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Goblin MMA

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Goblin MMA
« on: December 31, 2019, 06:56:39 AM »
Part of a modern monstergirl setting I've been messing with other the years. Basically the idea of a short, hyper-horny goblin girl who gets into professional fighting using her libido, martial arts and impressive stamina to take out bigger foes.

“You’re up against The Rat tonight. Better be good and ready for this.”

Oira looked over her shoulder at her coach. The green, muscular and broad-shouldered orc was fit in a tight sports bra and some thigh-hugging shorts. Her pitch black hair was tight into a tightly wrapped braid that hugged the back of her skull, keeping the rest short around her face. She was even bigger and bulkier than your average orc at 6’8 and over 200 lbs of muscle.

Oira was relatively new to the Mixed Monster Martial Arts league, but she wasn’t new to fighting. She had gone into martial arts at an early age to cope with the “muscular anxiety” that all orcs experienced. Some city-dwelling orcs used stress balls or fidget-spinners to feed their instinctive need to move and exercise. Oira went back to the orcish classic of beating people up as a hobby.

“What’s to be ready for? It’s a goblin. One they nicknamed ‘The Rat.’ Doesn’t sound like someone to worry about.”
“Exactly,” her coach reminded her, another fit (but much less brawny) female orc. “She’s still around because she’s surprising. Goblins have that healing ability and skin like wet rubber. She’s gonna be hard to get a clean hit on. Stay on her so she can’t use that.”
Oira nodded warily, but she was more confused about her coach’s concern than her actual opponent. She had tangled with goblins before and they were stronger than they looked, but too small and jumpy to do much in a fight.
They got their cue to make their entrance. They finished suiting up Oira with some wrappings and fingerless MMA gloves on her fists before they stepped out. The crowd cheered for the muscular, dark-haired orcess in the omnipresent white noise that made Oira’s muscles pulse with anticipation. She entered the octagonal cage, shifting her weight and focusing her mind into the familiar headspace of primal readiness and tactical awareness.
The cheers picked up again for her opponent, but with a surprised excitement behind them. They had done a few matches already on tonight’s booking and Lix “Rat” Ratita was the only goblin on the card (almost the only one in the entire MMMA). She was also the more scantily clad of the fighters.
While Oira’s outfit was form-fitting, practical and black, the goblin came dressed in a bright pink, low-cut tube top and an open, neon green robe. Her shorts were loose and low enough that her thick ass bounced behind her as she shook her stocky hips. She strutted and posed her way down the runway, firing up the crowd as if they were just as important as the match itself. She was curvy like most goblins, as well as a pale green color and barely 3 feet tall. She had short, stubby features to her face, her nose broad and almost flat to her face for a semi-amphibious look. Her tomato-red hair was shaved at the sides, grown a little longer on top to hang near her pointed ears. Her flexing and posing showed she had some real muscle to her arms and thick thighs, but her truly goblinesque thick and bouncy tits still swayed around in her cleavage-heavy top.
Lix blew some kisses to the crowd before she entered the cage, her trim nails gleaming with glittery polish. In a rather comical contrast, it took Oira a moment to even realize she had an ogre behind her. The huge and broad woman had a casual and content smile on her face, looking like she was just enjoying the moment rather than stressing or trying to intimidate their opponent. She set down a stool and some standard equipment by ringside as she sat down like she was a front-row fan rather than a manager.
“Heya, big girl!” Lix called cheerily across the ring. She bent over and shook her ass for the crowd as she blew a kiss towards Oira. She was surprised to see her breaking the usual silence of the ring before a match, but she shrugged it off. She had nearly every advantage over the smaller creature, so Oira still wasn’t worried. The goblin’s muscles were likely for show just like the rest of her.

The fight started out as expected. Oira leaned down enough to knock the padded knuckles of her gloves with Lix. They went back to their corners and came out circling, though Lix had a little extra sway to her hips to provide some extra jiggle. Oira didn’t let it throw off her focus as she moved in, sending some testing jabs down towards the goblin’s face. She would dodge or duck even lower to avoid the awkwardly angled swings, but she was keeping her distance and attempting feints and carefully timed shots.
Oira finally caught her with a feinted strike. She jerked her arm as if going for a right just to surprise her with a kick from the left. Lix dodged right into it as the heavy foot smacked into her cheek, sending her wobbly build snapping away from it. Her body jiggled with the same expected elasticity and Oira regained her footing quickly. She caught the recovering Lix by the hair and drove a hard knee into her face. The goblin landed on her ass and there was a split second of her facial features squishing around before settling back into place, looking startled more than hurt.
Oira threw herself on top of her, trying to wrap her legs around her hips to pin her to the mats. She grabbed the goblin’s ears as Lix broke into a fanged grin.
“Like bein’ on top, huh?” she asked in her high and scratchy voice. The orc frowned but was surprised as the goblin writhed beneath her. She was pumping her thick hips up into hers hard enough to make Oira bob slightly. They were both working up a sweat from the tense match under the spotlights, and she could see Lix’s eyes widen and her nostrils flare at the musky smell. It was no secret that goblins were a horny bunch, but falling into that trope it in the middle of a match was news to her.
The orc was about to chalk it up to Lix being a masochist when she suddenly slipped through her grasp. Even with her squeezing thighs, pinning weight and grasp on her head, the slick and greasy goblin slid right through her fingers. Oira heard her rise behind her as the crowd’s cheers spiked at her sudden escape. The orc turned on her knees right as Lix went into a spin kick that smacked across the bigger green athlete’s face, sending a streak of spittle from her strong jaw.
Oira was more shocked than hurt, but not by much! She had to catch herself on one hand and before she could regroup, Lix swung a swift kick in between her legs. Oira huffed as she grabbed her crotch, but Lix sprang up and kneed her in the nose. It rocked Oira’s head again as the goblin landed and swiftly hopped onto her back, wrapping her arms around the bigger woman’s neck. Oira gasped as she felt the chokehold lock into place, but somehow more notably the huge green tits resting on either side of her head.
“Now it’s my turn on top, ya dashin’ biglin,” she purred into her ear. She nipped at it with her fangs, but in a much flirtier than aggressive way. Amidst all the sweat and heat, Oira was shocked to feel the goblin grinding her hips against her back. The thick, wet streak running down her muscular back was a shock, starting to truly throw her off her game.
It was enough that Lix could jerk herself to one side, dragging Oira to the mats. She could vaguely hear the crowd and her coach shouting, but the orcess mostly felt the grinding and moaning goblin behind her. She was keeping her subdued with her lack of air and mobility, but clearly not trying to get a submission out of her. She was trapped more than in pain, even as Lix pulled on her hair to angle her head. She simply licked and sucked at her neck, her slick little tongue drinking and huffing her sweat like it was a precious drug. The grinding of her goblin pussy only grew harder and wetter as she kept the orc under her control.
Oira caught an elbow on the mats and tried to drag herself back to her feet, but even in her perverted attack Lix was prepared. She kicked into the back of Oira’s knee, making her stumble over into the cage on her knees. She crooked her arm to dig her arm into Oira’s neck while she reached around, pulling at the tight top. Despite the snug fit, her crafty little goblin fingers got inside the elastic material and yanked it up, mashing her taut and muscular orc tits into the cage’s metal. It stung briefly, but her hardening nipples poking through the mesh was much more humiliating and… distracting than that.
Lix clearly knew what she was doing on all fronts by now. She pulled on the top as she jumped off Oira’s back, using it as leverage to pull her back to the mats. Oira slammed onto her back, and even scrambling desperately to her knees, Lix was already on her. Oira managed to panic and hurl a fist into the little one’s stomach, and while she jiggled she felt the firm abs hidden beneath those hanging tits. Lix flashed another wicked grin.
“The strong ones always break the best,” Lix hissed as she landed a few swift punches to Oira’s face. The stocky woman could take the lightweight’s punches but she had a precision to her blows that rattled Oira’s naturally dense skull with each shot. It rang her bell enough for Oira to raise her guard, which quickly proved to be a mistake. Lix’s speedy little fists hit hard and fast as they pounded her midsection, banging up her ribs while focusing on the orc’s tits. She kept smashing into their sides or underboob, sending the bared breasts bouncing for some extra shock and arousal. Despite her shock at the goblin’s wet limeslice, Oira was finding her body instinctively reacting to the rough treatment to her sweet spots. Orcs liked their sex rough, and the hard blows from the small and weaker creature were arousing to her very nature, no matter how she tried to ignore it.
Oira reached out and caught one of Lix’s wrists, trying to wrestle the lighter goblin away. Lix caught her by the nipple and twisted until Oira gave a sharp (and higher than she’d like) cry. She grabbed the free hand and pushed Lix the few yards into the bars of the cage, pinning her fat ass against the mesh. Oira threw a firm headbutt into Lix’s face, and while she bounced it off the cage her head came back with the same wide-eyed excitement.
“That’s the sludgy stuff,” Lix praised as Oira got her knees back under her, lifting the saucy goblin off the mats with that alone. She was left hanging in midair, but Lix stuffed her bare feet down Oira’s stretchy shorts. Her nimble toes curled and stroked against Oira’s pussy, making her grip weaken in an instant.
“I knew you’d love it,” Lix purred, shaking her shoulders to wobble her breasts against Oira’s. Despite her chance to escape, she leaned in and locked lips with the stunned orc. Oira gasped as the long, slick tongue bullied its way into her mouth, keeping her off her game as her feet rubbed at her slit and pulled down her shorts. Her muscular green ass was exposed as Lix started to stroke her for a few seconds before sending a slapping kick into her wet snatch. Oira would groan but stay standing, holding the goblin up while still being at her mercy.
She barely registered the bell ringing, ending the round as a demonic referee came to urge them apart. Oira retreated and tried to adjust her pants. Lix was already on the floor, playfully holding and twirling Oira’s top. She puckered her lips flirtily, but Oira blushed a darker shade and just stormed back to her corner rather than deal with her any longer than she had to.
“Warned you,” Oira’s coach scolded as she set out her stool. The she-orc panted as she leaned back in the corner, dealing with her pain, exhaustion, humiliation and sexual frustration all at once. “She’s got that weird goblin style going on. Turning you on while she beats your ass.”

“I’m not that turned on,” Oira denied, but her coach’s cold sponge running over her naked tits made her moan and push her chest out into it.
“Right. Get your head on straight or she’s going to stay in it. Emphasis on straight,” her coach scolded.
Across the ring, Lix was quite relaxed. She lounged cross-legged in her stool as she took a casual sip of water, toweling herself off while her manger leaned on the cage.
“Need anythin’?” Dara asked. The sharply dressed ogress was in a low-key suit, clearly special-made to fit a woman of her bulk. Her shaggy, dark brown hair was pulled back in a simple bushy ponytail.
“Nah, I’m good. I’m bakin’ bad enough that I can wrap her up this round,” Lix dismissed.
“Cool. Long as you enjoy yourself.” Ogres weren’t technically stupid, but they were slow to process things. If Lix needed more urgent treatment between matches, she might have gone for another race as her corner woman. An ogre suited her fine as a stylistic choice and someone who would take their time making decisions for her matches and negotiating her contracts.
By the time the next round came, Lix looked fresh as a daisy. That is, if you didn’t mind the wet stain in her shorts. Oira was shrugging off the damage as best she could, but she still had some dark green bruising around her face and chest. The goblin smiled across the ring and before they met in the center to continue, she peeled off and threw aside her sweaty top. The audience cheered and hooted as she flaunted her huge and jiggling jugs, the inverted nipples puckered in pale green tips.
“Fair’s fair, sugar stilts,” Lix chimed as she strut out, making sure her breasts swayed temptingly in front of the unexpectedly aroused orc. Oira bit her thick lip as the next bell sounded and she moved in. Just as Lix expected, the orc was being careful of her this time. She didn’t want to lock up or let her get her hands on her, unsure of what the goblin would try next. She darted in past a clumsy swing from Oira, throwing herself at one of the orc’s legs. She dragged her down with some precise pull on her ankle and knee, slamming Oira to the mats. She tried to crawl away as Lix twisted her ankle to keep her off her feet, shoving her own goblin toes under Oira’s hips. The orc moaned as her digits rubbed firmly against her slit through her tight bottoms.
“You orcs are so much fun!” Lix chimed as she boosted herself up. She kept up her ankle lock while riding on her opponent’s heel, rubbing her damp pussy against it. “All that muscle makes you barbs greaaat to grind on. Nice an’ firm.”
Oira let out a miserable wail as Lix’s flexing toes attacked her clit through the tight fabric. She stomped and kicked around with her other foot but Lix deflected it with another firm arm. Oira suddenly felt her captured foot fall to the mats, landing with a thump while still feeling entangled. She kicked her other foot at it, hoping to escape before she realized that Lix was no longer there. She had slid out of her shorts, leaving them hooked on Oira’s foot as a distraction.
The nearly naked Lix appeared in front of her and threw another kick into Oira’s face. She tumbled to one side, reeling as she held onto her face in pained surprise. The thick and sturdy legs hammered her again and again, knocking her senseless until blood-tainted spittle was running from the orc’s lips. She flopped onto her back in a daze, allowing Lix’s thick naked ass to eclipse the overhead lights.
“Come on, bitch. Dance for me,” Lix purred in a needy, lusty tone. She swung her hips so that her meaty ass smacked the dazed Oira’s face like a loaded pillowcase, leaving her seeing stars as she instinctively inhaled the goblin’s horny musk. She started to slide her hips back and forth, dragging her sludgy pussy and pungent asshole over her face. Oira groaned and tried to push her off but Lix changed her position to drive her knees into her biceps. It cut off her leverage, pinning her arms down as her muscles ached. Oira’s cries and breathing were stifled under the goblin booty as Lix started to pound into the downed orc’s tits. Her breasts jiggled harder than ever, the weary pectoral muscles unable to keep them in check in her pain and exhaustion. The breast beating got Oira to writhe and moan, but her squirming only excited Lix more. Her ass cheeks bounced like softened punches on Oira’s face, batting her playfully as she used her painful punches to make the orc squirm like a button on a vibrator. Oira’s hips bucked, and even has she tried to hook a leg around Lix’s head to drag her off, she proved too short for her longer legs to reach.
Lix buried her fists both at once into Oira’s breasts, grinding the knuckles against the edges of her nipples. Oira let out a husky wail as her hips bucked, her tender muscles and aching tits teased beyond belief. She sniffed and snorted the stink of goblin sweat and cum until her head spun. With no focus left on the fight, her hips thrust into the air and the audience went wild as she found herself mindlessly squirting from all the unexpected arousal. Oira had orgasmed before just from playing with her breasts roughly enough, and her body must have taken this for the same thing. Her heavy orgasm gushed from her pussy, flooding her shorts in an obvious  a massive sign of submission, even through her clothes. Lix just broke into high, delighted laughter along with the hooting audience.

As Oira’s head spun, Lix pulled on her hair and leaned back into her heavy hips. With a practiced motion, she secured herself so that her asshole and cheeks covered Oira’s nose. Her sopping wet pussy covered her mouth, leaving any attempts at breathing stifled and tainted by the sloppy aphrodisiac. Lix licked her lips and rolled her eyes back as she rolled her opponent’s face. Even in the humiliating position, Oira could tell when she was blacking out. She slapped Lix’s naked, jiggling ass, making it wobble against her face as she tapped out.
The demonic ref gestured and the bell rang.
“Winner by submission in the second round! It’s Lix Ratita!”
“Oh, little old me?” Lix chimed with a beaming smile full of fangs. She curled her arms up beside her breasts, puffing them up before shaking them for the crowd. She soaked up the cheers and sucked down the smell of sweat and blood. The attention and the adrenaline got her engines going like nothing else, and she humped Oira’s face faster than ever. The orc’s manager was starting to object and call her out when Lix gave a high-pitched chirp. The victorious goblin’s nails dug into her breasts as she arched her back and a thick, pulpy orgasm gushed over Oira’s face. She gagged and sputtered beneath her as Lix finally tumbled off of her to one side, beaming shamelessly as the orc was left reeling from the pungent, jelly-like cum sprayed over her nose and mouth.
Oira was left reeling as Lix hopped to her feet, looking like she’d enjoyed a brisk walk or an afternoon quickie rather than gone two rounds with an orcish martial artist. Dara had already picked up her clothes from the ref, but she didn’t bother to give them back to Lix. She knew her fighter, and Lix never passed up a chance to show off.

Lix wiped a bit of cum from her pussy as she went back up the walkway, stopping to smooch anyone who would bend down low enough and letting the fans get a handful of her. The announcers had to let the audience calm down before they started to set up the werewolf vs werewolf match after Lix was well out of sight.

“Mm! Nothing like it!” Lix chimed as she stretched backstage. Dara smirked and flipped through her brikphone (the only kind big enough for the races of her scale), sorting between business emails just raving fan reactions. Lix had been in the MMMA for most of a year and she was still  blowing up. She was a hell of a find, and win or lose always a fan favorite.

“Hey, manny? We got those workouts set this week?”

“Way ahead of ya,” Dara assured. “Usual schedule.”

“Sweet. And how about the fans?”

“Forwarded you a few in the stadium. You can pick out any you like and I can send them an offer. And a spare room key.”

“Oh, Da. You’re the best,” Lix sighed happily. She started to pull on some fresh panties as she went through her locker. Any lingering bruises and scrapes were already starting to subtly change color as they healed over. “You know how fightin’ gets me.”

“Apparently you’re not the only one. I’ll talk to the league and set up your next fight. You just rest up. Let me know if you need anythin’ and give that fanboy the time of his life like you always do.”
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Re: Goblin MMA
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2020, 03:55:00 PM »
Very imaginative, witty & sexy!  ;) :D
Proudly butch and living as a 'man'. In this catfight fantasy there are no losers, and in the end all should be winners!


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Re: Goblin MMA
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2021, 09:49:02 PM »
Very imaginative, witty & sexy!  ;) :D

glad you liked! missed the reply for a while, but it's a lot of fun to mess with
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