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Lauren VS Jessica Alba Charity jello shot

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Lauren VS Jessica Alba Charity jello shot
« on: June 13, 2010, 10:59:16 PM »
It was sunny as I was taking a ride down to the beach front area.

A nice sized street fair, as well as other added attractions, was going on for some local charities. Several celebrities roaming, rubbing shoulders, with the normal crowd, as the event was going on for two days.
Auctions as well as other celebrity attended happenings.

I had been told by a very lovely lady, that if I stopped by, I would have a good time. As well as maybe be surprised by what she had arranged for the event herself.
I enjoy walking past several of the tents set up, along a few closed off parking lots, leading to more along the beach area.

I am thinking of getting something to drink, when a pair of arms, grab me from behind, and a very firm pair of breasts, press into my back. "You came, just like you said you would." A very pleasing voice says behind me.
I let myself be hugged, then turn, to see a very lovely vision, scantilly clad, and beautiful.
Lauren was very pretty, with long blonde hair, with some darker highlights. Pretty hazel eyes, and a very full figured body.
Lauren's breasts barely held, in a white string bikini top.
Her skin, smooth and nicely tanned, as she smiles, one of her best smiles.
Lauren wearing I was sure, the other half of her bikini. Yet a pair of very short, shorts worn, to cover her more.

I was struggling to stop mentally stripping this blonde beauty, of her shorts. Trying to picture how hot, she would look, in just the white string bikini.
At the same time, realizing if I did not stop it, I was soon going to mentally have the blonde naked before me.
Which with Lauren, was a very tempting idea.

"I told you I would come out for this." I tell her, letting my eyes roam Lauren from top to bottom, being very glad I had done so.
Lauren slips her arm into mine, and soon I am strolling along the beach, with this lovely woman at my side.
Her tits, jiggling wonderfully in her skimpy top, with each step she takes.

"I managed to arrange a celebrity wrestling match." Lauren tells me, as we move past people heading the other way.
The sounds of people calling out, games of chance or skill. Along with shows and attractions coming up.
Lauren feels wonderful, on my arm, as she tells me she has gotten Jessica Alba, to come and wrestle against her.
"We are almost there now." Lauren says, as she leads me to a cleared area, with a large low sided wading pool, sits waiting.
Around the pool, some things set up, to rope it off slightly. With chairs waiting to be sat in nearby.

Several people starting to begin making a crowd, as they see Lauren coming closer, in her white string bikini.
The pool, very recently filled with different colors of jello. Lauren's eyes watching me, as she slips from my embrace and stands facing me. Inhaling, and arching her back slightly, to add to the effect. As well as also coming close to popping her tits free of the barely their top. "How would you like to see my body, covered in jello?" She asks, as I have to admit, the idea was a nice one.
"I would rather it be wet and naked, but jello sounds nice." I reply, blushing slightly, as I realize I have just told Lauren, I wanted to see her naked.
A smile comes across her pretty face, as she catches my eyes, with her own.
"You may get that wish today." Lauren tells me, softly laughing at me. As I do not know if she means her match or maybe I was going to have a very good day, with Lauren later.
I knew it only would take a quick pull, on some strings, and her breasts would be naked before me.
My hand raising slightly, as if to follow this idea.
Lauren's hand grabbing mine, and with a few murmured comments, from the gathering crowd. Lauren places my hand, to the top of her heaving left breast.
The skin, beneath my fingers, tanned, and very smooth to the touch.
Hazel eyes watching mine, as they go from her breasts, to her pretty face again.
"I figured you could be in my corner." She says, as I fight the urge to scoop Lauren into my arms, strip her top, and begin kissing her all over.
She was so beautiful, and her body was so close.
Lauren was a friend, and it was so wrong me thinking of this about her. Yet her face, came closer.
So little to take off her, and she would be naked.
Our lips begin to brush together, as she slips into my embrace, when the rising comments from the crowd, get us to part, as Jessica Alba struts over.

Jessica's long brunette hair, looking so soft, as it frames her lovely face. The gentle breeze playing with it, even as it was doing the same with Lauren's long blonde hair.
Jessica was wearing a barely there single piece bathing suit.
The suit white, trimmed in very dark blue.
The suit covered her ass, and her sex. Then strips of it rose to cover her breasts. Tying behind her neck, and on her back.
The sides and back non existant. Her navel showing between the material rising up to cover her ample breasts.
Jessica's eyes going from Lauren to me, then back again.
"Which one of you is in charge of this?" Jessica asks, as Lauren moves forward to introduce herself.
"Are you out of your mind or is it the blonde hair?" Jessica asks, as Lauren stands unsure of what to say.

"I did not agree to get in there, when I signed to make an appearance." The lovely brunette complains, as Lauren tries to soothe the siuation.
"It is for the charity, you agreed to be here." Lauren reminds her.
"Not to get messy with a low end, slut like you." Jessica replies, as people from the crowd begin to ooh, and aww.
Waiting to see more, from these two very pretty ladies.
The jello shimmery as the sun shines down on it, starting to turn it liquidy again.
"Look, we get in, move around a little, then you sign some autographs, no big deal." Lauren says, as Jessica glares at her.
I was about to plead with Jessica as well. I so wanted to see Lauren in the jello.
"I said forget it, tramp." Jessica says, as her hand shoots out, to shove Lauren back.
"Maybe you can explain, so the dumb blonde gets it." Jessica begins saying to me, as arms windmilling. Lauren is starting to fall back.
Her hand grasping Jessica's suit, and as Lauren falls back into the jello. Jessica's top unties, and falls down.
The material slipping from Lauren's grasp, as the lovely blonde splats into the pool full of jello.

Lauren soon trying to work her body up, as the jello bobbles, and shifts beneath her.
Jessica's face turning angry, as her breasts heave exposed fully, for all to see.
Her nipples starting to harden as she turns, eyes shooting deadly stares at Lauren in the pool.
"You bitch, you did that on purpose!!" Jessica says, before hurling herself at Lauren in the pool.

As people begin calling, and texting friends. The crowd begins to surge around the pool, as Lauren's top quickly comes off, and gooey, wet jello begins to cling to, and fall from her bare breasts.
Jessica, and Lauren locking fingers together, as they rise to their knees, and struggle to control one another.
Shimmery jello, glisteing on both ladies breasts, and bellies, as they try and shove one another aorund.
"Scheming biitch !!" Jessica hurls at Lauren.
"It's for charity you whiny slut." Lauren replies, as she shifts, and takes Jessica down, into the jello.
Arms and legs, moving, and trying to gain advantage, as the two struggle, trying to humilate or pin the other lady.

Lauren cries out, as Jessica laughs, and slaps Lauren's heaving breasts. The sound of slightly wet flesh being struck, sounding above the crowd. As Lauren tries to cover up, before Jessica can deliver another blow.
Jessica slaps her face, then manages to tit slap Lauren again. The blonde going over, and down into the jello, as it glistens on her breasts and belly now.
Jessica grabs Lauren's shorts, and soon has them stripped, and tossed out of the way.

Two beautiful women, with very nice bodies, slipping and sliding around in the semi-solid jello.
Lauren crying out in surprise as Jessica rolls her over, pressing Lauren's face into the jello. Before moving on top of her, and stripping the skimpy bikini bottoms, to leave Lauren very naked, and very much looking like I was going to have to get involved to save my friend Lauren.
Jessica laughing, and smacking Lauren's ass hard.
Then Lauren manages to shift, and Jessica slides off to the side of the blonde.

Lauren rolls free, her hair now darker looking, as it is wet, from the jello.
Gooey smears of it, on her naked skin, as I want to suck some of it, from her heaving breasts.
Lauren clearing the wet gooey mess, from around her eyes, as Jessica rise up, in time to have her own breasts slapped by Lauren.
The sensuous brunette crying out, as her own tits bounce, and sting from the first, then second slap given by Lauren.

Jessica trying to move away, only manages to lose her balance, to fall with a nice squishing sound, into the jello.
The brunette writhing in it, as Lauren strips the rest of Jessica's bathing suit, before holding it up in triumph. Before tossing it aside, and tit slapping Jessica again.

Jessica grabbing Lauren's hair. Then in a tangle of arms and legs. The two pitch together down into the jello.
Rolling around together, breasts rubbing against breasts.
Lauren cries out, and the fans cry foul. As Jessica grabs Lauren's right breast, and squeezes it tightly.
Lauren trying to free her well formed tit, with as little pain as possible.
Finally she manages to bring her forearm, against the side of Jessica's head. Dazing the brunette, and freeing Lauren.

Chants, cheers and wagers going up, from the crowd, as they tie up again, and roll in the jello together.
The two naked bodies both, slicked and slippery, from the gooey wet jello, clinging to every part of their bodies.
Jessica Alba was a celebrity know around the world. Yet as their naked bodies entangled and rolled together.
It was Lauren's breast I was thinking about cupping, while licking and sucking the jello from.

Lauren breaks free, as she slaps Jessica's heaving breasts again. The wet skin to skin slap, being heard by the noisy crowd.
Then Lauren cries out, as Jessica grabs her by her sex, and begins to pull, and tear at it.
Her fingers digging against Lauren's pussy lips, as the sexy blonde writhes in pain.
Then her hand shoots forward to slap Jessica hard across her face.
Jessica letting her hold go, as Lauren backhands Jessica's chest. Knocking the wind from the stunning brunette.
Jessica falling back, down into the jello. As Lauren begins to mount her.
Lauren's glistening body, sliding naked, across Jessica's own.
As she writhes in the jello. Lauren's pussy is soon pressed over Jessica's face. "Lick it bitch!!" Lauren demands, as she is furious about Jessica's attack on her womanhood.
Lauren pressing the brunette down, in the pool, as she humiliates her, in front of the crowd.

Hot naked bodies, wet, and slicked from the jello, dripping from them both now. As Jessica's hand begins to smack against it.
Lauren's pussy to her face. The sensuous actress was tapping out, submitting.

I quickly move to pull Lauren from her, as the crowd begins to applaud, the slippery blonde in my grasp, as Jessica sits up, gasping, and trying to catch her breath.
Lauren looks like she has been slimed, as she let's me help her out of the pool, to hug her hot, naked body against mine.
Even if it was not my favorite flavor of Jello. I wanted to lick Lauren all over right now.
Her long blonde hair, now slicked, and darker.
Hazel eyes vibrant, as she clings to me. Chest heaving against me.
"Help me shower off later?" She asks, before slipping from my embrace, laughing at the expression of delight on my face.

Jessica slowly rising in the pool, as Lauren grabs her hand and raises it. "Thank you all very much, and please show your appreciation, for Jessica Alba, by donating to." Lauren giving the charities name, as she smooths things over, the crowd now thinking it all a staged act by the stunning brunette.
I quickly have a towel, for Jessica, as she lets me wrap it around her, and thanks me.
Jessica catches Lauren's hazel eyes. "In one hour I want a rematch bitch." Jessica informs her, a slight smile on her face.
Lauren slips my arm around her again, as she stays topless, only covering her sex, and ass with a towel.
Her fingers entwining with mine. "You think you can have me cleaned off by then?" She asks. With me wondering if she meant the shower or a tongue bath.
I nod my head, as Lauren yells out to the dispersing crowd. "Re-match with Jessica in the jello, in one hour." She calls out, then begins picking up her outfit, from the ground.

Later, with much pulling of blonde hair involved. Jessica Alba wins the second pin of the day, both ladies deciding on a third and tie breaking match.
I stay busy, providing towels, and drinks for both lovely ladies. As well as enjoying cleaning Lauren off, between matches.

Finally it is the third match, with the largest crowd of the day.
Both ladies tired, yet giving it their all.
Then with a cry of dismay, Jessica splats into what is left of the jello goo for the day. Lauren mounts her, and lays prone naked over her, as she gets the deciding, and tie breaking pin.
The charity ends up being one of the most contributed to for the day.

Jessica and Lauren say goodbye, with Jessica letting Lauren know, she could probably get a few other female celebrities involved in the future.

Then I am walking with Lauren. Her hip close to mine, Her hand over mine, held to her ass.
Her head to my shoulder, as I get to clean her up once more. Before escorting the lovely lady to dinner.
Still hoping to get to lick something from her sexy body later.
Yet having to admit, when I accepted her invitation.
Lauren had been right, I had enjoyed myself very much this day. As well as getting to enjoy some very pretty, and enjoyable company for the evening as well.

The end.