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Bustup in your family

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Bustup in your family
« on: May 02, 2021, 02:03:40 PM »
Wife: Jessica, 36, 133 lbs, curvy, - dedicated mother likes to be in control
Daughter: Ramona, 18, 143, curvy, bisexual - rebellious with a horrible temper
Mistress, Andrea, 26, 105 lbs, lean, demure
You, 37, skinny 130lbs – naturally submissive

You’ve walked out on your wife Jessica and your daughter Ramona for your mistress Andrea who is an exotic model. But you still want to see your daughter and explain things and apologise, so meet-up is arranged.

Within a few minutes of the meet-up starting, it turns into a shouting match, suddenly your daughter launched at you kicking you between the legs as you arch over, she knees you in the face sending you to the ground. She then quickly traps you in a schoolboy pin and closes her legs around your face, you're dazed, confused and can’t respond.

Your mistress grabs your daughter by her hair trying to get her off you, but this provokes an immediate and furious response from your wife who grabs her and pulls her to the ground, also trapping her in a pin. They look at each other and giggle as your wife says “let’s make these cheaters suffer.

A sense of dread takes over you as you fear for yourself and your mistress. Both your daughter and wife have a weight advantage and they have both taken self-defence and judo classes you know this is not going to end well now it has become physical.

Your daughter slowly opens her legs to show more of your face, only to spit on it, after telling you how much you disgust her. She twists you off the floor and locks in a front head scissor giving you a huge squeeze which has you instantly tapping your daughters’ thighs for mercy. You look across to see your mistress in the same predicament her face turning red between your wife’s thighs you scream out ‘stop it she’s had enough she can’t breathe’ your wife grits her teeth and powered by pure hatred for Andrea gives another big squeeze, your mistress starts cry before eventually going unconscious you wife relaxes her legs but keeps you mistresses trapped in her legs.

Andrea... speak to me wake up please wake up.

Andrea suddenly coughs as she starts to come round, you wife lets her go and walks over to you “now your both my bitches” as she plants her foot on your face, she then asks your daughter want to switch?

Hell, yeah, she replies, you then tremble as your wife removes her panties and sits on your face. Your daughter quickly snipes “I’d never thought I’d see my mum and dad together like this” she giggles. I’d always dominated him in the bedroom. Why don’t you have your way with that thing

Your daughter quickly removes her panties and takes the same position sitting on your mistress’s face.

Over the next several minutes your wife and daughter use you and your mistress for their pleasure, whilst you try to struggle under your wife you notice the moaning coming from your daughter indicates your mistress has become a willing participant. You daughter strokes her boobs and licks her lips as she erupts over your mistresses face before giving a tender kiss on the lips.

Your daughter tells you “she’s mine, now”. Your mistress says “sorry I’ve never been used like this, I loved it and you know I’m submissive if she wants me, I’m hers.

Your wife smirks and says “how sad for you, you have nothing and you are nothing” as she starts to pick up the pace rubbing herself as she rides your face. Your face becomes damp as she comes over your face, wasting no time she shifts down and presses her boobs on you face you squeal “Jessica I can’t breathe” your face engulfed by her breasts, you don’t last long and pass out.

You wakeup to see your now ex-mistress licking and sucking your daughters’ boobs.

Your broken mentally all you can do is sit there and watch

all three leave your daughter and mistress hand in hand