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House Always wins pt.3

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House Always wins pt.3
« on: August 21, 2019, 08:00:13 PM »
As they drive downtown Ron is looking Grace over her tiny black dress a sharp sweet heart cut allows her breasts to swell over the sloping neckline proudly her thick nipples tenting the bra under and the dress as she knows why she is going back, they park and Ron asks Grace if she is sure she wants to do this, Grace smoothes her dress and looks at him, “try to stop me” and walks in, Ron takes a breath and follows, Grace a side smirk at best waves and nods to those at the bar as they just saw her in action and congratulate her but Grace sets her eyes on the bouncer and walks up to him, “Where is she?”, he looks Grace over then tells her to stay there, he steps to the side office and picks up the phone a direct line to upstairs, ‘Yeah boss Grace is here where do you want her?..Yep got it”, he hangs up and steps back to her ,’ Grab a seat Grace they are coming to you”, Grace steps back and finds Ronnie she nods then takes a seat at the bar, Ron walks over and sits beside her as he orders them a drink, Grace nearly downs it as she breathes out obviously nervous, Ron asking her, “you ok ? sure you wanna do this?”, Grace inhales, “Your funny Ronnie, you and I both know if i didn’t say yes and show up here he would have brought her to my place”, Ron nods, “True but at your place you might feel more comfortable, maybe you should ask her over after your done with what ever this is”, she looks at Ron, ‘Why you wanna see me and her in private?”, Ron shrugs , ” i wouldn’t hate it”.

Grace stares at him more through him, “maybe i will woman to woman for you, if you stick to your promise that is”, Ron looks back, “what if you lose here or at home?”, Grace swells her bust between her arms, “you think these lose often?” Ron looks in her deep cleavage then smirks, “good point ...” before he can finish Tony walks over and his large hand grabs Ron by the back of his neck, “Hey this guy taking my money you back for more?” only joking kid enjoy  big night might wanna bet a few”, with that Milly saunters over a smile for Ron, “well hey Ronnie looking good “ then she and Grace glare as both scan others figure and recall in a flash the 30 plus years of run ins they have had over everything from guys to rumors, the disdain both women look each other over with is so obvious,Milly slides her thigh on Ron’s thigh as if about to sit on him, Grace draws on her cigarette and slowly lets the smoke fill Milly’s face as he does the same back, Grace in a throaty tone, “What where you park that fat ass honey he doesn’t belong to you”, Milly a sly smirk exhales, “Well he doesn’t belong to you either sugar but i will gladly Fight you for him “, grace sips her drink, ‘I thought thats why i was asked back change of mind?”, Milly sips Ron’s drink, “Not at all or ever, but when i see what i like I take it,and i’ll fight to keep it”, Grace sees her chance to get at Milly while pleasing Ron, “Oh is that so?’, Milly nods, “Grace smirks, ‘Then how about you and I go back to my place and do this woman to woman for him, winner takes him right there as loser watches, that is if your woman enough to fight for him”, Milly stares her eyes are saying lets go but her lips hesitate, Grace arches to her, ‘Cat got your tongue ....honey?”, Milly curls a lip, “You fucking Tramp you know damn well Tony won’t let us out of here till we go at it”, Grace knows it is true but she smiles as if Milly is scared, ‘What I know is I am taking him home either now or after and it seems you aren’t woman enough to stop it from happening ..Bitch”, Milly straightens her back as Ron stands and moves aside, every one at the bar starts to watch as Milly steps to Grace the women go nose to nose as their thinly covered breasts meet under the bras and dresses, Milly in her husky voice, “you wanna go take this to your place Cow I am more than woman enough to go and settle it name the game bitch”, Grace stands her ground, “like i said woman to woman my tits, my hair, my pussy against yours just you and me, that is unless of course you are Tony’s bitch and can’t, Ronnie here prefers a woman that can make her own mind up”.

As Milly snarls ,and both bathe the others face in their hot breath a hand then the other hand gets placed on each of the women’s shoulders “Now Now ladies lets take it slow you two ain’t doing nothing till you settle a few things right here first got me?”, Tony stands to the side of each as they are ready to rip into each other, Grace a smirk as if she struck first has her purse in hand ,”well see that you are on a leash”, Milly breathes in deeply, “oh honey its just a formality after we do what he wants we can still go have that visit at your place if your woman enough”, they glare and Grace licks her lips, “anytime Bitch”, Milly goes to thrust into Grace but Tony’s hand stops her , “no way you two dance floor now”, as the women separate Tony tells his men to move everyone, Milly walks arm in arm with Tony as Grace walks out alone, their eyes locked as if already in battle, Milly is guided away from Grace as they stand glaring from the corners of the old dance floor, Tony stands center stage as he tells all the patrons to place a bet the girls are going to fight, as Tony hoped Ron makes a bet but what Tony nor Grace or Milly knew was Ron had a bad feeling and bet on Milly to win.

Tony points a finger at each woman, “you two broads know the rules now lets see a fight”, he walks away and slowly both women start to move towards the other, each eases her dress strap off her arms till the dress tops hang at the waists, their full bras in view now, Milly swings her hand out and grabs the right bra taught bra strap of Grace, she pulls it out to her as Grace arches back but moves closer as she does her own hand smacks at Milly’s as she growls, “you wanna see my tits lets go back to my place other wise fight me “, Milly lets the strap snap back, as she slyly smirks, “oh we are going back to your place Bitch i want him to see me fuck you up then you watch me Fuck him”, as the cats taunt a few gamblers are itching to se who wins as they yell out, “cmon Gracie tear her up,,,Milly rip her up cmon ladies fight fight”, Milly swells her fuller bust as she sneers, “nmm cmon Bitch lets give them a show” and she stabs her hands into Grace’s hair as Grace does the same to Milly, the two of them stand straight up against the other bra cups over fill as they pull ass tight and steady as they can, their faces get red as neither cries out , instead they pull harder tighter and taunt face to face, “Bitch Cmon Fight you Whore” Milly snarls into Grace’s face as she growls back, “lets go Bitch i wanted at you more than you know Bitch”, as the crowd watches and a few chants to fight and others yell for their favorite to do more damage the two she cats are tearing free fistfuls as they float to the dusty wood floor and become matted knots, taunts give way to grunts and snarling hisses and spitting, their stiff pulling has each woman stutter step , they bump bodies and it causes each to pull the other by her hair about the dance floor, heads start to tilt back chins lift as eyes stayed locked and white teeth are shown like rabid dogs snarling.

Neither woman lets go or eases an inch, they know a small mistake will easily give the fight to other hell cat,  these women are street fighters and nothing is out of bounds and at their age and experience nothing is sparred nor any mercy given, the hair ripping starts to become more violent now as they seethe the sight of the other being touched adds to it, fighting her makes them desire to win while hurting as much as they can, Milly suddenly pants out a gasp, “uuuhhhh AAgghh BITCH” the crowd rises, “get her Grace get her”, Ron swallows “Shit” and Grace suddenly shakes Milly’s head by her hair so violently she has Milly look up and arching as her head is ripped back, “cmon Fucking Whore wanna fight lets Fight”, Milly mouth open now swallows as he feels the new stretch in her scalp, “Aaghhh Fucking Bitch i am going  to rip your scalp off ohhh you Bitch my hair”,Grace as he pulls and shakes her rivals head starts to shove Milly backward as she thrusts her arms toward Milly ,with her hands twisted in hair the effect makes Milly’s head snap back and forth, and causes her heels to scuff and then stagger then finally walk backward as she snarls at the pain her hands rip down and yank back thrusting her arms at Grace tufts of hair float, each thrust of their arms causes excessive pain but the women endure it so they can cause more to their rival, Grace snarling now as she moves Milly back, ‘Fucking Bitch I am gonna bald you hear me ? Do you Bitch!”, Milly’s eyes narrow to a squint at he agony her breathing quickens as he starts to fight a scream, as Grace forces her to retreat and their bodies gain a little space between them, Milly gets SLAPPED to a wall and now the crowd of onlookers start to get louder cheering their fighter to do more.

As Milly hits the wall instantly Grace using her hair hold slams her rivals head against the wood panel wall as Milly Gasps Grace does it 3 more times, “Feel that Bitch hmm i am gonna slam your brains out Cmon”, Milly widens her eyes at the pain, she knows she is in trouble and though she will never admit it she knows Grace enough to know she will hurt her bad given he chance every bit as much as Milly will, desperate as they wrench the others head by the scalp, Milly snakes her calf behind Grace’s left knee pulls in a bit as her hands get a new deeper grip on Grace’s scalp at the top front, Milly braces as they spit at the others face then with all she has snaps her arms outward the rip on Grace’s scalp whips her head back her mouth drops open, as she sees stars from the sudden stab of pain Milly kicks her calf back at herself and buckles Grace’s knee, as her knee gives out and she staggers to Milly lower on the left Milly wraps her hand in hair and shoves to her rivals scalp to the left back and down, Grace arches but her head is snapped where Milly guides it, Grace tries to hold on to Milly’s hair but her head is being wrenched to the left and her right hand gets pulled free of blonde hair, her knee fully down Milly widens her stance and straddles Grace’s right shoulder as he starts to whip, and snap Graces head like a rag doll, “Fucking cxnt wanna fight cmon Bitch”!.

Grace starts to Gap and protest the animal like violent pull, “MY HAIR BITCH AAghhh Awwww LET GO FUCKING BITCH!!”, after several violent whips of her rivals head, Grace loses the other grip on her rivals hair, Milly arches up keeping her matted hair free of the flailing arms of grace as she blindly reaches to get a new grip, her lip snarls as she starts to drag Grace by her scalp, as Grace tries to pull from being dragged Milly yanks her head and body and grace is being wiped across the floor literally not just a threat manner, her body falls from the dragging on to her back as her hands have to grab hold of Milly’s to try to ease the intense pain in her head, there is a roar as the tables turn and the shouts are a mix of telling each fighter what to do, Ron sees Milly in control and he smirks as he downs a drink and orders another,  Milly drags her rival more the floor scrapes at Grace’s skin and back, she squirms and kicks then turns on her belly, her hand reaches straight out and trips Milly by her heeled ankle, Milly drops her left hand still has a hair hold but her right free has strands of hair she sees Grace start to turn to get up, she scrambles and dives at Grace her body pounces down on the upper back of Grace, her hands again dig into the scalp of grace but Grace manages to get a fistful of Milly’s, but as Milly gets up on Grace’s back she straddles her and quickly snaps Grace’s head up and back and starts to bend her upper body up till Grace has to free a hand and prop her body to ease some of the agony, her breasts swell as they look ready to burst the bra cups.

As Milly tries to rip a clump out she sees the outline of the full cups and the veiny cargo they restrain, knowing her and Grace are far from done tonight she reaches over and sinks her hand in the bra cup and mangles the right breast of Grace who screeches now at the 2 points of attack, “Fucking Bitch my tit awww “, the patrons are going nuts shouting and Milly sneers at the back of her rivals head as she squeezes and twists breast meat sand hair, “Give cxnt or i’ll Fucking devour you”, Grace kicks and releases the hair hold on Milly her hands both prop her up now then as Milly pushes her face to the floor by her hair she sets her knees and bucks up hard, Milly not ready for it is tossed over Grace and slaps face first to the floor, both she cats get to their knees and slap together and as they hit the floor and start to roll they scratch and grab hair again, face to face spit and bite faces as they roll , thighs tangle up as hands tear away, they roll side to side hair again left in the wake as they slap and scratch and tear at others bra both curse and hiss in others face.

The crowd screams as the fight gets dirty, and as Grace rolls on top her knee slams into the inner thigh of Milly, as he gets hurt grace mounts her rival pins her arms and is poised to stab her nails in, when Milly reaches up and stabs her claws in Grace’s throat, Grace arches her hands scratch at the arms of Milly, who sits up using her rival and slowly bends her back on to the floor, Milly slides a thigh over Grace’s and as their mounds meet through thongs and dress bottoms Milly rubs down, “nmmm your wet whore to bad i am gonna kill you”, as Grace a scared wide eye look digs at her rivals arms she suddenly feels the pressure released, as Milly is lifted off Grace is confused , she waves her hand and coughs out, “ i give i’m done”, there is a roar and a sigh and Ron smiles as he downs the second drink, Grace gets up fixes her dress sand bra as she nods at Ron he stops by the bouncer hand out, “paid day again” he pulls out a stack of 100’s and shoves in Ron’s hand then Ron smiles and nods at Tony as he leaves he whispers to Milly, “you know where she lives?” Milly nods Ron pinches her round ass, “30 minutes she will be ready” Milly smiles and nods.

In his car Grace is furious as she brushes out her matted hair , Ron starts the car and she hisses at him, “you bet on her?” he opens the stack of cash and hands Grace 5K of the 10 he won she smiles, “if it Tony finds out we are both Dead”, Ron starts to drive, “Then lets hope you beat that bitch in every way tonight”, Ron gets Grace home and she storms into her room and freshens up, fixes her hair and make up she leaves her bra off but as she hears the door and the distinct voice of a female she knows Milly is here, her finger nail scoops the bra and as it dangles at ehr side she swaggers from her room, and sees Milly standing there looking refreshed as well and her fuller breasts snug in her dress, Milly smirks at her rival and purrs, ‘I see I’ll be right back, ladies room?”, Grace glares as Ron points, less than a minute Milly sways her hips back in the living room her bra in hand as both women toss their bra on a coffee table that Ron eases off to the side, the glares are so ruthless you can see how much they wanna tear the other apart, Milly eases a smirk, “Throat ok you sounded a little scratchy earlier”, grace glares her fingers tighten and loosen, ‘Well had i known you wanted to catfight there I would have scratched your eyes out for it but I was going by our plan to meet here”, Milly looks Grace over as their nipples tent the thin dresses, “Well we are here whats it gonna be?”.

both cougars are ready to dig claws in but Ron eases the tension as he hands each a drink and asks them to sit and discuss it, as the two of them slowly exaggerate bending to sit then finally on the love seat turn to face the other as they sip their heels touch as legs are crossed, and sway on their ankles, Milly swallows a sip, “So Cow why am i here? i can drink for free at Tony’s place, Grace swallows her sip her eyes dart to Ron then back and she purrs, Ron actually didn’t want you and I here, it was my idea, I wanted for us to try and settle a few things with the hopes of not ripping the other apart instantly, I know it will be tough to not slip into it but with just the three of us over a mob Ronnie here can control things easier “, Milly looks at Ron her eyes are eating him alive, “Ok so let me ask again, whats the deal between us then? Tony’s going to wanna know where i am and I am sure some whore needs her tits torn off after telling him she is better and after we finish I am going to fuck Ron here so clocks ticking honey”.

Grace breathes in, “simple even a dumb blonde like you can understand”, Milly a smile, “nmm careful sweetie i have no problem scratching your eyes out right here or out front in the street, go on”, Grace has a snarl to hr lips as she inhales, “well it was Ron that suggested you and i handle this between us with our history and all, and i said fine as long as if we can’t come to a defined better woman we are allowed to take it outside, so you agree or shall we step out”, Milly looks at both again then her nail points at each, “wait a second you two are planning something aren’t you?” she points at Ron a second longer, “and you it just hit me your Mary’s boy, thats who Tony needs me to fight and your worried about her and i aren’t you?”, Grace a bit fearful that Milly figured it out, “Look bitch if we wanted that i could have waited at the bar till you left and jumped you, now we doing this or not?”, Milly sits up and sets her glass behind her on a end table, “ok i’l play along for his sake but there is one other thing i want before you and i do anything”, Grace listens, “other than fucking him after i hurt you, i want to catfight you as Mary watches, I so love seeing her face when she knows we are going to fight”, Grace sets her glass on the other table behind her, “Well truth be told she makes it when she has to fight me as well, try to remember we all grew up in the area and we all have been at each others throats since we were kids”, Milly a smile, ‘Yes that is true but something has you both spooked and i am in the way, maybe i should call Tony now and skip a step hmm?”.

Ron squirms as Grace places her hand on Milly’s thigh, Milly looks at her hand and then her eyes, ‘You are scared i get it but it is just a few erotic fights between two women,little different then us tearing other apart but we can always do that how about it hmm, little girl”, Milly still a bit skeptical seems ready to leave when Ron smiles, “Milly i know you ladies my mom included have history and between you all i know my Ma has dragged all of you around more than once  thats why the Souths boss Dino grabbed her that and my Da’s debt, which after 2 more fights for turf she is paid off, so trying something now makes no sense , this was my idea if you wanna leave leave but as for Tony you tell him you came here your in as much trouble for what? a night of tiffs at best?”, Milly a little suspicious squirms a bit then Grace looks at Ron, “See Ron i told you she wasn’t woman enough for you i am all you need lets wrap it up she is all talk”, Grace starts to stand then Milly falls for it she pulls Grace’s arm, “Hang on” Grace sits again, “whats in this little fling for me?”, Grace smirks “well you and i agreed winner fucks him in front of loser, but i aside from that you and i can decide as w go or now between us” Ron takes out the 10 grand from the 2 bets slaps it on the table, “and that”, Grace nearly yells as Milly smiles she looks at Grace, “well it looks like he has confidence in you Bitch”, Grace a flush smile, “shall we start then?”, Milly breathes in “lets”.


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Re: House Always wins pt.3
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2019, 01:57:27 AM »
Thanks Dotti for these three chapters I missed a lot your stories during this time this is a great gift.
This story is totally promising, in this town women have to fight for themselves, not only amazing bodies they are real hellcats with a very tough life. Love the brutality of the catfights, it absolutely seems like real ones, I especially like Grace. She is reckless, a great fighter who fights with anyone, but unlike others despite being well known she is an independent woman she doesn´t want to be a boss woman she does what she wants when she wants where she wants, she simply hates that going no where city and wants to leave, I love this phrase to Brenda: "that is unless of course you are Tony’s bitch and can’t, Ronnie here prefers a woman that can make her own mind up”. On top of that she is a wild cat in bed and always looks great (I love the style hoop earrings).

Ron and Grace are a great team. They need each other to achieve the same objective: let this shitty town behind. There is an important age difference, but I think if the story goes on they possibly end up loving each other. Its amazing how lucky Ron was finding Grace. At first Ron only thought about making money, but he likes Grace more every minute:  “if you really wanna come with me i’ll take you i mean it ok?”. Im intrigued how the esteem Ron has for Grace can affect his ambitions.

Love the difference between Grace vs Anna and Grace vs Brenda fight. In the first one Grace easily destroyed Anna but in the second she fights a real seasoned street fighter woman like her. It seems Milly is one level above Brenda, she has fuller breasts than Grace and soften them up in the catfight, and is very agressive and confident, this is going to be a war the hardest fight for Grace. In my opinion Ron made a big mistake betting 10k, he has a lot of confidence in Grace, she deserves it is a great woman, but that was too much, what we know in finantial markets as poor risk control.

Dotti you did it again, another great and promising series, Im anxious to see Grace vs Milly. Amazing.

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Re: House Always wins pt.3
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2019, 12:40:25 AM »
Really enjoying this so far Looking forward to what’s to come