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Mitzi vs. Pepper

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Mitzi vs. Pepper
« on: January 25, 2012, 02:56:34 AM »
Mitzi is a brilliant sparkling blue eyed young twenty year old female; with wavy golden tresses; which tumble downward to her lower back. Brit’s nimble five foot eight inch frame; has subtle and very perky c-cup breast with pink nipples which press against the light blue fabric of her bra.  With a 24 inch waist, and 34 inch hips, and from her girl next door face, to her firm bottom all the way down her long firm legs, to her high heeled stiletto caressed feet, it’s clear she spends time n the gym.  The blonde loves being a fitness junkie, but she also knows being a lingerie model means keeping that; “perfect feminine figure” is an absolute necessity.
   Pepper is a sultry young brunette. Like Mitzi she has a five foot eight inch silhouette. I say silhouette because she is like a shadow compared to Mitzi’s lighter skin. She is a dark Italian vixen with jet black hair and seeming black eyes.  Her perky breasts are smaller and her nipples dark brown and firm.  This is self evident even through her purple bra, you can see them begging to breakthrough.  Her longs legs are perfect and her derriere firm and round.  Together they form a perfect contrast in a photo shoot.    
   The photo shoot is where we begin this tale of the long time rivalry between brunettes and blondes. Mitzi wearing a bleach white fishnet bikini is simply an absolute sexual supremacy.   However; not to be bested Pepper as well looks extremely delicious in her black silk bikini set.
   The two models stand in front of each other and soon begin posing. The photographer and his staff are briefly left speechless as the young ladies begin to playfully wrestle competitively.  However; after a few minutes, this playful hostility becomes more aggressive. Then the feisty ladies engage in some hurtful hair pulling.   No doubt to everyone in attendance this is now a catfight.   
   “Blondie I’ve been waiting for this moment to humiliate you and whip your ass!” Pepper growls; as she clenches her teeth while pulling even harder on the blonde’s tresses.
   “I don’t think so you brunette bitch, I’m going to crush you into submission!”  Mitzi responds as she also is ramping up her assault on Pepper’s raven locks.  Their heads are tossed side to side and up and down as they eventually descend to the rug to fight.  The staff and photographer become very delighted with the incident which has developed in front of them and they begin to cheer.  Seconds later and in the twinkling of an eye the brawling models have ripped off one another’s tops and their subtle breasts are perilously exposed to manicured nails.
   Mitzi’s mouth drops immediately as her pink nipples are a target first.  Pepper’s cunning attack on her rival’s breast is vicious and it allows her to straddle the blonde.  Mitzi, now on her back and squirming, retaliates as she reaches up and engulfs the brunette’s small but firm little breast into her sharp nails. 
   Viciously the blonde begins mauling them.  Pepper’s long black tresses are tossed about as she is obviously in distress. With a thrust of her lower torso and legs Mitzi quickly assumes the dominant position, as she slams her firm derriere on top of the brunette’s midsection and with a leg on each side she straddles her brunette prey. Smirking as she continues to clutch and compress Pepper’s little breast the blonde feels very confident she will be victorious very soon.   
    Desperate Pepper grabs the blonde’s wrist attempting to free her vulnerable mounds of flesh. Mitzi smiles and just digs in deeper. With her eyes full of thick apprehension the brunette then reaches up and slams her left palm into the her blonde predator’s chin. Mitzi’s head snaps back. Pepper thrust upward and the blonde falls off to the right of the brunette. Our raven haired warrior quickly attempts to re-assert herself as the raider of the blonde’s short-lived self-esteem.  With ruthless resolution she vaults on top of Mitzi smothering her adversary wrapping her feet underneath the blonde’s calves.   Devilishly she sneers her delight as she is about to grab the blonde’s wrist and pin the blonde’s arms to the carpet.
    Mitzi annoyed at her brunette opponents self absorbed confidence shrieks, and before she’s pinned defends Pepper’s assault by raising her forearms to block the brunette’s attempt to grasp her wrist.  The feisty blonde then thrust and knocks the brunette off balance. The two begin the always celebrated tussle across the room back and forth.
   Hair pulling and nipple tweaking and material ripping are in full intensity.  Within moments they are naked. Their bodies begin to glisten with sweat as they dominate on top then squirm underneath back and forth.  Their eyes glare deep into the others trying to find an indication of frailty. Teeth clench with defiance then open in distress. Breast are slapped and pulled. Beavers are pulled and nails work their torture. This grappling continues for several minutes.
   Pepper, summoning her inner will soon manages to gain control and straddles the squirming blonde who seems crushed.  The dominating brunette deems she is about to full body press her blonde haired enemy.  However before she can seize Mitzi’s arms to finish the pin; the skillful and very alert blonde reaches upward to capture the brunette’s dangling little breasts. Pepper screams; her eyes close and fill with grief. Mitzi, her strategy working, doesn’t even try to escape from underneath her adversary. She just continues to rip into her rival’s breast while wrapping her thighs around the brunette’s waist.
   “Ouch, stop. Please!” Pepper squeals as Mitzi begins to pinch and tweak the raven haired’s brown nipples while cutting off her air supply.
   “Thought you had me didn’t you Bitch!” Mitzi snickers as she is now ready to regain the dominate position. With forceful poise she thrust her body upward and tosses the brunette on to her back.  Mitzi then astrides the brunette’s waist and is growing ever more confident with every pinch and nip. “Do you give you brunette slut?” Mitzi asks of the tortured brunette.
   “ARGGGGG damn!” Pepper blurts out.  She is very close to tapping out. “Ok you win!” she concedes.  Mitzi then kneels beside the brunette and grabs her locks of hair.
    “Ok now you’re going to tell everyone that blonde’s are superior.”  Mitzi demands. “Do it now!” she continues to demand as she prepares to once again threaten to lay siege to the brunette’s brown nipples. 
   “Never, you blonde bimbo!” Pepper declares in a muted but determined whimper, could she have a little fight left?
   “I guess I’ll have to persuade you then.”  Mitzi proclaims determined to end this battle. The blonde begins to pull at Pepper’s beaver with her right hand while tweaking the brunette’s left nipple. “I said sweetie submit and admit that blonde’s rule, you brunette kunt!” The blonde once again demands.
   “UGH! Ok Blonde’s are superior.” The brunette reluctantly declares.  Her will is totally being suppressed and conquered.  Mitzi knows she is the victor she triumphantly stands. Places her right foot on the brunette’s heaving breast and raises her arms in conquest.
 I hope you like!!!


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Re: Mitzi vs. Pepper
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2012, 05:13:38 PM »
I also agree , short & sweet , was kind of pulling for Pepper but , Oh Well  :)
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