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Sisters in hate III

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Sisters in hate III
« on: December 30, 2019, 11:57:12 AM »
Aurora with sunglasses and Ruth{alt}

Dario, his brother and their families were enjoying a beautiful, sunny day at their ranch in Spain with everyone gathered in the shallow end of the pool and having a great time, everyone that is, but their wives. Dario’s wife Ruth and his brother’s wife Aurora were separated from their families and on the opposite end, engaged in yet another argument, as usual. The subject of the argument didn’t really matter since the sisters-in-law argued about EVERYTHING!

Twice the two women had fought, last time a year ago. After having lost both fights and having been subdued and ridiculed by Aurora, it seamed that Ruth learned her place but time had passed and the fake blonde had regained enough self-esteem to argue again with her sister in law almost every day.

Glancing at his brother, Dario had a plan, and his brother knew exactly what it was. They summoned their wives to the shallow end of the pool and as they arrived, Dario gently grabbed his wife Ruth by the wrist while dipping beneath the water and placing his head between her legs before popping upward so that she was sitting on his shoulders. His brother then did the same with his wife Aurora as the two brothers faced each other, their wives straddling their heads as they were inched closer.

“Okay you two, time to settle this argument!” Dario announced while laughing.

While Aurora was still adjusting herself on her husband’s shoulders however, Ruth lunged at her, grabbing Aurora by her shoulders and forcefully pushing her backward until she toppled over and fell into the pool. Everyone dislike it except Ruth as Aurora floundered back to the surface, pushing her long, dark hair out of her face and blowing a stream of water from her mouth.

“You cheated! I wasn’t ready!” Aurora argued.

“I beat you fair and square!” Ruth shot back as they began to argue once again.

Their families rolled their eyes in mock frustration and got out of the pool, drying off before going inside for dinner as Ruth and Aurora continued their argument. With the two women now alone as their families disappeared inside, Ruth got out of the pool first, wrapping a towel around her body as Aurora began to climb out of the water herself. Water dripped off of Aurora’s voluptuous figure as she reached up and rung the water from her hair before pulling a towel across her shoulders.

“Why do you always cheat Ruth!” Aurora shouted at her sister-in-law.

“I don’t cheat ….. I can’t help it if I always beat you!” Ruth shot back.

“ALWAYS BEAT ME ?!?!?! You can’t beat me at anything you scrawny little bitch!” Aurora replied angrily as the confrontation began to escalate, remembering how she had to beat the stupid blonde twice in the past before shutting her up.

Without warning, Ruth then slapped Aurora hard across her face, intensifying their argument to a level it had never reached before since a year ago. With her head spun to the side, Aurora grabbed her cheek before gradually turning forward once more, her stunned expression growing angry before she lunged at Ruth, snatching two handfuls of her light hair. But the fiery Ruth reacted quickly by lifting her leg and slamming her knee into Aurora’s yielding tummy.

“OOOFFFF!” howled Aurora as she doubled over while clutching her belly.

Ruth stood directly in front of her with her hands on her hips, staring down at her sister-in-law’s back with a superior expression on her face. Gradually Aurora began to straighten up, and as she did, Ruth grabbed two handfuls of her hair from the top of her head, ripping her the rest of the way up before pounding her in the stomach a second time with a stiff knee.

“OOOHHH!” moaned Aurora as she dropped to one knee, covering her aching midsection with her arms.

With a condescending sneer, Ruth then turned and grabbed a tennis racket from poolside, holding it tightly while pointing the handle straight ahead as she waited for Aurora to get up. When she did, Ruth charged ahead, drawing the racket backward as she approached before propelling it forward to ram the handle into her sister-in-law’s already aching abdomen.

“AAWWWWW!” howled Aurora as she once again dropped to one knee while bowing forward to cover her battered belly, her body quivering in pain.

“Scrawny little bitch, eh? We’ll see who’s a scrawny little bitch!” Ruth shouted at her before grabbing Aurora by her long, dark hair to pull her onto her feet, ripping at her tresses to force the sexy Spaniard backward.

With Aurora backed up against a cluster of bushes alongside the patio, Ruth then lifted her leg before firing her foot forward to deliver a vicious kick straight into Aurora’s tummy. The blow sent Aurora tumbling backward as she fell into the shrubbery, flipping through them until she landed on the other side, face down. Lying in the dirt, Aurora wriggled in pain, hidden from sight by the bushes as Dario stuck his head out of the door and called the women inside for dinner.

“Come on you two ….. it’s time to eat!” he declared before realizing that only Ruth was standing there. “Where is Aurora?” he asked.

“She went down to the beach. Go ahead and eat ….. we’ll be in later.” Ruth replied.

Rolling his eyes, Dario went back inside as Aurora began to get up, slowly. Still clutching her midsection, she rose to her feet before hobbling around the bushes, her soft skin covered with scratches from her tumble through them. She stared straight ahead at Ruth as she made her way onto the patio, her pretty face curled in anger as she moved purposefully forward. She was still in tremendous pain and the smooth skin on her midsection was bright red, but she had rage in her eyes as she abruptly lunged forward and snatched two handfuls of Ruth’s hair.

A violent hairpulling contest began as Ruth grabbed her sister-in-law’s hair as well and both women ripped into each other as hard as they could. They stumbled around the patio, yanking ferociously on each other’s mane as they staggered around the patio. Slightly more enraged, Aurora started to gain the advantage, forcing Ruth backward while ripping the hair from her scalp. Ruth tried to retaliate but she increasingly lost ground as Aurora overpowered her, jerking her from side to side as the slender Spaniard was tossed around like a ragdoll.

“YOU ….. WILL ….. BE ….. SORRY!” Aurora shouted at her floundering sister-in-law, her words laced with anger as long strands of Ruth’s blonde hair blew away in the wind after being torn from her head.

Unable to retain her grip on Aurora’s hair as she was being manhandled, Ruth’s arms flailed around before she was finally tossed roughly into the pool. Spinning horizontally through the air before landing flat on her stomach as a loud SPLAT echoed around the patio, she submerged beneath the water before finally resurfacing, gasping for air while holding onto her aching head. But Aurora then dove forward, feet first, and kicked Ruth viciously in the side of the head, knocking her back beneath the waterline. Getting to her feet, Aurora watched as her blonde rival struggled to recover, floundering and splashing as she tried to lift her head out of the water and breathe.

When Ruth finally was able to re-emerge, Aurora trudged over to her and once again grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the side of the pool. Just then Dario again stuck his head out of the window, calling the women inside for lunch.

“Ruth ….. come in now!” he called before seeing only Aurora inside the pool.

The brunette had dunked her sister-in-law’s head deep into the pool and was holding it there with a hand and using the other to bends one blonde´s arm behind her, in her back, in a perfect hammerlock. And since Aurora was positioned against the side of the pool closest to Dario, he could not see his wife being submerged against her will.

“Aurora …… you are back ….. now where is Ruth?” he asked. For a moment, Aurora had the idea of telling Dario to come and see his desperate wife being subjected to a sexier cat, but immediately thought that Dario might want to rescue his fake blonde slag and said:

“I think she went down to the beach. Go inside Dario, we will be in soon.” Aurora shouted back at him while keeping Ruth immersed. Some bubbles surface while the cornered blonde screamed underwater unable to get rid of Aurora´s grip.Aurora saw the doubt in Dario´s eyes and provocatively added "If you're in a hurry I go for her, grab her pussy hairs and take her home, hehehe".

Dario was there both times that his wife had quarreled with her sister-in-law and knew that the brunette could be fierce,so rolling his eyes, Dario did as instructed and went back inside, unaware of his wife’s predicament.

Finally Aurora yanked Ruth’s head out of the water as the breathless Spaniard wheezed loudly in a desperate struggle for breath, with her arm still twisted at her back by Aurora´s hold.

“So ….. you always beat me, eh Ruth? Well you are not beating me now!” Aurora shouted into the ear of her panting rival before catching her hair with a hand again and plunging her head back beneath the water.

This time Ruth’s desperate struggle created a flurry of waves within the pool and Aurora noticed how desperate her controlled sister in law was, her rage when she was trying to break free but Aurora also felt that the blonde would´nt escape, she had Ruth subdued and beaten as in the previous fights. The movements of the conquered female became hysterical underwater and the brunette noticed amused as the blonde resisted ridiculously against her fate. Then a smiling and satisfied Aurora ripped her upright and Ruth’s face twisted in a tortured expression as she once again began a frantic battle to catch her breath. Leaving her sister-in-law to recover, Aurora pushed herself out of the pool, water dripping off of her body as she stood upright while stretching to reach and pull her hair back behind her head. With the sun glistening off of her wet skin, Aurora looked stunning with her generous, round tits protruding in front of her as she squeezed the water from her long, black hair. Gazing down at her overwhelmed rival, Aurora had a smirk on her pretty face as she watched Ruth continue to gasp for air.

“Come on, get out of the pool Ruth.” she stated, satisfied that she had taught her sister-in-law another lesson.

Gradually catching her breath, Ruth waded over to the side of the pool where Aurora was standing and placed her arms up on the patio. She paused however, looking too weak to lift herself up as Aurora rolled her eyes and groaned condescendingly.

“Come on, I’ll help you, loser.” Aurora conceded as she reached down to grab Ruth by the arms and help her.

But the slender blonde then suddenly lunged upward, wrapping her arms around Aurora’s shapely legs and pulling her forward. Tumbling over, Aurora fell into the water on her side and splashed around awkwardly for a moment as Ruth abruptly swam over to her. Before Aurora could regain her balance, Ruth reached for her, grabbing her bikini top and ripping it from her body.

“RUTH …. WHAT ARE YOU …..” Before Aurora could finish the sentence however, Ruth slapped her hard across the face, jarring the brunette’s head to the side as she held her bikini top in her other hand, twirling it around.

“I’LL BE SORRY?!?!? NO ….. YOU WILL BE THE ONE WHO IS SORRY!” Ruth shouted before diving forward and wrapping her arms around Aurora’s upper body to tackle her in the water.

The two women began to struggle while rolling around in the pool, taking turns to flip over each as waves splashed everywhere. Finally Ruth wrapped her legs around Aurora’s waist while keeping her arms wrapped around her head, clenching tightly onto her as Aurora struggled to break free. With her face buried in Ruth’s modest dangling tits, Aurora tried to bite them, but Ruth was able to wriggle around so much that her sister-in-law could not sink her teeth into them. Ruth reacted to the attempt by reaching down with one hand and digging her claws into Aurora’s right tit, gouging it with her fingernails as she dug into the mound of flesh.

With Aurora screaming in pain, Ruth pulled in even tighter on the back of her head to muzzle the shrieks with her own chest while continuing to maul Aurora’s tit. But the brunette then hastily ran her fingernails down Ruth’s back, scratching it viciously as the poor blonde cried out in pain. The two women then fell over, their mutual clench releasing as they wallowed in the water, Aurora managing to grab Ruth’s top as she fell and rip it from her body.

The two sisters-in-law were each topless now, Aurora’s larger and firmer chest swollen on one side from the attack as Ruth’s more modest and ugly tits were unharmed, her nipples taut and erect. They immediately lunged at each other as Aurora reached for Ruth’s hair while the blonde attacked her sister-in-law’s tits once more, this time locking her nails into both of them. Their momentum forced them underwater as Aurora switched her grip and grabbed hold of Ruth’s chest as well, maliciously scraping her at tits with her nails. Their screams could not be heard above the water, but with both of them submerged, their high-pitched squeals were loud and clear below the water. They both finally shot out of the water as a small patch of red could be seen between them from the effects of the tit mauling as they each panted for air, each breaking their grip.

Aurora glanced down at her sexy tits and saw a series of scratch marks as Ruth focused on simply catching her breath. The sight of the scrapes seemed to enrage the brunette however as she suddenly lunged at Ruth, snatching a handful of her hair with one hand while reaching down to slip her other hand into Ruth’s bikini bottom and yank on her pubic hairs. Just as Ruth began to scream in pain, Aurora dunked her beneath the water to muzzle her cries while continuing to rip at her pussy. The pain became overwhelming as Ruth thrashed her arms and legs violently while submerged, though unable to stop the attack.

Held under the water for several more seconds while her cxnt was attacked, Ruth felt as if she were about to pass out and all her body was trembling as if received a electric shock. Before she did however, Aurora let go of both her twat and her hair, but not before pulling Ruth’s bikini bottom off, leaving her sister-in-law completely naked.

Ruth quickly surfaced, spitting water and eyes wide. Her brunette enemy laughed  watching the blonde´s funny expression and said:

"I already told your husband that I would grab you from that nasty pussy you have, loser."

She then swam toward the side of the pool as Ruth tried to stay above water and catch her breath, her entire body shaking from the trauma. As she stood hunched over in the pool and massaging her ailing womanhood, a clump of her curly pussy hair then floated up from the water right near face. Aurora meanwhile climbed out of the pool and stood on the patio, looking down at her ailing sister-in-law while still holding onto her bikini bottom. The fight had been more vicious than either could have ever imagined, and although Ruth had started it, Aurora was now the more dominant of the two.

“Come on Ruth, get out of the pool!” Aurora shouted to her rival.

Ruth was still struggling as she stood up, finally noticing the tuft of her twat hairs floating nearby. She staggered over to the side of the pool, trying to avoid Aurora though her sister-in-law followed her, standing directly over her as the blonde made it to the side. Lifting her arms up and onto the patio, Ruth reached weakly for Aurora’s help, the brunette kneeling down above her. Reaching forward, Aurora gently grabbed Ruth by her wrists, but then yanked on her arms to haul her body further out of the pool. As a result, the front of Ruth’s tits scraped against the side of the pool before they were lifted up and fell onto the slab, the lower part of her body still dangling inside of the water. With her arms stretched onto the patio as Aurora pulled on them, Ruth was helpless as her sister-in-law then knelt down on her hands, trapping her arms as her tits rested on the terrace.

Lifting her head to gaze helplessly into Aurora’s eyes, the fiery Ruth looked fearful for the first time since the fight had started. She was already in tremendous pain, but now was trapped and at the mercy of her attacker. Aurora glared back at her with a sadistic gaze before she then leaned forward, pressing her open hands down onto the top of Ruth’s tits to squash them against the hard surface. The pain was devastating as Ruth moaned loudly, too weakened to even scream at this point. Her modest chest was being flattened by the brunette, and with her arms ensnared beneath Aurora’s knees, there was no escape. She began to kick her legs furiously, causing a flurry of waves to flow back and forth inside of the pool, but with Aurora staring into her face while inflicting the agonizing punishment, Ruth again felt like she was almost about to pass out.

At that moment the window opened again and the brunette was startled thinking about it would be Dario again, but immediately saw that the one who had looked out was her mother in law, Dario´s mom. The woman looked in amazement at the two daughters in law by the pool but the she smiled to Aurora. The the old woman said:

---Well, Well, Well, It was about time, you was taking too long to do it. I´ve waiting for months.

Aurora answered:

---Yes, too much time but this is the right day,

Curious, the old woman ask;

--- Looks like you are doing it fine, she gave you problems?.

---Not really , the dirty whore tried to put a fight but I feel I could beat her from the beginning, as previous times.

Then seeing an opportunity the subdued fake blonde began to shout from help from her mother in law, asking her for a rescue.

But the old woman said irritated:

---Save you?, a piece of shit like you? . I can´t understand why my son married a tart like you, but he soon discover again how loser his wife really is.--- And she added---Do something so she doesn´t scream, I don´t want Dario to find out …..yet.

Paying attention to her mother in law, Aurora reached down a hand advancing to her naked pussy and managed to pinch her fiercely in the sex, the wild pinch closing the lips of Ruth´s vulva, keeping the blonde stationary as electrified. The blonde´s mouth was open but with the claw of the brunette clutching her dominated sex she can´t scream or ask for help. Then Dario´s mother nodded approvingly and added:

---Don´t worry, I´ll entertain Dario for as long as it takes, don´t be in a hurry, teach that clown that her place in the family is to be the last one, teach her a hard lesson this time.

Smiling and squeezing Ruth´s pussy with her hand Aurora reply;

---Thanks about all, mom, I´ll broke her ego, she will not be the same slut after today.

Then, while her mother in law come back  inside closing the window, Aurora looked again at her imprisoned female rival. She released Ruth´s captured pussy by now moving her hand opening Ruth´s soft ass and scratching her anus with a finger. Ruth screams again shamefully and the brunette started to pinch her prey´s mingy tits. Ruth again kicked the water creating waves while Aurora twisted her nipples and pinched them maliciously.

Finally Aurora relented and removed her hands from Ruth’s  flat tits, standing up before heaving her sister-in-law out of the pool by the arms. She dragged Ruth’s naked body onto the terrace, the entire front of it scraping against the edge of the pool as it was hauled out, and let it flop there, face down as she stood menacingly over her. Writhing on the floor as she cowered herself together to try and ease her pain, Ruth was in bad shape and Aurora knew it. In fact, she was delighting in it!

“You’re not so tough now, are you Ruth!” Aurora shouted down at her before kicking her onto her back.

Staring helplessly up at the sky, Ruth suddenly felt a crushing amount of pressure on her stomach as Aurora stepped onto it with one foot while placing the other on her face. The brunette was now standing on her sister-in-law, crushing her beneath her feet as the naked blonde tried to squirm free, but to no avail. Her midsection collapsed under the weight of Aurora’s foot as it sank into her body. Aurora also was pressing down onto Ruth’s mouth and nose, balancing herself as if on a surfboard. She then stepped off of her as Ruth rolled onto her side, curling her body tightly together in pain.

As her sister-in-law suffered on the patio, Aurora walked around it to grab the paddle which Ruth had used to jab her in the stomach earlier. She picked it up and then walked back toward Ruth, who by this time had pushed herself onto her hands and knees while still trying to recover. Coming up behind her, Aurora whirled the paddle backward and then slapped the flat part of it across Ruth’s ass. With a loud WHACK, Ruth screeched in pain while falling forward, her round but weak ass now bright red. Laughing, Aurora tossed the paddle aside before reaching down to grab her fallen sister-in-law by the hair and rip her onto her feet.

Rising slowly, Ruth was barely able to support her own weight as she was pulled upright. Aurora then again grabbed two handfuls of her wet, blonde hair while kicking her legs, one after the other, further apart before firing her foot upward to slam a kick into Ruth’s already pummeled pussy. Immediately Ruth’s legs gave out as she dropped to her knees while moaning in pain. But Aurora again yanked her onto her feet by the hair before lifting her onto her shoulder, Ruth’s body dangling limply off of her.

“Let’s go have some fun!” Aurora exclaimed jubilantly as she began to carry her sister-in-law’s wet, naked body down to the public beach.

Walking down the path toward the water, Aurora paused every few steps to adjust Ruth’s dead weight on her shoulder, with one hand holding the blonde´s legs and the other between Ruth´s buttocks, almost inside her scratched anus jostling the battered blonde before continuing to carry her forward. When they finally reached the beach there were several people around, each stopping to stare as Aurora dropped her barely concious sister-in-law onto an empty lounge chair. Ruth’s body sprawled apart, her legs falling off either side of the chair to spread her pussy open for all to see, while her arms fell limply at her sides, her little, swollen tits on display as well.

Aurora stood over her as several people on the beach watched from a distance. Moving up toward the top of the chair, Aurora propped it up so that Ruth was forced to sit upright, though her arms still hung down limply at her sides. Aurora then took a seat on her lap, straddling Ruth’s hips as the two topless sisters-in-law now faced each other. Lifting her arms over her head, Aurora then leaned forward, pressing her larger tits against Ruth’s smaller and sag ones.

“You have a body like a little girl!” Aurora shouted as she began to press herself forward even more, her luscious tits swallowing Ruth’s inferior chest.

Several of the men began to chuckle as they watched Aurora humiliate her sister-in-law, and they laughed even harder as Aurora then pulled Ruth’s face down into her cleavage. With Ruth beaten but trying to defend herself she push the brunette with her hands till Aurora trap her arms in a hug. Aurora finally backed away, standing up as she received some applause from the men watching. She bowed, enjoying the attention and encouraged to continue degrading her rival. She walked back up to the top of the lounge chair and pulled it back down so that Ruth fell flat once again. Aurora then knelt down above Ruth’s head, leaning in so that her bare breasts hung down above Ruth’s face. She then lowered her tits onto Ruth’s face while rocking her body back and forth, her mounds of flesh slapping Ruth in the face, knocking her head from side to side.

“Maybe we can help her little girl tits to grow?” Aurora shouted to the gathering crowd as she reached in and grabbed hold of both of Ruth’s tits before pulling on them.

Ruth started to scream in pain, but Aurora simply dropped her chest down so that it completely engulfed her victim’s face, muzzling her screams in the process. She continued to rip up on Ruth’s tits before finally letting go, the small, swollen breasts snapping back. Allowing her enemy to breath a little Aurora lifted her chest from Ruth´s sweaty face and she stood up and sat in the blonde´s stomach. For and instant the two women looked at each other´s faces and Ruth saw between her enemy´s magnificent breasts the smile of Aurora and knew what was going to happen, what awaited her. The blonde tried to raise her arms trying to grab her enemy´s hairbut Aurora held Ruth´s wrists with her hands to avoid any attack.Then a rapid test of strength began, with the blonde trying to cover her face and the brunette trying to separate her hands. The two had more or less the same strength but at that point Ruth was quite punished and Aurora was separating her arms until keeping her open as crucified. Then, looking up and looking at the audience, Aurora exclaimed:

---Prepare the phones, it´s time to record.

And then she dropped her body forward, her hard sexy tits enveloping Ruth´s face.

Teenagers boys looking excitedly at the scene screamed:

---Look, Look how she is beating her, the beautiful one is crushing the ugly with her better tits.

Ruth tried to exclaim that she was not ugly but her voice was muffled by the superior tits of her foe.

One of the woman presented commented funny:

---There is little left for the little blonde pig, she is not going to escape.

Ruth’s body twitched and writhed fighting her last battle as Aurora continued to suffocate her. The upper part of Ruth's body was held under Aurora's, just like her open trapped arms, but her legs and hips moved wildly, giving useless kicks to the air and her hips rising again and again, with her naked sex splashing sweat. But it was a battle that the blonde was also losing , each time with less air, until she finally succumbed to the smother and passed out after a pathetic shake. For a few seconds the brunette still held the knocked out blonde under her body to be sure and then got up, pointing at Ruth and her tits.

“Nope ….. still tiny!” Aurora proclaimed while staring down at her disgraced sister-in-law and put a feet gently in one of Ruth´s, twisted and now decayed nipples, her comments drawing a loud round of laughter. One young girl in the crowd said to the woman next to her:

---How fun, mom, how funny, can I also steps on her teats?.

Aurora then stood up, still staring down at the unconscious Ruth, before finally turning to walk away.

“Okay ….. I am done with her. I will tell all the details to our family and especially to her husband. Now she is yours!” Aurora stated, turning her naked, unconscious sister-in-law over to the crowd which had gathered.


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Re: Sisters in hate III
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2020, 09:18:29 AM »
Wow, a sensationally hot story ... loved the loser humiliation!  :P ;D ;)
Proudly butch and living as a 'man'. In this catfight fantasy there are no losers, and in the end all should be winners!


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Re: Sisters in hate III
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2020, 02:09:42 AM »
another excellent story, poor Ruth this time if she was humiliated


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Re: Sisters in hate III
« Reply #3 on: April 13, 2020, 09:38:21 PM »
Slender small titted Ruth dominated and humiliated in front of her man is a must. I hope in more stories like those.


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Re: Sisters in hate III
« Reply #4 on: April 15, 2020, 08:53:44 AM »
Like Aurora punish and humiliate Ruth again and again and again... specially in front of Dario.