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Dommes and Submissives Catfighting
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Dommes Catfight for New Submissives Part 1 of 2

Here is an account by a beautiful submissive whose domme is involved in a dirty  catfight to win another sexy submissive from another domme for her own sex pleasures.

Cast of Characters

Lorraine - Tiny blonde -  32 FFF bra - the narrator and the submissive to her brunette domme:
Frieda  -   Teutonic brunette butch - 42 JJJ - bitch mistress to the submissive little Lorraine
Santana - Brunnete ex-room mate of Frieda,  also a successful dominant bitch

Heidi - Another domme butch, blonde,  as big as Frieda and with 48 JJJ - not-so-lovingly dominating:   
Rhonda - Feisty little redhead with jutting nine inch, 34 DDD breasts (unusual for her age) 

Frieda came in just as I finished getting off over a really dirty video fight between two big-titted blonde girls on the video!  "OH MY!" DID YOU SET THIS UP FOR A LITTLE PRE- COCKTAIL FIGHT WITH ME ?" taking the video control out of my hand and restarting the quite violent video catfight between the two pretty blonde girls. My oversexed brunette dominant bitch smiled as the first cxnt-kick nearly disabled one girl, "OOOOH, ONE OF THOSE KIND OF FIGHTS! MAYBE GIVING YOU IDEAS ABOUT TRYING THAT KIND OF STUFF ON ME LATER?" snarling with a sadistic smile,

Fried really did get into fights with me and my overgrown mammary glands. We would go to some lezzy bar and within five minutes some butch would be gazing at my chest and coming on to my big tits, bulging out of the tight sweater Frieda always made me wear when we went out 'trolling' for some over-sexed  bitch for her to maul really badly for even suggesting a 'relationship' with me !

The  brunette bitch would wait until we really got 'very friendly' and then break up our initial 'pussy-feels' and indicate to this girl with the drooling pussy that I wasn't for free and that this bitch would have to fight to get Frieda  let me "NURSE HER" with my jutting glands! Most of the time my 'new love' would be horny enough over my tits to show up at our house for a fight over having my 'assets' in her mouth and I'd get to watch Frieda really make a grown girl shriek in pain as she 'defended my honor' with 'another instrusive little whore ! And when my 'new suitor' was screaming her surrender
Frieda would grab my long hair and drag me over to bite the screaming girl's pussy while Frieda was 'changing her breast shapes' with her teeth and nails!

Frieda would kneel on her victim's upper arms, working over both of her chewed-on breasts telling me to really bite her labia hard so she'd remember how much 'fun' she'd had with me, "And after I slap her awake again I want you to shove your dirty little fist all the way up into her smelly cxnt and give her a good 'windmill' all the way down, making sure you twist that open hand around inside to get all of her vagina scratched up !"  Then would come the threat that if 'our new friend' didn't faint from this terrible thing, Frieda would give me a lesson on how to do it and then let me 'try again' to
 knock the poor bitch out that way !
But this night, my brunette domme was going trolling for a new fight, hardly satisfied wth the end of the video blonde dirty fighting! "C'MON YOU FILTHY LITTLE BITCH, PUT ON SOME MAKEUP AND COME WITH ME SO WE CAN GET SOME ACTION FOR THIS WEEKEND !  I WANT TO GET MY TEETH INTO SOME BIG TITS AND HEAR SOME FILTHY BITCH SHRIEKING IN PAIN AS I BITE THEM OFF HER CHEST !" giving me the cue that we were spending some time at the top lezzy bar to find a victim for Frieda's pet hobby ! I was to be  bait, but the 'fish' we caught turned
 out to be a real SHARK !

Frieda was quite jealous of other women getting wet over my breasts. They are pretty big and don't droop at all and my nipples are dark brown with 3-inch aureoles, something that really turns other girls on when they see them showing through my tight T-shirt or light sweater! This time, it was another big domme who was staring at me from across the bar and was dragging along her submissive, a redhead about my size with narrow breasts, but pushed out the same distance  as mine. Frieda got an eyful of that little twat and then stared back at her domme who had been oozing pussy juice about MY
TITS at the same time.  And maybe my domme was getting oozy over the cute little redhead ?? Might be an exciting night coming !

"I'm going to the ladies room." I mentioned to Frieda a she nodded acknowledgement, her eyes still on the redhead. I was in the stall finishing my business and came out to find the redhead waiting for me. "Hi I'm Rhonda and I'd like to talk to you for a minute !"  With those tits pushing out of her T-shirt and that smooth, shiny red hair she could have just recited the Declaration of Independence to me, but I smiled and said, "OK you lovely thing, but my Lady is waiting for me outside and might get worried about both of us in here, ALONE !" sort-of giving her the hint that Frieda might come in to bust
us apart !

'That's the subject I wanted to talk to you about! My domme and your Domme have been getting set up for a dirty catfight over either of us and I just wanted to give you the word about your departure from that bitch Frieda and sharing Heidi with me for awhile - or until you get killed, anyway !"  This, of course, got my attention and I found out that Frieda and Heidi had been telephone-challenging each other with their submissive bitchs as prizes for winning a really dirty, no-holds barred, biting, clawing, hair-pulling catfight, the winner getting the loser's bitch for the prize ! Rhonda went  on to relate
that her Domme had been doing this with wimpier dommes for some time and that their cute little bitches had tried to "escape US" and were brutally murdered for trying! "Heidi doesn't put up with any crap from us submissives, but she's pretty good to the ones that don't mess with her !

The redhead went on with her own role in these situations, "Heidi makes us catfight for hours while she dildoes herself into huge orgasms, getting into the fight when I was getting beaten too badly, then we'd both get the other submissive between us for huge blasts at the shrieks and screams as we did stuff to her tits, her hair and her squirming pussy!" and then, looking me in the eyes, "Did you ever have a 'windmill' way up inside your pussy ?  Heidi always makes me give our victims one so that she'll faint and shut-up while I get royally face-fucked after my bitch shoves a long, vibrating, rubber dildoe
into me so I'll get off too as I hear her screams from the orgasms she goes through trying to drown me with her smelly jism !"

This' windmill' thing was something I'd heard about for convincing a girl that she had lost the catfight for sure. A fisted pussy victim has an opened hand inside her cxnt and is 'entertained' by the fist owner pumping in and out while she twists her hand and arm around inside the shrieking victim's vagina as far up into it as she can entend her fingers ! The story goes that some tough girls can last for about ten or twelve strokes before they pass out and later can't take even the skinniest finger in their mauled puss for about a week ! Doesn't sound like fun !

I glanced down at her skirt that was showing a slight bump right where the top of her cxnt would be underneath! "Hey, Rhonda, your clit is showing, I guess you like all that kind of rough stuff ! You should know that Frieda loves to chew on her victims' exposed, rigid clits to get screams out of them - it gets her off real-hard and I can get in the act with her tits, too while Frieda's having her fun with that slimy clit in her mouth and teeth !"

Rhonda giggled and said, "Your big bitch sounds like my big dirty bitch, does she suck tits until all the milk is gone and the victim has to shriek a surrender ?" I wasn't really shocked at this description, having heard about some of Heidi's beaten opponents when she dragged them out of her 'coffin' - the tiny, low ceiling room where she had some of her most violent catfights with other female dommes.

Heidi had the 'coffin' built to her own specs and it allowed for the catfighting opponents to enter the sound-proofed, tropical-hot, low-ceiling container through small doors and crawl in to meet each other in the middle for a private, one-girl-walks-out catfight. only Heidi never really walked out - she usually CRAWLED out on her hands and knees, dragging her unconscious, bleeding opponent by the hair out into the open.

I have crawled inside to clean up the bloody mess left by the loser, sometimes finding a bitten-off nipple or pieces of the catfight loser's labia that were bitten off when the poor victim tried something on Heidi that really angered her, and that included anything below the fold of skin just above her pussy and being attacked !

We both realized that the loser of this dirty catfight would also lose her submissive and that more discussion of what each domme's likes and dislikes were would be an advantage, so the redhead and I made a luncheon date to swap information about our two dommes in case either of us had to change living quarters !

"You make her sound real tough !" the redhead giggled, twisting her skirt so the extended clitoris-bump disappeared. I had to say something about how mine acted the same way when subjects like this were discussed and Rhonda's pretty face began to redden as she pressed up closer to me so I could feel that hot little thing through our skirts,but then Frieda busted into the ladies room and eyed the redhead salicioucly and commented that "She'd .have to go through me before this dirty little bitch Lorraine was available for any fun-female stuff !" our new friend smiling as she retorted, "You sound just like
my bitchy domme !"

But I guess Frieda had a thing for the redhead because there wasn't any face-slap delivered, so I oozed out to let them get 'friendly' with each other. Heidi came over and took Frieda's chair and whispered, "You beautiful little bitch how do I get you iinto bed with me ?"  I casually remarked, "You'll probably have to beat the shit out of MY DOMME first !" as Heidi smiled back,  "You feisty little cxnt, YOU'RE ON !  After you clean up the mess when I beat the shit out of HER, Rhonda and I are going to have some fun  training you and those exciting, big  breasts !"

Just to let her know that I was so-so about all this, "My big bitch is in there trying to fuck your little redhead, is that why you  want to fuck ME - in retaliation ?" But Heidi was prepared for this sort of playing and remarked that she had sent Rhonda in so as to get me lined up for a new mistress and her really dirty-fighting submissive who had red hair ! This big blonde, domme bitch was telling me that Frieda was losing her submissive to Heidi and Rhonda after their catfight! "Does she have a hairdresser for repairs after I rip out all that black hair ?" leaving me to explain that I did Frieda's hair for her as
 one of my submissive tasks and getting an "OOOoooh,how nice, think you can take care of both of us when we are in our menage-au-trois ?"  I mentioned that all hair, blone, brunette and red is very similar, but that Frieda might not be too happy about my diversion to other blondes and redheads, trying to be as tactful as possible!

About this time. Frieda and Rhonda arrived, back from the ladies room tryst they had been through and we made room for them at the table and ordered more drinks. Rhonda's blouse had milk stains on it and Heidi asked if either Frieda or I had been sucking her attactive breasts and nipples. Frieda answered for her, claiming sampling privileges and wondering if Heidi wanted to suck my tits, as was her privilege to see if catfighting for my 'charms' was worth the time and effort !

After more or less friendly talk, the subject got down to Heidi and Frieda's catfight with the prizes being either me or the cute little redhead Rhonda ! They had already established a date/time at our place for this extravaganza with only myself and Rhonda as observers. The two primaries started working up some hatred for each other with comments about hair, faces. tits and overweight conditions and I started to worry about a public fight right in the bar - not that it was unusual for this place, but the slave swap wasn't exactly a thing to noise around ! We finally left with some loud name-calling and went
back to the apartment with Frieda in a bad mood and possibly taking it out on me ! Then when I found when this PRIZE catfight was to take place I reminded my domme that her first catfight opponent was coming to town and would be at the apartment for their semi-annual catfight where the first orgasm identified a loser !

"It's OK," Frieda laughed, 'Last time I jerked her off in three minutes and made her suck my pussy for an hour and this'll be a repeat !" adding, "And anyhow it'll warm me up to really give it to Heidi and get you a cute little redhead that you can pretend to dominate all the time after I win her for US ! The "US" was a hint that Frieda was still in charge of both me and Rhonda when she was living with us as a prize.  Frieda had the idea that she needed a 'stable' of cxnts for her own pleasures and also make her into a real sexy catfighting goddess !  Well, I could probably profit from something like that
 anyway, so I always approved. A problem with Heidi could be that she was as big as Frieda and maybe even a dirtier catfighter, so the possibility that I might have another domme, and maybe two if Rhonda was still in the act and that sexy little redhead wanted somebody SHE COULD DOMINATE - I could be in real trouble.

Frieda had only lost one  fight over me while I was her submissivee, but the winner was so fucked out from the dirty fighting that she excused me from becoming her sex slave along with the other three bitchs that had come with her as a claque to scream encouragement during the mauling she and Frieda were doing to each other ! It was a good fight, though and after Frieda came-to she wanted to fight all three of the other girl's submissives at the same time, she was so pissed about losing the original catfight.  Santana was a big-breasted roommate of Frieda in college and they practiced catfighting
with each other at least twice daily, and from Frieda's stories it was REALLY DIRTY catfighting ! Now this bitch was coming to our apartment so as to swap NEW DIRTY HOLDS and TRICKS with MY DOMME, with me as the demonstrated victim !  I was in for SOME FUN with these two for the three days that Santana was to stay with us !

The third day of this CATFIGHT HOLDS UPDATE was to be followed by Frieda and Heidi having their SUBMISSIVE PRIZE catfight where either of them would win the other's submissive for themselves - AND THEIR CURENT SUBMISSIVE! What with Frieda's three day 'education' with Santana, I might end up with a new domme, but at least that sexy redhead Rhonda would be available for my own sex fun, the definite probability, whoever wins ! I realized that I'd developed a thing for that sexy little, redheaded cxnt and welcomed the idea of having her around, even though the Domme of the
Moment might not like us to get TOO friendly - and maybe gang up on her some day !

With this in mind, I decided I'd rather my current domme Frieda would win this fight because this Heidi is a 'dark horse' and might be into real rough sadistic stuff, although Rhonda never mentioned that in our Domme Appraisal luncheon talk !

Samtana arrived as scheduled, HER submissive on a visit to her mother, or so she said, so there was just the three of us for the couple of days of catfight holds being demonstrated. Frieda wanted me to be the 'victim' for all the demos, but when she got warmed up enough, she and Santana would go at it for an hour or so, giving me a chance to recover from whatever hold they were showing each other. The really rough ones Frieda tried I was sort of used to, but Santana had some really dirty things in her bag of tricks and was'nt too careful about using them.

Frieda was quite impressed with Santana's 'WINDMILL' that she used on me first!  I was a little wary when she smiled while telling me to use a lot of lubricating jelly high up in my vagina, after Frieda had told her how far into my belly it extended. "That's good," the brunette bitch laughed, "Her thigh muscles won't keep it from 'flying around' way up there !" My shrieks must have gotten to Frieda because she leaped down next to Santana and grabbed her upper arm to stop the twisting that the excited Santana was doing with her open-wide fingers up there next to my cervix. The first sensation from
all that action up  inside there was horrible and would've kocked me out if this had been during a real fight, but after a few seconds of it, even with Frieda trying to stop the wild-eyed brunette, I started to cum and had a really hard orgasm as my jism squirted out from around her forearm !

End Part 1 of 2

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Dommes and Submissives Catfighting
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