the face. She tried to counter with a backhand but only caught air as the tall brunette hopped back, out of reach, then came in with a left-right jab to the redhead's face. They both danced for a bit before Angela spun a backhand that, though Beth was able to block, the force knocked her back a few steps.

"I can't wait to see you on your back, I'm going to take pics and post them all over Facebook so everyone knows what a loser you are," Angela said with a sadistic smile.

"Only way I'm gonna be on my back is after I beat you when I have your girlfriend eating my pussy out all night," Beth retorted and the two came together again.

Beth shot a straight kick that the Asian was able to block, but not catch unfortunately. Angela rebutted with a spinning kick to the back of the Irish girl's head that knocked Beth forward a little. The two squared off with their gloves up again as Angela ducked another head punch to swing punches at the redhead's stomach. Beth almost caught her opponent in a clinch before the punches made her back up, which Angela followed up with a hook to the jaw. They both traded hard kicks, Beth going for mid while Angela went low and almost took out Beth's sore ankle; it hadn't bothered her at the start of the match but after a few minutes of fighting that nagging pain was back again.

They're both gasping from exhertion as they trade straight jabs to the face before Beth goes for another low kick which Angela misses a chance to grab. As she's ducked down, in her attempt to capture Beth's foot, the redhead punished the Asian with a right hook to her left tit.

"Ahh fuck," Angela swears, unable to hide her agony as she covered up her boob with her left arm, allowing Beth to rock her with a right-left combination to the face.

"Forgot your guard again sweetie," she smiles through bloody teeth as the brunette danced back out of reach.

They began trading jabs before Angela started swinging head kicks, which Beth was able to block but still felt the force behind them. A straight kick to the chest knocked her back into the ropes only to come back with several rights to the taller girl's face. Angela was charging forward, throwing straight jabs before she took a low kick which stopped her briefly; she allowed Beth to come towards her with some jabs before a hard head kick staggered the redhead back a few steps. Both women have their guard up as Beth comes in with a standing side kick to the chest that squashes the redhead's small breast against her chest bone. She winces and notices the smile on the brunette's face, "What's the matter cxnt, you can dish it out but can't take it?"

When they square off again Angela shoots another straight kick to the chest which backs Beth against the ropes followed up with a kneelift to the stomach. Beth hunched over slightly from the blow to the stomach, allowing Angela to grab her hair and shoot several hard knees to Beth's face. She tries to block but the impact rattles by the fourth blow she falls to the mat; Angela gave her one more kick the same left side of her face she had just been battering. Beth's able to get up before the count of ten, using the ropes to help herself, but when she turns her left eye is completely shut and bleeding but still she insists on continuing. The brunette keeps her opponent at a distance with jabs to the face before she gets hit with a left hook that Beth uses to bring the taller girl into a clich. They both begin trading body shots and breast punches before Beth twists Angela to the side in a headlock. She punches the pretty Asian girl in the nose, bloodying but not breaking it, then a couple more jabs to the face before pushing her throat over the middle rope. Beth puts her knee against the back of her opponent's neck, choking her with the rope; leaning all her weight so Angela can't escape. She reaches underneath, twisting Angela's left breast before hammering hooks and uppercuts to her tit; knocking it out of her cup.

Their sensei is there, asking Angela if she wants to submit; between the pain in her tit being smashed to oblivion and getting strangled against the ropes she ultimately nods, tapping out. Beth holds her foe there another moment longer, enjoying the sound of Angela gagging, before the referee drags her away. She goes back to her corner, arms raised up in victory even though she has one more round left to go, as Angela is sobbing from her sensitive tit getting pulverized and coughing while trying to breath.

During the break, Karen goes to Beth first this time; the Irish girl's one good eye are drawn to her former girlfriend's breasts practically popping out of the skimpy pink bikini top as she leans in to give her old partner a deep, sensual french kiss. Beth's hands instictively go up to play with Karen's tits while the other girl rubs her through her trunks.

"You're gonna beat her for me, aren't you baby? I want you to knock that bitch out so nobody could ever say you weren't tougher than her," Karen cooed after breaking the kiss. Beth nodded and moved her gloved hands to cup Karen's juicy ass. "It's all yours if you win baby, good luck," she blew a kiss then picked up her scorecard and went over to Angela.

"Poor baby," Karen said, kissing down the Asian girl's neck. "I want you to hurt her neck round, worse than she did to you," her hands began rubbing Angela's clit over her stretch pants. "I want her to suffer," she paused to kiss Angela on her pouty lips, "make her scream...make her beg...ruin that face so that she'll always remember the ass kicking you gave her."

She shared a passionate kiss with her Asian lover then left the ring, bending over so her pussy and ass was visible with the thong bottom.

Their sensei called them out for the final round; both girls had their gloves up defensively but in no time were trading haymakers. Angela made the mistake of going for a straight kick to Beth's face that only grazed the side of her head, allowing the Irish girl to catch her opponent's foot. Beth punished the brunette with several rights to her tit as Angela hopped around on one foot, before shooting an uppercut punch between the taller girl's legs. The Asian girl landed on her ass, holding her pussy, "Forgot your guard honey," Beth said before swinging a kick which caught Angela right in the face; an explosion of blood followed after Angela's nose shattered. While she was on her back, but not knocked out, Beth stomped her heel twice down on her opponent's face before pressing her foot over Angela's windpipe.

"Die bitch, I'm gonna fuckin' kill you," Beth yelled. Angela noticed it was her opponent's injured ankle and swung a punch to the side causing Beth to scream and hop away. By the time Angela got to her feet, Beth was already hobbling on one foot, as the two met in the middle to trade jabs. The brunette kept hitting straight kicks to Beth's chest, pushing her back and making her wince each time she had to support her weight on her ankle. She sent several head kicks before Beth was able to capture one and follow up with a right hook to the Asian's breast then another punch to the cxnt. Angela didn't fall this time, only staggered a bit before grabbing Beth in a clinch. The redhead shrugged this off and traded jabs then mid-kicks with her opponent before Angela missed another straight kick to the chest. When the redhead sent a side kick to the ribs, Angela caught it and shot a foot between Beth's legs. The redhead's feet left the mat from the force of the blow as she fell on her back, curling up in a fetal position. Angela was kneeling over her, asking if she wanted to quit; if Beth was ready to admit who the tougher woman was while throwing hooks into the redhead's face and stomach.

"Where's all that trash talk, cxnt, huh," Angela asked between blows. "Who's gonna kill me, bitch? All I see is a little pussy getting her ass kicked. I'm gonna put your ass in the hospital," Angela rained down punches, saying Beth was going to end up in the morgue when she was done.

"Forgot your guard bitch," Beth sneered, her one good eye smiling, as her two fists came together to pancake the brunette's battered boob. Angela turned away, howling in agony as she held her breast, allowing Beth to get up. Once both fighters were up, with Beth favoring her ankle and Angela's left arm still low to guard her tit, they resumed. Both began trading jabs and the occasional straight kick, until Beth caught Angela's leg after a mid-kick; the brunette had her gloves down low to protect her snatch from another low blow, completely leaving herself open for a left haymaker that crumbled her to the mat. Beth was still holding her opponent's leg and delivered two heel stomps to Angela's pussy before their sensei pulled her away; declaring Beth the victor by knockout.

Karen had been so aroused watching the two women fight over her she ran into the ring and wrapped her arms around Beth; the pair kissing like reunited lovers until she says to save some for later. "She's not worth seeing you again since you're mine now," Beth says with pure hatred for her Asian opponent. The two spent the weekend together, Karen saying how turned on she got watching them both beat each other up for her and wanted to see a rematch. Beth promised another fight but knew despite her love for the busty redhead, she would inevitably cheat on her, but it was worth it to keep an hottie who looks that good. Angela meanwhile saw Karen on the side, whenever Beth was at school or working; sometimes the redhead would make the excuse she was going out with friends but was just in bed with the beautiful Asian kickboxer. Angela promised to fight for her; saying she's been training all week. Karen said until she wins her back she'll have to belong to Beth but the Asian could still borrow her from time to time as they embraced beneath the sheets. Their next bout would surely settle the feud once and for all.