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2 hot sisters fight. Full story.

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2 hot sisters fight. Full story.
« on: November 14, 2019, 05:40:42 AM »
From the polls, it was a tie, so I chose the "winner".
I really get my ideas from pictures so if you have any ideas, send them my way. Thanks, and enjoy.

Natalie and Mandi 2 sisters 12 months apart.
Natalie and Mandi where 12 months apart. They were born 1 year apart. They shared birthdays, clothes and even a few boyfriends. Sometimes without the other knowing.  Growing up in their neighborhood they shared all the same friends. It was a known fact that these two loved each other fiercely. If you picked on one of them the other would defend her sister.
It was also known that going to the Goolic household often enough you were bound to see them tussle at least one out of 10 visits. Most of the tiffs where over pretty quickly and they didn’t care who was there to witness it.
There were times where  you almost thought they were more aggressive when they had an audience as their reputation was on the line. Fact is most can’t recall a time after they turned teens that it wasn’t almost always a draw.
Things didn’t change when the young ladies became adults. Natalie turned 30 and Mandi turned 29. The fight started over who was going to blow out the candles that hadn’t even been lit. Taking a picture of these two mock fighting was so appropriate no one even questioned it.
The candle lighting went without bloodshed but upon blowing the candles out both bumped shoulders to try and divert the others candle blowing ability.
Natalie was right handed and Mandi left. You would think they would sit on opposite sides of each other, but it was common practice to try and “accidently” bump the others elbow at some point to cause the other to drop their food. Honestly, this was all normal play. It didn’t even affect her family, anymore.
Their mother had said she never had to watch MMA, she just had to hear the sounds of her daughters screams and grunting.
They loved to fight. It was in their blood, it was their hobby and it was how they felt they showed love. Why hug your sissy when you can pin her to the ground and give her a bear hug while pressing the breath needed to produce life, out of her.
The cake cutting went well and each only tried bumping the others elbow a few times to get the cake to fall onto the others clothing.
They always sat close enough to touch. Neither wanted the other to think she was chickening out.
Mandi was about to eat her last bite of their shared birthday cake. She eyed Natalie, who had her arms down and smirked at her.
She thought that this would be a tie and that no one was going to be wearing birthday cake this year. She turned to take that last bite in when she opened her mouth and felt Natalie move her arm behind her. Before she could react her long braided hair was yanked and the damb cake toppled down her chin hitting her blouse and falling straight to her lap.
Half their friends laughed while their mom just rolled her eyes.
Mandi managed to keep her composure as she cleaned the mess up and was left with only a little frosting stain on her shirt.
She tried to share the frosting with Natalie and they ended up having a little hand wrestling match with a cake frosting stained paper towel as a make shift knife.
Mandi got up to go clean up and Natalie smiled. Mandi said “ you going to help me clean up your mess?”
Natalie said “ oh, you WANT me to help you?”
Their mother tried to speak a few words but thought that it was useless. She just sighed and said “ you two better say your goodbyes to us before you two go and play.
It was no secret, as this was a family friends owned dinner where these two were heading.
They bid their family and friends goodbye but instead of going to the bathroom Natalie asked her sister “why don’t we go back to my place. It’s been so long since we had a chat.”
Mandi agreed and they drove in their separate cars.
No sooner had Natalie dropped her car keys and kicked off her shoes she felt the rush of air a moment before Mandi was rushing after her.
Natalie turned half way and grunted “ wow, not much for foreplay?”
Mandi grabbed her sister around the shoulders and both staggered in the front foyer entrance into the living room.
Barefoot in jeans and sweaters the two sisters had each other in mutual head locks. Both 5’6 120 pound c cupped young women knew the others moves and countermoves.
Each brought firm dance trained legs into play quickly to try and topple the other, but years of wrestling, and dancing made it hard.
Mandi made sure to rub the spot of her stained shirt all over her sister which Natalie noticed. It wouldn’t be a birthday without a dry cleaning bill.
They were about to crash to the floor when Natalie gasped “ oh, no. My new carpeting.”
They both paused. Mandi releasing first and both removed their soiled tops exposing pretty laced pink and blue bras.
Natalie gave a ‘thank you’ look and Mandi reciprocated. They might like to battle but they did love each other, and besides, if the battle happened at Mandi’s place her carpet had been ruined more then once until they came up with this cardinal rule.
As soon as both sweaters where safely in the laundry room off the kitchen they met up and resumed their head lock.
As each was sweating it was harder to keep a hold of their sister. Bare tummies pressed together for a moment as the other felt the wet back of the other.
They were bent over at the waist stumbling around the kitchen. Pretty bare feet slapping on wooden floors.
Natalie more tripped then was forced down and they tumbled to the floor with Mandi throwing her shapely leg over her sisters waist.
Natalie let go and rolled to her back and Mandi ended up sitting her butt on Natalie’s.
Natalie drew her arms in as Mandi tried to gain control of them.
Mandi lowered herself to half lay on her sisters back as she spread her legs out wide for balance. She pressed her bare stomach into the bare back of her sister as she tried to dig Natalie’s hands out from under neither her.
Natalie coiled her hands around her chest and Mandi grunted “ you want me to ruin another bra of yours?”
Natalie grunted from having the air forced out of her by her sisters weight on her stomach said “ wouldn’t be the first time I fought you bare tittied.”
Mandi smiled and said “ all right, I guess it’s the hard way. I swear you’re a closet lesbian. You love when I have to play with your breasts.”
Natalie grunted back as she felt her bra come undone “ takes one to know one and turn around is fair play.”
Mandi paused and in one quick motion sat up enough to undo her bra and flung it to the side.
She went back to her previous position and purposefully pressed her exposed breasts into Natalie’s bare back.
Natalie felt her sisters breast on her and said in a chucked gasping breath “ slut.”
Mandi smiled as she fought to get Mandi’s hands out “ oh, you love it. Come on, show me your titties.”
Natalie just grunted “ come and take them, if you can.”
Mandi undid her sisters bra and after much struggling Natalie felt the cool kitchen floor against her bare breasts. She was happy she had just mopped.
Mandi did manage to pry her sisters left arm out from under her and  just as she thought she was about to get the right Natalie caught her sister off balance.
She staggered and fell right off banging her head into the stove.
Both paused for a moment to assess the damage, but didn’t give up their position. “You ok?” “Yeah, you good?” “Yes.” Was all that was needed and the unspoken ‘time out ‘became’ time in’.
Natalie tried to scamper away but Mandi was on her like a spider monkey. She wrapped her legs around her sisters stomach causing Natalie to cry “ I shouldn’t have eaten that second piece of chicken.”
Mandi squeezed with her legs and soon had her sisters pretty brown haired head wrapped between her arms.
Natalie tried to escape and kick her way to break the hold, but she soon contended that this round belonged to her sister.
She tapped out and moments later Mandi released her sister after taking a moment to lower one hand to her sisters exposed breast and give a nipple twist.
Natalie screamed and kicked at the releasing sister. “ Ow!, you know I’ve always hated that shit!”
Mandi just got up smiling and said “ I know, that’s why I do it.”
Natalie rose and they both stared at each other. So accustomed to seeing their sister bare chested both where winded from the equally matched wrestling match.
Natalie asked “ you got time for another round?”
Mandi said “ no, we are even. You got me with the cake and I just beat your ass.”
Natalie said “ you sure as shit did not, it was just one round.”
Mandi came at her sister but not to fight but to give a quick hug.
As their bare chests pressed together they really did love the feel of their breasts pressed together.
It was fun hugging guys with their firm chests but there was something different about feeling their breasts pressed against another firm set of breasts.
“No, besides, we have a whole week together coming up in a month.”
Natalie smiled and as the two finished their warm half naked embrace she spoke into her sisters ear “ I just hope they have good insurance on that boat. We Goolic girls know how to break shit, when we are together.”
Both laughed and Mandi got dressed to go to her home. 

Chapter 2:
The month flew by and soon Natalie and her younger sister of 12 months where on the boat of a mutual long time friend and patriot of the Goolic girls.
Dale had grown up with these two as a neighbor and had seen his share of their fights. He loved watching but he also loved spending time with them.
The girls settled in for a boating expedition and as the boat left the dock he began taking pictures.
Mandi said “ get a picture of us, would you?”
Dale turned and took a picture of both sisters sitting on the boat giving peace signs.
He tough to himself that he found it odd these two hadn’t started their horseplay yet. He didn’t mind but he had known these two since they where all young kids.
He snapped a second one of Mandi whispering something to her sister and as he turned to get another picture of a pelican they asked for one more.
Mani had her arms around her sister as they both sat. He snapped the first picture and noticed they where cuddling together pretty tightly.
He did a hand check and realized Mandi had a hand down Natalie’s shirt and Natalie was squirming to get away while struggling to get her own hand down her sisters shirt.
He could see the pain registering on Natalie’s face as her sister was, he was sure, doing a tittie twister on her.
Soon he found Natalie, still in pain, smile as Mandi’s face now showed the sighs of pain.
He shook his head and smiled.
Mandi caught his head shaking. She looked at him as she was in mid battle and said “come on, Dale, you love that about us.”
Dale said “ I love you two and if this gives you joy, then keep on doing it.”
Natalie grunted mid painful pinch “ I don’t know if it’s joy or we should have been twins.”
After several more minutes Dale guessed a truce had been called as they both came up to sit by him on his top deck.
He said, without looking at them “ just try and not break anything, this time.”
Mandi put her arms around his back and squeezed him hard “ we’ll try, but you know us.”
He shook his head and both girls laughted. He thought for being such petite and pretty girls those two could really act like bulls in a china shop.
The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, but they were heading back out in the morning.
Back at his beech house the girls went out for a swim.
It wasn’t long till he heard the sounds and squeals he know meant only one thing, the sisters where at it, again.
He walked out his door and on the beach he found both girls topless tangled in a catball.
Natalie was on top of Mandi with her sisters head in a headlock while Mandi had her shapely legs wrapped around her sisters waist.
Mandi looked up after noticing Dale and said “ Dale’s here.”
Natalie turned her head enough to see him and grunted “ hey, Dale.”
Mandi playfully added “ just in time to (she grunted trying to flip her sister off of her) watch me kick her ass.
Natalie straining added “ you wish.”
Natalie remained on top but had lost her headlock hold. Her breasts now hug pressed against her sisters face.
“Ouch, don’t try biting!” Natalie screamed balling a fist and slugging her sister in the thigh.
“He heard Mandi respond “ well, keep those hooters out of my face.”
Slowly Natalie began breaking Mandi’s leg hold while Mandi took her arms and hugged her sister close to her to keep her from going anywhere.
Natalie managed to stagger to her knees taking her sister with her and actually stood up with her equally weighted sister holding on.
Natalie took two steps forward and crashed back into the sand.
Both let out the sound of losing their wind but Natalie recovered first and began to scamper away from her sister on hands and knees.
Mandi reached out her hand and her sisters bikini bottom came off.
“Ha, ha. I got your panties!” Mandi laughed.
Natalie wasn’t shy about being topless but they tried to say somewhat dressed around guests.
She turned and lunged at her sister and they both fell backward rolling in the sand.
“Great, now that sand is getting everywhere.” Natalie grunted mid roll.
It wasn’t long in their slow rolling battle that Dale noticed Natalie’s hands go low and sure enough he heard Mandi squeal “No!”
Natalie laughted “ YES!” and she soon was tossing her sisters pink bottoms away from them.
Now Dale witnessed a not often seen sight. Not only where the two women pressing bear breasts but he got to see, with each roll, one of the nicest sets of ass cheeks he had ever known.
He felt lucky and said “ you two need beers?”
Both said yes and he walked back in to get 3 beers and a lawn chair, for himself.
He returned a minute later and they had managed to be laying side by side each hand fighting trying to throw their shapely legs over the other.
Each time one pretty leg came up the other blocked.
He got an eye full of two very well trimmed beavers as each girl leg jousted to get on top of the other. He now understood what they meant about sand everywhere.
Both where getting winded and he asked “ beer break?”
Mandi said “ in a minute, I’ve almost got her.”
Natalie laughted“ in your dreams.”
Side by side these two little firecrackers battled breathing heavier.
Natalie managed to get her leg over her sisters but Mandi just rolled away.
Natalie fallowed and was soon sitting her pretty butt on top of her sisters.
Mandi threw her hands in under her and Natalie lay herself on top of her sisters back and began digging under the sand to retrieve her sisters hands.
Natalie didn’t have her legs spread out and Mandi was able to roll and get her sister to topple over.
Mandi tried to roll to face her but Natalie was able to get her legs wrapped  around her sisters waist and wrapped her arms around her shoulders slightly pinning Mandi’s arms to her side.
Mandi tried pushing her sisters legs to break her hold and one hand slipped and Mandi ended up pushing on her crotch.
Natalie yelled “ watch those nails in my ladie parts!”
Mandi grunted “ sorry, kinda hard to see when I’m been squished by my fat older sister.”
“Fat?” Natalie screamed and Dale witnessed Natalie take her hands and finding her sisters breasts squeeze them hard.
Mandi howled “ OW!, Ok, not fat, not fat!”
Natalie looked up at Dale and grinned.
Mandi added “ just pleasantly plump.”
Natalie squeezed harder “ you little brat.”
Mandi was bucking hard, from the pain and managed to free her arm and turn to face her sister, who still had her in a leg lock around her waist.
Natalie had lost her breast hold but soon reapplied it but was now met with her sister grabbing her tits.
“You squeeze harder I squeeze harder.” Mandi chimed.
Side by side in the sand he watched these two exchange painful tit squeezing holds.
Dale questioned “ looks painful.”
Natalie spoke “ it is.”  Mandi shook her head in agreement as both showed signs of pain.
Natalie was able to break Mandi’s hold after a minute and pulled her sister closer to her trapping her hands between their stomachs.
Mandi grunted “ you better stop now, or else.”
Natalie chucked “ your loosing.”
Mandi said “ last warning.”
Natalie called her bluff and continued to breast sqeeze her sister until Dale noticed her face change and she yelped in pain. “ Holy Sh*t!”
Dale finally made out that Mandi had gotten a hand at Natalie’s lady parts and was apparently going down there.
Natalie kicked free and rolled away. 
Mandi and Natalie looked at each other.
Mandi smiled and said “ I warned you.”
Natalie was soothing her sore crotch and not looking very happy.
Mandi smiled at Dale and said “ I win, I’ll take a beer now, please. “
Dale shook his head and got a beer for both of the girls who sat in the sand for several more minutes recovering.

Chapter 3:
Dale thought that was it for the nights entertainment. He had never seen them both stripped naked. He wasn’t upset, but it was normal to see one or both topless.
Both where recovering from their events when Mandi got up and offered to help her sister up her sister was still looking sour from her last round.
Mandi outstretched  her hand and Natalie made like she was going to get up but grabbed her sisters and with the other she yelled “ Pussy slap!” and cracked her open hand on her sisters crotch area.
Mandi immediately bent over and went to the sandy beach.
Natalie stood up and said “ feels really good, huh? You want to go there? In front of company?!”
Natalie looked at Dale and Dale gave an innocent ‘it doesn’t bother me’ look.
Mandi recovered enough to look at her sister and at Dale. She said “ he sure as hell doesn’t mind. He is our friend, but he’s also a guy. Look, he loves this shit.”
Now both sisters looked him in the face and then both sets of eyes made their way to his privates.
He was barely aware of his long hard errection showing threw his shorts.
Natalie said “ figures” and he heard her whisper “typical male.”
Mandi staggered up and said “ you want to really play, lets play!”
Both sisters charged and crashed into the other hands in hair as both tumbled into the sand.
Bare stomachs pressed together as shapely legs pushed shapely bodies to and fro in the sand.
Sand covered hands tangled in long brown hair as each pressed  bodies close together.
In all the rolling, and with no clothes on, he had a hard time telling which sister was on top. Even their butts looked the same from this angle.
Open handed smacks began to turn pretty tan backs red as he witnessed leg muscles tense under the battle.
They revered back to pulling hair as they ended up side by side each pulling the others heads back.
They made eye contact as brown eye glared into brown eyes.
He got up and both darted in his direction. He quickly sat back down,  knowing better than to try and separate them. He had done that once and they had both turned on him.
Back in their zone they reengaged staining body to body as they fought for dominance.
Natalie broke away first and both girls stood and circled.
Shapely sand covered breasts lightly bounced as each moved half hunched over, like professional wrestlers.
Each girls fully exposed ass came into to view with each pass by his direction.
This time, they were serious.
Mandi charged and both locked hands as feet began to kick.
Each was aiming for the others crotch.
Each was deflected but some came close hitting upper thigh.
Now they stood in mutual hand holds pushing the other.
Natalie pushed in and both grabbed on to the other and like Asian fighters both tried to knee the other.
Thighs defecting blows while a knee came out from Mandi.
Natalie timed her’s better and while switching legs managed to slam her thigh right between her sisters exposed crotch.
Mandi’s face turned from anger to surprise to pain and went down like a sack of potatoes.
Natalie watched it happen as if in slow motion.
Mandi just lay there on the sand cradled into a ball and soothing her aching baby maker.
Natalie just stood there and walked away toward Dale to retrieve her beer.
“Serves her right, play that game and someone is going to get hurt.”

Chapter 4:
Dale later learned that while breast fighting was permitted in their matches usually anything “down below” was reserved for special and infrequent  events and was never, up till then, done in the presence of company.
Dale upon hearing this said “ um, thanks?”
Both girls looked at him and rolled their eyes.
“I guess you’re fully in the club now.” Mandi said, but looked him dead in the eye and said “ but you can’t tell a living soul.”  Dale nodded slightly intimidated by a women 10 inches and 100 pounds lighter than he was. He was no fool. He had seen the Goolic girls tag team some pretty big boys.
The sisters called it a night and both bid him a goodnight with a kiss. It wasn’t the normal quick peck on the cheek but long kisses. It threw Dale for a loop. Mandi was the first to kiss him and Natalie came by and he heard her whisper “ two can play this game.” She pressed her naked form into him deeply.
He wasn’t upset, but surprised. He’d known these two since they were all young. They had all played kissing games and he did learn about what a female form looked like from watching these two fight, but nothing like this had happened before.
Natalie said “ I’m going to shower and get cleaned up.”
Mandi said “ not if I get in there first.”
The two ran toward the beach house. He halfheartedly reminded them there where two showers, but both had already begun their naked race to the house pushing one another.
He began to shrug his shoulders but realized he had just let two tiny raging bulls into his home and decided he had better go and ‘babysit’ or something was going to get broken.
He walked in to see them both just standing there.
“Took you long enough” both said to him. He didn’t realize he was in the race.
“ You better go shower.” Both ordered him. He felt confused but said “ ok” and went to his shower, undressed and began to wash.
Just about the time he was done his bathroom door opened and as he stepped out he heard the noises coming from his bedroom. He grabbed a towel and came out to see the two sisters wrestling on the bed.
He said “ what now.”
He really did love these shows but all this sexual tension was great for him, but he would soon need to relieve some of it.
Mandi looked up from their mutual catball and said “ don’t you get it, you fool. We are fighting over YOU!”
Natalie said “ you are fully in the club.”
Mandi bid him to get closer to the bed and both girls grabbed for his towel and in one aggressive grab pulled it away exposing his now doubly hard errection.
“My my, Miss Goolic, now THAT is worth battling over.” Mandi purred. Natalie smiled and said “ I knew he was large, but OMG.
He fallowed their hands and realized each was buried deep in the others lady parts. Just an inch apart each had dug heir hand into their sisters baby maker and where attempting to pleasure the other.
Mandi looked up at Dale and said with a smile “ who ever cumms first loses.”
Natalie held her breath and added “ and gets sloppy seconds from you, if your able.”
Mandi paused to catch her breath and added “ Oh, I think he’s up for the challenge.”
To two lay side by side firm b cupped breasts lightly brushing as each worked the other over.
Legs spread wide to give full access to the other these two manually worked each other over.
“You might want to sit on the edge of your bed, better view from there.” Natalie suggest.
Mandi laughed “ yeah, this might take awhile, we are pretty good at this kind of battle.”
He did as he was commanded and got to witness the pretty soles of both sets of bare feet, still with sand all over them.  There spread legs exposed to sets of pink lips being manually worked over by her sisters petite fingers.
They did not kiss but stared deeply into the others eyes. Close enough to feel the others breath.
The others hands rolled over her sisters body playing with nipples and flank. Trying to work the other up to the point that she exploded.
“Come on, sissy, I know you want to . Sloppy seconds aren’t that bad.” Natalie toyed.
“No, you get sloppy seconds, I want to pop his Goolic girls cherry.” Mandi almost whined.
He heard the sound of wet pussy, smelled their juices and realized each was now three finger deep in the other.
The goateed each other to give up. Natalie was straining and he saw her toes began to curl.
Mandi sang “ I am about to win.”
Natalie growled back “ no…you are…not.”
Natalie was about to lose and she tightened her grip and pushed her body into her sisters.
Mandi just had time to yell “ no fair “ when her sister swung her leg over her sister and began to mount her.
The two broke free from their pleasure making as Mandi now fought to keep her sister from getting fully on her.
They interlocked fingers  as Natalie lay her hips on her sisters, bare sweat soaked bellies pressed together as the two struggled. Mandi tying to keep her sister from pinning her arms.
Natalie chucked “ you always fall for that one.”
Mandi grunted with a push “ not this time.”
She broke the hand hold and wrapped her arms around her sister causing Natalie to fall into her.
Natalie fought to free herself from her sisters bear hug as Mandi wrapped her legs around her sisters.
Natalie gave up the battle and joined in a now mutual bear hug but fought to free her legs.
“Fine, you want to go there, lets do this.”
Dale watched as Natalie pressed her hips down and rubbed her clit over her sisters lips.
“come on chicken, fight me women to women.” She challenged.
Mandi raised her hips and said “ your going to lose, this time.”
Natalie said “ there is a first for everything.”
He watched as the two rubbed beavers. Legs spread wide for better penetration.
It was Mandi who now began to curl her toes as Natalie laughed “ just give it to me b*tch, I know you want to.”
Mandi growled “ No, not this time” and began to buck to get her sister off of her.
Natalie just laughed.
Mandi tried to draw her hips away and Natalie said “ chicken?”
Mandi said “ hell no.”
Natalie said “ then bring your c*nt back here.”
Mandi tried bucking again and Natalie said “ fine, well do this the hard way.”
In a quick move Natalie pushed with all her might and managed to break her sisters hold. She grabbed her sisters ankles and with her one leg slid it under neather her sisters. Mandi struggled but Natalie was to quick.
Soon they were scissoring and though Mandi tried to close her legs Natalie forced her crotch into her sisters.
As soon as lips met Mandi gave up the struggle to get away and reengaged.
They bumped and grinded crotches as they locked eyes. Mandi was struggling to keep from exploding but Natalie was not far behind.
Both sets of feet where curling and the open mouths on both with muffled moans showed either would orgasm in moments.
With each bump perky breasts bounced as sweat matted hair swayed.
Natalie broke the rhythm of their bumping and pressed herself fully into her sister grinding her clit deep into her sisters.
Mandi whined “ No, fair.”
Natalie laughed again “ you love this, I remember.”
Mandi began to tear up and looked like she had lost her breath. She tried to pull away but Natalie just grabbed her thighs and held her in place as she watched her sister go stiff as a board and moments later let out a high pitched screaming orgam.
Natalie pressed herself deep into her sister and felt Mandi’s juices shoot into her open womenhood. She let out a mutual scream and now both where in full orgasm.
A minute later Natalie untangled herself from her sister and as both lay there exhausted on the bed she looked up at Dale and said “ you, get over here.”
Mandi was heard whispering “ I always get sloppy seconds.”
Natalie consoled her sister ,patting her on her thigh “ it’s ok, sissy. Maybe next time.”


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Re: 2 hot sisters fight. Full story.
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2019, 09:48:24 PM »
Amazing story, thank you very much, pictures at the end were a great touch


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Re: 2 hot sisters fight. Full story.
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Wow! Fantastic story. Just love to see and read about evenly matched girls fights.


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Re: 2 hot sisters fight. Full story.
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2020, 04:30:51 AM »
Maybe one day you could write a sequel to this?????