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Old story abour mom and friends mom

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Old story abour mom and friends mom
« on: January 18, 2018, 05:38:40 PM »

     Guy I used to exchange stories with.  Not one of my best, think I drug out the ending to far.   Not terrible either, at least in my opinion for what that is worth.  :)

     Millie is about 5' 4", around 125#.  Cute round ass, though not a big ass.  Kind of slender legs with some strength in her legs.  34c chest, stronger in the upper body than the lower body.
     I don't believe you Ralph, there's no way your mother beat up Shelly.  I know Shelly is a lot tougher than she looks.  None of your business how I know that.  Oh pleeeeease Ralph, no way was Shelly crying and telling your mother she had had enough.  Don't shove me Ralph.  I'm not telling how I know Shelly is tough.  Owwwwww, you SOB Ralph, you'll be sorry.  It's funny, this is how Ralph and I met, our first encounter was a fight, but we ended up good friends overall
     Ralph and I normally got along pretty good.  That's not to say as kids we didn't have a few scrapes, we did.  Ralph was a couple years older than me, but we ended up running together most summers.  Our first encounter led to a few very exciting things.  We were about to find out we both shared the same fantasy.
     We exchanged a few blows, shed a little blood, and mostly got dirty rolling around on the ground.  We parted both feeling we had made our point.  When I got home mom saw my split lip and dirty clothing.  Just what were you up to she demanded.
     I hemmed and hawed a bit before admitting I had been in a fight.  Mom was kind of mad to hear it was Ralph.  She didn't think it was right because Ralph was two years older than me.  I told her it was no big deal and she should not worry about it.
     I thought that was the end of it, so I was a bit taken aback when Millie showed up later in the day.  I heard her say, "Ok Alex, what was so important I needed to come right over to talk about".  I decided to walk into the front room to see what was up rather than just listen.  The summer was hot that year, and most of the women around the neighborhood in an effort to keep cool kept the clothing to a minimum.  Millie didn't disappoint me.
     Millie was in sandals, cutoff shorts and a bikini top.  On this hot summer day even mom who normally would not wear anything very revealing was in her swimsuit top, shorts, and barefoot.  I really couldn't help myself as I found myself taking inventory of both women.  Especially the breasts.  Millie wasn't big chested, but standing near mom it was obvious her breasts were a lot bigger than mom's little breasts.  Millie's bikini was not overly revealing, still, Millie had more breast showing outside her bikini cups than mom had total..
     I knew mom was aware of me looking them both over.  I couldn't miss the quick look of disapproval she shot me.   didn't know if anything was going to happen, but I was wondering how mom would do against Millie.  Maybe she could redeem herself to some degree after Shelly humiliated her the other day.  Millie was not an imposing woman.  A little shorter than mom at between 64 and 65 inches.  Pretty similar in the upper body except Millie was bigger chested.  Mom was a bit heavier than Millie in the hips and thighs. Millie, not as wide as mom in the hips, had a more rounded butt.  I couldn't tell by appearance that either seemed to have an advantage over the other.  Except of course, if Ralph was telling the truth about Millie beating Shelly.  I could still see the image of mom face down on the ground as she sobbed out her submission while Shelly sat on top of her.  A little shiver crept down my spine as I thought of that.
     While I felt embarrassed about mom being whipped by a smaller woman, there was a part of me that didn't' mind that much.  I still remembered the erection I had as I slinked away from that scene of mom being beaten.  I felt my face redden as I thought it, I actually liked the sight of mom held down by another woman.  Well, maybe liked is the wrong word, it was damn exciting seeing her held helpless by another woman.  I again felt the flush of redness as I thought about that.  It had been exciting and scary seeing mom down like that.  Maybe it was that little adrenaline rush, or butterflies I felt, but I couldn't get over the excited sensation I felt when I saw mom being held helpless on the ground.  I couldn't mentally make sense of it, thinking about it made me feel bad.  I could feel my face flush with guilt.  I don't know if it will happen, but somehow I know I will be very excited should Millie end up on top of mom.
     I could see mom and Millie were still belaboring a point, though I didn't really hear what they were saying as my mind wandered.  I was mentally back at the silly scuffle Ralph and I had in the morning.  Ralph wasn't trying to tease about my mom losing to Shelly.  I don't think Ralph was even aware mom and Shelly had fought.  He was just excited about two women in a fight.  He didn't even seem to be bragging about Millie so much as he was excited.  It was only after I made a big deal of it and basically called him a liar that he got mad.  I now felt kind of bad about not believing Ralph, I mean did it really matter whether or not that happened?  Ralph telling the story was exciting, I just should've shut up and listened.  Then again, if I had, Millie and mom might not be standing toe to toe right now.  Ralph should be here now, which of our moms wins has nothing to do with us, but I know it will be exciting watching one of them beat the other.  About then I caught some movement at the window.  Cool, that's Ralph, he will get to see this.  I hope we can talk about this after the fight is over.  I want to hear what he really thinks of my mom.  There was that pang of guilt again, what I really wanted to hear was how Millie could take mom anytime, in any kind of match.  If mom lost, Ralph would have some justification saying that, hmmmm, maybe that would be a way to set up a second match.  If  mom loses, I will claim she didn't feel good, or was surprised, or anything that convinces Ralph to go to his mother and claim mine says she can win in a rematch.  Mentally I felt my internal tension break, it was funny.  Nothing had happened yet, and here I was working out a second fight scenario.   I mentally returned to the scene at hand, Millie looks kinda sexy in that bikini top as I noted again how much bigger than mom's her breasts were.
     I was old enough to be pretty sure the big reason mom generally wore loose fitting tops was to conceal her small chest.  She never went to the pool, and rarely stepped into the yard in her swimsuit top.  I think mom caught my eyes go to Millie's chest, then over to mom.  Mom kind of turned a bit, then folded her arms in front of her chest as she faced Millie.
     Ya know Millie, there is no reason for you to parade around in such a skimpy top.  Millie raised an eye, and said, Alex, I can't believe you called me over to complain about that.  Then adding in a catty manner, besides, it is not my fault you can't fill a bikini top, even a small one.  Though on me, your top would definitely be termed skimpy Alex, that little top of yours would be like putting postage stamps on my breasts.  Mom glared, saying that is not the point, and pointing to me unexpectantly, mom said what about this.  Millie gave her a funny look, what about what Alex!!!  All I know is you complained about me having better breasts than you.
     Look at Tom's lip, look at that mom demanded.  Millie still had a funny look on her face, Alex, I'm sure I don't know what you are talking about.  Do you think I hit Tom?  I felt myself turn red, and kind of hid my face for a minute.  Don't be ridiculous Millie, look at his lip, and to make her point mom grabbed Millie by the shoulder and shoved in an attempt to turn Millie towards me.
     Millie slapped mom's hand away, telling mom she wasn't going to take that crap.  Do that again Alex and I will kick your ass.  Not to mention I will pop rip those puny  little tits off your chest.  It was suddenly as if I was no longer present.
     What is it with you and tits Millie.  I'll tell you what, start something with me and I'll bruise and batter those tits of yours so badly you won't be able to wear a bra for weeks.  You won't be so proud of those tits when they are black and blue.
     C'mon then Alex, I'm not afraid, let's find out who comes out on the bad end of this.  Oh, by the way Alex, I heard all about how little Shelly held you face down on the ground and made you beg her to let you up.  Think you'll do any better with me?
     Mom was glaring at Millie, her lower lip trembling as she opened and closed her fists.  Mom was speechless, I could see the redness in her face, her whole body had a slight tremble.
     Feeling as the forgotten person in the room, I moved to the door as I motioned to Ralph.  Neither woman seemed to notice me.  I noted Millie step closer to mom as she continued to taunt mom.  Well Alex, are you going to do something?  I shifted to where I had a good view of both.  I saw Millie edge closer to mom, they were almost in contact with each other.  Ralph slipped in the now open door.
     What's it going to take Alex, the way that lower lip of yours is trembling I think you are about to burst into tears.  Millie gripped mom by the shoulders and leaned close to mom's ear.  Alex,  want to hear what I did to Shelly?  Get your hands off me Millie!!  Oh, you found your voice Alex.  Then Millie grinned as she rose up on her toes enough to bring her breasts even with mom's.  Now let's see if you can find your nerve and actually do something Alex.  Then Millie pulled mom to her by the shoulders.  I was in the perfect position, I could see Millie looking down to be sure she had mom's tits lined up right.  I looked on as Millie's breasts were pressed into mom's chest and Millie laughed.  God Alex, I can't even feel those little tits of yours.  I was looking forward to crushing them between my fingers, I think I just crushed them with my breasts.
     It built slowly, I barely heard her at first, then it became louder and louder, youuuuu
biiiitttch.  Mom brought her arms up under Millie's, grabbing both of Millie's breasts while also shoving her back.  Having been on her toes, as mom pushed Millie back, Millie lost her balance and fell backwards.  Mom almost fell forward herself, and ended up standing over Millie, who was now seated on her butt on the floor looking up at mom who was holding Millie's bikini top in her hands.
     Mom threw Millie's bikini top at her and literally dove on Millie.  Mom went right for Millie's tits.  Millie gave mom a hard slap in the face, then reached up jerking mom's top off her.  Mom,  her hands gripping and pulling on Millie's tits was shrieking over and over, you bitch, you bitch.  Mom had pretty saggy breasts, especially considering they were quite small.  Right now they were hanging straight down, swaying as mom pulled on Millie's breasts.
     Let's see how you take it Alex as Millie reached up, and with that Millie grabbed mom's tits, holding each between her thumb and first two fingers.  Even hanging down, mom's breasts were to small for Millie to grip with her whole hand.  Millie pinched and pulled down, causing mom to howl in pain.  I could see Millie wincing in pain, but she wasn't going to let out a scream.  Thru gritted teeth Millie said.  What's wrong Alex, those little things can't take it?
     Mom was straddling Millie's waist as they each worked over the other's tits.  Jeezus, jeezus, let go of my tits ya bitch, owwwwwwwwwww, mom howled.  Unable to cause Millie enough pain for her to back off, mom released Millie's tits, and grabbed Millie's wrists in an effort to pry her from mom's tits.  Mom was trying to lean back as she worked at getting Millie's fingers off her tits, howling in pain the whole time.
     With mom leaning back, Millie brought her legs up.  She was able to get both feet under mom's armpits, and using her legs forced mom over backwards.  For just a moment I saw mom's little tits stretched to what looked like over twice their normal length before Millie let go as mom went over backwards.
     Millie wasted no time scrambling on top of mom, quickly reversing their positions.  Mom saw it coming and covered her breasts before Millie could grab them again.  Millie grabbed mom by the hair, jerking her head forward and delivered a couple ringing slaps.  Mom uncovered her tits to fight back, and Millie immediately grabbed both of them.  Millie bore down with all her weight from her position on top of mom.  She had mom's tits between her thumb and first finger of each hand as she both pinched and tried to shove mom's tits thru her chest.  Mom was kicking the floor and howling as she tried to pry Millie's grip from her chest.  In desperation mom started throwing wild punches.  The first couple mom caught Millie's shoulder with her arm causing her to miss.  A third one landed hard on the side of Millie's face.  I saw Millie shake her head, then glare at mom.  So you want to throw punches  Alex.
     Millie let go of mom's tits, grabbed her hair and pulled mom to a sitting position.  Mom had covered her face seeing Millie's left hand cocked to deliver a punch.  Millie saw mom cover her face,  so she buried her fist into mom's belly.  Mom's mouth gaped open as the air rushed out of her.  Still holding mom up by the hair, Millie drew back again.  I knew this was about the end of it for mom.  I found myself mentally wishing mom could hang on a bit longer, or Millie would drag out the end a bit.  I barely had time to feel bad about that thought when I heard Ralph yell out, "No mom, not yet"  Then in a dark tone I did not think Ralph capable of he said, "teach her a lesson before you finish her".
     Millie and I looked at Ralph.  Ralph kind of shuffled his feet and hung his head as his mom looked at him.  I don't think he meant to express his thoughts out loud.  Millie kind of smiled at Ralph, so my boy likes seeing his mom in a fight huh?
     Mom was gasping to catch her breath, I don't think she appreciated the fact that Ralph and I were watching the whole thing.  Millie still had a handful of mom's hair as she held mom's head up.  With a wink to Ralph, Millie gave mom a hard open handed slap to the face.  The blow was like a crack of a whip.    Millie  seemed oblivious to the fact that she and mom were battling topless in front of the two of us.  For the first time it started to dawn on me that Millie was enjoying this as much as Ralph.  Though I was mentally ashamed to admit it, I was totally captivated by the sight of Millie straddling mom.  Don't misunderstand, I didn't want to see mom get badly hurt, but I couldn't get over the excitement I was feeling.  It was like that feeling in your belly when you experience a sudden drop on a roller coaster.
     Mom had caught her breath, though seemed a bit dazed yet from that hard slap.  Millie rose to her feet and stood over mom.  Mom started to try to sit up as Millie stared down at her.  Millie looked pretty impressive as she stood over mom, a foot on each side of mom's hips, staring at mom trying to sit up.  You better have something left Alex, cause I'm not done with you yet.
     Mom was still suffering the effects of that last hard slap, she didn't look very steady or coordinated.  Millie stepped back a bit, placed her hands on her hips, and continued to watch mom.  Mom came to her knees, her eyes about level with Millie's bare abdomen.  Millie reached down cupping mom's chin and lifting up, c'mon Alex, I'm giving you a chance.  Are you gonna use it, or are you now to frightened of me to fight back?
     Mom found herself staring up at Millie's breasts, as Millie taunted her.  Mom's lip was quivering as she cried out STOP THIS YOU BITCH!, then grabbed Millie around her hips and attempted to wrestle her to the floor.
    The look on her face along with her body language seemed to indicate mom just wished this was over.  Yes she swore at Millie, and anger was still keeping her going.  It was also plain that she was feeling despair, there was no question Millie had pretty much had her way.
     With her arms around Millie's hips mom strained to twist and topple Millie from her position on her knees.  Mom found her face buried in Millie's relatively flat stomach as she leaned into Millie from her position on her knees.  Mom seemed spent, she was barely having an effect on Millie, who was looking down and grinning at mom's effort.
     Is that it Alex?  Is this the best you can do?  You need to get some exercise Alex, you have no endurance, this is more like disciplining a little girl than fighting a woman.
     I was swallowing hard.  In spite of my guilty conscious, I was enjoying the spectacle.  I was no more ready for it to end than Ralph was.  Don't quit mom I pleaded, you can force her down.   I hoped my voice didn't give away the excitement I was feeling.  I found myself wondering how far Millie might take things.  Would she make the end humiliating?
     Next thing I knew, Millie simply shoved mom backwards down to the floor.  With mom laying there looking up, Millie undid her cutoffs, let them drop to the floor, and kicked them off her feet.  I let out a gasp as I saw Millie's skimpy panties.  For being relatively slender, Millie had a nice round butt.  She also had some bush showing around the edge of her skimpy panties.  I think mom had an inkling of what might be coming as she started crying out, no, no Millie, don't do that.
     Mom tried to scoot back, but Millie sat down hard on her chest, making a point to drive her ass down on mom's chest.  Mom let out a grunt as Millie landed on her.  Millie was now perched on mom's chest, facing her feet, with her ass almost against mom's chin.  Millie went to work on mom's shorts, unbuttoning them while mom kicked and squirmed under her.  Mom's thrashing caused Millie to slide further up her chest, and mom found her chin being buried in the crack of Millie's ass.  Millie looked at both of us, we both had our hands working over our dicks, our erections obvious thru our pants.
     Millie reached into mom's shorts, and grabbed her panties with both hands, jerking back on them.  Mom squealed as Millie pulled her panties deep into her crotch in a painful wedgie.  Soon the sound of ripping material was evident, and Millie came away with mom's torn panties in her hands.  She had ripped them right off mom while mom still had her shorts on.  Mom was writhing her hips back and forth as Millie reached in again and gave a tug on mom's bush causing her to cry out in pain.
     Millie pulled her hand out, then making a fist, drew back, and delivered a hard punch right between mom's legs.  Mom's legs shot straight up from the blow as she howled in pain.  Millie stood again, and watched mom curl into a ball, holding her crotch.  Almost casually Millie stooped over mom, and began dragging her shorts off her.  Mom was to sore to resist at first, but as her shorts reached her knees she began kicking at Millie.  As Millie was pulling them over mom's ankles, one kick caught her in the stomach.  Millie let out an oomph as she stumbled back holding mom's shorts.  Millie sank to her knees, bent over trying to catch her breath.  She had dropped mom's shorts as she knelt.
     Mom was still pretty spent, but gamely tried to rise and come after Millie.  It really was only seconds, but it all seemed to be in slow motion.  Millie was beginning to get her breath back as mom gave up standing, and crawled on all fours towards Millie.  Millie was still bent over a bit on her knees as mom reached her.  Millie saw her coming, and grabbed one of mom's arms, but mom got the other around Millie's neck.  Mom tried to pull Millie down by the neck as Millie twisted mom's other wrist.  They both rolled into a heap, mom partially on top of Millie.
     Mom was exhausted, but Millie obviously had plenty of fight in her.  Millie worked her way out, and turned my naked mother to her back.  Mom let out a cry of frustration as she found herself on her back with Millie on top of her.  Millie was breathing hard, but she could see the look of defeat on mom's face.  You're all done Alex, she announced.  Mom's only response was sobbing as she lay there under Millie, naked with her legs spread wide.  Millie had her straddled, her heels dug into mom's thighs helping to spread her legs wide, exposing mom's bush, while her hands gripped mom's upper arms, pinning her down.
     As Millie forced mom's legs wide apart she lowered her own bush right over mom's pussy.  Mom cried and groaned in discomfort.  I trembled in shamed excitement as I watched Millie's breasts brushing mom's little tits while she was held helpless on her back.  Millie looked down, grinning ss her breasts rose up and down with each breath.  As she exhaled her breasts covered mom's, with each breath in her nipples still maintained contact with mom's chest.  Millie watched as she moved her breasts back and forth, pushing mom's little tits back and forth with her own.  Millie giggled as she pushed mom's tits around with her own.  "You're so tiny Alex, I look huge next to you".  Millie had mom's legs wide open, and her own bush was covering mom's.  Millie kept shifting slightly back and forth, and up and down.  She was driving her pussy into mom's as she used her tits to toy and tease mom.
     Mom's nipples had become erect as Millie used her tits to work on mom's.  Millie's own nipples were erect, and she was making a point of pushing them into mom's nipples.  Millie's nipples were impressive, easily twice the size of mom's erect nipples.  Millie seemed to be enjoying herself as she mocked mom's little breasts and nipples.  "Now I'll show you who the real woman is in this room Alex".  Millie raised up a bit, still keeping mom's tits partially covered with her own while at the same time forcing her pussy into mom's.  Millie began grinding her hips against mom.
     Mom's groans changed to moans as she pleaded with Millie not to do this.  Millie just laughed while telling mom, "Alex, I'm going to leave you totally helpless".  I've already got you whipped, now I'm going to turn you to jelly.  I wasn't sure what Millie meant or was doing right away.  But as mom's moans became more intense it began to dawn on me what Millie was doing.  Even with mom pressed flat to the floor, I could see her starting to attempt to hump back as Millie ground her bushy pussy into mom's.  Millie's breathing was starting to become heavy, though she seemed completely in control.  Mom's moans changed in pitch, oh, oh, oh, gaaaaawd she cried, no Millie, stop, stop, I can't take anymore.  Then arched her head back as she let out a slow building moan.  Please, please Millie, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Millie wouldn't stop, mom was panting in short gasps, her unrestrained lower legs trembling.  I could see mom's toes clenching.  Mom was obviously being forced to multiple orgasms.  Millie kept grinding away, it seemed Millie was using her pussy to draw mom's last bit of strength out of her.  With a final cry mom stiffened for several moments, then went limp under Millie.  Millie gave a couple more thrusts to be sure, then shifted to a sitting position on mom's hips.  Mom had passed out, she was limp and unmoving under Millie.
     Millie reached down giving mom's tits a couple hard pinches and tugs.  Mom took a couple short gasps, but otherwise didn't move.  Millie appeared quite proud of herself.  Well boys,  looks like I can whip her in more than one way.  Millie partially rose, then rolled mom over so that she was now face down.  She sat down on mom's back, then took hold of mom's hair and shook her head.  C'mon Alex, wake up, then shook mom's head again.  A low groan announced mom was coming back around.  That's it Alex, wake up.  Millie then extended her legs back hooking mom's legs.  She easily forced mom's legs apart while also pulling mom's head back by her hair.  Mom was totally spent, other than groaning, she made no effort to resist Millie.
     I caught movement out of the corner of my eye.  Ralph was moving to where he had a good view of mom's butt as Millie forced mom's legs apart.  Mom was face down on the floor, Millie was over the top of mom, her heels dug into mom's thighs forcing her legs open while pulling her head back.  I'm sure Ralph had a hell of a view from there.  As mom became more coherent she began sobbing and pleading, Tom, Tom, help me, do something.  Her words briefly froze me, I really wanted to watch the end of this, but knew I couldn't ignore mom's plea.
    I moved slowly, almost shuffling, I knew mom couldn't see my reluctance to interfere.  Still, I knew I had to.  I was almost to Millie when Ralph grabbed my arm from behind.  I found my arm twisted behind my back as Ralph pulled me back and against him.  I really didn't resist hard, but made a point of yelling, my arm, let me go Ralph!  Millie looked over as I exclaimed.  Hold him Ralph, don't let him interfere she said with a wink.
     Getting off mom, Millie stood and surveyed the floor.  Mom slowly rolled to her side.  Millie spotted mom's bra, picked it up and walked over to Ralph and myself.  Mom continued to lay on her side, her breathing heavy, and her body covered in sweat.  Millie took hold of my free arm, then whispered to me.  It's ok Tom, I know you really want to watch me finish her, don't you?  With Millie standing almost in front of me, wearing only her skimpy panties.  I had never been this close to any woman in such skimpy attire.  I looked at Millie's breasts, her chest rising and falling with each breath.  Her nipples looked huge this close to me.  It dawned on me they were fully erect from rubbing against mom's body as they fought.  I was surprised to think that Millie was aroused from fighting with mom, possibly so aroused she intended to finish mom as a means of satisfying herself.  I found myself whispering back to Millie in a weak stuttering voice.  Yyyes, ddon't stop, I want to see the end.  Millie whispered back, it's ok, I'll give you an excuse for not helping.  Then gently took my arm, looping mom's bra around it, then taking my other arm from Ralph, she tied my arms behind my back with my mothers bra.  Pushing me back to the couch, she commanded in a loud voice, Sit, stay out of it, I'm going to have some fun with Alex.
     When she turned away from me, I could see mom in the background.  She was now sitting on the floor, her head down, and her hands on her thighs while she leaned forward trying to catch her breath.  Millie made a point of slowly stripping her panties off.  Her back was to me, and I got a great view of her naked, round ass as she bent over and slid her panties off.
     Millie slowly walked over to mom.  Getting directly in front of mom with a foot planted on either side of mom's thighs, Millie reached down and grasped mom's hair with one hand.  Pulling mom's head up and back, Millie forced her to look up.  I don't think mom could see much, Millie appeared to have her bush right in mom's face.  Mom brought her arms up, and grasped Millie's thighs.  That's it Alex, hang on tight, then pulling up a bit more and stretching mom's neck up and back, Millie forced mom's face into her pussy.  C'mon Alex, show the boys how you treat a better woman.
     Did you say something Alex?  I couldn't quite hear you.  releasing mom's head, Millie allowed mom to lean back a bit.  Mom still clasped Millie's thighs as she turned her head to me.  I'm sssorry Tom she half sobbed, you shouldn't have to see this.  That cut deep.  I was on the one hand totally entranced my Millie's domination of mom, and at the same time feeling guilty as hell for enjoying what was happening.  I felt my face redden with guilt, and fervently hoped mom couldn't tell my feelings.  My hands were bound with mom's bra, but there was nothing to stop me from standing, except i knew my rather painful erection would be obvious and mom would know my excitement.
     I hoped to be convincing as I pleaded with mom to fight back.  C'mon mom. she's not even trying, fight back, don't let her do that to you.  Yeah Alex, Millie mocked, I'm not even trying, fight back.  Give me a reason to twist those little tits of yours off.  Mom released Millie's thighs and grabbed her by the ass, digging her nails into Millie's firm round butt.  Millie let out a yelp as mom raked her ass with her nails.  Millie drove her knee into mom's belly, then burying her hands in mom's hair violently jerked mom's head back and forth.
     Mom gasped as Millie drove her knee into mom's belly.  She dropped on her ass, her arms limp at her sides as Millie jerked her head back and forth.  Millie dropped to her knees, then while holding mom's hair with one hand, drew back and delivered a punch to mom's face with the other.  Mom's head snapped back, but Millie kept her grip on mom's hair holding her in a sitting position.
     Millie was still hot about mom raking her ass with her nails.  As she knelt working on mom I could see the red streaks mom's nails had left on Millie's nice round butt.  Millie slapped mom's face a couple times to get her attention, then viciously grabbed mom's left tit.  She gripped mom's little tit with her thumb and two fingers.  A bit of mom's tit bulged between her fingers as she squeezed and gave a hard twist.  Mom wailed as Millie brutally twisted and mashed her tit.  Even with the pain mom could barely raise her arms in defense.
     Using mom's hair Millie pulled her head down between her, (Millie's) legs.  Millie clamped her thighs on mom's head, leaving mom partly on her knees with her ass sticking up in the air.  Pausing briefly to lok at her nails, Millie grinned, now for a pay back Alex.  Then reached forward gripping mom's soft ass with both hands.  Then with a slow forceful motion Millie dug her nails in and raked them the full length of mom's butt.
     Millie opened her thighs, grabbed mom and threw her over backwards.  Mom landed on her back with a groan.  Millie moved forward and reached between mom's legs.  Mom let out a howl as Millie grabbed a handful of hair and pulled mom towards her.  With a final jerk Millie came away with a handful of mom's bush.  Millie quickly moved forward straddling mom's chest.  Mom's crying was painful to hear.  She was utterly helpless under Millie.  Her strength was drained, and she could do nothing in defense.
     There are two things left Alex.  First, you will agree to as many rematches as I want, and I don't care if you like it or not.  Maybe you'll eventually get tough enough to give Shelly a good fight.  Oh yes Alex I know all about it.  What you don't know is I kicked Shelly's ass.  Second you will show me how a subservient woman treats her betters.
     Mom pleaded with Millie to stop, please, no more, I agree to anything, just no more.  You'll agree to anything Millie asked?  Even to be my total slave?  Yes, yes mom cried.  Good Millie replied, then shoved her hand into mom's face and jamming mom's pussy hair into her mouth.  Mom briefly choked and coughed, then let out a gasp as Millie positioned herslef over mom's face.  Do a good job Alex, you're my slave and I won't tolerate anything less than a good tonguing.  Millie then lowered her bushy pussy onto mom's face.  She seemed to grind herself into mom's face forever before finally arching her back and coming all over mom's face.  Breathing heavy, Millie slowly pulled mom over to a chair.  Sitting down, Millie spread her legs open.  One more time Alex, show the boys who is boss.  Mom could barely raise up.  She ended up draping her arms over millie's thighs, then without further urging buried her face in Millie's crotch.
     That was the beginning of sort of an odd friendship between Ralph and I.  I always wished mom could've done better against Millie, but I had to admit I always enjoyed watching mom struggle against Millie.  Ralph and I talked often about our moms.  I continued to feel some guilt, but that never stopped me from wanting to see Millie come over to visit mom.  Ralph and I rather shamelessly would do anything we could to convince Millie to fight my mom.  The matches were never this violent again, but we loved watching them just the same.

     Just the other day Ralph introduced me to a new friend of his named Rick.  Ralph wanted me to tell Rick that Millie was plenty tough enough to take Rick's mother.  I hadn't seen Rick's mother yet, but I had no reason to think Millie couldn't handle herself just fine.  I mean mom was taller and a little heavier than Millie yet Millie had done quite well against her.  I told Rick he might be surprised, Millie isn't big or imposing, but she is plenty tough.  I'm supposed to go over to Rick's house soon.  He wants me to see his mother, says I'll change my mind after I see her.  He even boasted his mom could whip both Millie and my mom.  Hmmph, that's a bit much I thought to myself.  Maybe she would take my mom I said, but not both her and Millie


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Re: Old story abour mom and friends mom
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One of my all-time favorites  :)


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Re: Old story abour mom and friends mom
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I would like to read more stories like this.


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Re: Old story abour mom and friends mom
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An excellent story that I must have missed.  But I'm really happy I was able to read this incredibly sexy story .  Some of the rematches between Alex and Millie would be fantastic to read as well if you can find the time to write them...