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Poolside Precedence

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Poolside Precedence
« on: February 02, 2012, 07:17:02 AM »
    Far-reaching twisting curls of extraordinarily sunny blonde hair fall seductively to the small of her back. Sparkling exceptionally light blue eyes enlighten all in her presence the illumination of her sexuality.  Her perfect mouth and pink lips evenly shaped and delicate demand a soft kiss.  Long legged with subtle C- cup breast exclaim; “I want to be touched and caressed. Yes all these illustrations best exemplify our luscious blonde. Bianca is her name and she comprehends without reservation that she is being desired.  Sauntering around the pool in her hot pink string bikini, everyman man is quietly surveying her assets and he is thinking or exclaiming his aroused approval. Of course without indecision she feels self assured every woman is filled with malice. In this place the beautiful blonde sex kitten is assured that she is the top kitty.        
   This has been the case every time Bianca decides to saunter about her realm that is; until today. New to the apartments is a raven haired vixen named; Veronica. Upon hearing of this; “Blonde Lioness” from other women in the complex the not intimidated brunette is about to attempt to change this.  With confidence Veronica smirks as she enters the gate to the poolside patio.  Subsequently as she enters through the gate the shrewd brunette launches an obvious challenging contention to remove Bianca’s rule as head kitty, disobediently she tosses her hair and bounces her hips, demanding all of the audience’s attention. Her shapely dark tanned figure is radiant as she promenades provocatively and insolently towards the sitting blonde.   Upon giving her now riled blonde adversary a self-assured look of un-intimidated defiance she takes a seat about five lounge chairs from Bianca. 
   The stark comparisons are clear and overwhelming as the stunning brunette begins to apply some oil onto her C-cup breast.   Through the skimpy material Veronica’s dark nipples are rigid whereas Bianca’s pink nipples are supple.  Another contrast is the blonde’s light colored eyebrows as they seem to soak up the sun’s radiance, while Veronica’s raven haired eyebrows seem to reflect the sun’s rays.  Soon a round of catty and rebellious glances further gives support of an impending catfight. The keyed up men and women as well around the pool anxiously wait to see who will make the next move.
   Bianca a bit surprised by her brunette adversaries challenges, to intimidate her smirks then stands and begins a deliberate and confident strut towards the brunette. She turns and glares down cattily while putting her hands on her hips:
   “Hi there darling I see your new here. Welcome to the neighborhood.”  She exclaims then follows through with: “Be careful not to spend too much time out here I see you’re already clearly burned.”
   “Oh Sweetie don’t bother I’m sure you need a good spf 60 to keep that creamy skin from burning.” Veronica retorts in a defiant rebuttal.
   “Yes, I see where this is going now.”  Bianca responds a bit more harshly. “You need to learn your place dear.” The blonde further declares.
   “Place?” Veronica chuckles with a sneer as she stands up in disobedience.  “Listen Blondie my place is where ever I desire to be.” The brunette continues, while putting her hands on her hips.
   “Oh no, excuse me you brunette bitch!” Bianca angrily projects. “I guess there is only way your going to understand.”  She further retorts as she prepares to charge towards the brunette.
    Veronica stands ready for the attack and they crash against one another. Fingers begin pulling hair, mouths open in sudden distress then teeth clench in defiant fury. They stagger about and eventually collapse in vehemence landing on a grassy mound next to the poolside patio.    
   Within moments breasts are exposed and the material once concealing their unyielding derrieres have slipped between their round buttocks.  Now vulnerable nails dig into the subtle flesh, and nipples are twisted.  With unbridled fury both women wrench and clutch at the other’s breast. Nails search and dig into any vulnerable skin. Fingers clench around nipples. With just as much ferocity silky thighs and calves rub and crush as they intertwine in their own separate conflict.  Soon the bikini bottoms are ripped away completely and well groomed beavers are assaulted and cruelly pulled. The audience is getting a classic blonde vs. brunette catfight as they grapple back and forth.  Completely naked and their bodies glistening with beads of sweat they rage their vicious war.
    Minutes later while the better of the battle, the feisty and clever blonde launches an assault and subsequently manages to mount her rival and sits astride the brunette, She then takes hold of Veronica’s right breast with her left hand and with her free right hand reaches back and tortures the brunette’s well groomed pubic hairs. The stunned brunette abruptly howls in fright. Desperate she reaches up and grabs Bianca’s long locks which cascade over her breasts and lower torso, and with a sudden thrust of her lower back and legs she forces the blonde off. Veronica’s left thigh instinctively slips over the blonde’s waist as Bianca lies on her side. This forces the blonde to let loose her hold on Veronica’s beaver, however she quickly retaliates by squeezing both of Veronica’s breasts. This type of close contact hand to hand grappling is repeated several times.
    Soon nevertheless their mêlée begins to decelerate in velocity as they both embark on a more smothering and restraining tactic. Instead of pulling on hair and breast and tweaking nipples they roll around trying to use their weight, limbs and legs, in an attempt to dominate the other into a pinning submission.  This grappling is truly as sexually alluring as it is fiercely competitive. Eyes also play a role as they look deep onto one another’s spirit looking for a weakness.    
    Within a few more moments Veronica manages to lie on top of Bianca and pins her to the grass. The blonde moans in distress she knows she is weakening she has to escape. With a burst of energy she forces her way on top and pins the brunette. Veronica howls out her frustration. Then she somehow manages to re- mount her blonde adversary and pins her. Bianca refuses defeat and with un-believable will power once again reclaims the pinning position of her brunette rival.  Whimpering and about to pass out from exhaustion Bianca can feel her resolve evading.   Moaning; the brunette as well knows the end is near.    With the advantage of being on top the blonde with one last burst of energy Bianca thrusts herself down onto Veronica’s heaving silhouette and crushes the brunette’s last amount of aggression as Veronica falls limp.  Tired and about to fall into unconsciousness as well the blonde sits beside the defeated brunette and one last time grabs Veronica’s beaver and left breast.  By this she claims her victory before falling backwards exhausted. The audiences to this battle are speechless. This has truly been a spirited clash of two cunning and beautiful kittens, and for those who have witnessed the fight a sexually arousing experience. 
   I assure you  a re-match will soon become a reality.


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Re: Poolside Precedence
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2012, 01:36:16 PM »
Good story, and awesome job describing the girls. Looking forward to the rematch!


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Re: Poolside Precedence
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2012, 12:39:44 PM »
Good story. I especially like the descriptions of the girls.