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STORY Survival of the Weakest FINALS Stewart v. Megan Fox (with a ton of guests)

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Megan Fox v. Kristen Stewart

   This was it.  The finals.  This would be the fourth and final round in the nightmare tournament, in which of the 16 women who have entered, all but two remain.  Two losers. 

   Neither Megan Fox nor Kristen Stewart have been successful in any of their matches.  Rather, each girl has been physically outmatched, sexually dominated and utterly humiliated.  They truly were the definition of jobbers, and now they had to once more go out there and compete for what will ultimately be a hollow victory.

   “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the final round of the Survival of the Weakest Tournament.  Introducing first, Kristen Stewart.”  Stewart kept her head down as she walked out of the curtain, trying to shield her eyes from the mocking crowd.  After her last round loss where she was embarrassed by Leighton Meester, Kristen has been off of the grid.  Many were concerned that she wasn’t even going to show up for the tournament.  Stewart chose to continue to go with her black two piece, despite the fact that it has a tendency to be ripped off of her body.

   “And her opponent, Megan Fox.”  Megan walked out in a white bra and matching lace panties, due in part to the fact that here trademark leather thong was taken from her at the end of her last match.  It, along with her dignity, was stolen by Rachel McAdams.  Fox had been having a rough tournament.  She started the event as the next Angelina Jolie, but is now looking more like the next Jennifer Aniston.  Megan glanced in the front row and noticed that all of the former contestants were sitting there, each one wearing a smile that let her know that they were glad they weren’t in her panties. 

   “Alright, you two know the drill.  You don’t stop fighting until I say the match is over.  May the best girl win, and I am using that term loosely.”  The ref then signaled for the bell, and the final round was on.

   Kristen and Megan circled one another, sizing up her opponent.  Each girl noticed the trepidation in the other’s face, a sure sign that neither one of them wanted to be in that ring.  Kristen finally broke the stalemate by charging at Megan, driving her shoulder into Fox’s stomach.  Stewart then bullied the girl into the corner, fully expecting the ref to break the two of them up.  Only he didn’t.  Kristen thought this was odd, but she figured that she should take advantage of the moment.  Stewart drove her knee into Megan’s stomach, forcing the air out of her tight belly.  Kristen repeated the move, and once again a whoosh of air came out of Fox’s lungs. 

   During her last match, Stewart finally began feeling the kind of aggression that she should have been exhibiting all along.  The rush that she felt from hurting her opponent made for the kind of motivation that an actually skilled wrestler would exhibit.  Kristen stepped back from the coughing girl before delivering a vicious kick between the legs.  The punt dropped Megan to the mat as she clutched her groin, wailing in pain.

   Kristen saw another opening and she took several steps back to examine her target.  Then, with a running head start, she crashed ass first into Megan, driving her posterior right into Fox’s face.  Megan slumped over and it appeared that she was already out.  It was her most pathetic display yet, and her complete lack of any offense made it clear that the fight was completely out of her. 

   Stewart pulled Megan to her feet before scooping her up for a bodyslam.  Kristen found that lifting Fox’s light body wasn’t particularly challenging, so she decided to parade her around the ring.  With Megan’s legs kicking in protest, Stewart walked her to all four corners before dropping her to the mat.  Kristen then locked eyes with Elisha Cuthbert, who was pointing to her foot.  In their match, Stewart was forced to kiss Elisha’s feet in order to stop the match.  The angered brunette gave Cuthbert the finger.  Elisha rose to her feet, but was held back by Olivia Wilde, who shook her head no.  Cuthbert acquiesced and sat back down. 

   Kristen thought that this was odd, but she decided to focus on Megan.  Unfortunately for her, that momentary distraction proved to be all that Fox needed, as she was able to fire a kick herself between Kristen’s legs.  Stewart dropped to the mat in agony as she didn’t see the cxnt punt coming.  Megan then climbed on top of Stewart and applied a textbook grapevine, pinning Kristen’s arms down with her own and spreading Stewart’s ankles with her own legs.  Suddenly, it was Fox who was in control.

   “Well I hoped you enjoyed your moment in the sun,” Megan said as she slammed her crotch down onto Kristen’s, “but I’m not fucking around anymore.  You got your licks in, but this is my night.”  Fox again slammed her crotch down onto Stewart’s.  “So I’ve got you pinned and I’m going to end this thing once and for all.  Hope you enjoy being the weakest, slut.”

   Fox used one arm to secure Kristen’s wrists, while she used her free hand to deliver some body blows to Stewart’s ribs.  The trapped girl let out some “oofs” upon impact, but she refused to give in to the grapevine.  “Get…off…” she yelled.

   “I intend to,” Megan replied as she leaned in towards Kristen’s face.  Once they were nose-to-nose, Fox pressed forward and kissed Stewart’s lips.  “I’m still the next Jolie, and if it means that I have to have my way with your pale ass to accomplish it, then so be it.”  Fox once again went in for the kiss, this time forcing her tongue into Kristen’s mouth.  Once it was inserted, Megan began to pull Stewart’s legs further apart, putting a great deal of pressure on her thighs.  Kristen began to moan in pain, but the sound was muffled out by Megan’s impromptu make-out session. 

   As soon as Kristen’s legs reached their breaking point, Megan began to once again slam her crotch down onto Stewart’s, driving her lace panties harder and harder into Kristen’s bottoms.  “You ready for me to bring this tournament to a climax?” she teased. 

   Just then, Megan noticed that her first round opponent Kaley Cuoco was standing in her seat.  Fox ignored her and began to grind on the trapped girl, until she noticed that Amanda Bynes was also now standing.  Then, one by one, all of the 10 participants sitting at ringside were on their feet.  “Oh fuck,” Megan thought as she stopped her pelvic momentum.

   Sure enough, all ten women climbed over the railing, surrounding the ring.  The referee didn’t move a muscle, instead stood there with a smile on his face.  “Well, it looks like we’re both fucked,” Megan said to Kristen as she released Stewart from her grips.

   “Speak for yourself,” Kristen replied as she punched Fox in the jaw.  Stewart then stood to her feet and rattled off a roundhouse kick, dropping Megan.  “Alright, I did my part.  Have fun.”  Kristen raised her hands in self-appointed victory before climbing out of the ring.  She gave a nod to the women ringside, a pre-arranged signal.

   The twelve women descended on the ring; Jennifer Love Hewitt, Taylor Swift, Hayden Pannettiere, Rachel McAdams, Kaley Cuoco, Mila Kunis, Amanda Bynes, Jessica Simpsons, Elisha Cuthbert, Leighton Meester, Rachel Bilson and Olivia Wilde.  Kristen stood and watched as the other women surrounded the downed Megan Fox.  “Well, if you all wanted me so bad…” she said with a defiant smile.

   The women went to work, ripping and tearing at Megan’s clothing until she was completely nude.  Fox tried to climb out of the dog pile, but was snared by her black hair and yanked back in.  It was impossible to tell who was doing what to her body, but all she knew was that it hurt.  Punches and kicks were coming from every direction, as the tournament’s loser was now being subjected to massive amounts of punishment.

   Olivia Wilde yelled for everyone to stop, so as if in lockstep, each girl stepped away from the nude girl.  Megan was helpless as she stared up at her aggressors.  “Is that all you got?”

   Kristen Stewart slid back into the ring, joining the other women.  Just then, Elisha Cuthbert elbowed Kristen in the face, knocking her to the mat.  “What?” she asked.  “She’s mine anyway, right?” 

   “Well in that case,” Jennifer Love Hewitt replied, “I call dibs.”  With that, she grabbed an unsuspecting Taylor Swift by the hair and threw her to the mat.  Swift had managed to escape humiliation at the hands of Hewitt, but it appeared that her luck had run out.

   “Let them have their fun,” Olivia said as she signaled for Megan to be held up.  Jessica Simpson and Kaley Coco lifted Megan by her arms, restraining the dazed girl.  “So you thought you could just fuck with me and get away with it?” Olivia asked as she patted Megan on the head.  “You don’t get it.  No one likes you.  The only reason we are all united is simply because we can’t stand your fucking face.”  Wilde pulled back and slapped Megan across the cheek. 


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Good tmnt now how about the flipside. The winners advance.