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Adrienne vs. Shauna

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Adrienne vs. Shauna
« on: November 16, 2019, 10:25:32 PM »
My brunette, large-breasted wife Adrienne and her dirty blonde arch rival Shauna are hated enemies at their office, and they recently had a “loser leaves town” pantyhose catfight with the loser being forced to quit her job.

My wife lost.
Shauna completely trounced my wife in a one sided drubbing. She made Adrienne squeal out a tearful submission in less than five minutes when she slid her hand into her pantyhose and twisted, pinched, and yanked my wife’s clit. Adrienne beat Shauna a few times back in the day, but Shauna has dominated her ever since – and it was my wife’s fifth straight loss to her hated rival. Shauna tied my wife to a chair and then beat her senseless as Shauna’s husband and I sat back and watched with huge boners. I love watching Shauna defeat and humiliate my wife, even though I lost a hefty amount from my wager with Shauna’s man. It’s always worth it.
Shauna ended the torture and humiliation session by putting Adrienne’s tits in painful bondage (her breasts turned purple), making her cum over and over again with a vibrator, and then taking humiliation and torture requests from her husband. I didn’t dare give any requests because then Adrienne would be on to me. She doesn’t know that I root for her to lose, and I love comforting her after her defeats.

This is where this ad comes in. Adrienne and Shauna have agreed to fight one more time with the highest stakes ever. My wife told me that she’s desperate for revenge, as she sobbed in my arms on the night her hated office rival took her job. All of their fights before have been private, but this time we want an audience. Whoever loses will become the winner’s personal slave and torture/humiliation pet for the rest of the weekend. The winner will get to do anything she wants to the loser, with no restrictions. Also, Shauna has agreed to get Adrienne her job back if my wife wins. Finally, if Shauna wins… then my wife will be gang banged by all of the spectators as Shauna and her husband record it and take pictures.

So if you want to watch my wife and her arch rival settle their differences with the chance of getting to do whatever you want to poor Adrienne if she loses, then contact me over the UWWL message board and I’ll give you the date, time, and directions. My handle is hurt_my_wife. Watching my wife lose to Shauna is my #1 turn on, and I would really love to watch her get fucked every which way and covered in come by a group of fellow UWWL fans with Adrienne in tears from yet another humiliating defeat to her arch enemy. You can do whatever you want to her; she’d be all yours. I really, really hope that Shauna wins this fight – and I’m going to do everything I can to ensure a Shauna victory. It will be a lingerie fight, and there’s a kind of laundry detergent that Adrienne is allergic to – it gives her painful welts. I’m planning on washing the panties and bra that she’ll be fighting in with that detergent the night before the big scuffle. I'm also going to secretly give Shauna a loaded pair of white lace gloves to reinforce her punches. Adrienne won’t stand a chance.

So once again, contact me over the UWWL message board if you’re interested. And if anyone shows my wife this magazine then you’re dead!


Update: the big catfight rematch between Adrienne and Shauna has taken place, read about it at


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Re: Adrienne vs. Shauna
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2019, 07:52:23 AM »
Mmm, this FtM butch boi would love to strap-on fuck your wife after she loses, then face-sitting her, forcing her to 'blowjob' my big, fat clit like it was a cock ... He!He!  :P ;D :D ;)
Proudly butch and living as a 'man'. In this catfight fantasy there are no losers, and in the end all should be winners!