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Fight for the right to conceive

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Fight for the right to conceive
« on: February 14, 2019, 11:58:30 PM »
Warning:    Story contains extreme violence.   

   Serena wound through the crowded city streets as she made her way towards the arena.  It was the year 2270, and the population of earth had long ago exploded to unsustainable levels.  So the World Government had come up with a creative solution to deal with the problem.   At birth, all baby girls had a microchip implanted in their arm.   The chip contained among other information how many children you had and how many you were allowed to have.   These were set to zero at birth. 

   As has always been the case throughout history the rich and powerful could simply go to one of the government approved labs and pay to have their quota increased.   But that option was not available to the vast majority of people.  The only way to legally increase your quota was to fight in the arena.   Three victories and your quota would be increased by one, if you lost...well one did not want to think about the consequences of that.

   While there had been angry protests the solution seemed to be working well.   The population had slowly declined since the system was first implementd thirty years ago.  It ensured that only those women who were serious enough about having children would even try, and only the strongest and fittest of those who tried would be able to.  It provided bloodsport for the masses and it provided an important source of tax revenue for the government.

   It was win-win all around right?   Ya, right!  But Serena desperately wanted to have a child, and she would risk the consequences.  She thought it was unfair that only women should have to go through this, but all children were told the reason in school.   Let's say you have a group of 100 fertile people.  If you have 10 men and 90 women then conceivably 9 months later you could have 90 births.   But if you had 90 men and 10 women then 9 months later, barring multiple births you could have at most 10 children.

   Besides, the alternatives were even worse.  If you got caught being pregnant when you did not have the proper quota, you often wound up being the sideshow entertainment in the arena.  You were strung up naked while strangers would pay to beat you until you miscarried or even died.  But the worst crime of all was attempting to hack the information on the microchip.   If you were caught doing that you were executed by slow torture.   Still lots of people tried.  They were a little more lenient on you if you got pregnant by accident, especially if it was your first time, but to the best of Serena's knowledge no one had ever successfully gotten away with it.  Still, if they did, it's not likely that the government would want that information getting out.

   And so here she was.   She stood in front of the building, dufflebag in hand just staring for a moment.   She drew a heavy sigh as she slowly walked in the doors marked "competitors".  She walked up to the reception desk where she was handed the necessary paperwork to fill out, after which she was led down a hallway to a small office.  It was a medical room with an examination table, and at a desk sat a middle aged man.   He was busy writing something and didn't even look up at Serena as she entered.

   "Take off all your clothes and get up on the examination table." He said.   Serena undressed and hopped up on the table.

   The doctor examined the paperwork.   "You are Serena Carter?"


   "And this is your first time in the arena?"


   The doctor began his examination, looking her over, checking that her finger and toenails did not exceed the allowed length.  Convinced that she was otherwise healthy, the doctor got out "the device".   This was a special tool that he placed on her lower abdomen over her left ovary.  The doctor activated the device and a small white disk shaped object was imbedded in her flesh.   Strangely, this procedure did not hurt very much.   The doctor repeated the procedure over her right ovary.

   "This is your actuator, you know what to do with this.  According to the schedule your bout begins in about an hour.  Victor will escort you to your dressing room, you will wait there until it is time."

   Serena had been briefed on the rules by her trainer.   The object was to disable or weaken your opponent enough that you could retrieve your actuator and apply it to one of your opponents disks for at least 10 seconds.   A green light would light up on your actuator to let you know you were successful.  The mechanism in the disk would then be activated.  They did different things, as the promoter would switch them up from time to time to keep the audience entertained, but the outcome was never pleasent.

   As Serena waited in her dressing room she recalled the advice of her trainer, "Now remember the audience wants to be entertained, they want to see you hurt your opponenent badly, but not so badly that she can't feel what happens to her when she loses."

   "Who cares? ", replied Serena, "It doesn't matter, I just have to beat her."

   "It DOES matter.", corrected Joe, her trainer.  "If you put on an entertaining show then the promoter will be pleased and he will reward you by making sure your next bout is against an easy opponent.   Plus, entertaining fighters attract sponsors, which means more money, which means we will be able to afford better equipment to train you."

   Serena spent the rest of her time stretching and mentally preparing herself for what was to come, until Victor returned and said "It's time!"

   She walked down the hallway listening to the chatter of the drunken crowd as it grew louder and she reached the entranceway and heard the cheers.  She stepped into the ring where her opponent was already waiting, a redhead who was somewhat shorter than her, but a little bit heavier.  She had large breasts for her size, probably a D or DD she mused.

   The ring announcer began the introductions.   "In this corner, standing 5 foot 8 and weighing in at 125 pounds, Serena Carter! "  She  bowed to the cheers of the crowd.   "And in this corner, standing 5 foot 5 and weighing in at 137 pounds, Naomi Mendall!"  Naomi looked determined as she walked to the center of the ring.  The referree brought them to the center and went over the rules, which really there weren't too many since it was basically no holds barred, but he repeated that the fight could only end when one fighter used her actuator to activate a disk of the opposing fighter.  They touched gloves and returned to their corners.

   At the sound of the bell they both came out and Naomi took up a boxer's stance.  She tried to throw punches at Serena but Serena had the height advantage and thus the reach advantage and easily evaded them, throwing jabs at will that broke through Naomi's defenses and hit her square on the nose, bouncing her head back.  As they were not wearing gloves, Serena took care to avoid Naomi's forehead and other hard targets.

   Naomi didn't like what was happening.  She was getting hit but was not connecting with Serena.  She dove in to clinch with Serena. but she kept her head down, bending forward at the waist to clinch around Serena's waist.  This made her large breasts hang down and presented tempting targets to Serena.  She fired her left knee hard straight into Naomi's right breast.  Naomi grunted but maintained her clinch but this clearly had hurt her, so Serena fired more knees,  a right, a left, another left, hammering Naomi's breasts and weakening her.

   Naomi's reaction was predictable, she tried to straighten her back to protect her breasts from the pain, but Serena was holding her down.  Finally as Naomi used more strength to straigthen herself Serena let her, but used her momentum to execute an outside leg sweep (osoto-gari) to take her down.  Naomi's back hit hard against the canvas, knocking the wind out of her.  Serena followed her down and started hammering punches into her solar plexus and upper abdomen to keep her from getting her breath back.

   Naomi was rapidly losing stength, she was already beaten, and she looked up at Serena with fear and pleading in her eyes.  But Serena's trainer Joe had told her what she must do.  First, more punches to Naomi's already hurting breasts, try to concentrate on one spot and get some bruises to form, the audience seemed to like that.  She hammered away, Naomi was crying now and offering no resistance.  After some hard shots to the tits, the obligatory pussy punch.  She thought this was completely unnecessary but again Joe said the audience really loved it, it showed dominance and humiliation for the loser, so she wound up her right hand and fired as hard as she could between Naomi's legs, trying not to hit those damn disks. 

   Naomi was really crying, she was embarrased, hurt and humiliated now.  She was begging Serena to stop but Serena fired four more hard punches to Naomi's pussy, ensuring she was in some real pain.  As she stood up Naomi was on the ground cyring pathetically with her hands wedged between her legs.  Serena didn't have to worry about her getting up at this stage as she walked back to her corner to retrieve the actuator.

   As she came back to Naomi, she realized she had to get her damn hands out of the way so she grabbed on to Naomi's nipples with thumb and middle fingers and squeezed as hard as she could.  When the pain registered Naomi's hands flew to the evil hands attacking her nipples while she was pleading "Stop!   Please Stop!"  but Serena held on for a few seconds longer.  With Naomi's mind in a fog Serena was able to hold her actuator over Naomi's left ovary until the light on the actuator turned green, signalling activation, the fight was over.  The crowd cheered wildly for her.

   Serena looked up at the overhead monitor.  There was a camera inside the disk showing what was going on.  A thin needle emerged from the disk and pierced Naomi's skin, stopping with scientific precision in the centre of her left ovary.  From there 2 thin blades fanned out at 180 degrees.  She guessed the needles were small enough to not cause serious pain yet, but Naomi definitely felt it and when her pain addled mind finally realized what was going on she cried "NOOOO!" as her hands fumbled uselessly at the disk.  But once they were on, only the doctor's tool could remove them.  Seconds later the blades began to spin like the rotors on a helicopter, and a pathetic wail emerged from Naomi.  Serena shuddered as she tried to imagine what that must feel like as Naomi's eggs were scrambled.  The crowd was now whipped into a frenzy of bloodlust, men and women cheering madly as they saw before their eyes a woman's reproductive ability being ruined.  A short time later it was all over, Naomi was unconcious on the mat and had to be carried off on a stretcher by 2 of the attendants.

   Serena didn't have any remorse, it was 1 down and 2 to go.  Besides, she knew that Naomi would have done the exact same thing to her given the chance.  As for Naomi what happened next would depend on her mental toughness.   With one loss, an individual could still compete again, risking her remaining ovary, but many women were too traumatized by the experience to try again.  After 2 losses of course both your ovaries would be destroyed and you would never be able to have children.  Naomi would have a touch decision to make, meanwhile Serena would be busy preparing for her next match.


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Re: Fight for the right to conceive
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2019, 02:21:33 AM »
I would love very much to see this continue, to see this play out further.  Even if not, this very much was a wonderful read!