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Amanda's last chance

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Amanda's last chance
« on: January 03, 2019, 04:17:07 AM »
So quick bio on me...i have been a member of this forum for years but have never posted here.  Been writing and posting stories to the seakings and valkyrie sites for many years.  maybe you read some of my stories.  A current fan talked me into posting here.  I have done 100+ stories and not wanting to go back to #1, I decided to start with 96 (since this episode starts a new beginning for my character "Amanda").

My stories typically revolve around "Amanda" (but she may not be in every match).  The fights are sort of combination of wrestling, NHB fighting, and catfighting...taking the parts that I like best from all 3.  So i am using the "general" category for my first post...readers, you can let me know if you think I should move them to a different category in the future.

so here goes...enjoy...

Amanda's last chance?
By: WS2003
Amanda recovers from her injuries and has a new opportunity.
This is part 96 in a series of wrestling stories.  The first story was done in 2003. 

After the match on Friday, Amanda is rushed to the hospital alone, while her former boyfriend spends the weekend with Wendy.  On Monday morning at 8:30, Amanda's ex-boyfriend walks into the hospital and goes to Amanda's recovery room.  Amanda looks up as he enters the room and says, "What are you doing here?"
He says, "I got here as quick as I could."  Amanda looks a bit mad and he says, "Let me explain...First I never wanted to be with Wendy, but I had to according to the contract you signed.  The contract was air tight...but I found a loophole that I could not do until 8:00 this morning.  I resigned my commissioner status and appointed Bill as new acting commissioner.  With that, I am no longer dating Wendy.  I want you back Amanda."
Amanda smiles, wishing she could just jump out of the bed and hug him.  He continues, "That is the good news.  But the bad news is there is no way to get you back in the league. But I am here to help you recover."  He goes over and gives her a kiss on her head.
Fast forward a few months and Amanda has mostly recovered.
Her boyfriend stops over at her apartment and says, "I have some news for you.  I know you expressed interest in getting into the ring again."
Amanda says, "Of course I have silly...I do it for you...I like the competition and I know how it turns you on."
He smiles and says, "Well I have checked with many of my contacts, different commissioners, and no luck...until now.  A guy I somewhat know, is trying out two girls for his league this weekend.  After some pleading, I got him to switch it to a three-way match.  It is a cage match.  He said you don't even need to win the match...but you cannot be the last to leave the cage.  The last one to leave the cage will not be allowed into the league.  This is probably your only chance to get back into the league...unless we head overseas."
Amanda says with excitement, "Wow...that's great!  And no, I am not interested in going overseas just to wrestle."
Her boyfriend says, "Well just make the most of this opportunity.  The other two girls are a bit younger, so I think you have a good chance.  Plus, I brought you a gift that hopefully will help."
Amanda grabs the package and opens it up...a new pair of black high-heeled boots!  Amanda shrieks with excitement and quickly puts the boots on her legs, zipping them up.  They come up to just below her knee.  Her boyfriend smiles and says, "Wow, you look so sexy in black boots Amanda."  The two instantly retreat to the bedroom.
The night of the match...
Jeff, the commissioner of NHB-WWL (No Holds Barred - Women's Wrestling League), has a small invite-only crowd on hand to view this exhibition fight.  The announcer comes on and sets the stage for the match:  "The main event for tonight will be a three-way cage match.  The first two girls to leave the cage will join the league.  The last one to leave is out.  As always...this is no holds barred.  The first girl is 22 years old, 5'6" and 126 LB...Please welcome ASHLEY!"  The crowd of 25 cheer as an absolutely stunning 22-year-old emerges.  Ashley has long black hair and perfect D cup breasts.  She has on a hot pink bikini and is barefoot.  She bounds toward the cage with energy and a cute smile.  She enters the cage and then climbs the metal stairs and slides into the ring, as she continues to parade around as the fans cheer.
The announcer says, "Next, we have a 19-year-old, standing 5'5" and 122 LB...Welcome BRENDA!"  The crowd cheers the youngster and she comes out from behind the curtain.  She has really long blonde hair, going down to her lower back.  She flips her hair and the crowd cheers.  Her nice C cup breasts fit into her rainbow colored tie-dye bikini.  She is also barefoot.  We notice her very strong legs and looking at her bio statement it says she was a former cheerleader and gymnast.  Brenda enters the cage and walks around on the floor around the cage soaking in the cheers before finally sliding under the bottom ropes and into the ring.
The announcer says, "And last, but certainly not least...we have a 30-year-old, standing at 5'9" and 140 LB...AMANDA!"  Amanda emerges wearing a bright blue string bikini and black high-heeled boots on her legs.  Her long brown hair sways back and forth as she walks and her D cups fit nicely into her bikini.  The crowd cheers and Amanda enjoys once again feeling the energy of the crowd.  The crowd loves her sexy black boots and she gets many whistles, to the displeasure of the two younger girls already in the cage.  Amanda's boyfriend is sitting in the first row next to Jeff and she blows him a kiss and then enters the cage and climbs the stairs and enters the ring.
The official closes the cage door and the ring bell is rung, starting the match. The two young girls, Ashley and Brenda, head straight for each other.  They tangle up in a test of strength, each struggling to get an advantage.  Brenda brings her leg up and sends her knee into Ashley's side.  Ashley cries out in pain and breaks the hold.  Just then Amanda comes over and clotheslines Brenda.  Brenda falls to the mat with the wind knocked out of her.  Amanda turns to Ashley and drives a kick into her belly with her boot.  Ashley drops to her knees.  Amanda turns back to Brenda and stomps on her belly with her boot, grinding the heel in.  Ashley starts to get up and once she is on her feet she reaches for Amanda's long hair.  Amanda swings her elbow around and knocks it into the side of Ashley's head...
Ashley staggers back to the ropes holding her head.  Amanda sees and opening and sends a kick right between Ashley's legs with the toe of her boot.  Ashley crumples to the mat, burying her hands in her crotch.  Amanda is really determined to not lose this cage match.  Amanda then reaches down and grabs Ashley's bikini top and quickly unties it and yanks it off.  The crowd cheers the sight of Ashley's large breasts.  Amanda, with the bikini top in her hands, turns back to Brenda.  Brenda is using the ropes to pull herself up.  Amanda comes up behind her and wraps the bikini top around her throat and starts to choke the young blonde.  Brenda starts to gasp for air.  Amanda keeps the choke and with her free hand, she undoes Brenda's bikini top and lets it fall to the mat.  The crowd cheers as two girls are now topless and Amanda is in total control.
Amanda glances to her side and sees Ashley trying to get up.  Amanda then takes Brenda and whips her into Ashley.  With Ashley being at the ring ropes, once Brenda hits Ashley, both girls fall through the ring ropes and crash down to the floor below.  They each moan in pain.  Amanda takes a moment to raise her hands and parade around the ring as the crowd cheers her.  Outside the ring, Ashley mumbles between gasps, "This is crazy...we should both just double team this bitch...and we both make it into the league."  Brenda says, "Good point...let's do it."  Amanda then slides out of the ring and reaches down for Brenda's long blonde hair.  She forces the young girl to her feet.  Amanda says, "Time for you to be introduced to the fence."  Ashley shouts, "Not so fast bitch!" and she launches a hard punch right into Amanda's bikini bottoms.  Amanda cries out, "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"
Amanda releases Brenda's hair and lowers her hands to her hurt pussy.  Brenda shoves Amanda backwards and Amanda's back hits the cage wall.  Just as Amanda's back hits the cage, Ashley is right there and drives a punch into Amanda's belly.  Amanda groans in pain and starts to double over.  Brenda moves closer and straightens her back up.  Ashley sends another punch into Amanda's belly...and then another punch...and another punch...and another punch...and another punch.  Amanda sinks to her knees holding her sore belly as she moans in pain.  Ashley and Brenda now pull Amanda back to her feet.  They spin her around and then throw her face first into the cage wall.  Before Amanda can fall, they grab her again.  They pull her back toward the ring apron and then send her into the cage wall again.  Amanda hits hard and this time she is allowed to crumple to the floor...
The girls do not allow Amanda any recovery time, and quickly get the brown-haired beauty back to her feet.  They push her back against the cage wall.  There is a small cut on Amanda's forehead from hitting the cage.  Brenda pins Amanda's left arm to the cage and Ashley pins Amanda's right arm to the cage.  Ashley says, "Payback time bitch!" and she takes her knee and drives it right into Amanda's pussy.  Amanda tries to scream but she is cut off as Brenda drives a hard knee into her belly.  Ashley drives another hard knee between Amanda's legs and Brenda follows up with another knee to her belly.  The girls repeat the move a few more times, trying to take the fight out of Amanda.  When the girls stop, Amanda tries to fall but they hold her and then rush her forward toward the ring and throw her under the bottom rope...
Amanda is back inside the ring and lies face down on the mat.  Ashley slides in and quickly rolls Amanda onto her back.  Amanda is winded and tries to suck in some air.  The girls are near the corner and Brenda is still outside the ring.  She reaches into the ring and spreads Amanda's legs.  Then she takes hold of Amanda's ankles and gives a hard pull, and Amanda's crotch is slammed into the metal ring post.  "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...OH GAWD!!!!!" Amanda cries out in pain.  She starts to lower her hands but Ashley quickly grabs them and pulls Amanda back a few feet.  Brenda yanks on Amanda's boot covered ankles, sending her crotch into the corner post again.  Ashley pulls Amanda back and says, "One more Brenda...really hard!"  Brenda yanks as hard as she can and Amanda's pussy is sent into the metal post again.  Brenda drops Amanda's legs and Ashley releases her arms.  Amanda immediately buries her hands between her legs, holding her sore groin...
Ashley and Brenda smile at each other.  Brenda says, "Should we head out?"  With an evil grin, Ashley replies, "Not yet."  Brenda slides back in the ring as Ashley grabs Amanda by the hair and yanks her to her feet.  The girls force Amanda back into the corner.  Ashley then grabs Amanda's bikini top and quickly yanks it off, freeing Amanda's breasts.  The crowd cheers as all three girls are now topless.  Ashley bends down and grabs her bikini top that was removed earlier, and then she slides out of the ring behind Amanda.  Ashley pulls Amanda's arms over the top rope and uses her bikini top to tie them together.  Then she uses Amanda's bikini top and places it around Amanda's neck.  Ashley pulls back on the bikini top, choking Amanda.  Amanda gasps for air, her hands tied and unable to stop Ashley.  As Amanda tries to free her hands, Brenda sends a hard knee into Amanda' belly, stopping her attempt to get free...
Amanda groans in pain.  Ashley keeps up the choke as Brenda sends another knee into Amanda's belly...and another...and another...and another...and another.  Brenda is using her strong legs to work over Amanda's belly.  Amanda is almost out of air from the choke and is weakening fast.  Finally, Ashley lets up on the choke and she says to Brenda, "Let's switch."  The girls trade places and Brenda pulls back on the bikini top that is still wrapped around Amanda's throat.  Ashley stands in front of Amanda now.  Ashley delivers a few punches to Amanda's sides.  Then she pulls her leg back and drives her knee between Amanda's legs.  Amanda tries to scream but she is out of breath from the choke.  Ashley drives her knee into Amanda's bikini bottoms a second time.  Amanda is hurting and she is almost out of it.  Ashley delivers two more very hard knees to Amanda's crotch.  Amanda is about to pass out and Brenda releases the choke hold.  Brenda unbinds Amanda's hands and Ashley sends her knee into Amanda's groin a 5th time.  Amanda cries out in pain with her remaining breath.  Her arms slip off the ropes and she falls face first to the mat...
Brenda slides back into the ring.  She gets down on the mat next to Amanda.  She then rolls Amanda over and as she does, she clamps her legs around Amanda's mid-section in a leg scissors hold.  Brenda's one knee digs into Amanda's lower back as her other knee digs into Amanda's already sore belly.  Brenda locks her ankles and starts to squeeze.  Amanda moans in pain and lowers her hands to Brenda's legs, knowing she needs to get out of this hold.  Ashley drops to her knees and as she does, she drives her fist into Amanda's pussy.  Amanda cries out in agony, stopping her attempt to escape the hold.  Ashley moves toward Amanda's head and quickly grabs Amanda's arms, not allowing Amanda to fight off Brenda's scissor hold.  Brenda squeezes tighter and tighter, using her strong leg muscles.  This move is taking the life right out of Amanda.  Amanda cannot fight both of these girls off as she continues to get weaker...
Brenda keeps up the pressure.  Then she takes a free hand and places it over Amanda's nose and mouth, cutting off her air supply.  Amanda tries to free her arms but Ashley has them held tight.  Brenda continues to squeeze, applying maximum pressure, as she also restricts the air to Amanda's lungs.  Amanda is getting close to passing out.  Both girls smile and do not let up.  Amanda cannot overpower the young girls and her eyes begin to flutter.  Then Amanda passes out.  After a few more seconds, Brenda releases her hold and Ashley lets go of Amanda's arms.  Both girls stand up and together raise their hands to the crowd.  The crowd cheers wildly.  Brenda and Ashley then slide out of the ring, heading toward the door.  Amanda is still passed out in the ring and it looks like she will lose this match and not be able to get into the league.  Ashley and Brenda reach the cage door.  Ashley opens it and they both walk out.  The bell is rung.  Jeff, the commissioner, comes over and raises each girl's arm as the crowd cheers again.
Amanda's boyfriend rushes over and yells at Jeff, "This cage match was not fair...all the girls did was double team Amanda.  She had no shot at winning!"  Jeff turns to Ashley and Brenda and says, "You girls are in the league.  But would you care to give Amanda one more shot in a fair fight?"  Ashley says, "That little bitch is hardly worth my time.  However, if you would like to see me work her over again, I am game."  Ashley runs her hand down Jeff's chest.  Jeff smiles and turns to Brenda and says, "How about you?"  Brenda says, "I am game.  What do you have in mind?"
Jeff turns to Amanda's boyfriend and says, "Ok, here is the deal.  This will be Amanda's final chance.  Amanda will wrestle Ashley for 10 minutes.  If either girl can record a fall (5 second pin or submission), the match ends.  If Amanda records a fall she is in the league.  If Ashley records a fall, Amanda is out for good.  At the end of 10 minutes, if neither girl records a fall, then Ashley leaves and Brenda comes in right away and she gets a chance.  Same rules.  If Amanda records a fall, she will be in.  But if Brenda records a fall, Amanda is out.  If the time expires without a fall, it is a draw…and Amanda will be allowed to enter the league on a draw…she just cannot lose."
Amanda's boyfriend says, "Sounds like a deal."  He then heads into the cage to tend to Amanda.  Jeff says to Ashley and Brenda, "Whichever of you can record a fall in the match against Amanda, I will pay you triple for the match."  Ashley and Brenda's eyes light up at the thought of the extra money.  The match will be set up for next week.
The end
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Re: Amanda's last chance
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The general category is NOT for stories It was intended as area for discussion that wasn't a request. It isn't going to be used as a story dumping ground that the mods have to clean up all the time.

Let us know what category you want this in and we will move it there
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Re: Amanda's last chance
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sorry about that.  it can be moved to NHB


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Re: Amanda's last chance
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Nice to see your stories coming to this site too. Amanda and her gang of friends and enemies fighting in the ring.  :)