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Blood Sisters Part 4

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Blood Sisters Part 4
« on: December 23, 2018, 12:53:45 AM »
(It is short but I will be adding more later. Thanks for you patience.)
         I am trying to wrap my head around just what is happening as I sit in my corner with Beth who is kneeling beside me.
   "This bitch is wanting to win so bad that she will do anything?" I whispered to my sis.
   Beth looks at me and responds, "We cannot fight all of them. There is no way!"
   We both look back at them as Sasha is now on her knees and spits blood.
   "You are one tough kitty, I give you that. But... everyone has a breaking point. What is yours?" She questioned. "No matter. You are not my problem right now. I am in no shape to fight. I think... you messed up my knee." She said as she looks at her leg and rubs it.
   I have to admit, this made me smile. I slowly get to my knees as I do not take my eyes off the bitch. My sister bends down and places my arm over her shoulder and helps me to a stand and I lean into the corner and brace against it.
   "I introduced you to Tiffany, right? She is really dying to get in on the action. She begged for it actually and I happily agreed. She even ensured me that she does not care who she fights, as long as it is one of you." She winks.
   I turn my attention to Beth, who has on her phone and is texting someone.
   "What the hell are you doing? This is no time for tweeting." I say in frustration.
   She giggles. "No sis, I am texting someone. We need some serious backup and I know someone. She owes me because I helped her with a thing about another thing at a certain place."
   "I hope they bring their boots and umbrella because this is a shit storm. Hurricane Sasha to be exact." I reply.
   "Do not worry sis, they are the perfect person for this." She winks and hugs me when something catches our eye. We both look in their direction when we notice that Tiffany is slowly walking towards us. Beth gets to her feet and stands directly in front of me and crosses her arms over her chest.
   "Do not take another step!" Beth states as they are now almost face to face.
   Tiffany smirks as she looks her up and down and turns her head back to Sasha.
   "I want this one?" She glares at Sasha as if asking permission.
   Sasha giggles and shakes her head "yes."
   Before Beth could react, Tiffany turns to her and slaps her hard across the face and laughs. The slap causes Beth's head to turn with the slap as she has a shocked look on her face and holds her cheek. I slowly push myself from the corner and Beth holds her hand out towards me, telling me to stay. Tiffany looks at me and winks then Beth slaps her back and pushes her away.
   Tiffany giggles and raises her arms in a fighting stance as Beth moves in to attack. We took karate lessons as a kid, our dad was an instructor. We know a few things but I know a lot more than her and I am worried that Beth maybe out matched here. The thing about us sisters, we always manage to prevail, no matter the odds. Dad taught us that. Beth advances in a standard karate stance and Tiffany does the same. They are both just a couple feet away from each other.
   Beth is playing it smart this time, she does not rush in because she does not know how tough or smart this "Tiffany" girl is. I slowly slide out of the ring and lean up against the outside and watch as both just glare at each other. They stand there, not flinching for what seemed for ever until Tiffany makes the first move.
   She attacks low with a low roundhouse kick, aiming at Beth's knee. She is quick as a rabbit and raises her leg and it misses.
   "I guess the karate lessons paid off after all." I say in relief.
   Tiffany tries another kick but with the left leg this time as Beth does the same thing again. Tiffany aims higher with a roundhouse kick aiming at her left side but Beth manages to jump back a little as her foot misses and flies past her stomach. Tiffany is quick as she stops her kick in mid swing and brings it back in a side kick that catches Beth in the belly, just below the rib cage. It wasn't a really strong kick, or it didn't look it  but strong enough to knock her back into the ropes. Beth bounces off and runs back at her with a roundhouse punch, using the ropes as momentum.
   Did I mention that Tiffany was quick? Well... she was able to dodge out of the way by bending backwards a little. As Beth's arm flies by, Tiffany uses this to send a knee into Beth's belly. Beth grunts as she folds over Tiffany's knee and she follows up with an elbow to Beth's shoulder and back. Beth drops to her knees in pain as Tiffany lifts her leg and her knee connects hard on Beth's face. Her head snaps back as she falls on to her ass and back.
   Beth rolls onto her side in my direction as blood drips from her face and nose. I see pain and fear in her eyes and she is getting to her knees. Tiffany does not hesitate as she continues her assault. She runs in and kicks her in the side and belly, knocking her over to her back. But before Beth could hold her belly, Tiffany drops a knee in her belly and chest. Beth screams in pain as her chest was smashed. Beth holds her head up and places both hands on Tiffany's leg, trying to push off. Tiffany remains on top of her, and raises her arm and karate chops her on the left side of her neck. Beth squeals and holds her neck as Tiffany grabs that hand and twist it outward. Beth screams yet again but tries to reach up with her free arm, to try and grab anything she can. But Tiffany grabs that hand as well and does the same thing. Tiffany looks up at the ceiling with a "Really" look on her face and sighs.
   Beth now has both hands in peril but doesn't give up. She raises her right leg and knees Tiffany in the back, causing her to arch her back. When she does, Beth kicks again but this time, hitting her in the back of the head. Tiffany releases both hands and topples forward. She tries to grab onto Beth's hair as she falls but Beth manages to get out, somehow. Tiffany is now straddling Beth's chest, with both hands on the mat, supporting her. Beth arches her back upwards and finishes tossing Tiffany off of her and she slithers out from under her.
   Both are facing away from each other as Beth turns her head to Tiffany. She is on her hands and knees and as soon as Tiffany turns her head to see Beth, She is met with a kick to the right side of her face. Tiffany falls face down but doesn't stay. She quickly moves away to avoid another attack and Tiffany is now on her knees as Beth jumps to her feet and rushes in with kick to the face. The sole of her foot would have connected with her nose and mouth, if she didn't avoid it. Tiffany turns away from it as Beth's leg and body goes by. Beth is now facing away from her and Tiffany now has an ass "a sexy ass" in her face. Beth is in a bad spot to be in, off balance and vulnerable. Beth grabs the top rope for support and kicks backwards.
   Tiffany was expecting this as she lays on her back as the kick misses by a mile. As the kick goes by, Tiffany catches her leg. Beth is now standing like a ballerina with her right leg behind her, in Tiffany's grasp. Tiffany doesn't waste any time as she places a foot on Beth's ass and places her other feet in front of Beth's other leg and pushes forward, tripping her. As Beth falls face first, Tiffany puts her in an ankle lock twisting it, as she is kneeling over her. Beth screams but is flexible herself, she pushes up with her arms and kicks backwards, catching Tiffany in the chest. She falls backwards on her ass with a hand on her left tit.
   The expression on her face is priceless that makes me giggle. I think she was surprised by my little sister and the damage she could do. That look quickly changed from shocked to pissed. Tiffany jumped to her feet and rushed in with a shoulder tackle that caught my sister across her chest, smashing her firm tits. I close my eyes for a second and open them when I hear an UFFF! When I open my eyes, Tiffany is on her knees with both arms around her belly. My little sister is a sneaky little shit.
   "HELL YEAH!" I scream as Beth smashes her face with her boney right knee. I know how they feel because she has used them on me a few times.
   Tiffany's head snaps back and she falls to her ass.
   "TIMBER!" I scream.
   Tiffany is now on her back with both hands covering her face. Beth looks over at me and blows me a kiss and I wink back at her but that was a mistake. Tiffany used this opportunity and kicked upwards with her heel, directly into my little sisters muffin mound. She squeals as her hands cover her crotch and I close my legs because I felt it too. She slowly sinks to her knees just to be met with another upwards heel kick under the chin which knocks her backwards, into the ropes.
   Tiffany is to her feet as my sister is leaning against the ropes trying to rub her pain away. Tiffany runs in and slams her knee into my sisters chest and holds it there. She grabs her by the hair and lifts her to a stand and sends another knee to her stomach and as she bends over her leg. Tiffany puts her in a reverse headlock and squeezes. Beth is struggling and starts punching her in the sides but can't get a good enough hit as Tiffany brings her knee up and connects with my sister's chest and stomach again and again. Beth would have fell to her knees but Tiffany did not allow that. She then raised an elbow and dropped it into the middle of Beth's back. She released the headlock and Beth dropped to her knees and I can see tears in her eyes. The bitch didn't even give her a chance to scream because she grabbed Beth by the hair and pushed her head downward while raising her knee to connect with her forehead. All I heard was a "SMACK" and Beth's head and arms flew backwards, landing on her back.
   I screamed, "NO!" and tried to enter the ring but I felt someone grab me from behind, placing my arms behind my back. It was Jayme, another bitch I can add to the list for my "kick-ass" party. I was determined to enter the ring so I sent me head flying back and I felt and heard a smack, as it crashed into her face.
   "OH MY GOD!" was all I heard as she released my arms and grabbed her nose. I turned to her and grabbed both her hands and twisted them from her face and sent a hard head butt to the same place I just hit. "Smack!" I released her hands as she sank to her knees holding her face, crying. As I turned to enter the ring, Sasha was standing right in front of me. I was shocked for a second and sent a right straight to her nose but she tilted her head to the side and hit me with an upwards elbow that connected under my chin. 
   "MOTHER...!" Was all I got out as my head snapped back and vision went blurry.  I then felt pain in my lower belly as Sasha kicked me hard. I stumble backwards and was met with a hard kick to my lower back as Jayme delivered it. I tensed up and tried to scream but couldn't as Sasha kicked me across my chest as her calf  was right across my tits. I screamed that time as I closed my eyes and grabbed my tits. I felt my blood boil to the surface and I was ready to be Mike Tyson and use her jugs as speed bags. I opened my eyes as she grabbed my hair and pulled down to knee me in the face. I blocked the first attempt and as it came up the second time, it was met with my elbow that connected with the top of her leg.
   "FUCK!" She screamed. That was music to my ears. She limped back a little and I charged in but I felt a tug on my pony tail as my head was pulled back. I turned with the pull to see Jayme was the one who grabbed it. She pulled my head to the side and sent a punch to my face but I was able to put a arm in front to block it. She tried a couple more times but she hit my arms. I retaliated with a knee that connected with her stomach, between her hip bones. She squealed and released my hair and bent forward and dropped to her knees in front of me. I was about to knee this bitch in the face yet again when Sasha hit me in the kidney. That shit hurt as my head went back and I got on my toes. I was looking at the ceiling, as my fist were clinched and I was grinding my teeth.
   I didn't see it coming but I sure as hell felt it. I was looking at the ceiling when a sharp pain went up my body originating from my nether regions. Not only did I have to fight both of these bitches but Jayme had to punch me in the box too? I went down to my knees, rubbing my crotch. I was looking at the floor when I saw Sasha to the right side of me and she twisted her body and the top of her foot connects right between my eyes and the lights go out.