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SIMovies - July update

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SIMovies - July update
« on: July 10, 2008, 02:31:33 AM »
July update at -  2 full length movies added!!
Mixed Wrestling - CFV-112 featuring Nancy; and Female vs Female Wrestling - SV-83 - featuring Brigitte vs Debbie T
231 titles available!  More coming in two weeks!!

CFV-112 - The lady in red is hot to trot and so excited to greet her telegram deliverer.  It is a man .. and she is ready, willing, and able.  But not for what he is thinking!  She pounces and places his head neatly between her well-toned limbs and breasts, positions she relishes.  Time and again she repeats this, each movement more creative than the one before.   Her wrestling victim is up close with parts of her body men can only dream about.  This lusty woman will shock and intrigue you, and she thoroughly enjoys it! 

SV-83 - The new girl in town decides to challenge undefeated Brigitte (5'10" - 150 lbs).   Brigitte is leaner and more muscular now as she has been working out.  Does Debbie T (5'10" - 154 lbs) have the strength and skill to stand up to the redheaded Amazon powerhouse?  This fierce head to head battle shows what both these beauties can do.  These two warriors use their incredibly strong legs to crush and gain painful submissions.  They battle until only the winner is standing - victorious over her vanquished foe.